Weekly Graces {Week 36}

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Weekly Graces

Week 36
September 13th – September 19th

Yes, I skipped a week.  No, I have no good reason why.
Moving right on along.

1. Seeing Aggie spirit sprout around town.

2. Pumpkin Apple Spice Candle
3. Clean, soft dogs.
4. Maroon

5. Fall projects
6. Date night- A long relaxing steak dinner complete with cappuccinos and dessert.
7. Morning coffee with my husband.

8. Surprising the boys with a park stop on the way home from Nonna & Pa Pa’s.
9. Friends who love and play with our kids so we can all hang out.

10. Cartoons in bed.
11. A restful, happy day at home.
12. Hot tea.
3. Venti coffee
14. Pediatrician appts first thing.
15. Antibiotics fast work.

16. Quick cardiologist appt.
17. Getting gift lists organized.
18. Knowing Colter will be home from out of town.
19.Coffee and quiet time.
20. A long earned overdue nap Everett finally gave into.

21. Chai tea, a heating pad and Puffs Plus with Lotion.



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The Joy in Boys

The Joy in Cousins

The Joy in Children
So fun, so full, and so free.


Start ‘Em Young

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Two Little Fans.
Gig ‘Em Ags.

BTHO Bama!


Road Trippin’

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Colter and I pretty much despise traveling with the kids.
We avoid it pretty much constantly.

Nephew Locke and Niece McKee

At their age it just isn’t particularly enjoyable.  Yes, they need the experience, and yes we need to do it so we know we can (like me taking them to Florida alone) but we do not have kids that travel particularly well or easily. Some people say they do which may be true, or they may be liars. :)  It took such a long time before we could even really leave our house semi-pleasantly with Everett that risking sleep is something we are still a bit hesitant on. Almost two years later.  Then again he didn’t start taking naps or sleeping predictably at night until he was 19 months.  Caden LOVES his room and his bed.  LOVES it.  So, when he goes anywhere he is fine until bedtime when he whimpers with the most concerned face you have ever seen, “I’m ready to go home now Mommy.  I’m ready to get in my bed.”  It’s sad.

Everett’s allergy and eating challenges make it tricky and unless we are somewhere with a kitchen or refrigerator of our own it is pretty much impossible since he can’t eat anything at restaurants.  So, we don’t travel with them often.

My furry nephew Toby. They need portraits too.

One day, when we can tell them to shut it, read their books, and eat what we put in front of them without much real misunderstanding on their part we will and we will all enjoy it and remember it.  Right now, man, it is hard.

Miss McKee

I have deterred.

We went on a road trip.
The extent of our traveling with them.
To Houston.

Super exciting right??!!  But it was.  We hadn’t seen Colter’s middle brother in awhile and we hadn’t taken the boys down there since Caden was like 8 months old or something.  Yes, we have seen them many times since then but since we are the lucky pair that has Nonna & Pa Pa in town they come to us often.

So, knowing that our kids play so well together we decided Labor Day was the perfect time to go down for a visit, snuggle our niece and nephew, let the kids romp around and maybe, just maybe drink a beer together while watching the Aggies kick off their football season. 

Overall?  Success.  The boys didn’t sleep much, which we knew would happen.  We crept out of the house in the mornings in our PJs while it was still pitch black outside to head to Starbucks so as not to wake the rest of the house.  All weekend the kids played, watched each other and giggled and Caden being the oldest (never happens) means he was teaching everyone all kinds of tricks they didn’t need to know such as, turn the shopping cart over and turn it into a “riding lawnmower” or stand on the coffee table trunk and jump to the couch.  Awesome.

It was SO nice to watch their bond with each other and with Uncle Asher and Auntie Meghan grow.  They are still talking about our trip and Everett asks to call or picks up his pretend phone to call Auntie himself daily.  What is interesting for us is that they actually have family resemblances.  My boys don’t look like most of their cousins, but Locke and McKee, you can see it.   How about his?


Locke will be three in March and McKee will be two in May. So they are each within a year almost of our boys.  It is a really great age spread for all of them to “hang out”.

Growing up I didn’t get to see my cousins much as we moved around so I have said it before and I will say it again that I LOVE that my boys have the opportunity to truly grow up with their cousins the whole clan of them.  It is so much fun for us to be on the parent side of this relationship now and to get to know our nieces and nephews while they are getting to know their cousins too.  They are all starting to get old enough to remember each other and respond to their personalities which is a great dynamic in this group.  Locke reminds me SO much of Caden at that age, a little more observant, a little quieter and full of so much sweetness.

Locke and McKee love their parents so much and I love seeing them in that role.  It isjust a pleasure to be around each other and Caden and Everett must think so too they way they chat about their cousins.  They think we are going to get in the car and see them all the time now.

Our boys fought, their kids watched, all the kids played, McKee wanted held, all the kids ate, naps were had, football was watched, coffee was injected…I mean drank, our boys taught, McKee and Locke learned, giggles were heard, cries were ignored…I mean tended to, forklifts were climbed on, portraits were taken, etsy was browsed, races were held, bats were swung, dolls were cuddled,beers were injested and conversation was had.

The boys passed out in the car as soon as we left which I take as a sign of too much fun being had.  Caden even told me that.  “Mommy, I just had too much fun, I’m SOOOOOO tired.”

If only they knew how much we hate to “travel”. Ha!
It was so worth the drive and the weekend away to spend time with sweet family.

We did it Houston!

What Four Under Four Looks Like in a Picture


OCD Hero

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Everett has a little bit of my and his brother’s OCD in him.
Primarily when it comes to grass sticking on his feet.

Fortunately for him, when he refuses to wear shoes in the grass even though it is the end of his little toddler world that the grass is all over his toesies, Auntie is his hero.

God Bless Auntie


Hop in Your Step

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Need a little hop in your step this Monday morning?
My safe release bug-hunters can help.

Boys and bugs.

It’s true.


Celebrating Generations

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Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have what I thought were the perfect grandparents.  We visited my Dad’s parents what felt like constantly as they were nearby and we did everything from make play dough together to my personal favorite, pretend barber.

It was an All- American tiny home with the entire upstairs devoted to various sized four poster beds covered in home-made quilts for a Goldilocks-esque sleeping area. There was a basement, yes, a basement, which served as my talented Grandfather’s woodshop where we had our very own mini-Styrofoam saw so we could “work” like Grandpa.  Okay, truthfully that saw was 100% my brother’s but being a pesky younger sibling I demanded a turn as well.

We picked green beans from the side garden, sat in a sandbox the size of a tire and played cards for days at the small four person table in the corner of the floral wallpapered kitchen with a corded wall-phone and a corner antennae TV unit. We rode big wheels and scooters, rocked in hand made rocking chairs, played in the dollhouse and dug through secret closets of treasures.  We ate Grandma’s spaghetti which I still can’t make like that, or sausage patties with cornbread and the mornings were filled with platters of eggs, bacon and boxed pecan cinnamon rolls.

We went to the dollar store for pocketbooks like Grandma’s and the pizza place with the thinnest crust you have ever seen.

All-American, Small Town, Columbus, Ohio

We were showered with love and I LOVED being with them.

Nana Jill and Pop

Now, watching my boys with their grandparents, I have so much joy and excitement for the same kind of relationship they are building and those memories they are already storing away.  If you are lucky, your grandparents can be magical, influential and key parts of your children’s childhoods and lives.

My boys are that lucky.

Happy Grandparents Day to Mine and Theirs, the Bestest of the Best.

Nonna and Caden

Pa Pa & Everett


Weekly Graces {Week 33 and 34}

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I was gifted a new laptop as an early birthday present and am officially back in business which means I am also officially catching up. Though truthfully, even if I had been able to access a working computer with all of my photos I would probably still be behind.  Life with kids summed up right there.  Behind.

Weekly Graces – Week 33

August 23rd – August 29th

 1. Doctors that work you in.
2. Fashion competitions with my toddler.

3. Wine and pain pills. Super healthy.
4. Caden successfully wanting and eating cereal for breakfast-a break for me.
5. Cool pool water.
6. Surprises.

7. Mornings out front with our coffee and crafts.

8. Everett’s singing.
9. Hugs.
10. My niece and nephew having a successful first day of Kindergarten.
11. All kid laundry organized and put away.
12. Back to school prep for the boys.

13. Sending both sweet boys off safely and happily to school.

14. Five hours alone.
15. Excited chatter.
16. Quality time with just Everett.

17. Rest.
18. The last days of afternoon summer swims.

19. The sight of two schoolboys.

20. Lunch with a friend.
21. Nonna’s love and the boys’ love for her.

Week 34

August 30th – September 5th

1. Back to bed naps for cranky boys.
2. Clean car organized and packed for Houston.
3. Safe arrival in Houston watching the cousins play.

4.Crack of dawn family Starbucks run so as not to wake the rest of a sleeping house.

 5. Johnny Football and all the chatter.
6. Etsy browsing with my sister in law.
7. Backyard races.
8. Stopping at Buc-ees on the way home for jerky and sweet tea.
9. Early bedtimes.

10. Lazy raining morning.
11. Crafting for family.

12. My father in law’s birthday.
13. Migraine medicine that works.
14. An organized, functional laundry room with pops of color.
15. Ending the evening outside with neighbors.

16. Pride in children.
17. Alone time with Everett.

18. My children’s open expression of love for others
19. Learning

20. Taking the day for myself.
21. Dream afternoon for the boys-playing at their gym, ice cream before dinner and then dinner out with Mommy at happy hour.

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Hanging Around, Settling In

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We have been busy successfully settling into our new school routine and my Monkey See, Monkey Do boys have been busy hanging around while we get used to our everyone out of the house in the morning and everyone to our outings in the afternoon schedule. Wake, Eat, Play, Dress, School, Snack, Play, Eat, Play, Bath, Sleep.

Somehow a schedule like that makes 14 hour days.
I don’t know, but I think their “hanging around” is pretty much living the dream.
Kid Life.
We All Want it Back.

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