Battle View

Posted by casey on April 29, 2013 in Escaping Home

The view may not be the same and lacking in history, but we are viewing another battleground now.  Not that of Gladiators like last week at the Colosseum, but that of siblings.  It may not be filled with the same action, but sometimes it feels like it could be to the death too! I kid. Kind of.

But really.  I need another two weeks to catch up on sleep, pictures and laundry

Capuccino in Piazza San Marco – Venice

(9  loads so far).  Not to mention the nasty colds we contracted on our way home. Hooray! You aren’t taking me very seriously are you…coming from the girl who just spent two weeks in Italy?  I figured as much.

Now, would anyone like to bring us our afternoon capucinno? Please. Please?

Oh dear.  I think this back to the real world thing will take a bit of detox.


Survivor: Rowlett

Posted by casey on April 27, 2013 in Family

We are back!
14 Days ago we said “Ciao” to the States and headed off on our two week Italian adventure.  We are back, and as my Dad & Jill stated,
“Survivor: Rowlett” is over for them. Phew!

We left Pop & Nana with Caden who had just gotten sick and was starting meds the day we caught our plane.  I kept my fingers very, very crossed it wouldn’t spread since it had already been a few days since it began and Everett wasn’t ill yet but we all know the inevitable result. Spreads like fire.

Let’s just sum it up by saying during 14 days of babysitting which is an extreme challenge in itself, there were a total of 7 doctor visits.  So, every other day one of them the boys and/or Pop/Nana Jill was getting care. How is that for a “swinging good time.” (couldn’t resist)

A gold star, a thousand thank yous and lavish gifts would not be enough to thank them for not throwing in the towel, though it was admitted there were a few close white flag days.  I am impressed at their level of grandparent commitment and ability to “fight through the elements” of caring for sick toddlers while trying to care for your sick self.

They cared for our boys, loved on our boys, got them back to health before themselves, sent us pictures and videos to feel included and even managed to wash our sheets before we got home.

Survivor Rowlett has just finished, and while we all are exhausted and trying to get back on track and play catch up, Dad & Jill came out on top.  As they admittedly said to themselves on the sickest of days, trying not to make “the call” to us…

“They {the kids} can’t beat us.  We will.not.die.in.Rowlett.”


Cheers to Dad and Jill, aka Pop & Nana, the two pillars left standing.



Brothers and Baseball

Posted by casey on April 25, 2013 in Everett, Everett's Edition

Naturally if Caden can do it, so can Everett.
Desperately trying to be like big brother each and every way.

Boys, Brothers and Baseball.
It Just Makes Sense


Hey Batter, Batter

Posted by casey on April 23, 2013 in Caden, Caden's Chronicles

Since the Rangers have been officially playing for a couple of weeks now, I suppose it is time to share some of our own Spring training.  “Hey Batter, Batter..”

Starting now, such childish chants surely won’t distract this grand-slammer right?

 Yes…that is the tee flying with the ball and an appearance made by Caden’s “determined tongue”.  I’m just glad that he wasn’t picking dandelions while trying to bat…fingers crossed it holds true as we start shagging ground balls.

We kid.

He has been having so much fun playing “baseball” with us in the evenings and it is entertaining for us to see what skills develop on their own form season to season as well as getting into an age where is is begin to soak up Daddy’s tips and tricks as his sports education begins.  I only ask that he train me at the same time so I can try to hold my own with all of my boys.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game


Oh Hey Mom {2}

Posted by casey on April 21, 2013 in Everett, Everett's Edition

“Oh Hey Mom” was introduced last week, so why not carry it on again with another five minutes in the life of chasing Everett.

Oh Hey Mom, just needed some better light to see my book with.

Hey Mom, Hope You Don’t Mind, I Took All the Blankets Out So I Could Close Myself In

Oh Hey Mom, tables are for dancing right? Caden doesn’t seem to think so but surely he is wrong.

I know what you are thinking after seeing two rounds of this. “Where is his mother?”  The answer. RIGHT THERE.  The kid is a ninja.  The top two I was in those rooms (one was Caden’s, the other Everett) changing sheets.  If I turn to make a snack for them, go to the bathroom, or am sitting smack in front of him the result is always the same, “Oh Hey mom, look what I can do??!!”  Busy, busy, busy, busy.


Push and Pull

Posted by casey on April 19, 2013 in Caden, Everett

Brotherly Outdoor Love.  I Think.

The boys have really taken to participating in some activities together on their own and are starting to make up their own sort of games.  A favorite?
We have a car…we have a hill…we have each other….

You aren’t going to let him do this to me right mom?

 Ready…set… and push! Hope you slow down before the fence.

Pushing him down the hill means you also have to push him back up.

And switch.

Nothing like watching your kids shove each other down a hill in car.  Let’s just hope this stops at the Cozy Coupe stage because I think my boys need a seatbelt already.


Superhero Swing

Posted by casey on April 17, 2013 in Caden, Caden's Chronicles

My little superhero stomach swinger.  A skill that was acquired last summer but mastered this spring.  Now able to push with his own legs and soar “high, higher, higher” as he says, his childhood swinging days are in full…swing.

Sometimes it is so nice to see the things that stay the same generation to generation.  The simple joys of a swing.


Just Hate It

Posted by casey on April 16, 2013 in Everett, Snapshots

Don’t you just hate it when you drop something, in this case an Easter egg, and forget you have the option to turn around and pick it up at a better angle?

Just keep reaching son, pretty soon you will learn what a somersault is as a result.


Oh Hey Mom

Posted by casey on April 15, 2013 in Everett, Everett's Edition

A lot can happen in five minutes.
If you have a bambino like Everett even more can take place in five minutes.
In fact, why don’t I give you a glimpse of not five minutes at home with Everett in what I am calling “Oh Hey Mom.”  You may want to peek through your fingers.

Oh Hey Mom, I think I can just reach the Wii and TV Input changer you moved to be back behind the TV now.

Hey Mom, did you know you can push these chairs anywhere and not only climb on them but then you can use the back as a ladder??!!

Oh Hey Mom, you told me to wsah my hands right? Oh, you meant you would help me with that. No need, I’ve got it covered.


Two Is Better

Posted by casey on April 14, 2013 in Caden, Everett

Two Is Better Than One

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor:

If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.

But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up

Ecclesiastes 4: 9-10

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