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The Hat-trick of Boyhood


Daddy’s Shoes, Snuggle Friends and a Pup



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Let him be announced the friends and family cried.
And so he will be.

Archer the Great.





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Vanity, fighting it since birth.



The First for the Third

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June 11, 2015

DSC_0371_edited-1Today marks the day that Archer the Great will be two months old, so naturally, I am going to get out his first month loves and love nots just in time.  That is the optimistic way to look at it right?  I am going to be perpetually behind but what counts is I am not behind on writing it down…just posting and editing photos!  So, in the spirit of being a bit behind, a little recap of the first month of the third child’s life, which is rapidly approaching the second month.  The real challenge is picking favorite photos since I could fill this post with ones from just the first week!

So, here goes nothing.


DSC_0894_edited-1bwArcher’s birth is one for the books but he was a champ in the hospital.  Archer the Amazing with his big ol’ size and red hair was getting comments from everyone who walked in and I kept staring at your head full of copper fuzz as well.  While I know some of you have littles who have a legitimate head of hair you could style at birth, for us, and our kiddos, Archer had a head of hair.  We were all taken aback by the whole thing. I am so grateful to my mother in law DSC_0865_edited-1Carolyn for gladly embracing her Nonna role and staying behind at the house to care for Caden and Everett for his birth and much of those first couple days.  It is so nice to be able to focus on the task at hand knowing that they were in the best hands!

Mr. Archer: We came home on May 13th, two days after you were born to two VERY excited big brothers eager to see this baby that was no longer in my belly.  DSC_1024_edited-1Archer was and is extremely loved, protected and cared for by his brothers already.  Everett throws away all of your diapers and Caden is keeper of the pacis since he knows where to grab them without getting germs all over them.  They fetch the burp cloths, blankets and work to keep you calm with their practiced “ssssshhhhiiing” and “it’s okaaaaaaayyyyyy”.


DSC_0085_edited-1Focusing on my recovery from your tough delivery was a key element to the day’s attention the first couple of weeks, so we were delighted that you were quite DSC_0949_edited-1content and had mastered nursing moments after being born.   Okay, mastered is probably an exaggeration as there are always bumps in the road the first few weeks of nursing, but knowing those expected bumps are coming makes it as fine as can be! With no real major detours in that area we were on our way and keeping our fingers crossed you weren’t going to be an Everett in that department.  So far, so good.

You gave us decent enough “shifts” with 2-3 hour stretches and then 3-4 hour stretches at night that had us not walking around like zombies.


The firstDSC_0930_edited-1 couple nights you and I slept in the living room switching from sleeping on me, to the bassinet to the swing seeing where you liked it best (on me of course) as you adjusted to life outside the womb.  You weren’t terribly upset just a little unsettled, and the truth is that what we were learning is that you are just a noisy, noisy little sleeper – grunts, snores, giggles, squeals, coos…you name it.

You barely lasted one week in newborn diapers and that was a stretch, literally.  Even in the hospital your little cheeks were sticking out the top of the back!  But see, son, I had already opened a small pack at home and if you knew the cost of diapers these days you DSC_0117_edited-1would understand why you were forced to wear essentially a thong for those five days.  That and your belly button made its debut after five days so we needed to air everything out. Big boy!

This whole month we just continued to say, “so far, so good”.  Decent enough sleeper, good eater, predictable burper and by the end of the month I had decided that out of the three of you, you most definitely had the most distinctive DSC_0120_edited-1cries.  Snorting with crying when you are hungry, literal “waaaaahhhh” crying when you are tired, and if you were giving a strong wiggle with your wail you were most certainly frustrated, overstimulated and wanting to be left alone.

Speaking of left alone, yes, you already like to just lay out look around, preferably at yourself in a mirror and chill.

Leave. Me. Alone.

I get you son, I get you.

Part of it is that you are so stinking strong already that you like to just get to it yourself, unsmothered.  Like a conversation with Dad at two weeks old.  I mean you had been waiting for this for 40 weeks so why wait any longer to hold that head up and chat about life’s important decisions – food, sleep and diapers.


So let’s get to it, your likes and like nots.

DSC_0242_edited-1You love your paci and have since day one since you never, stop working your mouth, ever.  This is new to us, so third time around still leads to first time around.

You hate your car seat with the passion of a thousand crying babies. Like not.

You love being held, duh.  Especially on your belly on us.  Like.

You strongly disliked your bath for the first two weeks.  Strongly. Like not.

You like noise, and seem used to the chaos of older brothers. Like.

You do not like being unswaddled much, trying to get back  in the womb one tight wrap for sleep at a time. Like not.

You like sleeping inclined in your bassinet best, and we say, “Whatever works!” Like.

You are a sweater, just like Everett.  Being a May baby who is a sweater it took us a few days to determine you do not need a footed sleeper or long sleeve anything regardless of how newborn you may be.  You like a plain old onesie except for the one day it was cool and windy and we went to the park – see above.  One day of bundled-ness, forget the rest. Like not.

You love your Mommy. Super like.


DSC_0174_edited-1At one month you are big. And spoiler alert to the month ahead, it isn’t slowing down. Coming from your 9 pound two ounce birth weight and 21 inches in length you are porking up and stretching out quite nicely Eleven pounds 5 ounces (70%), 22.5 inches (85%) abd a 99th% noggin.  (which is now rocking the old man half moon mullet hair-do) Us Kazmanns like big ol’ brains.

Nice and big, just like our hearts for you. We are so DSC_0622_edited-1loving getting to know you and your likes and like nots. Not as “another boy”, or the third Kazmann, but as you.  I am just completely smitten with you and your presence has already brought so much happy, yes happy, not happiness, to our home.  Happiness too.  But happy in every way.  We adore you. Your brothers adore you. You are adored.  Keep it up Archer-Boo there is a lot of love and fun to be had in this home and your brothers can’t wait for you to really join the crew.  I however, am enjoying the snuggles.

One month of thriving down…well, two technically, but one month now blog- recorded. Wahoo!

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