Consider Him Announced

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These Are the Days

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These are the days that I miss her.

We are doing just fine as a family of four and settling in to our new routine.  However, just as I thought of mom more during this pregnancy I have missed her more during this birth and homecoming.  Colter and I chose with Caden to not have people come and stay with us as we like to settle in alone and see what we need to do etc.   That doesn’t mean that I didn’t think of what she would have helped with every single day though.  I often hear of friends who have their mothers stay for the first week(s) to well, just be there.  So naturally in these first couple weeks home with another new baby that she won’t know with oodles of things to do, I have missed her.

This time, it was even easier to see where she would have fit in around the house as Caden was adjusting, and I was/am recovering/healing and Everett is becoming aclimated to non-womb living.  As I watched Colter wrestle and rough house with Caden I could see her doing laundry even though we would ask her not to, picking up some new comfy PJs for me just because she would want me to feel taken care of too and snuggling her grandbabies whenever she got the chance.

Selfishly, I also know that in her head she would have a shopping trip planned out in the coming months to replenish my wardrobe that hasn’t been renewed since I was pregnant with Caden really. You know, just a few things to spruce up the closet that actually do fit instead of the constant piecing together of in between sizes.  Just one of those things many moms & daughters do together is all.

My mom had an amazing ability to be extremely useful without overstepping.  She accomplished massive tasks without getting in the way, interfering with schedules or well…making herself known.  She would have been so helpful and so supportive as we brought the newest member of our family home. 

As my hormones hit an all time peak in the days after Everett’ s birthday I have missed her.  What is interesting is that you can miss someone in a role you never knew them in.  My mom never got to meet her grandchildren yet I know exactly the kind of grandmother she would have been.  At least I think I do.

She would have loved to see Caden snuggling his baby brother and giving him sweet pats.


She would have loved to kiss these precious cheeks.











I am so blessed with a precious, healthy family.  I am very fortunate to have very loving and involved in laws to be there for me and grandparents to my kiddos.  I am so thankful for an extremely hands-on supportive husband and daddy to my boys.
We are doing wonderfully, but I do miss her and that in all truthfulness, I am kind of tired of.


14 Days of Sweetness

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Happy to be Two Weeks Old!
( probably because he is well fed)


Teensy Toes

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A Week of Four

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Today at 2:23 p.m. it has been one week since we became a family of four.  It is hard to believe that only a week ago he was still in my beach ball belly and now he is with us.  Yes, that was the point, but there is still something to amazing about that.  My how things can change in one week! After a brief hospital stay that was anything but restful (won’t they ever just leave you alone?) we came home to introduce Everett to his big brother and begin the process of settling in.

So far so good.
(Minus the fact that Colter managed to get strep a day after we got home just like with Caden!)

 Everett is a sweet, sweet, chunky little man. At 5 days old we officially decided he had outgrown his newborn diapers since his thighs get squeezed too death by them.  Go figure that now we have to go exchange our pre stock of newborns for Size 1s already!  Most newborn hats slide ride off his head and sit on the very tip top also a bit too small.  Fortunately, until today it hasn’t been too cold and he hasn’t really wanted or needed a hat while bundled up with us in the house.

Yes, he has dark hair…for the time being.  Caden had a VERY fine dusting of dark hair his first couple weeks.  Everett cooked a couple weeks longer than him so naturally he has more hair, but it still isn’t much.  No one could make the call as to if it is going to stay dark or not but that seems to be the most immediate striking difference between the two right of the bat.  Other than that, and the chunkier cheeks most of our friends feel as though they are staring at Caden as a newborn.  Precious round button nose? Check. Pouty pink lips? Check.  Wide grey blue eyes? Check.  It will be interesting to see how he changes and what really is alike and different.

Thankfully, Everett is a champion eater too.  The first day or so home is always a little rough as he starts to get hungry and I don’t have much for him yet.  Once he could go into a milk coma after a feeding he has been a content, sleepy newborn happy to be fed and snuggled.  Despite the difficulties of entertaining older brother while feeding, I am trying to embrace this time with Everett again.  I don’t mind the nights so much just like before as it is such a peaceful time the two of us have together without distractions or stresses.  You can’t be upset with a tiny person who just needs you because he is hungry!

Settling back into newborn life is a walk down memory lane.  It hasn’t been THAT long since we were doing this but we find ourselves chuckling at the memory of getting peed on, diapers that always need to be changed and then as you soon as you change them….changed again, the flailing newborn arms that don’t know they are attached to a body etc.  The nice part is that all of those things that were so new to us then are as familiar as our daily routine and just seem to be a part of life as anything else. 

Everett got one good day of snuggling in with his Dad before Colter was quarantined.  It is sad that they have only been able to spend “time together” from a distance that Everett can’t even really see him at but I know their time will come!  Colter would like to not have to walk around with a surgical mask over his face too. :)

If you remember, when I wrote about Everett’s room in “The Nest” I mentioned that there would be one difference once he was born.  Now, his full name is hung below the monogram letters too.

So, as with Caden I will do a what we have survived in this very first week of our new family.
- We survived labor…from it’s start of intense regular contractions on Tuesday morning at 6:30 a.m. accompanied by a stomach virus to it’s finish on Wednesday at 2:23 p.m.  My boys sure do like to make their mama have a nice, long, really get the feel of it labor! So much for the second is shorter.

– We survived the nurses that would leave the only light on I couldn’t turn off from bed and who would leave the door open upon leaving so I had to go close it.

– We survived getting home without hitting any potholes this time. Thank goodness.

– We survived introducing him to his big brother who has yet to be anything but sweet to Everett.

– We survived the nights without any milk and have gotten on track without having to see the lactation consultant this time.

– I survived taking Everett to his first doctor’s appointment on my own so that sick Daddy and snotty big brother could stay home and away from us.

– I am surviving with Colter being sick in these first times together again. At least I wasn’t used to the opposite right?  This just seems like the way our family does things! :)

As if we thought we would be anything but, we are completely in love.  I sit and look at all of my boys and feel so blessed to have such a healthy family.  Here is to surviving and thriving for the remainder of Everett’s first month and beyond!


Brotherly Love

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Sweet Boys

A peek, a pat and a hand hold and he just can’t get enough.
He has no idea that one day Everett is going to want his toys and I’m not telling him.


Me and My “Boo”

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Last week we took the easy way out on Halloween.  He started his Halloween Eve and Halloween morning in his skeleton pajamas just like last year.  It is funny to see him in something so similar one year later and mark the differences.  Seeing as how we thought that Everett might arrive prior to Halloween we didn’t get a big old “get-up” for Caden and knew we probably wouldn’t be taking him trick or treating.  Seeing as how he doesn’t know what candy is, we are holding off on that one as long as we can. :)






So, Caden sported his ghost look all day – My “Boo”.










He rocked his pumpkin hat while we ran errands and spent the afternoon more than content to not be confined in a costume.  Maybe next year son…maybe next year.

He ended up enjoying the trick or treaters that came by.  At first, he was so sad that they weren’t staying to play! “Who are these kids taking thigs from my parents and not entertaining me?”  Then he realized he could wave to them and interact and all was right in his little world again.

All in all it worked out great and we enjoyed a very nice evening together before labor ended up starting the next morning.  Our little ghost had a very Happy Halloween!


Oh Happy Day

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Happy Due Date Day!

Everett is happy he came a few days early too.
Sweet boy and his cheeks.


Baby Kaz II Has Arrived!

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Everett William Kazmann
8 pounds 9 ounces
20 inches long

Born on November 2nd, 2011
2:23 p.m.

The Kazmanns are now a healthy and blessed family of four!


I Take it Back – Kind Of

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I think I owe you an apology.

After giving you a internet hand-slap the other day during my grumpfest I felt a little bad.  I get it, you are excited about Baby Kaz II (as are we) and the only way you really have to display that is by checking in on us.  I get it I do…as with anything though it can get tiring repeating yourself.

So, I am sorry I revoked your checking in privileges.
I’m not sure that I am necessarily reinstating them persay, but I am sorry. :)
(Rumor has it you are now calling each other to say “have you heard anything”)

You see, I am not actually that grumpy.  Sure, I am uncomfortable and all of that mess that one could complain about but if this little man needs more time to be big and strong and healthy – so be it!  Actually in addition to the fact that being pregnant and childbirth is such a miraculous experience there are a couple of things in particular that I just love about it.  Both have to do with the lack of control we have with this.  The first is gender.  Colter and I have never had a “gender preference” if you will.  We both love that we have no real say in the matter and that we are given what is supposed to fit our family.  The second part that is so mystifying is the birthday.  When they are ready, they come.  In a world of calendars and schedules it is nice to be reminded that we can’t choose everything and be 100% prepared.

Now, the grump fest came from a difference in experience that I had to make peace with weeks ago.  With Caden I truly felt he was going to be early but had no real expectations. (Although through my whole pregnancy I mentally prepared for him to be late since he was my first.) I wasn’t exactly sure what I was waiting on (water breaking, contractions etc) and had nothing to compare it to.  This time from very early on it seems the “waiting” began.  Partially because I have been having contractions and other signs for months and partially because I already had one to experience to base some things on.  I have always said that due dates are such a “pardon my French” crapshoot.  In our opinion anything approximately two weeks before or after that date they give you is on time.

Today I sit here somewhat proud based on how this pregnancy has gone that we actually made it to November, the month of his original due date.  Caden, my supposed March baby became a February baby which for some reason was very hard for me to grasp at first! (How do you like my view when I look down?)

The hand-slap came in when I was having a harder time tuning others out.  Usually, I am really good at this (now you know) and staying focused on our plans/goals/opinions etc.  However, getting it from all angles (friends, doctors, family, strangers, neighbors) was making me need to go into hiding to refocus and re-center.  Why?  We do things as naturally as possible around here and in order for that to happen I have to remain as relaxed and focused as possible.  That also means that I have to sometimes decide what is and is not helping and make an adjustment. So I did. Sorry. :)

I am so appreciative of all the excitement and support.  Colter and I often talk about how much we love that our friends and friends that are like family are so involved in our kids lives (as well as ours).  You are waiting just like us and while I can’t tell you when he will come, I can tell you that you will be informed.  This I know for sure.

To appease you, I have a little bit of an update but no sono to show.  My doctor is quite shocked that he is not here. (not helpful doc)  In fact, she said that the only thing that is truly keeping me pregnant is this baby boy. (Poor thing is probably afraid of the judo-chops to the belly he gets from his big brother and wants to stay nice and cushioned.) Yes, I have continued to progress on my own quite steadily. I am actually almost as “far along” in my progression as I was when we ended up going to the hospital to have Caden (had already been laboring at home for 11 hours at that point).  So here is to hoping that this labor is at least even 30 minutes shorter than the 31 hours I was blessed with for him.  Regardless, he was healthy I was fine and I will take it if that is the way it needs to be again.

I swear I am not that grumpy though unless the hormones attack. Yes I want to meet him but when he is ready.

So we wait and in the meantime keep as busy as my waddle can keep up with.
In the meantime you can check out Baby E’s “nest” which I find to be one of the most peaceful places in our home.

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