The Hunt

Posted by casey on May 10, 2012 in Caden, Everett, Family

I had no intention of dragging Easter into three separate posts, but the different festivities and pictures would have made for a single one the size of an encyclopedia so I am finally wrapping things up for you with a final installment on Easter. I know you are just glued to your seats so I will start you with my favorite picture from the hunt.  I love that both of my boys are in it with their adoring Pa Pa and the success of a found egg.  So much happiness in one shot!

After digging through his basket some more we loaded up the car and made the long 15 minute trek over to Nonna & Pa Pa’s house for brunch.  If you remember, Caden LOVES his Nonna & Pa Pa.  He gets quite impatient in the car when he knows we are going to see them, repeating “Nonna? Pa Pa?” over and over again so we have to reassure him that yes we are going. It is like his own version of “Are we there yet?” on steroids.  He recognizes the route and always starts giggling and wiggling in his seat as he sees their neighborhood come up.  It is pretty cute.

Carolyn as always made a delicious brunch with more food than we could manage and wonderful conversation.  She had glitter eggs hanging from the kitchen light fixture that Caden loved pointing out and making sure we knew they were eggs.  While we were talking I took Everett outside to get a few pictures of him with his basket.  Little did I know he was going to be infatuated with it and start pulling things out.  Here I thought he would have little interest!

So I hung out there with him so he could dig and discover and chew on his bunny in true Easter excitement glad to see that even if for only that moment the efforts of putting a basket together for him were in fact appreciated and fun for him even if he didn’t know it was an Easter basket.

Caden wandered outside and started to spot a few eggs giving us the heads up that it was time to start his hunt.  With his bucket in tow (even though Carolyn had put together a cute little basket with ribbons on it just in case) he and his Daddy started out searching for eggs.  Surprisingly, he was a little hesitant at first and not as interested as he had been the week prior.  Colter guided him and he picked them up almost as a chore.  Then, all of the sudden it clicked. “Egg? Egg! Egg? Egg!”  he started looking, and I mean REALLY looking for more eggs.  He grinned and giggled and dropped his eggs in his bucket with the childhood glee you imagine he could have.

The hunt took a humourous turn when he discovered that they opened.  Now, he was not at all interested in the few pieces of candy Nonna had put inside them (that’s my boy) but he was thrilled that they opened because he could open them just like his mama.  How you ask?  Why by cracking them on a hard surface of course!  We couldn’t help but laugh as he picked up eggs and held them in his hand trying to bust them open by tapping/hitting them like I do when I cook.  I mean they are eggs right?

Found Some!

Pre-Cracking Them Open


Too Many Eggs for Two Hands

"Over here Dada"

Everett reached for a few that Pa Pa showed him…and the plant too. So technically he did have some hunting success as well.  Thankfully, Everett was content in Pa Pa’s arms so we could focus on Caden’s fun instead of keeping him a happy camper!

Caden hunted and hunted taking his Daddy with him all over the yard and in the playhouse exclaiming “Egg!” everytime he found one and then asking “Egg?” as soon has he had dumped one find in his bucket and was ready to find more. “Here Dada!”

It was such a nice morning and weekend full of traditions started and family love.  I am anxious to see what happens when the boys start competing for eggs…Caden will have to pick up his pace!  So there you have it.  It only took me a month and three posts but you have seen Easter 2012 Kazmann Style. Phew!

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