Lil’ King

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My official three year old got to celebrate his unofficial birthday at school yesterday since he doesn’t go on Wednesdays.  His first school birthday, and his first school birthday crown. This little King was quite excited to show me his birthday hat.


 He has definitely enjoyed being celebrated.
Then again, a little extra attention goes a long way.



Posted by casey on February 27, 2013 in Caden, Caden's Chronicles

I never was a cryer, until I had children.
I could weep daily over them and sometimes I do.
Out of love, joy, worry and amazement.

Three years old.
My baby.
My firstborn.
A little person of his very own.
I never was a cryer, until I had children.

* Caden Lee Kazmann ~ Born at 5:23 a.m. on February 27, 2010 *


Painfully Waiting

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It is a day for reflecting today.
This time, three years ago, I was already 13 hours in to my labor with my firstborn so that we could finally meet that sweet, squished boy.

13 Hours In…Only 17.5 More To Go.  (I’m Still Praying for Myself for That One.)
Thankfully No One Predicted That At The Time

The result of your 3 year old getting hold of the camera.

Three years ago I was full of anticipation, confidence, worry, expectation and assertiveness that was all washed away, flipped over, changed backwards and given up on when this little man started to show me day by day what being a parent really means.  Three years ago I was painfully waiting to meet my son…literally.



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Every now and then they are enjoying each other and their joy is evident on their face, in their eyes and in the sound of their giggles.  It is those joyful moments that make up for the ones where the frustration is evident on their face, tears are in their eyes and squeals are in the sound of their screams.  Joy…in large or small doses.


7: {21 Graces}

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Week Seven

January 15th – January 21st
Cheers to the art of conversation.

 1. Cleaning house after a week of sickness.
2. My sinus infection’s plus of not being able to smell? Not being able to smell dirty diapers during changings. (Now that is looking at the sunny side of the situation if I have ever seen it.)
3. New goals set for the upcoming financial month and being on track!
4. The boys giggles & squeals given to the turtles & ducks at Northpark Mall.
5. Having our gift wrapped, card ready and all set to go well before we needed to leave for a baby shower.

6. A couple of hours of adult conversation with friends we haven’t seen in too long, while celebrating another couple all while another set of generous friends watched our kiddos at home. Feeling the friendship.
7. A post migraine afternoon spent on the patio swinging my legs in the sunshine with Everett.

8. Husband doing the week’s grocery shopping trip.
9. Productive cooking afternoon for the week for Everett.
10. Caden’s immediate wake up excitement over promised muffins and his upcoming play date.

11. Friends, kids, and free reign over the house for them all.
12. The Bachelor and all of its Made for TV entertainment glory.
13. Running errands with one child.

14. Both boys in bed at 7:45 pm.
15. Looking into Caden’s content eyes as we sing bedtime songs while he nestles into his pillow.
16. The feeling of Everett’s tiny hands gripped tightly around my neck as we come downstairs early each morning.

17. The pitter patter sound of gentle rain as I woke.
18. Zulily + TOMS
19. My mother in law
20. Getting to go to a doctor’s appt for myself, by myself. Huge.
21. Roaming the aisles of Target alone for a whole hour…and coming out with one bag…under $10.  So many successes right there.



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[hed-strawng, -strong]


1.determined to have one’s own way; willful; stubborn; obstinate:
a headstrong young man.
Or, in my boys’ case, they think it means literally being strong with your head.  Standing their ground in a headlock and sometimes a head hug.


All You Need

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6:{21 Graces}

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Week Six

January 8th – January 14th

Cheers to the here and now, not the was and will be.

      1.   Caden pretending the basket of the stroller was a race car seat on our “walk”.

2. Being intentional with my purchases.

3. My husband’s half day Friday allowing for a trip to the driving range for him and a trip to Starbucks for an afternoon latte for me.

4.  Good friends who don’t have kids yet but embrace our stage of life and our kids welcoming them to any outing they want to see us at and being able to have regular conversation despite what they kids are running around doing. (even got smores materials for the adults…and kids, which made Caden’s night)
5.  Long afternoon naps for the boys giving us rest while listening to rain.
6.  A house full of 7 cousins age 8 to 15 months all running, screaming & playing.
7.  Eyes open, immediate agreed upon coffee run for a Starbucks treat.
8. Errand adventures with the whole family.
9. Delicious, nutritious dinner 100% made by the husband.
10.  A successful morning grocery run with both boys in tow= cart full of food, coupons used, no meltdowns, home safe and happy.
11. Time for teaching.
12. Yoga, stretching & breathing all while getting a checkup from Dr. Caden
13.  Small nooks of beauty in my among among all the chaos and junk that comes with the season of having little ones.
14. The boys letting me take a hot shower to relieve sinus congestion without protest.
15.  Sleepy time Sinus Soother Tea
16.  A well behaved older son letting me take it easy & have as close to a Mommy Sick Day as possible.
17.  Colter coming home early, juicing me fresh OJ and bringing soup.
18. Going upstairs to rest in the guest room and closing the door for total silence for a nap…and then for bed.
19.  A perfectly shaped, perfectly weighted new mug for $1.18
20. Lengthy conversations outdoors with good neighbors and sharing some Valentine’s Day sweet treats with them.
21. Embracing the cuteness of all things Valentine’s Day and celebrating with my boys. I love being loved and having others to love.



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So many hugs and kisses from my valentines today.

Blessed with a busy life full of boys and so much love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Oh Hey Mom

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“Oh, Hey Mom, look at this cool step I found!”
Brought to you by kid curiousity and an almost sane Mama.

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