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Now that we are less than a week away from him being 13 months, are fully recovered from our 8 day flu-fest, and the last month of sicknesses I figured I better post this since I technically owe you…really myself the next month update.  So, before I forget what he is like at one, and the changes he has made from eleven months to twelve I have to get this post out among the many I am behind on.  First, let’s just go ahead and shout it from the rooftops. Everett is ONE!

A one year old who is desperately trying to catch up to his big brother and take on all Caden can do as quick as he can.  Everett is a busy, busy, busy little man and has held true to his “full of wiggles” way since he was born.  He rarely sits still as he is always running back and forth, standing and bouncing when he plays or moving on to the next thing.  I think I have only seen him sit and occupy himself with one activity for awhile a handful of times up until this month.

I suppose the truth is that it hasn’t changed so much as he became obsessed with an activity that also contained him – climbing in the toy baskets and having a let’s play with everything inside while we throw it all out party for awhile.  Fine by me, he will stay in there for a good 30 minutes giggling and playing until I finally hear “Mama….Mama… I uck {stuck}. Mama.”  Caden even leaves him alone while he is in there and doesn’t snatch what he is trying to play with so it is a win for everyone except the toys he is squashing with his rather large bottom.

Yes I said it, my baby has back…junk in the trunk…a big caboose…he can back it up, his bottom is robust. :) Generally he is more solid than Caden was but his little behind doesn’t even fit in some of his pants.  At least is is more cushion for him to fall on!

Speaking of falling, because of his determination to conquer and climb, as well as being the little brother who gets pushed he falls a lot.  Not in a clumsy was like his brother did and still does but in a “I just fell off this toy because I wanted to see if I could balance on it on one toe,” kind of a way.  The good thing though, is he is really tough.  He just laughs most “head bonks” off especially if we just look at him and say “Woah” instead of reacting at all.  Typically he just smiles, pushes himself up, says “Uh-oh” and then gets right back up again.

We are thankful for the giggles instead of tears in that department because other than that he cries…a lot.  He has entered a whole new phase of hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me, Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama, hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me.  He FLIPS OUT when he doesn’t get his way.  The second Everett’s little toes brush the carpet after being held he starts to cry like his limbs are being ripped off.  It is amazing. Amazing.  I also think it is a little odd because he doesn’t really have separation problems when left at Nonna & Pa Pa’s, the gym or even if one of us runs an errand and he sees us go.  My fingers have been crossed that getting spoiled with attention while he had Croup will undo itself so frustration Frank will go away.

If he isn’t crying out of frustration that he has been put down or is too little to do what his big brother is up to he is chatting away- Mama, Dada, doggy, fish {dishy}, Uh-oh, Oh Wow, Woah, Choo-Choo, I did it, Down, All-Done, More, Go and thanks to Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Caden’s favorite show he can also say, Jake, Yo-Ho, and Ahoy. All the important things right?

His precious little head is full of curls that Colter has decided tell us he needs a haircut since Curly Sue isn’t very manly.

Favorites – Hippo snuggly, music, trains, our dogs, throwing balls, drinking out of Caden’s cup, clibing, being outside and all things boy

We had one weekend of health, if you don’t count me being sick to celebrate his birthday which I will give you pictures of soon!



Give Thanks

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Party Animal

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We did it.
We finally celebrated our lil’ man’s first birthday.

Frankly, we are all tired and will get to the details later.
My party animal is pooped.



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In case you haven’t made a decision, there are some last minute candidates that might kick you to a side…

He promises to maintain and energetic approach to the issues at hand…

He is 100% qualified and confident in himself, thumbs up people…

He promises to listen, and listen good…

He is ready for the job and has mastered the politician’s smile.

Oh yeah, his little brother is ready to step in at any time.

2012 Presidential Election - Go and Excercise Your Right to VOTE!



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On this night, this Saturday, Five Years Ago,

We Got Dressed

 We Adorned Ourselves With Flowers

 We Peeked at Each Other

 We Walked to the Chapel

 We Walked Down the Aisle

 We Said Our Vows

We Sealed the Deal

We Danced

 We Ate Cake

We Danced Some More

We Were Loved on by Friends

We Gave in to Tradition

We Toasted

 We Walked Off Into the Rest of Our Lives

Five Years Later, the Deal is Still Sealed but With a Little Extra Baggage

 Five Years of Enjoying Life, Checking Off Accomplishments, Embracing Change, Encouraging One Another, Tackling Challenges, Building a Family and
Truly Becoming a Team. Cheers to Five Years and the years ahead.


It’s My Party

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Thankfully Everett’s birthday celebration isn’t until next weekend.

Why?  He has a terrible case of Croup and truly lived up to
“It’s my birthday and I will cry if I want to.”

Hopefully by next weekend he will feel better and won’t live up to “It’s my party and I will cry if I want to.”  Really, I think since he had such a rough first year, he wanted to end it in a way that was fitting to the rest of the year. Sort of a farewell – we hope.

So, his first birthday was spent covered in coughs, tears & all around nastiness.  In the meantime he and I are going to spend the weekend camped out at home with lots of tissues & humidifiers while Dad & big brother get to go on our out of town trip that was planned.  Birthday blues.

Happy Birthday??!!



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One Year Ago

At 2:23 p.m.

Everett William Kazmann

Joined Our Family

at 8 pounds, 9 ounces tying for the largest Kazmann grandchild.

366 days ago we hadn’t met him.
We knew he liked to party at night…and still does.
We knew he gave a nudge when he heard me singing “Rock- A Bye” to his brother every night and it is still the only song that soothes him.
We knew things we assumed, but we didn’t know him.

 365 Days ago we finally got to the chance to begin getting to know our son.

365 Days of Everett


Monthly E

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Mr. Everett, my how you have grown.

Happy Birthday to Our Sweetest Little One,
Although Dicey At Times We Made it an Entire Year.
Cheers to all of us!


6:20 A.M.

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One year & fifty pounds ago, at 6:20 a.m. this little man was on his way as labor began. Don’t be fooled – tomorrow is his birthday…32 hours and 3 minutes later.

What can I say, my boys like a long, drawn out, make you work for it, birthday.

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