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He may be wary of other kids but when it comes to jumping and being thrown, this kid is fearless.  Thank goodness my husband comes home in the evenings to let him live out his “in air” dreams.  “Catch me Daddy.”



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This morning at the gym I had finished my cardio and legs and was about to begin my ab routine.  Wouldn’t you know that two high school aged boys (yes, I said boys) looking all the role of the jock strolled up to the adjoining area to do the same.  You could almost see it in their eyes. “What is this chick doing here. We will show her.”

I kicked their ass.  Yes, I am bragging.  No I cannot contain it.  I totally and completely kicked them and their too tight t-shirt wearing abdominal ass all while nonchalantly listening to my iPod because I in fact had not noticed them until they made it clear they were going to show me how it was done. I almost turned and told them I was a decade older than them and had a two kids but hearing them grunt while trying to keep up was enough.  That and their faces when they saw me pick Everett up from the Kids Club.  Priceless. :)

Yes I took joy in it. I probably shouldn’t be taking joy in it or sharing that but when you are working out after two kids any motivation helps.  You see, when you are a stay at home mom of two young ones you take your victories where you can get them.  This my friends, was a killer victory.

Victory! Victory!



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Our little hipster golfer.



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Last week we had one of those mornings where I prayed the day was almost over and looked at the clock to find that it was only 9:15 a.m.

Atrocious I tell you.  Atrocious.

Everett was cutting a tooth, which actuall turned into two teeth and was MAD. He was understandable mad but wouldn’t nap…which made him more upset since he only takes two teeny naps anyway. With a teething infant that wouldn’t stop crying and a toddler who woke up on the wrong side of the cage crib and was throwing fits about EVERYTHING I considered drinking myself into a stupor…at 9:15 a.m.  The thought of CPS got the better of me though and I spontaneously threw them in the car without a plan. By spontaneously I mean I even committed the ultimate mom feaux pas and didn’t have extra bottles/outfits/snacks etc. I tried to tell Caden we were going to the park (first idea) but that didn’t even soothe him which didn’t deter me.  I was losing it, they were losing it so we were going.  When it seemed as though we were going to be doing our outing alone I decided to just drive and hope that Everett would fall asleep in the car and the allure of a new park might entice Caden to suck it up. :)

I passed our usual park and headed to Richardson thinking I would hit up one of the elementary schools or Huffines.  Something Caden wasn’t used to.  As I was driving down Plano Road, I saw out of the corner of my eye some ponies in a field.  Detour!  Knowing Caden would get a kick out of seeing the horses I turned down so that I could pull off and let him peek.  That is when I saw it…the sign.

No, not a beam of light from the heavens kind of a sign, an actual painted sign.
Spring Hill Farms – $5 admission.

As I saw the tractor doing the hayride around the field I immediately thought this could  be the best five dollars I ever spent…at least that day.  We turned in and as soon as I told Caden we were going to see some animals he perked right up.

Five dollars (per person) got us full access to the farm area – goat feeding, donkeys, checking out the massive horses, pot bellied pigs, chickens, roosters, ponies and a tractor hay ride to see horses, longhorns and the lake.  He was thrilled.  Fortunately it was early so it wasn’t too hot and we beat some of the field trips that were coming/could go around them because we were moving from thing to thing faster.

I had completely forgotten about this part of town and was so excited to rediscover it and find something totally new for Caden to do and experience.  He talked about the animals and tractor ride for the rest of the day…which completely turned around for him thanks to Spring Hill farms.

Farmer Caden said “Hooray animals and thank you mama.” I say “Hooray spontaneity and thank you God.” One day and one mama saved by a mini farm.


Day of Firsts

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Thanks to Nana Jill & Pop, the boys had a day of firsts.
Their first trip to the Dallas Zoo and Caden’s first carousel ride.

We survived the heat, multile snack/feeding breaks, a tired toddler and the zoo itself. Both boys had a great time making memories and Caden has spent all afternoon jabbering about the animals. A successful day of firsts is in the books!


Passing Along

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Over Mother’s Day, I shared with you some of our most recent family pictures.  Growing up in Texas you see families that have bluebonnet pictures every year.  Believe it or not, in my 27 years I had never, ever had any pictures in bluebonnets.

So, this year I was determined to get some shots and I enlisted Chelle Cates to help us update our family portraits and capture my sweet  boys in the bluebonnets.  She was wonderful, and I was so pleased with her photos and the process in general.  A sweet soul with talent to boot.  You my friends, are in luck!  Chelle has just announced a new summer mini session that you can check out here.  Adorable props (colored tires, pickup trucks, penant banners, pinwheels, quilts, cherry limeades, watermelon) and a perfect summer setting are sure to make precious pictures.

You are even more in luck! Not only does she have her summer sessions up that you can book, she is having a giveaway over on The Poe Family’s blog allowing you multiple ways to win a free mini session.  You most certainly should check it out. Even if you aren’t in the area, you could always win the session and give it to someone you know! (ahem…muah)

see more pictures here


Insta-Week {4}

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I was hoping to have more for you than just kiddos pics, but alas, they dominate 100% of my time and picture taking.
I have failed you again.  All you get is cute babies.

A little school at bathtime.  Yes the U is currently upside down, but all the others are right! :)

Morning Rituals.

Just chillin’

Two teeth in one week = frozen washcloth to chomp on.

OCD tendencies getting the best of him.

“But where do all these bubbles keep coming from?”

In awe of his Nonna, who got him his very own Dyson vacuum.  Every small child’s dream come true right?

Speaking of dreams…

Producing another masterpiece.

Someone figured out how to pull up and is awfully proud of himself!

Bbaby Wayfarers and a Baby gut. Enough said.


Potty Talk

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Potty talk…and it isn’t swear words coming from my mouth.  You could at least try and hide your surprise.

There is “big news” in the Kazmann household that I have failed to share with you.

For a few months now (yes I am that behind) Caden has been potty trained! If you follow me on twitter/Instagram you have seen evidence of this as he seems to always be naked or pantless from the waist down.  Scandolous eh?

Shortly after his second birthday he began wanting to use the potty as he calls it.  He had been a few times before but now it was official we were on it.  So, I let him start to figure it out without pushing so that I could catch his interest but not turn him off to the concept because it was something I wanted him to do.

Caden being a particularly neat child had given me hope that he would take to this quick because I didn’t think he would like having an accident.  We were right!

Baby Boxer Briefs

Public outings were a success, car rides were a success and this big boy even could tell me he needed to go in the car, ten minutes from our destination, and hold it until we got there…out of the car…inside…to the bathroom…and undressed.

We have been lucky with this endeavor indeed!

His favorite place to eat lunch became the potty and while you aren’t “supposed” to let them just hang out there it worked for him and I was happy to oblige.  I was not so happy to turn my wine box into a potty table.

I am fully aware that you could care less about this whole process and almost thought about bypassing it completely. but the pictures of this learning curve over the past months are PRICELESS and hilarious and totally blackmail worthy.  I can’t wait to show the girlfriend these.

 He just can’t believe he is going potty.  It’s just so amazing.

So proud of his very first potty a few months ago.



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Everett wants muffins for breakfast.
He told me so.

If only he knew that the wheat, eggs, and dairy in the muffins would give him fits.

I think he has been working on his “But pleeeeaaassseee.” look.
Maybe that is what he does when he isn’t sleeping.


A Beautiful Morning

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It is a beautiful morning, but Father’s Day was a beautiful evening.

Everett and his Pa Pa

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