Over the River and Through the Freeways

Posted by casey on May 3, 2014 in Caden, Everett, Family, Holiday Fun

Why don’t we wrap up all of this bunny hopping so we can get on with daily life?

As tradition would have it the Easter Bunny loves our boys so much that he delivers baskets to our house but scatters eggs for hunting at Nonna and Pa Pa’s!  So, we loaded up their Easter baskets, because who could leave those behind, threw in their egg hunting buckets and over the river and through the freeways we went.

I personally love that we get to spread out the fun and share in the Easter Bunny love with Nonna and Pa Pa.  Given that we had already had three school hunts (combined) and one birthday party egg hunt I wasn’t sure if they would be over it.  What an “adult” question right?  Small children, being over the idea of hunting for hidden colorful treats that a magical bunny left for them?  Yeah, right.

Can we go yet?

 For the first time, they were more interested in finding the eggs when we got there than taking their usual barstool seats among the snacks.  Tear, they are growing up.  I take it that their previous egg hunts in the week leading to Easter were actually just a practical warm up to the main event – and they’ re off!

Over the rocks and through the garden, passed Nonna’s fountain we go…

Eggs in the herbs, eggs in the fountain, eggs in the roses, eggs under leaves, eggs on the flower pots and eggs even all the way up in the playhouse!

 Eggs, eggs, and eggs everywhere!

Much to their racing delight.

Last year, Everett was determined to carry his bucket around despite it making him wobble under the weight with each step.  This year, he was more interested in racing after the eggs and running them back to his bucket, forgetting where he had put it. Well, that and trying to open each and every one as he found it of course.  Caden was unstoppable.  He needed absolutely no guidance (until the very end when there were only a couple left) as he carefully balanced his tower of eggs in his basket. “I’m winning Mommy, I’m winning.” Go figure his competitiveness finally shows up over Easter eggs.

 Everett only needed some subtle direction at times to keep him on track or to try to get him to drop his handful of eggs into his bucket so he could continue.  He was more interested in finding and retrieving the challenging ones (our little daredevil) like the playhouse, perched on chairs than just grabbing as many as possible.

There is something quite precious about watching your bow tie and suspender clad sons carry on about their childhood business of egg hunting, belly sliding, mud crawling, knee scraping life.  I found the evidence of the hunt in the form of muddy knees and smudges shirts the perfect portrayal of a hunt well done.

Somehow, just like last year Everett managed to get himself in a precarious position or two in order to meet those challenges head on.

To say that it was a successful Easter morning is an extreme understatement. Extreme.  They felt very loved on by all of us and thoroughly enjoyed all of their hidden Easter finds.  As always we were able to enjoy purposeful conversation with Nonna and Pa Pa while the boys frolicked about with full bellies, and maybe, just maybe, full baskets.  Happy Easter to all, and to all a good morning.


Finish This

Posted by casey on May 2, 2014 in Writing Nook

Finish This {Week Two}

My last growing pain was… mental strength in accepting and learning to carry on after my miscarriage early this year.  As if there was a choice to not carry on, having a four year old and two year old still needing you doesn’t leave you much time to wallow. (Blessing) But still, picking myself up and continuing the day to day when I was still processing an unexpected early loss after my past two healthy pregnancies stretched me for a bit until I simply chose a different mindset. Still being honest about my experience so as to not pretend it did not happen but mentally strong enough to not think of it or feel it as the end all be all of this journey to #3.
I grow and nurture… myself, every single day.  Sure, some days I crave a me moment more than others, but as a mom growing and nurturing my boys means I have to do the same for myself in order to meet all of their needs and most of mine.  As they age I have to continue to grow and adapt to a new age and stage for all of us (nonstop energy…tantrums…nightmares…) and nurture us along the way as we falter in doing so!
The guilt-free snack I enjoy most… popcorn.  If I am being honest, it is popcorn with M&Ms when it is a treat.  But I could eat lightly salted popcorn anytime.
The best reason to stay up all night…is a page turner of a book that you just can’t get off your mind and for that reason, put down.
If I were stranded on a desert island, I’d…layout and enjoy the peaceful crash of the waves that my mom-side so desperately needs.  Then five minutes later that same mom-side of me would go into complete hysteria over how I was going to get back to my “babies”.
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Next week’s prompts:

I feel an adrenaline rush when… 
I feel energized when… 
I feel small when… 
I feel big when… 
I feel indestructible when… 
I feel stupid when… 
I feel smart when…

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