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Mommy’s Little “Punkin” Head
(I’m sorry, I had to say it. Punkin, Punkin, Punkin.  There it is out of my system and I will return to “Pumpkin” )
One Year Later

Last year I made Caden his pumpkin hat and believe it or not, while it is a bit smaller, it is still going strong.


The Nest

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Since I have been talking about all of the house nesting I have been doing for the past couple of months and before I forget, I thought you might enjoy a tour of the room that awaits Baby Boy #2.  While he will sleep with us in our room in his bassinet for the first few months (makes my night time feedings a lot easier than stairs) his room is ready for him just as I like it to be.

The  view from the doorway. 









Baby Boy’s crib and monogram.  The monogram is antiqued wood letters we had made from a wonderful Etsy store and while it may look a little high that is because we have a white antiqued sign with his full name scripted out to hang below the initials once he is home with us safe and sound.

In Caden’s room we had his first name hung by his dresser, so we thought this would be a nice change and something we could use on down the line as well.









We again chose to do his bedding through PolkaTot Designs because we were so pleased with the quality of Caden’s and the fact that it still looks like new.  Plus, I enjoy the custom process and getting to pick out the fabrics and piece together what I want where without having to actually sew it myself.  I wanted both of our nurseries to be soothing with just a bit of color which is where the orange accents come in.  In contrast with the black crib I think it turned out quite well.

As you continue turning to the right around the room, you can see the orange toy chest and our sitting area.  The toy chest was actually built for me by my grandfather to house all of my Barbies when I was a kid.  A little refinishing and paint and it now will hold toys for my boys!  The adorable horse pillow was a gift from some sweet friends and since we rarely change diapers upstairs, his changing pad is sitting low on the toy chest.










One thing I was itching for in this room since it is smaller than Caden’s is storage space.  You might remember that in his room we (by we I mean my Uncle Mark and Dad) built these built-ins along an entire wall housing baskets for ample storage.  So in this room double function was a must – in comes the ottoman.  Not only will I be able to lounge and lay comfortable in the oversized chair and ottoman but it opens to house all of his blankets etc.  The orange cylinder on the side table turns on to various settings to give off a dim glow which will be nice during night feedings once he is upstairs.

Next to his crib is his cozy elephant chair.  Caden has a blue hippo so naturally, Baby E had to have one too.

His shelves house some family pictures, belly pictures, a cross given to him by a dear family friend, crochet stuffed animals (used to be Caden’s – oops!) and of course the artwork his big brother made for him.










This is the dresser you can see in the far left of the picture when you are walking into the room. I changed out the hardware to alternate the colors in his room making it a little more fun.  Also, you can see that all the drawers are stocked with clothes by size.  I mention this because in a moment I will show you his closet which has no clothes in it because I found I don’t hang them until they are a bit bigger. (6 months or so).  So yes, he has clothes – no worries.


 The top of his dresser houses some classic children’s stories and adventure books that were my mother’s.  Caden actually has some in his room too that match his color scheme and serve as a door stop.  You will just have to come over and see the lamp because I love it.  It is abstract and not obvious at first, but the base is made out of the ABCs! Once a teacher always a teacher.










 This room’s “building project” was minor but involved putting shelves in the closet. More function remember? (I still want to put crown molding in as well around the room but it can wait).  So once the shelves were in (thanks Dad) in came the bins and labels to keep it organized and neat.  Again…he has clothes…I just don’t hang them yet.

If you noticed, on the back of the oversized chair there was an orange blanket.  Norma who you may have noticed leaves me wonderful feedback often made these amazing blankets for Baby E.  Norma and her husband Herb have been in my life, well, forever.  They are very, very, very dear to me and have been so supportive throughout my life and in preparation of each kiddos’ birth.  Norma made a blanket for Caden too that he still likes to snuggle.  The blue blanket (notice she matched it to the zig zag in the bedding) is for baby and is the perfect size for covering him in his carseat, swing, etc.  Then, she went above and beyond making us an oversized orange blanket for the room.  So cozy!

On his door for now is the precious diaper wreath my sister in law Jess made me for my shower.  I knew I wanted to use it more so I swapped out the shower invite for a letter I covered to make it more nursery friendly since the shower was over.  She did such a great job I had to keep showing it off.

So all in all it is done.  It is more than ready for him and we have an additional few months after his arrival if there was anything we just had to do or change.  Baby Kaz II’s room has a completely different feel to it than Caden’s which I love but it is equally as soothing, comfortable and cozy.  I am grateful that we have been able to make such wonderful spaces for each of our boys.  Caden just loves his room and bed and I hope that E grows to feel the same way.  Hopefully you feel like you got a good peek around the new baby nest!


Repeat Offenders

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Remember this picture?

That was one from when I was roughly 6 months prego with Caden.

The dogs wanted my belly, I wanted to sleep and well the image itself just shows all the true beauty of pregnancy. How do you like that exposed “gut”?  Well…some things never change.
(except that in that picture I was actually wearing makeup and not yet the size of a house)

Even at 39 weeks, these dogs want to snuggle this baby bad.   I tried to tell them that I don’t even have enough room for him anymore so them trying to make room as repeat offenders isn’t really helpful.  Know what else isn’t helpful?

Caden’s sick.

I never thought I would say it, but I just can’t go into labor today.  Caden got a vomit bug overnight (his first one ever :( ) so this is just not a good time for me to have to leave and to bring a new baby home. Ay yi yi.


Bed Head

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Anyone have a brush for these unruly bed head curls?

And you thought he would be bald forever.


Little Ranger

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A Fan Last Year During the World Series
(though he may not have known it)

His Dedication Has Remained Strong
(and now he cheers)


Colter thinks it is quite unfair that while he had to wait 25 years as a loyal fan to see the Rangers head to the World Series (last year) Caden has gotten one each year of his life.  Baby E even gets one while in the oven.  Let’s just hope that Baby E can be born while they hold the title!



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Yes, I am still Pregnant.
No, you don’t need to ask me.

Although, my sister in law said she needed to hear it directly from me the other day and I thought you might too and then that would be that . So here it goes. “No, I’m not in labor.”

This is what I like to call “Peek-A-Belly”.  What you see here is my massive belly clothed in a white shirt hiding my son’t face as he desperately tries to climb up my legs and look up at me.  The poor kid can’t look up at me from this angle though because there is a belly in the way.  All I can see is a blonde mop and all he can see is a white basketball. Sometimes he thinks it is funny…sometimes not so much.

Let me be cranky for a minute. (I have this right because I am huge and pregnant-so there.)  I am grumpy.  Kind of.  I am the size of a house. For sure.  I know I have been Baby E’s house for the past 39 weeks now, but now I am actually the size of one too.  I hurt.  My hips are locked up because there is a baby locked into the lowest parts of my pelvis.  So I shuffle.    No, I did not have this much pain and discomfort with Caden.  Yes, I actually do have a very high threshold for pain especially when there is a purpose to it.  My belly is rarely round.  He spends so much time attempting to find comfort in the no room he has left that my belly is usually flat on one side, pointy on the other (thank you knees and heels) and then he switches.  No, it isn’t cute.  I try to take warm baths but I get cold because my belly sticks out so far.  The other day I thought I was uncomfortable because my shirt was too tight (they all are) but it turns out it was just that my skin is too tight. Fantastic. At least there aren’t stretch marks?  I’m not hungry…but I am hungry…but there is no room for food…but nothing sounds good…but pizza sounds great…but I’m not hungry…I mean I am hungry but I can’t eat.  How was that?

I have stopped calling anyone.  In fact, I think I have gone into hiding.  No I am not in labor. Yes I know you thought he would be here already. No I don’t know when he is coming, only he knows that.  Yes I look like I could “go” at any minute – thank you. No I don’t feel particularly great.  Yes, you will be informed. No I don’t think its funny.  Yes, he does have to come at some point. No, I’m still not having twins.  Yes I know you are excitedly waiting. No I am not in labor.  

 Can’t I just ask you a question?

So, as you can see I have gone into hiding.  There is just no point otherwise.  You see, I can only have this baby if I am relaxed and he feels safe and ready.  So, getting my blood pressure up with the twenty questions game that everyone would surely love answers to doesn’t help a whole lot.  I actually am pretty relaxed until I talk to someone. So I quit. :) Disclaimer from the Grump-Monster: We very much appreciate your excitement though and are glad so many are waiting for him to come!

Instead, I will show you some pictures from a fantastic celebration my sister in law threw for me and Baby E at the beginning of October.  (I kept forgetting to post it – sorry. ) I resisted and resisted since we were having another boy and I feel bad that our dear friends are always contributing to our family.  Then, Jess suggested a “diapers and wipes” sprinkle with a wish list of other items and I decided that it would be nice to take a little time to celebrate this little man too.  She did a WONDERFUL job and it was just the small, intimate group of friends I needed for a little support and encouragement. Baby E came out with quite a loot which actually did make me feel relieved in a way that he too had some new things just for him.  Thankfully Jess and Nonna were able to capture some pictures since I showed up with a dead battery-so unprepared.

How stinking cute is this pumpkin that Jess had my brother carve for table decor?

Helping Mommy unwrap E’s gifts and break them in of course.

Entry table with Baby Kaz II’s baby book and taffy pop treats. (What a great idea!)

Diaper Wreath on the front door with the invite! This now adorns E’s nursery door.

Brother, what brother? It’s all for me right?

Jess wrote about the shower too if you want to check that out and some more snapshots.  My niece and nephew were a hit and everyone was so impressed with the delicious food Drew and Jess cooked and all of the treats!  A million thanks to them again for giving us some time to remember that I am pregnant and this baby boy is already so loved!

I have no other real “baby news” because I am a rebel and canceled my appointment this week.  My doctor was out of town (like she was when Caden was born) and I didn’t care for the doctor they had me scheduled to see to cover her.  So, I decided why have someone I don’t like examine me and tell me things I already know (I can feel what’s going on thank you very much) so I just canceled it until she is back next week.  So I am continuing to find projects to finish and outings to go on with little man and one day people, one day you will get “the call”.  Until then…

“No, I am not currently in labor.”


The Big 2-0

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Can you believe it? In the teen months no more today, Mr. Caden is officially 20 months old!

This past month has been a very busy one for us as we have tried to keep it full of outings and adventures for him prior to Baby Kaz II’s arrival.  In general he likes being busy and getting out too which makes for fewer toddler mishaps and meltdowns at home although those are short lived.  We have had a couple pumpkin patch trips, many mornings at the park, evenings at Nonna and Pa Pa’s lots of walks and more errands than I thought possible.  He enjoys going to new places though and has been pretty patient as we run around town.

Trucks – I told you about his relatively new found obsession with airplanes, but he is also in complete and utter love with all things truck and truck related.  When we walk our neighborhood he has to stop at every truck, point at it, “ooooo and ahhhh”, walk up the driveway to it, squat down and really check it out and squeal with delight.  It is hard to peel him away from them but it is also a good way to get him to move on when there is another one a couple houses down. (God Bless Texas and Its Trucks ).  When in the car, he points and shouts particularly enjoys telling me to “Go get it.” when one drives by or is in front of us.  I told Colter he might love us that much more if we owned a pick up truck (or semi for that matter) for him to drool over every day.

Dirty Hands - My messy boy who would live outside and loves all things dirt and sports also can’t stand having things stuck to his hands.  Hay, gravel, food, dust whatever it is it must come off.  The good thing is, he doesn’t actually freak about it he just holds up his hands, makes funny faces and asks you to get it off.  We have been working on showing him how to just brush his hands together and move on which he thinks is quite hilarious.  I don’t want him to be the boy on the football field crying because his hands got dirty.  Turns out, Colter couldn’t stand things on his hands as a kid.  Go figure.

Sports - The child doesn’t pay much attention to TV. (a good thing)  He only likes a few of his Baby Einstein videos (which he will ask to watch) but other than that he ignores it.  Likes it on, but doesn’t watch it.  Just like his Daddy though, if there is a baseball (Go Rangers) or football game on, he watches. Go figure.  Not only does he watch, he interacts.  He runs around giggling and squealing yelling “Go! Go! Go! Go!” (I wonder who he learned that from) and attempts “Go Rangers”.  He will pick up a ball and throw it like they are doing and if you tell him “Touchdown!” he will do a diving face plant into his cushy blanket on the floor and then stand up and do a dance. When he hears/sees Colter celebrate he runs over to give him a high-five or fist bump to celebrate with him. A show-boater already.  If sports come on he points to the T.V., laughs and is ready to watch.  His Daddy is quite proud of the little fan he has created.

Mealtime – He isn’t as good about just sitting down and stuffing his face as he used to be primarily because he would prefer to be busier.  Our big thing is we don’t want him to get used to getting to run around and come to the table to get a bite out of our hand whenever he pleases more for manners at other people’s homes and restaurants.  So, this does result in him getting a couple of times to sit down and actually eat.  He is though completely over his high chair which is fine by us.  He sits at the table on a booster chair or even just in a regular chair and is really enjoying it and getting to eat off of “big boy plates”.  Breakfast is by far his favorite meal and the child could still eat constantly all day long.

Listening – The good news about him listening is that I know he continues to understand things and directions that are more difficult.  The bad thing is that I know when he is ignoring me.  For the most part during the day he is a very good listener.  If his pants are too long I will ask him to come over so I can fix his pants.  He will look at me, look down at his legs and then run over to me to hold on while I roll them up.  He will drag the diaper bag over to me if I ask him to “Please go get the bag.”  He loves to pick up just about anything I ask him too (which is mighty convenient in these final pregnant days).   Caden will hold my hand when I ask, help buckle his car seat etc.  He will still go get a diaper/wipes and then lay down and roll over on the carpet when he needs or wants a diaper change.  All in all, if he isn’t in the midst of getting frustrated he is a great listener.  I think it has more to do with the pride he has in helping than actually listening.

Meltdowns – If he is frustrated I can usually break the cycle or he gets over it as soon as he realizes he is being ignored while I let him work it out.  You can’t reason with someone who doesn’t know how to reason yet.  He is learning when he is “bad” though and that there are consequences.  Hitting & biting are the big “No-No’s” that he thinks are funny until he sees he is in trouble.  For the most part, he wants what he wants when he wants it and doesn’t quite understand why if he got to go outside last time he doesn’t this time…why he got crackers earlier but not now etc.  I don’t blame him, it’s confusing.

Mommy – He wants me – ALL. THE. TIME.  Just in time for the new baby to come which is really just why he wants me.  Poor Colter.  His best bud has returned to the “Mommy Dark Side”.  He tries to crawl up my legs whenever I am in the kitchen or asks “Up”.  He plops in my lap (after rebounding off the belly of course) as soon as I sit on the carpet with him.  He pats my belly, lays on my belly, smooches my belly and laughs at my belly.  When we ask if he wants to take his bath (usually a Daddy event since I cant bend over anymore) he runs in there excited and then comes back out to make sure I am coming too.  I try to not pick him up and snuggle him partially because I just can’t anymore with the weight of #2 and Caden and because he doesn’t need me he is just being silly!

Cleaning Up – Caden as I have previously mentioned has turned into a pretty good helper in the past months.  He is semi neurotic about closing doors, drawers, the refrigerator, cabinets and the like if they are open.  In fact, he doesn’t care if you are still standing in the way, he would like it to be closed.  Whenever you take his shoes off he will carry (run really) them over to his shoe basket and dump them in.  At home he doesn’t always pick up his toys, but he loves to at Nonna and Pa Pa’s.  He will put all of his blocks back into their container and even helped Nonna carry the container back to the playroom.  Laundry goes in his basket which he enjoys lifting the lid and dropping it in and his plate gets handed to Mommy once it is clean (which often means he took the food off of it, put it on the table so he could hand Mommy his plate and then eat).  If he finds a rag or has a paper towel he will wipe the table or floor which is pretty funny because he puts all his muscle into it.  So, he may have inherited Daddy’s love for sports, but it looks like he also got my need for cleaning!

Sweet boy is growing up and getting busier by the day and while we have our toddler moments and challenges he is plenty sweet enough to make up for them.  We are really enjoying our evening walks, nightly storytime with him which is part of his wind down before bed and the enthusiasm for every airplane, bird and truck that he just has to show us.  He is learning so much so quickly keeping us on our toes even more.

At 20 Months, I feel as though the countdown to two has officially begun!


Perfectly Fall Feast {Pork Chops & Glazed Apples}

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Have I mentioned how much I love fall food? (and Pioneer Woman)  The spices and flavors are just my favorite.  So hearty, and filling and they leave your home smelling scrumptious.  Before I have this baby, I thought I should leave you with at least one more fall meal that we successfully conquered in the Kazmann household and it wasn’t even for my crock pot or freezer.  What a treat.

Pork Chops and Glazed Apples


  • 6 whole Boneless Pork Chops, About 1/2-inch Thick
  • 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
  • 2 Tablespoons Butter
  • 2 whole Gala Apples, Diced
  • 1/2 cup Dry White Wine
  • 2 teaspoons Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 3/4 cups Pure Maple Syrup
  • 1 sprinkle of Salt
  • Freshly Ground Black Pepper

1. Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add olive oil and butter and heat until butter in melted.

2. Prep your pork by Salt and peppering both sides of pork chops. Brown them on both sides until nice and golden.

3. Remove pork chops from the skillet and set on a separate plate. (leave any juices/residue in the skillet)

4. Reduce heat to medium. Add apples and stir to combine them with the oil, and butter that remains in the pan.

5. Pour in wine and vinegar, then whisk along the bottom of the pan to deglaze it. Cook until liquid is reduced by half, about 5 minutes. (or longer)

6. Pour in the maple syrup, then add a bit of salt and pepper.  Return pork chops to the pan.

7. Cover the pan and simmer on low for 20 minutes.

Thank you again Pioneer Woman.  Your delicious, simple to make recipes have yet again struck gold in my home.  I should also mention that she served these pork chops with garlic cheese grits which was a heavenly accompaniment.  Then again, my hubs loves grits – especially when you add butter, cream, cheese and garlic.



The Change of Fall

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A lot can change in one year.
From one fall to the other it is a whole new world.
From pumpkin crawling to pumpkin climbing

From pumpkin squatting to pumpkin sliding










From Mama’s Boy to…okay, Mama’s Boy

From A Family of Three to almost a Family of Four
(yes I am wearing the same cardigan)

My how much difference a year makes!
Happy Fall to You and Yours


The Lowdown

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Here is the thing.
At the beginning of a pregnancy you often look forward to your doctor’s appointment because there is only one each month and you find out a little more each time about the mystery bambino in your tummy.  Then, at the end of your pregnancy you pray that you don’t make it to your next appointment for several reasons…

1. Mainly, you are ready to go into labor and you want to meet your bambino.
2. You are tired of hearing “undress from the waist down” (and then left to sit in an exam room for however long they deem necessary)
3. You can no longer see where you are peeing when asked to pee in a cup, therefore…well…you get it.
4. You’re uncomfortable.
5. You really don’t want anyone’s hand up your “hoo-ha” if you catch my drift.

I could go on but I think that was enough for you to get the point.  When you go in to the doctor every single week it gets a little old and doesn’t really help you to stay relaxed so that you will be able to go into labor especially the second time around.  I don’t have questions.  I didn’t really last time either so this time I’m really empty on the questions.

To top it off, I got the grumpy sonographer again today. Last week, I asked for the other one (getting gutsy I know) and they said that I was scheduled with the one I like and usually am because she is on my doctor’s side of the office (office is split in two).  So this week, I didn’t bother asking because it seemed as if I was always supposed to be with the one I like. Big mistake.  I should have asked. Not only did I get grumpy, but grumpy again didn’t even attempt to do anything and when I asked her if I could have a print out (like I had to last time) she handed me one of his penis.  No, not of his lower half/whole body/profile/pouty lips, just his penis. Laying flat in between his testicles. (she so kindly pointed out to me how it was laying flat instead of sticking up as if that matters right now)

Thank You?
She even took the time to label it and state “It’s a Boy!” as if I didn’t already know that.
(No I am not uploading the porno shot of my son for you.)

I’m going to go into labor and my last good look at my son before he is on me is going to be of his winky.
I almost cried…but that can happen for any reason right now.

For those of you who are nosy :) and really just want the “gossip” on what is going on with Baby Kaz II, yes I am progressing as “they say” and yes I have made quite a bit of “progress” in the past week.  You don’t have to e-mail, call, text, snail mail or knock on my door to find out if he is here yet.  I swear I will tell you.  I just told you about my inability to aim pee in a cup and not wanting docs to examine my hoo-ha anymore so I am pretty sure I won’t have a problem informing you of when he makes his grand debut.  He is growing nicely, everything looks great and while I am doing my best to remain zen so that I can continue “progressing” we all expect him to come anytime now.  We are on his schedule and yes he seems cozy in there but yes my body is also starting to evict him.  In the meantime we are enjoying our final family of three time and the fact that this baby has dropped so low that I can now see my feet again even being this pregnant.  It’s the little victories that get you through the day.

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