Insta-Week {6}

Posted by casey on July 28, 2012 in Insta-Week

Caden rarely gets treats.  So sometimes, he needs one the size of his head.
Thankfully his lack of sweet tooth made him satisfied with a couple bites!

With a sick babe and an overworked husband it has been a LONG week.  Afternoon cup of coffee was a must on a couple of occasions.

I spy a puppy all curled up on a matching blanket. I think he was hiding from my terrors children.

Pillow pile!

Isn’t he too young for 7 Minutes in Heaven?

Dear Brother, I want your animal crackers…you better climb higher.

Projects a plenty going on here, projects a plenty!

The rarest of occasions…napping at the same time.

Project pillow ruffle – success!

When you are chasing a 2.5 year old and almost 9 month old sometimes a chip clip is all you can find for your hair.  It is just the way it is.

This boy wanted afternoon snuggles after school this week and I happily obliged.

Everyone loves it when Daddy comes home, everyone!


Throw Down

Posted by casey on July 27, 2012 in Caden, Snapshots

Sometimes you just have to throw it down Gangsta style.
It is the only way to get your point across.


Oh Baby Baby

Posted by casey on July 26, 2012 in Everett, Everett's Edition

Sweet Everett, it is a long and windy road.
Can you tell he had fun at the GI doctor this week?

Our baby boy is losing weight.  Losing weight when he really should be bulking up.  The GI is not happy and we are frustrated.  Frustrated that for nine months we have been telling them something is going on. Frustrated that for nine months they have addressed his weight but said since it was stable brushed it aside when we kept trying to say, “Well yeah, but what if he actually supposed to be a lot bigger but is just kind of hanging here?”  Nine months of guessing his allergies since he reacts to EVERYTHING! Sure enough, now that he has lost weight and stopped growing they are concernend.

How many times can one beat their head against a brick wall?  I will let you know the answer to that soon I am sure.

Now, baby Everett has to see a feeding specialist to evaluate his feeding skills, oral motor skills and what exactly he seems to be doing when he eats.  Naturally they can’t see him until a month from now. So we wait…and wait…and wait like we have been doing since he was two weeks old. Oh sweet baby boy.


In The Middle of the Night…

Posted by casey on July 19, 2012 in Everett, Everett's Edition

Sing it With Me Now
“In the Middle of the Niiiiiigggggghhhhhhttttttt…”

“I was walking in my sleep.”

Last night, Everett was up every hour, so I was up every hour.
Awesome right?

No he isn’t a newborn, he is 8 1/2 months old.  We have been doing this that long now which means I can practically operate on nothing these days.  He is still getting back on track after being sick last week, and his allergies have been triggering lately and he appears to be cutting a second bottom tooth as well as about to cut a top tooth. Soooooooooooooo, he was up every hour last night. Every stinking hour.

Now, I have that ridiculous song stuck in my head because once last night I heard him crying checked the clock to see that I had been downstairs a whopping 20 minutes and went up to investigate.  Alas, when I got into his room all I heard was snoring.  So, he either went back to sleep (happened before) OR I imagined the whole thing (just as likely).  You know, because I needed to get up an extra time just for fun and everything.  I am pretty sure I imagined the whole thing. Pretty, darn sure.


Dear Lord,

Please help me sleep tonight.  My Mommy is tired and my Nonna & Pa Pa are supposed to watch me this weekend and they want to know what you are going to do too.  Thanks for the milk. ~Everett



Posted by casey on July 18, 2012 in Caden, Caden's Chronicles

I came to two conclusions from this picture.

1. It is official, he is going to make the ladies swoon.

2. I need to grow his hair back out like this so he can work on his
Patrick Dempsey locks.


Sweet, Sweet Summertime

Posted by casey on July 17, 2012 in Caden, Caden's Chronicles

Just a little peek at my sweet, summertime boy. Look at those pouty lips!


The Moment

Posted by casey on July 16, 2012 in Caden, Family, For Your Funny Bone, Snapshots

Sometimes I find that looking through my lens I actually focus on so much more of what is going on.  All of the details of the fun and chaos at hand.

Then, through the lens, there is that moment when you realize that your son who is having so much fun and is working so hard to thrown the soccer ball to his Uncle is without a doubt instead going to peg his baby cousin with it because he can’t throw a ball that big, that far.

Don’t worry. Uncle Jordan had a stealth like save leavign Kaylie to remain clueless and Caden to think he made the throw of a year.

At least someone was there so supervise while I was busy behind the lens. :)



Posted by casey on July 14, 2012 in Life as I Know It, Snapshots

I feel a bit how Caden looks in this shot, disheveled.
This past week has not been what one would refer to as a “fun time” in Mommyland.
Our house had a baby who was feverish and sick with a throat infection and a toddler getting his two year old molars.
There was a lot of crying and whining and snot.

Therefore, I feel a bit of everything you can see here on Caden.

I think I’ll hold on tight for next week.


Bottle It

Posted by casey on July 13, 2012 in Caden, Family

My early childhood is filled with vivid images bicycles.  My grandparents in Columbus housed a “big wheel” for my brother and I that got rode straight into the ground.  I can hear the gravel crumbling as we raced down their driveway hugging a turn onto the sidewalk and “flew” on by.  I am pretty sure it was the noise of those wheels that made us feel like we were really going Nascar speed.  My grandfather with whom Caden shares a middle name would patiently sit on the porch on the cement or in a homemade rocker waiting for us to vroom on up to give him is imaginary dinner, or my personal favorite…haircut.  The man barely had any hair but it got at least ten “trims” during each of our visits.  I think it is the thrill in his eyes that he always had watching us ride around on that thing that stuck with me.

Back at home in Ohio I had the ultimate girly bicycle complete with basket and streamer handle-bars.  My dad regularly repaved the driveway (I can still smell the tar) giving us a large U-shaped driveway add-on to the original for ample track.  My cabbage patch dolls were almost always my passengers and I had an “early scare” in my parenting abilities when my most prized doll fell out of the basket onto the pavement for me to run right over….her head.  She still has a scar. No joke.

We grew up in the ride your bike to your friends down the street generation where your parents could watch you go out the window and playing flashlight tag in the cul-de-sac was normal.  My children won’t have that ability as that sense of neighborhood safety has been stripped from most with every news story.  But…my kids will have bikes…and they will play…and they will have memories.

Caden has  a new obsession with bikes.  He loves seeing them, talking about them and watching them, even on Mickey Mouse.  I am pretty sure his dream came true the other week when Daddy came home with a surprise for Caden.  His very own tricycle.  He was in love as soon as he saw the box.  Helper boy went to work building his bike with Daddy handing him as many parts as he could while banging on the others.  As soon as it resembled a bike keeping him off it was impossible.

Here is where the mom-mushy-heart can’t talk it blabbering comes in.

He climbed up on that bike and he just looked so, grown up.  Big boy grown up.  Perched up on his seat, legs stretched out, feet reaching through his toes to get to the pedals with an ear-to-ear grin big boy.  It was precious.  Then, to make me even more sappy, Colter started showing him how to work his feet.

His legs are just a smidge too short still, but in another month he will be off and going without any assistance and I have a feeling we will be running after him.  Then the next month he will be on a real bike kicking off the training wills.  Okay, maybe not that quick but it sure does feel like it.

Getting to watch his amazement at his very own bicycle makes me feel the same thrilling feelings I did as a kid.  Sure I am praying he doesn’t fly off the thing, but I know he feels like he is going sooooooo fast, and that he is sooooo high up and that innocence and unfiltered joy could cure so much.  Someone needs to bottle up the feeling a kid gets when a simple dream comes true.



Up High, Up High!

Posted by casey on July 11, 2012 in Caden, Everett, Family

The pictures are from last month but the tale is the same.  We have lucked out in that Caden has been an extremely patient brother for the most part.  He is extremely attentive and loving to Everett. Since we brought him home Caden has taken to comforting him when he cries, trying to pick him up if he falls, and asking to get him up from naps and such.  We saw early on that he had a generous heart and would often hand him toys at our request or out of his own good will.  There has never been a doubt that Caden loves Everett and Everett is surely obsessed with him.

We had a feeling that this sharing thing might be tested once Everett was on the move.  You see, Caden does great but the thing is, he doesn’t want to play or share with Everett ALL THE TIME. Can you blame him?  Everett on the other hand has other plans for sure.  Everett spends the majority of his day chasing Caden and whatever activity he has immersed himself in.

Caden learned early on in his life as a big brother that if he really didn’t want to share an object he would put it “up high” (on the couch).   Yes we were fine with this because we felt that if Caden shared ten toys and there was one item he just wanted to himself for whatever reason he could keep it so long as he gave Everett something else.  At this point the couch came into play for his treasured item.  Unfortunately for Caden Everett can now reach everything on the couch or get up there himself. Backfire!  So now, Caden will run around holding his “claimed toy” up above his head saying “Up high! Up high! No brother!”

Poor Caden just wants to play and poor Everett just wants to play with Caden.  We had been at a good 80/20 on Caden sharing/keeping to himself.  Now with the crawling/standing/cruising on Everett’s part we have done a drastic 40/60 switch…on a good day. Caden wants his space and tries so hard to inform Everett of that.  Everett, being a meager 8 months old doesn’t understand. Go figure.  Caden’s understanding of the word “my” hasn’t helped, and has increased the snatching which is what we really don’t allow.  So, we spend a great deal of our time hearing “Up high!” “No brother!” “Mama, get brother.” “Here brother.”  He is learning…I suppose I should say they are learning.  The times spent playing together are quite sweet and we are fortunate to be able to watch a lot of those times!



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