Pile It On

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After this post…
and then this post…
and oh yeah, this post…

I have been getting a lot of “How are the Kazmanns doing?” e-mails and phone calls.

Caden got diagnosed with his first ear infection yesterday.
A double ear infection in fact.

That my friends, is how the Kazmanns are doing.

Just keep piling it on universe. Pile away, why stop now!


Staring Contest

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I Only Have Eyes….For Yoooouuuuuuuuuu


Never Ending

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Because Everett being sick & in the hospital wasn’t enough…
Because me having a massive sinus infection making my face feel broken isn’t enough…
Because not getting any rest from all the sicknesses isn’t enough…

Caden is cutting his two year molars.
That whole “you don’t get more than you can handle” thing is really being tested over here.
You have never heard so much crying in one household.

I share so you can share in our misery.  Sometimes misery does need company.


Poor E

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Poor Everett
(and his parents)

We have been MIA again because we have been under quarantine and poor Everett has been through it and back.  Hellacious things have been around here, absolutely hellacious.

As mentioned yesterday, Everett was in the hospital all last weekend. :(
(I bet you want more information.)

Little E had had a runny nose for about a week, and then last Monday (9th) started with a little cough.  It didn’t seem to bother him much and he was handling it well so other than us being sad that our little man was a little sick that was that.  Well, by Thursday the little cough and turned into a big deep cough and while he still didn’t seem to upset by it off to the pediatrician we went.  Diagnosis?  The dreaded RSV.

Here is the thing, RSV is adults feels just like a bad cold.  The younger you are the worse it is.  So, at ten weeks old it was definitely not a good thing to get.  We were told that this year it appears to be a much more aggressive strand than in years past.  Lucky us! Since it is a virus it is a wait it out game but since he is so little you have to watch their breathing close etc.

Oky doky, got it.

Friday night, the shit hit the fan.  He struggled a little during the day but about what we expected.  Around 8:00 pm that night, just after we got Caden down, Everett started wailing. I mean WAILING. He didn’t stop for twelve hours.  Long story short, at 4:30 a.m I made a solo trip to the ER with him because he had completely stopped eating, was inconsolable (and had been since 8 pm) yet lethargic, couldn’t get his breath, wheezing and coughing and had spiked a fever that was steadily rising.  Add those changes to the diagnosis we already had and mommy instinct that something was wrong and off we went.

FYI. When you bring a baby to the ER, you jump the wait.
Especially a washed out, crying yet wimpy baby who sounds like he is gargling mucus.

Never have I ever been through anything as hard as watching them try to start an IV on a teeny baby who has teeny tiny veins that are dehydrated making them even teeny tinier and trying to console him by getting in his face so he can see me over all these strangers who are causing him pain.  Two sticks in one arm (while fishing around for the vein mind you), one in the another and a stick in each foot later we got the IV and bloodwork.  Then there was the catheter for the urine sample…two times over. I will never, ever in my whole life forget the look in my sweet infant’s eyes as they were poking him – never.  It was awful – AWFUL, and I couldn’t explain it to him.

Did I mention I was alone?

That is the thing about having two kids.  Someone has to stay with the other sleeping child and waking him to try to wrangle him in the ER in the middle of the night just so the hubs could be there didn’t sound like a better plan.

Adulthood man – sometimes it hits like a brick.

Because he was dehydrated, and not eating and had coarse,shallow breathing (from all the mucus) with retractions (pulling his belly in around his ribs) I was readily informed that they would likely be admitting him.  A couple hours later I tried nursing him because he seemed interested for the first time 14 hours and he immediately vomitted.  Repeat that an hour later.  Add that to the list with a fever that is still at 101 after Tylenol and up to a room we went.

Know what is sad?
A hospital baby crib.
Sad, sad, sad.
(which he was only in during some of the exams bc snuggling was obviously more comforting)

Then because it was RSV and highly contagious, we were put under quarantine.  So, anyone entering the room had to gown and mask up.  It was ridiculous.  There I am covered, literally covered in baby vomit yet still snuggling this sad, puny baby while nurses and respiratory therapists are in and out, in and out. 

Colter got Caden to Nonna and Pa Pa’s and came up shortly after with some clothes for me and some support.  We were sad, Everett was sad, and we all were exhausted. It was a long day of a lot of check ups, poking, vacuum suctioning of his nose (think that little suction ball you get at the hospital when they are born X 100), puking, pooping, you name it.

The poor thing.
So sad and puny.

Next saddest thing?
From crying so much and coughing so hard, he lost his little voice!
So when we would cry that evening I could tell he was crying as hard as he could as they did things by the redness of his face and strain in his muscles but only this small, hoarse whimper wail was able to come out. So pathetic.

After a very long day I made Colter go get Caden to bring him home and put him in his own bed to sleep in.  I mean, there was only one bed in the hospital room so what it the point of having another sleepless night for two parents when one can give our other child a semi normal night.  I was exhausted, and crying, and overwhelmed and worried and Colter was so conflicted but I made him go.

5 hours later at 2 a.m. Igot a migraine in the hospital and started vomitting from that. Unable to hold Everett or function I had to call Colter to get him to get to the hospital for a middle of the night shift change.  This is where Nonna and Pa Pa really saved the day.  They drove to our house.  Carolyn stayed at the house while Colter and Pa Pa came to the hospital in separate cars – Colter to stay with Everett, Pa Pa to take me home.  Once I got home, they bravely roused Caden to take him back to their house. (If you believe it he went back to sleep once he got there.)  Thankfully Everett had finally fallen asleep from sheer exhaustion in his car seat (he had to be upright) as the headache was hitting.

So we all had a middle of the night adventure – just what we needed.

Sunday was a lot of the same but since he had stayed hydrated without an IV for a long period of time (it fell out the evening before so instead of sticking him again we watched his feedings), he had started eating (a few min every hour) and his breathing was no longer coarse with no retractions, we got to come home! (a much pinker exhausted baby seen here)

Sunday night was another awful night (crying, worsening cough, lack of appetite, vomitting) leading us back to the doc first thing, but with his breathing under control, a steady pulse/ox, a low grade fever and him thankfully feeding some it is all a waiting game.  Waiting for his body to heal and this virus to give.  It has been a sleepless week full of a crying baby who doesn’t feel good and a crying toddler who so desperately just needs some attention and two parents who have not slept a wink. 

And then I got the RSV,or as we say in this house “the risve”.
I hope you don’t get the risve because last night it literally felt like someone had broken my entire face while making me so cold it hurt.

A hot, tired, showered for the first time in 5 days yesterday, in our PJS bc there isn’t enough hands to change everyone, landmine of toys across the house, nothing ( I mean nothing) in the fridge, Lord help us, mess.

So if you think you see us, but then you say to yourself, “No, couldn’t have been them, they looked homeless.” that was definitely us.

To think…lately I had been praying for health for our family.
Thankful he is okay. Thankful to be home. Thankful to not have a truly chronically sick child (I don’t know how they do it), but ready to find normal again.


(Why am I not sleeping instead of blogging you ask?  Because I am not off duty. Currently rocking Everett in his bassinet with my foot hoping he stays content and even gets sleepy.)

Disclaimer: The pictures were to show Colter what was going on via text when he wasn’t there.


A Doozy

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This past week has been a doozy.

Everett was in the hospital and while he is home now we are all still feeling the effects of what was a VERY long weekend and a sickness that seems to never end. Fortunately for Everett he has a very worried yet attentive brother to look after him.

Sweet boys.

(Yes, I will tell you what happened but for now I’m going to sit down…and probably cry from exhaustion.)



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This is What An Almost Two Year Old Looks Like

Then a Sweet Smooch & Hug to Make Up for his Michevious Ways.
Sounds a Lot Like the Teenage Years.


Crazy Christmas

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As everyone has taken down their decorations and stocked their Christmas CDs until next year, I figured I better get this in now before you really don’t want to hear anything else about the holidays! (just a little behind)

Christmas, for lack of a better description, was crazy. Crazy!  Coming off of a Christmas Eve where Caden was already a bit overwhelmbed and Everett had a colic tailspin we were all a bit short on sleep (who wasn’t?) with a busy day ahead. 

Caden woke up and while Colter was making breakfast, started handing out presents…to himself. It appears he has that job down already. Not differing from the night before he wanted to open a present and play with it for six hours before looking at anything else.  I don’t blame him really, wouldn’t you want to play with the cool t-ball set you just opened?  He was pretty good about wanting to open/help you open and thankfully since it was just the four of us we could take our time…I mean he could take his time.  So much time in fact that when it was naptime he still had presents from us to open which I snuck back upstairs to save for his birthday! :)  The child was clearly overloaded and hadn’t even been to Nonna & Pa Pa’s for their gifts and his Auntie & Uncle’s so we hid a secret stash for later.

We thought we might make it to Bill & Carolyn’s before Caden needed to rest and start celebrating early but that obviously didn’t happen.  With six kids four and under all in attendance that was probably a good thing because he would have already been exhausted! We got there shortly after Colter’s brothers and walked in to see Cousin Locke happily bouncing around. So cute!  Carolyn had worked since Thanksgiving decorating the house from top to bottom and was busy being the chef in the kitchen. 

From last Christmas to this year, there were three new Kazmann babies there.  Locke (March), Kaylie ( August) and Everett (November) rounding it out at eight grandkids for Nonna & Pa Pa! While you would think Caden would be excited to see his older cousins( JP – 4, Braiden – almost 3)  and play, after a couple of overwhelming days he was terrified.  He just ran from them crying and begging Colter to hold him most of the evening.  Hooray!  We survived Christmas evening.  By survived I mean neither Colter or I sat to eat at the same time with either kid once and I think I saw Colter a couple of times. I was sad to be missing out of seeing Caden do things on Christmas (turns out I didn’t miss much) to tend to Everett who was a bit overstimulated himself.  Thankfully, Everett finally passed out in my arms and right before leaving I got to sit with both boys at the dining room table (Caden fresh from a bath and in his Christmas PJs) to make a few memories and see how sweet they were.

We didn’t quite get to gifts that night as all the kiddos were being put to bed at various times and meltdowns being managed.  Fortunately everyone was sticking around for brunch the next day so we headed back over there first thing to kick off the chaos.  By chaos it looks a little something like this…14 people, 6 of them  under the age of 4 exchanging gifts.  By exchanging gifts I mean the kids are opening any gift in sight, Caden’s afraid, Locke & Kaylie are sleeping and joining in at various times, Everett is in the Bjorn, paper is flying, no gift tags are attached any longer – madness.  Caden was scoping out other gift piles once they were opened and trading gifts when no one was looking (except Mom).  He figured he opened this one over here and cousin opened that one so why not swap?

JP got an awesome set of Lincoln logs and took them to an area to play.  My OCD son just kept icking them up and putting them back into their canister.  There you have one child trying to nicely play and another child trying to nicely clean up.  JP tried to explain that he was playing and showed Caden how.  Caden tried to explain that it was too messy and needed to be picked up. Ay yi yi.

Let that play on repeat for awhile.

So as you can see memories of the age of all the kids were definitely made and everyone was more than spoiled. We were lucky to get to spend time with all of our family this season even though it was brief and enjoy delicious treats.  Having kids during the holidays is truly fantastic although I think we all are looking forward to a time when all of the kids sit in their corners and excitedly open their gifts on their own while we sit back with an adult beverage. One day! :)



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It’s rainy, it’s Monday and this yawn is contagious.

I think today should be declared National Stay in Bed Day!


Progress A Plenty

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My what a difference a month makes!

Sweet Everett has worked through his tummy troubles that dominated the first month of his life. Actually, I suppose I should say that I am so careful about what I eat that we avoid tummy troubles.  It appears to be nuts (as in the actual snack, not “crazy”) that throw him into a tailspin of colic sadness, (evidence from Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve)  however I am still particularly careful about dairy.  I don’t eat very much dairy but I tested it out with some decaf cappuccinos a couple days in a row and so far so good.  When it triggers a reaction it happens within 25 minutes or so – but it is strange because if that is it, it is from literally a couple of nuts. So, we will see but it is a welcome change!

Christmas was a whirlwind to say the least.  I almost have a hard time recalling the whole weekend but Everett definitely celebrated until he couldn’t anymore.  All in all, he was very overstimulated by the whole event.  So many people (“pass” the baby) , noises,(cousins laying, paper, dishes, etc)  lights at once caused him to be a bit fussy during most events.  Several times we had to just take him into a dark room, lay him out and sssshhh him or put on a noise machine while he stared at us just to give him some downtime – totally understandable.  I think he did what we all needed!  It was a memorable first Christmas for us for him and yes, I did stuff his stocking with some carseat toys…I couldn’t not do anything. Caden showed him presents and gave him lots of pats on Christmas morning and Thrasher himself tried to steal a few of Everett’s gifts.  It will be quite the change next year when Everett is going for the tree instead of being mesmerized by the lights!

Colter and I felt robbed of a few weeks with our boy since we didn’t truly get to see him since he was so upset so it is hard to believe he is already two months.  The hubs keeps looking at him and commenting on how grown up he seems now, especially in this last week.  I will say that Everett gave us a bonus gift of “waking up” out of the newborn-ness right around 6 weeks and really showing his personality so to speak.  “They say” by 3 months they really wake up but Everett has been smiling, interacting and “talking” back to us since about 6 weeks.  Just like his big brother he is particularly fond of his changing table.  He is comfy and has a great view of me from there so he will lock eyes and go to town with grins and his form of giggles.  It is nice and refreshing to have a sweet baby give you that love just because he can’t help himself and is happy to see your face!

Everett is checking off his “milestones” one by one as he is also now a rolling machine!  I thought since he hadn’t much cared for tummy time he might be on the slower side to do this and not get there until 3 months or so.  Wrong!  All of the sudden he was staying on his tummy longer and in a couple days he went from lifting his head for a minute and getting mad to hanging out, looking around and rolling himself right over. Maybe he just decided to solve the problem of being on his tummy himself! :)  I was excited for his accomplishment and also a little sad that he is that much closer to having to be supervised at all times because who knows where he will go and Caden isn’t used to him really going anywhere/flipping over.

At two months, Everett is still eating entirely too often so we are working on spreading that out.  He is a mama’s boy, but so was Caden for the first 6 months and I blame it on being his food source. His days in our room are numbered so by the next update he will surely be in his nursery.  His “stats” are all above average on their percentile scale so it seems as of now we have another tall, chunky baby on our hands.  His sleeping has been inconsistent (until this week – more on that later) waking every 2-3 hrs after a “long stretch” of 3-4 hrs.  Spreading his feedings out and moving him to his room should help with that!  Everett still hates the carseat whether it is moving or not so most of our errands get done with him in the Baby Bjourn and Caden in the cart. He is loving his playmat and really smiles at Caden when he comes to snuggle him. Sweet brothers!

Here is to hoping that we continue on this positive path with our boy as he seems to enjoy life outside the womb a bit more each and every day!


Brother Bo

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And We Call Him Brother Bo

Brother Bo and Baby Blue Eyes
(As of this week, Everett is 2 months now – so a 2 month update is on its way!)

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