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When your kids outnumber you, life is often a comedy of errors.  For example, Everett our extremely determined child figured out how to climb on the couch.  One of those one minute he was playing so nicely on the carpet and the next I find him like this moments –

Weird, since I didn’t put him up there. Oh wait…he did it himself. GREAT! 
That means the ER bills for head injuries and broken limbs are on the way all while you try to explain that, “No really, I am a good parent he just fell off the back of the couch onto the hardwood floor while I wasn’t watching,” to some schmuck just out of med school who thinks you have no business taking care of a plant let alone children because you look like you haven’t slept in a year because well, you haven’t and…okay I’ll stop.

After taking a very upset that he was being removed Everett off the couch and onto the floor to evaluate his method I realized he was primarily using the ottoman which is a little squishier to wiggle his way up.  In the meantime, while Everett was busy being a monkey I glanced at Caden –

Caden, who had so nicely tucked himself in to sit down for a good read.  So mischievous right?

Ottoman = Everett on couch.  Naturally, I decided to just rid the living room of the ottoman until I came up with a better solution…like teaching him not to do it.  What was my temporary solution?  I “hid” it…on top of our bed.  Everett wasn’t getting up there and it was out of the way, perfect!

Except that I then turned around to find Caden playing King of the Mountain because well…he can get up there.  During the day I am outnumbered by a two and a half year old and an almost eleven month old…who can now run.  Basically, it means I have lost all control in case you were wondering what it is really like here.  The kids won the election and I am a meager citizen in my own child-ran home.  Cake for dinner and soda in the water fountains? Why not.


Insta-Week { 10}

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A Little Phone Picture Peek at Our Life
10 Recent Pictures for the 10th Edition

Good Morning! Cuteness is my saving quality.

Two Peas In A….Swing – Park Days!

Sunset Nights

Homemade Playdough Night with Chef Caden

Reading Before School – Got to Study!

Mommy Break – Coffee & Photos = Love

Mickey Mouse Paint Swatches – Color Game

WWF – Brother’s Edition

Snuggly Movie Day in Bed

EARLY Mornings


A Good Start

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A good start to your day can make such a difference.
Pink eye isn’t that start.

Opening Caden’s door to get him up and hearing,

“Good Morning Mama! I had a good rest”,  sure did turn things around.
That and watching him run around in his mini-man undies.


Making Faces

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Sometimes, you just have to set aside time for making faces.











All Boy All The Time

Making faces and talking about different feelings made for some great photo album keepsakes as I loved his interpretations of each one.  So expressive this one!


It’s Not Nice

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Yours Truly: “Caden, did you have a good day at school?”
Caden: “Yeah, I had fun.”
Yours Truly: “Oh good, what did you do today?”
Caden:” I colored.  I colored with blue. And I played choo-choos.”
Yours Truly: “You got to play trains at school! You’re a lucky boy!”
Caden: “Yes. I play trains. Dallas took my trains.”
Yours Truly: “What? What happened to your trains?”
Caden: “Dallas took them.”
Yours Truly: “Oh. Dallas?” (I have never heard of a Dallas and wasn’t sure I was hearing him correctly.)
Caden: “Yeah! Dallas took my choo-choos. Mama, it’s not nice.”
Yours Truly: “You’re right, it isn’t nice to take toys. What happened?
Caden: “Dallas took them. I’ve got…I’ve got…I’ve got to get them back.”
Yours Truly: “I bet you will get to play with them again.”
Caden: “Yeah. Mama? It’s not nice.”
“Mama? I ate lunch at school. Eat oranges, raisins, crackers…”

Well, at least the choo-choo thief didn’t ruin his day.  A candid conversation with a totally calm and matter of fact toddler during our usual chat in the car on the way home from school. Ah the stresses of preschool…maybe I’ll start telling rude adults that they aren’t being nice and go back to the basics too. :)



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This picture has so much love in it.
A picture that needs no words, just a full heart.

Everett loved being by his brother so much he had to keep leaning in more and more as his grin grew.


A Month of Meals II

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It is been awhile since my last Month of Meals post.  It has defintiely been more than a month anyway so hopefully you aren’t starving and completely without meal ideas. :) The other thing that got my butt in gear is the fact that autumn officially begins this Saturday so I thought I should probably get the rest of my summer meals out to you before everything is roasts and savory spices!


If you can’t find any of the recipes you want below, feel free to shoot me an email and I will get it to you. Happy eating!

A Month of Meals II Recipes


Broken Record

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Hello, my name is Everett and this morning I am a broken record because all I want to cry for is my “Maaaaaaamaaaaaaaaaa!”

Should I change my name?
Probably not…it is nice to be wanted right?



Sticking to It

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September 2011

One year later and he still has the same moves.
He sticks to what works.

September 2012


Baby Steps

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After mastering the one to two step let go from “cruising” a week and a half ago and trying to jump walk from standing Everett decided last Friday the 7th, on Mom’s birthday that he would just go ahead and start walking.

 Here is a little glimpse at his first steps.

After all, he has a big brother to catch up to right?

A walking ten month old and a running two and a half year old.

Now, a week later, he is practically a running ten month old.
Hold on to your britches!

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