The Final Turn

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Well, somehow we have turned the bend into the final trimester of Baby Kaz III’s luxury stay in his five star waterbed resort. Trimester numero tres started back at the beginning of February, and yet, some days it seems like he should be here tomorrow.  Let me also set the record straight.

Let the third trimester begin!

Let the third trimester begin!

(in my personal opinion)

I know this because…

A. NONE of my clothes fit. Not my regular clothes, my maternity clothes.  I have resorted to large tent shopping and my husband’s t-shirts already.  With three months to go.
B. I keep getting the “Oh when are you due?”, and giggle inside because the look on their face is expecting “in a few weeks” and when I reply “mid-May” the shocked “Ohhhhh” is deafening.
C. The cupcakes made me do it.


24 Weeks Saying Farewell to the Old House

Okay. Self Deprecating Rant Done.  But the truth is, that has been a difference this pregnancy.  My husband claims that I have said the same thing each time and his non-hormonal brain may remember things clearer but I also say that his non-hormonal body doesn’t remember what I have lived.  He had to actually pull my pants off of me while I laid back on the floor of my closet (which I had sat down on because I couldn’t bed over mind you) because I could not get them off.  Couldn’t do it. Could.Not.Do.It.

Proven because most of these pictures are in the same plaid PJ pants in the same spot…the couch.

But really, in all truthfulness, everyone thinks my due date is off by a month.  Seeing as how I have been riddled with contractions since Christmas Eve, it would be nice to think that I am 32 weeks instead of 28 weeks for the sake of these pesky pains.  Yes, on Christmas Eve, during the middle of the night I was woken to the pleasure of what felt like early labor contractions.  Instead of panicking, or worrying about them per say I laid there thinking about how I was going to convince Colter to let me go to Labor and Delivery in the middle of the night alone seeing as how

A. Santa was coming and we couldn’t all miss Santa.
B. I mean, there was no way anything was actually going on at 22 weeks, it was clearly a farce…
C. Santa was coming, in fact, had already came so if we woke everyone and put them in the car that would be seen and then missed as said with A.

Priorities. Clearly.

Thrasher's favorite activity with all three boys...wrap around the belly.

Thrasher’s favorite activity with all three boys…wrap around the belly.

But…I laid there long enough contemplating my escape route that after about an hour I started drifting back to sleep which meant that they were certainly going away and spreading back out.  So there you have it.

Unfortunately, every.single.day since then has been me experiencing some sort of off and on contractions whether it is just the tightening, really hard belly that won’t relax (More Braxton-Hicks esque) and pinching, cramping take some deep breaths contractions much resembling early labor.  It’s awesome.  Primarily because do I think that anything is going on? No. Power of positivity there.  But you’re only real option is to get checked out.  So I have been getting a lot of bonus exams at my appointments and so far, so good.

I know what you are thinking. I am doing too much.  I swear I am not.  Okay, I don’t think that I am.  I feel very well behaved and it doesn’t seem to effect whether or not they come.  So, we continue to watch and wait and make sure they aren’t “working

Couch Naps: The Current Favorite Hang-Out Spot

Couch Naps: The Current Favorite Hang-Out Spot

contractions” meaning they aren’t actually changing my body in preparation for an early labor but just giving me LOTS of physical and mental practice. Ugh.

This weekend I had two solid hours from one to three AM, woken again with steady contractions that worsened when I laid down and so I walked…and stretched…and yoga’d (yup, I made it a verb) and timed and breathed and about the time I thought, “Well, I guess I have to go in,” I started drifting back to sleep as they spaced out again.  When the boys woke us up a few hours later, my stomach, back and hips were so sore you would have

Valentine Assembly Line

Valentine Assembly Line

thought I hit the gym. Wahoo!  So most of Sunday was spent resting up, fielding more cramping, evaluating and waiting it out.

So that is what we are doing for this little man.  Waiting.  Hoping that he stays cozy and that these contractions stay only nuisances and not purposeful. Thankfully, it took about 26 weeks for me to reach the point where I wake up multiple times a night for various reasons so up until now sleep has been my friend.  Then again, I am also at that stage where I want to go back to taking a nap every 5 minutes but can’t actually fall or get comfy enough to do so…you know, if that was even an option with an almost five and three year old running around!

So, how about I answer some questions that I know you are skimming for.
– Yes. Baby is still a boy.
– No. We do not have a name.

Here's to Looking At You

Here’s to Looking At You

– No, we will not share a name when we do know it until he is born, it’s tradition after all.
– No, we have not set up his room. (or located his clothes, or purchased any diapers, or busted out the baby contraptions or done anything in anyway to act as if we are about to have a baby again)
Yes. The boys are VERY excited and talk about baby brother all the time or directly to him by steering me around by my belly.  I am but a vessel in this game.

And so there it is.  More of the same in pregnancy and many differences this go around too.  This baby boy is rarely still and seems to be extremely strong based on


the level and sensations from his movement.  So much more abrupt and intense than the others. He rolls, wiggles, kicks, punches, slides all the time.  It is most definitely one of the most amazing and mind blowing parts of being pregnant still, but also a little irritating seeing as how this little guy will wake me up from a sound sleep with his partying too. Busy already.

It is a joyful reminder of what we have been waiting and working for though and surely keeps my heart grateful and grinning as I think of him in there.  He calms when Colter talks to him or touches my belly (naturally) and dances when Caden chats him up or drives his dinosaurs over my belly.   And while there are many things we still sit and wonder of course what he will be like, I am convinced that massages are going to be his favorite because he will every so gently push up against a spot you rub wherever you may relocate that spot.  That and he looks to be guaranteed the same big head and button nose as his bros.

28 Weeks

28 Weeks and 3 Pounds

  So, as I wrapped up my latest appointment and was moved from the one a month

 28 weeks at Caden's first 2015 soccer game

28 weeks at Caden’s first 2015 soccer game

appointment category into the every two weeks category it hit me – we are having a baby, and soon!  You would think I would have figured that out but it was always the move we were trying to get through and somehow that part is over and baby time is drawing closer and closer. The fire was lit under my behind and then I realized that we have exactly four non fleece/long sleeve articles of clothing after two winter babies for this summer baby to wear and the thought of his wardrobe not working out like I had checked off my brain extinguished that fire for a nap.

Despite the pains and all things I could just sit and complain about I have been savoring the time that he is still all mine. The time when while yes there are worries,but I really know he is safe and sound and the work is being done for us.  I enjoy that in a very simple manner being pregnant is about sitting back and letting your body take control because you just can’t micromanage what it decides to do when.

So, we carry on with our usual life and day while talking all the time about baby brother and all things he will bring.  As of now, his brothers are set to help in “all the baby things” as Everett says.  Good Lord I hope that it stays that way.  For now though, we chat, we wait, we snuggle and we nap.  The most important ways of preparing obviously.

He Will Be Here Before We Know It!



A Quick Look

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So. Behind.

But it wouldn’t be fair to Nonna and Pa Pa and all the fun we had if I didn’t at the very least share a few of my favorite pictures from their house over the holidays.  Another year of joyful memories, ill healing (poor Uncle) and lots of back and forth trips from home to here to make sure we didn’t miss a beat of the fun.  We treasure this time each year because from one to the next their is so much growth and change among the whole crew!  The last of the last of Christmas posts…in February, but I think you will see why I just had to let you see at least a peek of grandparent love.

DSC_0378_edited-1 Think we can squeeze one more stocking on that mantle next year?!

DSC_0385_edited-1Serious discussions with beloved Uncle Colter.


When all of Caden’s dreams come true and his cousins arrived in town!

DSC_0524_edited-1Little Miss McKee, we just get each other.


The boy who stole my heart after his Daddy.

DSC_0435_edited-1Barely three months apart.  Playing perfection.

DSC_0468_edited-1The boy who then stole my heart after his Daddy and his brother.


I think this one is going to make me cry in ten years when he is as tall as the tree.


All of the sudden we reached that age we have talked about for years where the kids just all kind of go somewhere and start to play.  Watching them know and love each other is a really special family moment as they all just kind of love automatically.


My little loves.  My favorite.
Another perfect capture of Nonna and Pa Pa’s holiday bliss.

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