Morning Magic

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Christmas Morning was an interesting start to the day since the night before had been a doozy. Everett was up almost all night coughing and needing snuggled and the only time he slept, an intense storm kept Colter and I up wondering which window might break. Naturally both boys slept through that! Since Santa had made his stop at our house quite early on Christmas Eve we weren’t worried about his arrival and knew Caden would be excited to see he had snacked on the star cookie Caden had picked out for him and the carrot for the reindeer. :)

Caden woke up and was all ready to see what it looked like since Santa had come.

In true Caden fashion he said “Look at all those presents for me, wow! I’m

Breakfast among new toys from Christmas Eve.

hungry.”So, we continued our normal morning routine of getting a nice breakfast in our bellies before moving on to any other activities…in this case Santa presents!  What is typically a very bright and light filled part of our house this morning appeared as if it was the middle of the night thanks to the ongoing rain and storm.  Cheery present opening was riddled with the doom and gloom of thunder and lightening but with a fire keeping us toasty and stovetop potpourri

Happily bouncing to Christmas music.

giving a festive scent all was well and we were off.  Everett was Caden last year – overwhelmed. Way too much going on.  So he mostly ran back and forth through the presents and wrapping chasing one ball we had opened first and then trying to snatch whatever Caden had successfully gotten into.


Picking out his first present.

I think I found my present…I’ll stick with this one.

Carefully unwrapping his first few.

Let me tell you how appreciated by Caden that was. “It’s MINEEEEEEE!!! That’s Meeeeeeeessssss. Santa brought it to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”  Christmas really solidified entering the “I want it, I need it, I gotta have it, That’s Mine” phase of brotherly sharing – joyful.

“Hey, whatcha got there?”

Early on, Caden opened a fireman raincoat that my Aunt & Uncle had actually sent

“Hi Mommy, look at me! I’m a fireman!”

and we didn’t get to it on Christmas Eve.  It promptly became the center of his Christmas morning wardrobe for the next while before deciding he was a bit too toasty all layered up. It took Caden a little bit to really get into tearing the presents open.  After a few beginning

It’s the biggest present we have ever seen brother, it has to be cool!

gifts, both boys opened one for Everett – this race car track, and after that, it was on.  If any box potentially had another race car track in it or something equally as exciting Caden was going to find it without a doubt.

What is it Mommy, What is it Daddy? What is it?!! What is it??!!

Everett finally just stood out of the way giggling.

It was definitely a learning curve year being the first time Santa really spoiled the

Our lil Aggie fireman cooking us a meal with all of his new cooking supplies and wardrobe.

boys and their age challenges.  Santa was WAY too good to them and we have since written him a note as to how we might like to proceed in the years to come.

Silly Santa always forgets that aunties and uncles and grandmas and grandpas are in for the spoiling too! :)  Blessed for sure and full of new exciting things to mix in and trade out with all of our old goodies.

We are so fortunate that my in laws are in town so that we are able to treat the boys

At least the rain entertained our lil sick one!

to a relaxed Christmas morning at home and then make our way to Nonna and Pa Pa’s when their schedule allows.  Having Christmas morning at home was always a special time growing up and we want our family to have those same memories and traditions while still being able to be surrounded with their grandparents who love them so too.  We definitely get to have the best of both worlds and try to soak it all up as best we can.  So, before I move on to our afternoon at Nonna and Pa Pa’s and the much talked about Dallas White Christmas, a few more favorite snapshots from our Christmas morning at home with Santa’s spoils.

Favorite new toy? The lawnmower. “It’s my turn!”

His “determined tongue” came out during stocking investigation time.

Stocking? What is a stocking?

Happy to be a fireman who can also practice medicine thanks to his doctor’s kit? I think so.

I hope Santa made you as happy as he made Caden and you were able to show just as much enthusiasm as this one picture above holds in it. Merry Christmas Morning!



A Successful Eve

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Since I was itty bitty, Christmas Eve was always the night we spent with extended family (if we hadn’t moved away).  We visited, ate a pre Christmas meal and opened any gifts from relatives to make room under the tree for Santa to come.

After graduating from college it became the night still spent with my side of the family since we were all relatively in the area.  Traditionally, Dana always had a huge celebration at her house and my Dad, brother, sister in law and I used that as our night to exchange as well.  Since her passing we have adapted to it still being just the Orr clan and get to have a night with our small little group and time for the cousins to play.

We had another successful Christmas Eve at Drew & Jess’ house this year giving the kids a warm-up to what the next morning would hold for them. It is nice to compare their stages each year as to what they are understanding, getting excited about and remembering themselves.  We are all looking forward to the years to come when we can throw in some cookie decorating or other little projects for the cousins to be able to enjoy on this night and do on their own!

Overall, as silly as it is, I am pretty sure my favorite moment was when my boys opened up some blocks from their Auntie and Uncle that have small prongs all over them to stick to fellow blocks.  They both said “Oh wow!” grabbed one and at the exact same time started to brush their hair with their new blocks…or hairbrushes.  Priceless.  Here are a few other memories from the evening to enjoy!

At least one of my boys was happy about this picture.

Little Man

Peeking at the pups. Believe it or not, they are 11 1/2 months apart, but pretty much the same size!

I think I can, I think I can!

Reading new lift the flap books are always good for a giggle.

Playing “chicken” in Cameron’s new tunnel.

A Jake Boat! cheeeeessseee

Look what I got Pop and Nana Jill! Thanks for my Mickey and Thomas games!

The Silly Smile

Tickle Time

Am I allergic to Santa coasters?

“I have to open all of these?”

Bronchitis didn’t stop Cousin Cameron from giving some grins!

“Hey whatcha got there?”

I got….

new PJs!!! Oh wow!! Mommy these PJs are SOOOO soft.”

Two sweet boys in their new Christmas Eve PJs.

Besides Cameron having bronchitis and Caden and Everett coughing up a storm as well, the evening was conquered and enjoyed.  We even got the boys packed up in the car and only home to bed a bit later than usual because they were both exhausted and not feeling their best.  Poor Colter won Christmas Daddy of the year because he spent practically the whole night up with coughing Everett who at that point couldn’t stop coughing, getting sick, trying to sleep but being woken up by his cough and round and round and round.  It is a good thing he couldn’t come out of his room on his own and scare Santa away!


Jingle {Week 3.5}

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Taking us right on home to Christmas, Jingle was hard at work flying back and forth to the North Pole and our house telling Santa we had been extra good.  Jingle did such a good job relaying his daily message that he couldn’t stay at the North Pole on Christmas Eve.  He had to come back Christmas morning to watch the boys open their gifts and see that Santa had in fact come like he told them would happen.

We learned that elves really do paint ornaments and toys.  Jingle was doing such a good job that we all had to join him and paint some of our own!

Caden woke up and Jingle had come into his room to sleep overnight!  The best part?  Jingle had a bulldozer pillow, Mickey blanket and snuggle bear just like Caden’s! Amazing. So amazing that it had to have two picture collages to show just where Jingle was and just what he heard when we got Caden up that day.
“Mama, look! Jingle is RIGHT there!  He is resting over there by my tree!”

We woke up on Christmas Eve to find that Jingle had decorated his own trees and his hat with Jingle Bells in hopes that Santa would soon come.  He also brought the boys a special present to help Santa know to come that night – a Santa ornament to hang!

Jingle happily watched the Christmas morning excitement from his very own stocking hung right between his little friend’s.

Happy Elf on the Shelfing! We hope you had fun with your elf this year just like us.

Jingle Week One    Jingle Week Two    Jingle Week Three 


Jingle the Elf {Week Three}

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With week one and week two of Jingle’s antics being a huge success, the boys were anxious to see what other silly endeavors he was going to take on!

Our poor fish, he never saw it coming.

“Hey look, Jingle is resting in that Santa cup Mama.”  “Got mees (me) a Santa hat?”

Caden has an obsession with lawnmowers.  So much that Santa brought him one of his own for Christmas and Nonna and Pa Pa got him a leafblower.  Jingle did not miss his enthusiasm for his machine love and thought the garland was looking unruly.  Sure was nice to have someone maintain our holiday landscape!

Which day elicited the most giggles?  jingle on the mini potty day. Boys.

Lebron who?  Our elf has some serious hops.

We woke up ready to bake our holiday treats and Jingle had already gotten started and brought the proper cooking wardrobe for the boys.  Such a helper that elf is.

“Mama, please get my undies down please!  Mama! My undies are up high with Jingle.  Please get them down to me.”  Who knew elves preferred whitey tighties?


Only a few more days of Jingle left to share.  He has been gone from our home back to the North Pole until next year for one day and everyone is missing him.


Christmas Greetings

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Merry Christmas From Our Family to Your Home
2012 Kazmann Christmas Card


Dear Santa

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Dear Santa,

We are so excited that you are coming to our house tonight. We have been making cookies, singing carols and dancing about all day.  One of us was very excited to meet you and bring you a Jingle Bell present.

The other one well….

he still has some making up to do.  Please don’t hold it against him, he didn’t know any better.  He is still really excited about Christmas and we are trying to teach him that you won’t eat him, just the cookies.

Safe flying! We have treats for you and the reindeer!

The Kazmanns

Santa Visit 2011

Santa Visit 2010


Twas the Night Before Kazmann Christmas

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Twas the Night Before Kazmann Christmas

And All Through Our Decorated House…

Two Toddlers Were Running, Faster Than a Mouse.

With presents, and Santa and treats on their mind…

Let’s Hope to Bed We Can Get Them on Time!

For Those Reindeer to Land Making Their Jingle Bells Ring…

With Them Santa and the Magic of Christmas They Will Bring!

 Merry Christmas Eve!


The Red Nosed Toddler

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Christmas is Near…

Rudolph is in the house…

 and Jingle Bells is Jamming

and the Mistletoe is making its moves.

There is lots of Christmas cheer and memories of past holidays being shared around here.  Taking time to cherish all the Christmas firsts for our boys each year.


12 Days of Christmas Treats & Eats Day 11 {Peppermint Sugar Cookies}

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As December approached I had minty on my mind and adjusted my snowtop cookies to have a more thin mint taste as an alternative choice.  I also, kept thinking about just a hint of peppermint.  I figured, if you wanted to really taste peppermint you would eat a candy cane, and didn’t need a cookie for that.  But what about just a hint?

So, the result was a peppermint sugar cookie. I took my usual sugar cookie recipe (I’m sure yours would be just fine too!) and ended up adding close to 2 teaspoons of peppermint extract.  It sounds like a lot but I did it 1/2 teaspoon at a time taste testing in between and it suprisingly wasn’t getting very strong, which was what I was hoping for!

Now, the other option is making them into actual candy canes in addition to adding the peppermint extract.  You could just roll out the dough and use cookie cutters like plain sugar cookies.  I wanted to add another twist taking the concept of my candy corn sugar cookies and adapting it to candy canes.  I split the dough in half leaving one as is and dying the other half red.  I then placed chunks of alternating colors of dough into a loaf pan to chill.  Once ready you can slice it into long vertical strips and twist into a candy cane. Decorate with coarse sugar, and ta-daaaaaaaa peppermint sugar candy cane cookies!


Naughty or Nice

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Poor Everett.  He just found out that Santa is checking his list…

not once, but twice.

Checking it to see if he has been naughty or nice this year.

Poor Everett.  This sweet boy of ours keeps hearing he had a tough year.

I think he is a bit worried Santa won’t come for him.

“Santa are you there???!!! I swear I’ll be nice.  Oh Santa please!”


Disclaimer: This precious boy cries like this 70 percent of the day…every day…even if the dogs just run by him without letting him pet them.  Therefore, every now and then my drama king’s devastation has to be documented because it is just so pathetic.  Poor guy.

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