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Hanes HIS Way

You think they will give him his own boxer brief ad campaign?
(I mean where do you even start with this picture…there is just so much material.)

Over the shoulder now!


Morning Sunshine

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Just a Little “Son-Shine” to Brighten Your Wednesday Morning


For the Books

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In my book, this past Memorial Day was one for the books.
Especially the baby books.

The weekend itself was full of fun with a date at the ballpark, plenty of pool time, some new outdoor purchases and most importantly, a lot of time at Nonna and Pa Pa’s house.

We are so fortunate to have at least one set of grandparents in town and as I have flat out told alluded to before we spend a lot of time with Colter’s parents and are glad to do so.  Memorial Day was no different as we decided to just go ahead and make a day of it heading over for lunch so we could eat and then nap the boys over there while continuing to enjoy the day.

Well, we were having so much fun that the day turned into evening and we stayed right up until bedtime for the boys.  Thank goodness for “just in case” planning packing pajamas and extra bottles. :)  So we could have moved in and we have threatened it many times!

Pa Pa blew up the kiddie pool which Hannah the lab, I mean, Caden was in and out of all day.  A splash here, a splash there, up and down the slide, under the waterfall and lots of energy spent made for one happy fish-like boy!

I joined him during his after-nap swim which he always loves as he splashes me and styles my hair in the water.  I can’t help but love taking the time in the water where I can’t have my camera etc. and am just enjoying spending some one on one time with my first baby boy.  I am pretty sure Colter enjoyed it as well because he and his Dad got a lengthy amount of conversation time while holding Everett with Caden being entertained by mom and Nonna.

I have to say that Everett was a trooper and has really come into his own.  Happy to see Nonna & Pa Pa, happy even out in the heat and he took the same nap (although short) that he would of at home.  That is a success for this boy.  He talked up a storm and loved watching his brother play on the swing-set or in the pool having a grand time including himself and using up all of his energy!











After nap, and Caden’s third swim at which point he had completely ditched his bathing suit,  the party took a turn to the wild side.

Naked swinging!

Caden could swing for a good 30 minutes straight all while chanting “Higher Pa Pa”, ‘Wee” with a mixture of giggles in between.  Add that to the joy a little boy has running around in the buff and we almost spent the whole night swinging.  I sat and watched him for a bit before deciding I just had to get my camera because everytime that little bottom swung up in the air I giggled myself.



I mean come on. Naked, swinging, tickling, giggling fun.  I can hear him as a teenager looking at these now. “Moooommm why didn’t you just put some clothes on me??!!” Because you didn’t want them son.  because you just didn’t want them.


I just don’t think he had enough fun, what do you think?

Everett was so sleepy that he required a catnap on Daddy in order to make it through the evening.  Upon waking from his sweet little snooze, the little guy was positively drunk with sleep complete with the sleep lines on his face to prove it!

It was one of those weekends that makes you really think about how much good fortune you have and how in love you are with your family.  There were so many new memories made with the boys whether it was between us, with their grandparents or with each other as Caden was an attentive swing pusher and toy gatherer for his little brother. Constant conversation, adult time, kid time, great food, good wine and glimpses of all the future memories that will be made outside at Nonna and Pa Pa’s too.

We are thankful for our family and for all of those that have served our country and allowed us to have yesterday to spend with family.  We definitely did not waste away this Memorial Day!


The Arch

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Check Out That Brow

He gets it from his Daddy.

His Daddy who can raise his eyebrow to give you “the look” that says, “Are you sure that is your answer?” (think again you moron) I know this not only because I have seen his Daddy to it a countless number of times, but also because I have been trying to since I was about seven.

You see, my brother can make his eyebrows arch and dance and do all sorts of parlor tricks that I tried to mimic for years and years before admitting complete and utter genetic failure on my eyebrows’ part.  They just don’t arch like that.

So that brow, he gets it from his Daddy.
Or my brother.  But that just sounds weird and inappropriate.



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Each week the wonderful technology of phone cameras and Instagram helps me to keep another sort of log of our day to day life.  Uploading them is a whole other battle once I have sent them off to their initial recipient.  Therefore, I am turning a new leaf.  Insta-week sponsored by all of the photos I get to instantly take on my phone will be making appearances so that these little treasures see the light.

Busy cleaning up before the long weekend. No one likes a mess.

Being generous with his crackers. Every now and then sharing really is caring around here.

Practicing colors with a paper confetti rainbow.  Shout out to teacher brain.

Sweet potato “cheese” face.

Sweet boy “cheese” face.

Duck hunting Caden minus the old school gray Nintendo box and plastic gun.

Duck hunting Bo.
Or squirrel hunting…or air hunting.

Finally busted out the music table (sans legs) for Everett.  It babysits him while I shower leaving us both thrilled.

Warning: If you walk in on your toddler reading to his baby brother, you are at a high risk of shedding a tear.

A long week of play deserves a long nap for Everett with sweet dreams.

A long week for Mama deserves a glass of wine…or two.

Hope you had a picture-worthy week as well and are ready to enjoy an extended weekend!


To Continue

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A month ago I was in Santa Barbara for the wedding of my long time best friend Brianne.  I few weeks ago I began telling you the tale of my travels getting there and I left you hanging with a “To Be Continued” that has yet to be continued.

Honestly?  I needed to recover after sharing with you that I was put in my place on the airplane by a whimsical teenager who more or less called me an old woman which instead of making me laugh because that is “so not true-like duh” it made me wince because it is “so true – like duh”.

After her innocent comment I decided maybe I should right her off and stick to silent book reading anyway.  When the poor man sat in the middle seat between us that became easier and I felt bad for not continuing to ask her questions but she was equally wrapped up in her book as well so all was well.  Yes I felt bad.  I also felt bad that I didn’t offer the man who took the middle seat my aisle seat.

Why?  I don’t know I have this weird thing ingrained in me that men aren’t supposed to have to sit in the middle kind of like how men are supposed to open doors etc.  It’s something weird that my brain automatically thinks “well that isn’t right”.  If I really dive into it, its probably because I can’t ever remember my Dad sitting in the middle when we traveled (why would he, that’s what kids are for) so it seems like it isn’t allowed or something. Who knows. Regardless I felt bad and I was this close to giving him my seat, but he was a small, young guy who fit well and I had to remind myself that this was my chance to be alone and comfy and read and do what I wanted and so no, I would not be overly nice today.  Rude, I know.

Thank the heavens I kept my seat.  Thank the oceans…and the deserts…and the prairies and everything magical in this world that I kept my seat because about 30 minutes into the flight as we were descending into our first of three “pick more people up but don’t get off the plans connections” it hit.

Motion sickness.

If you’ve known me since I was a kid, you know that you have never seen me ride a rollercoaster, play the spin your head on a bat game, go on a swing for a lengthy ride, or sit on a boat that isn’t cruising.  I sit in the front in the car or where I can see out the front window and I keep dramamine in my purse….except this time.

As the focus in my eyes began to shift and distort and the floaty feeling my head expanded to my stomach I spent the next hour with my head buried into my tray table.  Talk about sanitary.  Yes, I looked like a turtle.  Eyes squeezed closed, shoulders hunched over enough to cram my head on top on my arms on that nasty plastic “table” so that I could try and utilize my best “get over being motion sickness trick” and tune out the world to pass out.  The only problem is I can’t sleep on planes.

And then we descended to pick up more passengers.
And then we took off again.
And then we descended through turbulence to pick up more passengers.
And then we took off again.

With every bump and every taxi I swear to you I looked at that oh so tiny white “in case you are that idiot that has to throw up next to the poor people sitting by you bag” as if it was my only lifeline.  As soon as I would lock eyes with it I would quickly flick my eyes in another direction as if to not tempt myself.

Motion sickness.

If I actually thought I could make myself sick and feel better I would have gone to the restroom.  But my body/mind has this severe aversion to sorry, I have to say it, puking so I knew I could take out that bag and all it would do is send the passengers next to me in a “please don’t puke on me” panic because I wouldn’t be doing anything.

This also turned me into that bitchy seat-mate who wouldn’t so much as half smile at her fellow seat-mates as if I was too busy to have common courtesy or care that the chick next to me brought her yapping Yorkie on so she could try and talk about the funeral she just went to the whole time.  All while I am trying to kindly say, “I get it, I used to fly with my dog but for the love of God stop talking to me or I might lose my breakfast all over you and the mutt.”

Seven hours of flying…sick.
And then we landed.
And then I was supposed to get up and walk off the plane as if all was great.

Motion Sickness

(This post is pictureless due to me trying not to vomit by entire flight. Sorry.  I am also apologizing for “keeping you on the edge of your seat” but not in a good way because you are terrified that at any moment I am going to write about the details of vomiting.  Suspense is suspense right?)

In case you missed the first part of this tale, let me guide you…

The Travel Began, I was Out of Practice and then Put in My Place


While We Can

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Most people are looking forward to summer and the days spent outside.  Us here in Texas? We are dreading summer and the days locked inside because it is too stinking hot to even go and get your mail.  Add in two small children who desperately want to be out there but say “hot” every two seconds and its months of misery.  So, while we can truly enjoy it we are spending lots of time outside!

Enter in new, spin on the normal, take up some time while learning something activities and you get “Sidewalk Paint“.

We have been working hard on our colors which are now heard as “boo, geen, wed, yella, purpey, and oran” around here.  We have practiced with legos, playdough, crayons and sidewalk chalk.  So, when a beautiful morning teased us into coming outside I htought my little Picasso would like this alternative.

Best part?  I already had all the “ingredients” and you probably do too.
1 cup cornstarch, 1 cup water, food coloring. Mix, pour, color and then paint away.

He was a little confused at first as to why we were dipping paintbrushes in water because the cornstarch sinks to the bottom so it isn’t very “sludgy”.  I don’t think he believed me that they were paints from the consistency.

Once he saw me put a few strokes on the ground (which at first just look like water) and they dried into what looked like colored chalk his skepticism vanished. (just like his daddy) .  Why use paintbrushes when you have hands?

And feet.  How could you make little colored footprints without feet? Duh Mom.

Anything fun requires a mess and I just love watching him go to town without interfering.  The best learning comes from figuring out yourself, and who says you can’t pait with body parts.  I’m sure there is some really rich artist in New York swirling paint around on a canvas with his you know what as I type…I have deterred…and I would prefer my son be an accountant over painting with his ding dong…again I have deterred…back to sidewalk painting.

The neat freak in him was a little unsure about the “crusty” (gross) residue it left on his skin, but all in good time he decided that was a fantastic canvas as well.


In the end?  A happy boy. Practice with colors.  Energy spent outside.  No TV.  No electronics (except a camera which has to be included at all times). New activity. Easy to clean up. Success.


If Only

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“If only I were a little smaller mama…or a clown.”

When you peek into your living room from your kitchen and find your son trying to go for a ride on his fire truck you realize that every now and then your genius child (because he is your child of course) has the occasional thought process that is a little shotty. Hump Day Everyone, you’re almost to the weekend where you too can make bad decisions if you choose.


Role Models

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The thing about dogs is,

They are always near. Just in case they are needed.

Or in case some sucker might give them attention.

Loyal, intuitive and not afraid to ask for what they want.

Maybe my kids learning from them isn’t such a bad thing…except for when Caden tries to lap up his water from his cup…and rolls around on the bed scratching himself.   So long as he doesn’t start pooping in the yard I think we are in the clear.

Best Friends and Great Roled Models.
Kind of.


Go Go Go

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Watch out, I’ve got two on the move. Noooooo!

He has been waiting to go, go, go since he was born.

At last those legs of his that are always kicking have made contact.

Toys, remotes, dogs and brothers beware…

He’s coming for you!

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