Summer Snow

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Surely you have seen that video of the mom who came out of the bathroom to discover her one and three year old had flour bombed her home with a bag of flour while she was…indisposed. Whether it actually happened that way or not, my husband made it clear that he was fine with coming home to messes by kids…except for that one.

Well, we almost had a repeat in the Kazmann home.

(I just love his guilty face.)

Mind you, Everett is allergic to flour but he didn’t seem to mind when he managed to topple a bag over from a pantry shelf I didn’t know he could reach yet while I was cooking dinner. As I was picking up the bag and various flour piles he was scurrying back and forth as quick as he could in the residual flour snow.

Summer snowfall was enjoyed in the kitchen.

Yes, I snapped a picture before racing him to the tub because if I can help it there won’t ever be a flour call this close again.

What was Caden doing?  “Mama, mess! Mama, brother made a mess! MAMA, need to pick up! MAMA, clean mess!!!!” Yes my OCD neat freak son, what a mess.



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“Higher Dada!”


Back to School, Back to School

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This morning as I watched all of the buses run through the neighborhood and my sweet neighbors head off for their first day back at school I took some joy in the promise that the first day of a new school year holds for the kids and teachers alike.

Caden’s Summer Classroom

This year, technically, we will be experiencing ‘Back to School” too.  Caden, who started his schooling experience with a two day a week pre-school summer camp session thissummer, (remember that) has been on a three week hiatus as they prepared for the regular year to start.  Tomorrow will be his first day back, back to school.  Really though, I think we need to re-cap.

If you remember, Caden had a very rocky start to school.  Most days, in the car he looked like this with a broken record repeat of “Mama, I stay home. I wanna go home.”  It broke my heart and made the mom side of me feel like this was surely the meanest thing I had ever done to him in his almost two and a half years of life.

Little White School-House

My adult/former teacher brain new better, but for three to four long weeks I had to fight with my mom brain.  Caden loves doing projects, helping, learning in general, reading, singing, the works.  However, he did not so much like, as in was terrified of, other children which was what I was sure was the main reason for him being so upset as well as the main reason he needed to go.  He has and probably always will be a cautious kid who likes to observe before jumping in which made the transition of school a tough one for him.  Not listening to him say, “Mama, Nooooo. I stay with Mama.” Oh…my…goodness.

His teachers, Miss Christy and Miss Melissa were too sweet to him, giving him all of the love and attention he needed…especially after the first day when he cried, the entire day.  Slowly but surely, he improved and as I touched base with his teachers each day so we could really figure out together if he was ready or not he started to whimper less and less as I dropped him off.  One day, I got the “He stopped as soon as you left.” seal of approval and then it happened…the day he turned around, walked into class and said “Bye Bye Mama.” with a wave.

Upside Down ‘U’ Anyone?

School became his main topic of conversation.  Every day on the way home he would tell me about Miss Christy and what they had painted that day.  We would accurately recollect and discuss the colors he used to paint and what he ate for lunch in his special lunchbox.  All of the details of school (lunchbox, napmat, backpack, teachers, crafts) were sinking in and taking hold and he was in love.  Each night his bathtime was really just a special time to talk about school – again.  He would show me his foam bath letters and tell me which ones Miss Christy had taught him.  Often our conversations went a little like this.

The Love of Caden’s School Life, Miss Christy

“Caden, did you go to school today?”

Giddy to Take a Picture with Miss Melissa on the Last Day

“Yes. Miss Christy. Missa (Melissa).”
“You got to go to school with Miss Christy and Miss Melissa!”
“Yes, I had fun.”
“What did you get to do at school today.”
“I paint. I pain boo (blue). I paint boo fish.”
“I saw your blue fish, we hung it up. What else did you do?”
“Miss Christy pick up.”
“Oh, did Miss Christy pick you up? When you were sad?”
“Yes. ‘Mama, Mama’ Miss Christy hug. Miss Christy pick up.”
“That is nice that Miss Christy picked you up.”

Last Day of School with Miss Christy

So on and so forth.  The main theme was that he loved Miss Christy. LOVED.  She seemed to always comfort him at first which took hold of his heart and he was not letting go.  Don’t get me wrong he liked Miss Melissa and talked about her too, but Miss Christy became a part of random daily conversation.  If he would see something that reminded him of school, or something they had done, in would come Miss Christy.  I just loved it.

Seeing Caden stuff his breakfast in his mouth all at once when he knew he was going to school and telling the dogs and Everett “Bye Bye. I’m leaving. See ya lata,” no matter how early was hilarious.  If you needed to get him out of the door, just tell him he was going to school.  “Mama lunchbox? I carry it. Backpack?” I’ve got it son, I’ve got it.

Three weeks ago, Caden entered his last day of summer school to his new favorite song, “Wheels on the Bus” not knowing that Miss Christy and Miss Melissa were not going to be his teachers in the fall. :(  Melissa was going back to Florida where she teaches first grade, and Christy was being moved to a different age group.

Fortunately we had ‘Meet the Teacher’ last week and while he was upset at first and confused as to why his normal teachers weren’t in his classroom (same room) and why exactly were we coming in the evening. Just as I had hoped though, by the end he was showing the other kids where the toys were and playing while watching his new classmates.  When we arrived at meet the teacher he wanted to go home to see Daddy.  After 30 minutes when we were trying to leave, it was a no-go.

“No Mama, I stay.”

Finally with a high-five to his new teachers, we walked to the car while Caden reminded me that we needed to bring his lunchbox and backpack.  I think he might already be over his back to school blues although I predict some tears this week and some jitters…from me.  Kidding.

Back to School…Back to School


Rainy Day Love

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As summer is coming to a glorious end, I actually have looked back and thought, “Well that wasn’t so bad.”  We got in a lot of swimming, no sunburns, no disasters with playground equipment that was too hot and actually had a good balance of indoor/outdoor time.  It seems that is was actually a pretty mild summer for Texas but then again last summer was literally a record-breaker and I was a million months last trimester pregnant.  So, that isn’t exactly a fair comparison.  Besides, we had quite a few rainy and even stormy days this year which gave us lazy movie days and a reason to make even more memories.

Now, whenever Caden hears thunder he exclaims,
“Rain! Ya hear it? It’s raining water outside. I just wanna go play.”

 Weather permitting, I figure hail, lightening and tornadoes are a bad idea, I am all to happy to strip them down their skivvies for a good ol’ romp in the rain.

A little fun in nature’s splash park was had by all and then mid-day baths were taken.  It turns out that rain isn’t so clean and neither is eating dirt.
It’s raining. ya hear it?



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Happy Friday!

I hope someone shows you some love and generosity this weekend.
Even if it is just sharing a fake hot dog.
Deliciously Adorable.


Breaking Free

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This past weekend I took a break.
I gave myself a big old dose of life pre-social media.

Fascinatingly enough, just five years ago when we get married this wasn’t such a big deal.  There was no Twitter and no one felt the need to immediately post pictures from your wedding ceremony onto Facebook in crappy phone picture quality.  Just an observation.

Lately, during the day, I had been somewhat annoying myself by the amount of times I picked up my phone to mindlessly hit a button to fill my brain with information I didn’t need to know just to pass some time which could even be thirty seconds.  Then five minutes later as I walked by the computer and the same windows were up I would look again out of habit.  I didn’t need it, and  I didn’t and don’t really even enjoy it so why the heck was I doing it?  Surely my children were growing up thinking that it was an extra appendage and that it just not okay with me.  I have enough appendages thank you very much.

So, this past weekend I privately decided to take those options off of my “agenda”.  No Facebook, No Twitter, No Instagram.  I had blog posts already scheduled so that was fine but I actually didn’t even get on the blog to work on anything which wasn’t even intentional. No social media.

Do you know what happened?
Nothing. The world went on.

Do you know what I missed?
Nothing important.  Well, at least I don’t think so…I have yet to check.

Pre social media I think life was a bit less complicated. I had friends that I actually talked to that would call to tell me what was going on.  We slowly morphed some of our chatter into texting and email which I understand knowing  the simplicity and convenience of communicating that way, especially during busy work days.  Then, somehow it turned into..”I saw on ___________________ that you were up to ______________________ and went out with _________________.”  I would like to think that if something really important or life-changing happened in a friend’s life I would get to hear about it directly from them not because I mindlessly looked on a website.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love social media.  This very blog is considered a form of that and is a great outlet for me.  I originally joined most of those sites because as a kid who grew up moving around a lot it has been a great way to reconnect with old classmates and friends.  I also think it is a fabulous way to share pictures since the expense of mailing pictures to forty two people who don’t really need a physical picture of your child yet want to see what they look like isn’t really working these days.  Like with most things, it gives those an option to look at it if they are interested or move on if they are not.

However, somewhere along the line it started to fill my brain with junk.  Complete junk.  That might be okay if I had a brain that was running on ample sleep, nutrition and moments of peace but that just isn’t the case.  With a two and a half year old and an almost ten month old there is always some amount of noise going on here.  There is always more input going into an already overloaded brain.  Mickey Mouse is singing in the background while a static tainted monitor is humming over a toddler asking for more apples and new water and a baby who just keeps squawking with his arms stretched out because he wants held.  I often yearn for those quiet seconds where I think my brain might be able to take a breath but is interrupted to hear the dryer buzz and the dog whimper at the backdoor to go outside.  I have learned to do my yoga breathing as I walk from task to task in order to give myself those moments of peace even when there might not be so much peace going on.

But you know what? There were a lot of those moments where I could look around and take it all in and relax that I was instead pressing “Open” on the Internet and filling my brain with more input.  Unnecessary input.  Negative input.  Instead of enjoying a moment with the only people it really matters to.  Seemed to me like I was adding complication to my life all on my own.

I am sharing this because honestly  I loved being disconnected.

I wasn’t sure that I could do it.  That bothered me (not being sure) because I don’t depend on it and don’t actually post all that often but it was so much a part of my routine to “check” that taking out the automatic pilot factor of it was what I thought might be tricky.

I loved it.

It is so silly because I didn’t even know that these outside “sources” were hindering me but man did I have a great weekend.  I felt more relaxed. I seemed less frustrated.  My brain felt like it had some empty space in it which really opened up a whole realm of productivity because I felt as though I could actually think. Surely it isn’t all because I wasn’t seeing who saw a jackass cut someone off on the way to work that morning or who was leaving for a fabulous Caribbean vacation all in abbreviated computer lingo to fit in the proper amount of characters right?  Awhile ago I told you that one of my goals this year was to be more present in my life.  As minuscule as this may be I think this past weekend I just might have found one way to get there.

I am not saying that I am never looking again or won’t post nonsense, but maybe I won’t.  I definitely didn’t put my real camera down this weekend and I am sure Insta-Gram will remain a constant.  But you know what?  It isn’t the weekend anymore which means my “obligation” to myself is over and yet, almost one week later, I still have not glanced at all the mindless junk that awaits me at the press of button and amazingly enough the world is still the world.  My kids still woke up, my coffee was made, breakfast cooked and a peaceful morning was spent outside in the breeze searching for airplanes.

My break from social media last weekend and into this week just might turn into a break-up.
Okay…maybe just a trial separation.  Shared visitation?

Funny enough I chose to do this last weekend and began writing about it Monday morning.  Monday afternoon I received my weekly email of Mama Kat’s Writing Prompts.  What do you know?  This week she asked about what makes life complicated?  Surely the universe aligned for me this week.


Insta-Week {8}

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It just doesn’t get more exciting than the Chick-Fil-A cow showing up at storytime. “Mama, a Moooooo!”

Puzzle time.”I did it!”

“Hi Mom! Did you want me to eat this?”

Learning to Superman Swing “Weeeeeeee!”


Favorite Rainy Day Activity – Picasso Practice

Look Mama, I wear a headband just like you.

You have got to be kidding if you think I am going to touch that food.

Why take naps when you can cart lounge?

Making sure our neighbor’s birthday pinata is good and dead.

Just another Instant Glimpse at life from our phones!



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A Follower

It is the hardship put on the shoulders of a little brother.

Poor guy is always just a bit behind his number one friend.



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This little angel woke up at the butt crack of dawn.
The butt crack.

So, I brought him down to let him roll around in a giant crib…aka my bed.
It is his favorite game.

He giggles, chases the dogs, and beats me in the face – and then today,
he puked on my clean sheets. Wait, what?

Yes, vomited  on the sheets I just washed.
(Mental Note: Add washing sheets to today’s to-do list.)
All of this happened while he excitedly repeated “Da-Da”. “Can you say ‘Mama’?” {smile,wave,eye contact with me}  “Da-Da!” {giggle}. UGH.

So we went for a run to refresh the start to the day.

There was a breeze, and birds chirping (once the sun came up)  and quiet.  I do love peace and quiet. We came home and he wanted to play with my shoestrings so I finally took off my tennis shoes tired of my feet being tugged around –
and then he puked in my tennis shoes. Wait, what?

Yes, vomited inside the tennis shoes.

1. Dump vomit out of tennis shoes.
2. Mental note that yes, our house still smells like 9 months worth of vomit.
3. Go upstairs to get Caden out of bed since he is trampolining like a monkey.

Walk into Caden’s room, get one look and hear “I just want Da-Da.”

Listen you little “angels”, you’ve just got me.

Happy Friday?
I think I’ll take a do-over.


B & W

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Bathtime Black and Whites
Loving the simple moments.


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