Out of Practice

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If you remember from the start of this tale, the plans for Bri’s wedding in Santa Barbara had been made, the trip was set, and the travel and just begun.

The former independent, confident traveler in me was a little on edge and nervous since I absolutely had to make the flight so there was no room for error.  There were many adult moments that made me feel childish because even as a late twenties mother of two it was a first to do alone.  Take for example having to park the car in airport parking, remember to get the ticket and get on the right shuttle to the terminal.  Simple? Of course. But I didn’t want to screw up and come back to find my car towed or have no idea where my ticket was meaning I also had no idea where the car was.  Knowing me…that had a very high chance of happening. “I swear I put it right here…no I remember putting it in this pocket. What’s that? You found it. Oh yeah! I did put it over there.”

So yes…the most ridiculous things were making me a little shaky for no reason.  Well, ridiculous things and the whole being locked in a silver death tube with absolutely no control thing.  Did I mention I realized I have a little flight anxiety on this trip?  No? I haven’t yet?  Oh, I will get there – have no worry.

Upon getting to the airport for a Thursday morning flight the first thing that made me stand out as someone who hasn’t traveled in awhile was my apparent ability to be friendly and not in a complete ‘I’m flying this business trip and have no time for anyone’ rush through well, everything.  No I am not in a business suit but yes I would still like to be on time as well so please don’t run over me and you obviously are going home not coming home because those are not southern manners because if they were you would be making kind small talk not tapping my heels with your rolling suitcase in a line that isn’t moving anyway which is clearly not my fault so back off! Phew.

I quickly realized I was out of practice in conversing with adults so they either infuriated me with their lack of patience ( I have a toddler who has no patience people, I don’t need to deal with it from you too.) or intrigued me with their efficiency.

Like how I call these adults “their” as if they are an alien species to me?
They are.
Out of practice.

Efficient is what everyone wants at security as they watch the people pile all bags, coats laptops, gadgets and oh yes…shoes on the belt to supposedly be screened. (The recent drug ring bust among LA TSA officers has me thinking they are just looking for anything they can take and sell. I kid.)  I having been raised with a father who is a bit of a neurotic traverl (love you Dad) who got us to the airport (and still does) at least two hours before boarding used to be a speedy professional through security.

Then I stayed at home with my babies and became a speedy professional at whizzing through a demanding yet strict schedule of meals,feedings,naps,cleaning,diapers and so forth which I can do blindfolded without hands practically.

Therefore, I was out of practice with the security screening.

My lack of attention to protocol and inability to read/hear a thought, digest and process it on minimal sleep became obvious as I apologized to the man behind me for getting like six bins out.  Next I had to apologize for starting to push my bins through only to realize that I still had one shoe on. One shoe!  After that there was the whole starting to watch people go through the body scanner only to realize I still had a belt on (I never wear belts) which led to apology number three to the lucky traveler behind me as I added a doggy dish bin to my pile for the belt.  Finally, it was almost my turn and then “Damn! U have a watch on!” Apology number four – to which he patiently replied “No big deal, I mentioned the watch when you added the belt but I guess you didn’t hear me.” Bless him.

Remember? I have a current”inability to read/hear a thought, digest and process it” in a manner of time that makes it useful.

Never in my life have I been THAT traveler.  Let me tell you, you feel dumb.
Out of practice.

Now blatantly aware of my shortcomings as a non-mom functioning adult, traveler and fully nourished and rested human being I was one step closer to the gate, the plane the trip and the wedding.  If only I wasn’t getting more nervous with each out of practice step!

To Be Continued



Let It Begin

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Last weekend I had the chance to travel to the wedding of a friend I have been close to for more than half of my life – since we were twelve.  This in and of itself is a whole separate story, but the travel is a topic worth sharing.

I have been looking forward to this trip since Bri asked me to be a bridesmaid at the beginning of my pregnancy.  Whether the kids were coming or not, I was going.  Then Everett was born and the shit hit the fan.  I mean that with all of the adoring parenting love behind it of course, but as you know it has been a challenging six months.  I had to miss her bachelorette weekend because of Everett’s antics and as the wedding grew nearer and the idea of sleep around here grew further away the trip was an exciting tease in front of me as well as a worrisome hurdle to overcome.

We decided I would be going alone so that if Colter was going to be the primary care-taker for a weekend (I would be busy doing bridesmaid things, rehearsal etc) it would be better for him to be on his own territory rather than us pay the money and exert the effort to haul them to Santa Barbara only to be more or less locked in a foreign hotel room most of the weekend.  This meant two very contrasting things.  I was going to get a weekend alone with sleep, and food, and all things adult!  However, Colter was going to get a weekend alone with no sleep, the food I stocked in the fridge and all things baby. :(

I will not lie.  I was terrfied for him.  Not because he isn’t capable or doesn’t know what is going on but because four full days and nights all on his own (his parents were even out of town so there went backup) had the chance of being very tricky and very tiresome depending on how Everett planned to sleep and so forth.  Passing off shifts makes it much more manageable!  However, that was that – my bags were packed and after making Caden breakfast and giving my boys a squeeze (yes, a little teary one) I was headed to the airport alone.

My dream and my fear all rolled into one!

I swear I haven’t been alone since I got pregnant with Caden.
Speaking of, I haven’t flown since I got pregnancy with Caden except to the Bahamas….with Colter and Caden.


Time to put my big girl pants on.
Let the travel begin.

To Be Continued



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Every now and then I get hit with a whopping dose of deja vu.  That whole I have been right here doing exactly this and I can feel it all kind of deja vu. Having both kiddos has had it occur more frequently as I watch Everett do something and then realize it is because I do have a memory of a VERY similar looking Caden doing that same thing.  I am drifting a little but I bring up deja vu because occasionally it is a childhood recollection that brings those “I know this” emotions to surface.  When that happens it is the bittersweet nostalgia that sets in.

A month ago during another rainy day at home after another sleepless night with Everett I needed to find a new, fun “project” to do with Caden to keep his mind and hands busy without going outside or around town.  The pots came out along with the flour, salt, water, cream of tartar and food coloring. Voila! Homemade playdough.  His first taste experience altogether as a kid and mine as a mom.

As I stirred the concoction together watching it begin to stick a sure sign that it is almost ready to excitement from Caden and familiar smell sent me flying back to Bexley, Ohio circa the early 90s to my grandmother’s kitchen.  If there was one treat that my grandma made for us and made well and often, it was homemade playdough.

I can see her apron, her standing over the counter strewn with snacks for us ever so patiently waiting for the perfect time to remove it only to tell us that it was too hot and we would have to wait for it to cool.  The warm dough we would squish all over her wood, corner kitchen table in our special stools taking its salty smell and endless possibilities.

If there was one thing Grandma wouldn’t turn down making us,
it was homemade playdough. (and playing cards…and board games…and taking us to the dollar store…and letting us put rollers in her hair…shall I continue?)

Handing Caden his first batch and watching his amazement as we picked colors to mix in and cookie cutters to play with made a part of me want to be right back in my Grandma’s kitchen at that very moment.  The kitchen where she tirelessly stirred turkey gravy for Thanksgiving dinner.  The kitchen where she rinsed the green beans we had just picked in the backyard to serve with sausage patties and cornbread.  The kitchen where hours of cards were played, thousands of pennies were counted and countless memories were made next to the radio so carefully balanced with its long antennae so we could turn the dial and tune in to our favorite oldies station.


While I couldn’t go back to that kitchen that day I could call my now 90 year old grandmother to reminisce.  While I couldn’t go back to being a kid I did have the joy of experiencing it again through my son.  While I couldn’t recreate that memory I could create new ones with him.

Whether it be deja vu or nostalgia or peaceful reminders of your past sometimes they do help you make the most of your present!



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My son loves bubbles, or as he calls them, bubblies.
In the air, in the bath, on his hands.
He loves them.

So, a belated birthday gift from his Auntie and Uncle in the form of a bubble machine was just what this sick kid needed.  Not to mention it saves his parents (your truly) from passing out via too much bubble blowing. Amen.

Got to love bubbles…and dogs that wrestle in the yard.


Paper Boy

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There once was a time when the hubs and I used to sit outside on our balcony (that over looks our neighbors) or our back patio (that overlooks our neighbors) while drinking coffee and reading the Sunday paper. (not enjoying the view)

There are many mornings that I miss it.

The feel and smell of the pages, trading sections back and forth and oh yeah – the news. But then I am reminded of what would happen if we still received the Sunday paper.

Our Paper Boy Would Deliver It

(And From What I Hear, Paperboys Don’t Have the Best Aim)

He was so excited to hand Pa Pa the paper and “help”.


Hi- Ho {Updated}

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{updated from the earlier post because the end had been cut off}

Friday the 13th Indeed


Earlier this week we sang – “Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Back to the Doc We Go”

Wednesday went a little something like this –
102 Fever & Rising, Hadn’t Eaten Since 8:00 p.m. the day prior. Vomiting, Can’t Keep Tylenol Down, Lethargic, Up ALL Night with Tummy Woes Mess. Crying, Sad, The Works
It felt oddly familiar to what led us to the hospital back in January when he had RSV.

 One look in his throat and a “Woah!” from his doctor told us it wasn’t in conjunction with his tummy (good news?) but a big old throat infection.  Concerned that his fever was so high still at his age and him being sick again we were armed with Tylenol and Pedialyte to keep him comfortable and hydrated if he allowed it.

Seriously…we rarely leave the house so where this little guy keeps getting sick is beyone me.  Apparently its our house.

Not that he sleeps more than a couple hours usually, but the past few days have been back to none at all with a lot of rocking, ssshhiing, crying, patting, and trying to comfort our hurting little boy. My arms and legs are actually sore from carrying and walking him 24/7. Really long days and even longer nights.

Then this morning Caden didn’t eat his breakfast and after playing for a bit kept asking to be held.  When asked if he was okay, he said “No.”  That’s usually his default answer so when asked if something hurt he said “Yes” and opened his mouth. As soon as he got near me I could tell he was on fire. En fuego if you will.



You know when your two year old crawls up into your bed and doesn’t play, talk or try to escape he definitely doesn’t feel well. Not well at all.  Poor guy.

So Friday the 13th got us, doubling our sick load.
What a year…I mean week.
If anyone wants to send health or sleep our way, we will gladly accept.


Tried and True

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This week, Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop had a prompt that allowed for someone to make a guest post to share an experience or their perspective on me.  Since I have been talking about her, I thought this was the perfect time for Jordy to write over here for a change.  How perfect is it that I have no time to write my thoughts down anymore so I enlist a tried and true friend to do it?  That’s real friendship, someone who blogs for you! :)

Without further adieu, Jordy’s take on some of our history –


I can count on one hand the number of friends who know me, inside and out, and whom I can rely on day in and day out. On one of my fingers is Casey.

We met our freshman year of college. I stepped into the musty dorm room I would call home for the next ten months, like it was the home to many before me, and set down my first load of many. I surveyed my surroundings – my very small surroundings – and stepped into the narrow bathroom. It led to another room, Casey’s room, and we were instantly a set of four roommates. The bathroom was a mere inconvenience, as Casey and her roommate were as much roommates to me as my own.

Over the course of the year, different circumstances sent each of our roommates away and we were soon left with rooms to ourselves and one another. It was then when she became one of the best friends I have today.

Oh, the stories we could tell. There were the late nights stuffing our faces with cookies from the cafeteria where we would use an entire meal credit in order to fill a styrofoam box to the brim with warm goods. There were the nights where she would let me tag along with her and her then-boyfriend-now-husband to the constant sorority and fraternity parties. There was a weekend in South Padre, but we vowed never to speak of it. We laughed. We cried. We questioned decisions. We contemplated the future.

Through our next three years of college, the only change was in our living conditions as she moved on to live in her sorority’s house, and then house on her own, and I moved into an apartment, and then a house, with several other girls. We continued to keep each other updated on our current roommate issues, family drama, the boys in and out of my life, the one boy in her life, and our plans for what was next. We’d often meet at a local restaurant where we would only order onion rings and chocolate cake without even considering the caloric count. We laughed. We cried. We questioned decisions. We contemplated the future.

Near the end of our senior year of college, each of our lives changed dramatically. Casey’s mother, whom I had grown to know over the four years I had known her daughter, passed away unexpectedly on Saint Patrick’s Day of 2007. I was in an organizational meeting, eating cookie cake and laughing, when a mutual friend of ours called me. She told me, I broke down, and I called my own mother. I ached for my friend who was to be married in a few short months. I ached for her loss, her heart, her everything. Over the next couple of months, I would go sit with her, and just be with her, as she figured out the grieving process. To this day, I know her as my strongest friend. Around the same time, I had accepted an internship offer in Arizona and graduated college with a plan to move in August. I was to leave everything behind me and go into the unknown. Both of us were trying to figure out the unknown. We laughed. We cried. We questioned decisions. We contemplated the future.

Casey came to visit me in Arizona in June 2009. I had called it home for a year and a half after the internship turned into a full-time job. We spent the weekend laying out in the hot desert sun, in and out of the pool, in and out of local hot spots, in and out of delicious eateries. We laughed. We cried. We questioned decisions. We contemplated the future.

The very next weekend, I met Chris and Casey found out she was pregnant. Our lives took another dramatic turn and our friendship became even more rooted. Since that June, we’ve made sure to spend a June weekend together each year. I am now two years into marriage and she is two kids into life. Our lives have changed, but each summer when she picks me up at the airport, babies in tow, we pick up where we left off.


Because when you are friends who have laughed, cried, questioned decisions, and contemplated the future – together – there’s no need for excuses or explanations, and time is irrelevant.

We are friends for life.
When we’re together, the years fall away.
Isn’t that what matters?
To have someone who can remember with you?
To have someone who remembers how far you’ve come?

{Judy Blume}



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Another one bites the dust.
Another month that is.

As of April 2nd, our littlest man is 5 months old!  Everett is, well…a hot mess.  However, we are finally getting some answers (that we already suspected but thought had been negated) and are making some changed to help the little man. Luckily for Everett,  his chubby, rosey cheeks are ridiculously kissable.  Ridiculously so.  The poor thing must get his cheeks smooched 200 times daily.  Fortunately for me he grins and coos when he smooch him so he must not mind too much.

He is completely and totally in love with his brother.  If Caden is in the room his eyes are locked on him and he will immediately light up, smile and bounce in excitement.  I think the favorite part of both of their days is when we get Caden up in the morning and he asks for us to put Everett in bed with him.  Everett immediately starts to giggle and reach for Caden causing both of them to grin ear to ear.  I have a feeling that one day they might ask us for bunk beds.

Several months ago we had a successful belly to back roller on our hands, and early on this month he finally mastered the reverse – back to belly.  He seems much happier about this develoment which allows for more tummy time.  Caden however, thinks that Everett is in need of help when he rolls and declares “Oh No!!!!” as he sees him roll and tries to roll him back because surely he isn’t supposed to roll onto his belly.  We taught him that this was okay and to clap when he does it so he wouldn’t always roll him back. The result?  Caden now says “again” every time Everettrolls so he can celebrate for him. Poor little guy gets a workout!

Just like his brother, Everett became a drool monster around 4 months.  I didn’t actually think he would be teething because Caden didn’t until later and it is usually the same time frame but his two bottom teeth are on their way. He keeps psyching us out because you can see the corners of where they will come through but then they wouldn’t actually cut.  A couple weeks went by and it feels as though one of them has started to cut but is taking its sweet time.  I can see it starting to poke through but that is it and the fact that he has always wanted to chew on well – everything doesn’t give us a lot of information either.

In general Everett is a “mover”.  He is rarely still, always kicking his legs and moving his hands in and out of his mouth.  If you need him to be still, sing to him.  When I sing he immediately stills his body turns his head to me and smiles.  It is almost the encouragement I need to go for a record deal. :) What I do fine interesting though is that when he is upset, or fussing during the night if I begin to sing “Rock-A-Bye” to him his whole body relaxes, he quiets and goes back to sleep almost at once. (Trouble is then you have to keep singing.) Why do I find this interesting?  Other songs entertain him and he enjoys but this one soothes him.  Why? Perhaps it is because while I was pregnant, I sang this to Caden every single night as I put him to bed.  Interesting right?  Maybe he recognizes it and is comforted by a familiar tune he heard in the womb. Maybe!











In other fun playtime news, Everett found his feet!  He loves to grab them, pull them and well, try to eat them. Yummy!

He still “talks” all the time to us and loves to laugh.  He is a ticklish fella so that will get him going as will watching his brother do just about anything.  Sweet baby giggles can make anyone chuckle.

He motorboats quite regularly, probably because you have to do something with all of that drool besides soak onesies with it.

 Last but not least, he is growing like a weed although I swear most of it is in his thighs. :) Unlike his brother he is also getting more and more hair as the days go by.  Looks like this one won’t still be bald on his first birthday!

A lengthier update I know, but I wanted to give you more than what we usually say – he doesn’t sleep, he fusses, etc.  Watching him and Caden interact more and more is a true joy and as we are starting to finally get some answers on his tummy troubles he will become a whole new baby in how he feels!



The Three Bs

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Boots, Bluebonnets & Babies

A Touch of Texas with A Touch of Sweetness


Trippin’ On Testosterone

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The boys are in bed, Colter is at his softball game and yet here I sit drinking Scotch and watching the baseball game {Go Rangers!}.

I think all the testosterone in this house has gotten to me.
A husband, two sons, and two male dogs.
Trippin’ on Testosterone Over Here Folks

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