Because I Just

Posted by casey on July 1, 2014 in Caden, Caden's Chronicles

Last night, after and early turn-in thank to summer fun this little man called for me to come up to his room.  A hang-nail.  Some things just can’t wait until morning.

Then this sweet face laid down next to me in his bed and said,

“Mommy, when I was laying in my bed after our songs, I was praying to God.”

“You were?  What were you praying to God about sweet pea?”

“I was thanking Him for all of our stuff Mommy.”
“Because I just love Him.”

And to think. Had he not been disturbed by a tiny man hang nail, and had I not needed to go back up there to take care of it after he had been tucked in for awhile, not only would I have missed out on some snuggles, but on that sweetness right there. Laying there with his snuggle bears, looking up at his rocking ship & praying.

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