Rough & Tough Part I

Posted by casey on May 27, 2011 in Caden

You might be wondering where I have been? Or, you haven’t thought anything about it because I have gone missing before.  Or you haven’t thought about it because you don’t care and are just killing time during work…I mean your lunch break. You also know that I am pregnant while chasing a toddler so writing has to fall somewhere on the list right?  Well, either way I thought I would tell you a little rough & tough tale that might give you an idea of what we have been up to recently.

This is our sweet, loyal puppy Bo. Also known as Bo-Bo, Bo pup and occasionally moose. 

On Friday the 13th (two weeks ago) he was a bit of a moose. 

Friday morning, it was gorgeous.  We (Bo, Thrasher Caden & I) ventured into the backyard for some much needed play time.  Bo and Thrasher were so thrilled to be enjoying some time outside in the backyard after a week of me not being home much.  Caden was toddling and running through the grass after balls he would throw to chase.  Speaking of chase, Bo & Thrasher started a game of it.  It’s quite hilarious actually.  They sort of tag each other and continue running.   So, there is Caden walking, Thrasher running and Bo darting from across the yard to get to Thrasher…full speed. 

Bo leaves an arc so he can pass Caden safely.  Unfortunately Caden wasn’t so aware.  Little man turned and walked right into Bo’s path right as he was passing Caden. COLLISION! A spinning fall to the ground was seen by all.  All being me, Bo and Thrasher-duh. I really thought that it had just scared the “eh-hem” out of him.  I mean he fell, and pretty hard but he didn’t twist anything under him (from what I saw from 2 feet away) and he falls all the time.   But my tough little man who usually shakes it off was not shaking it off.  Not even his favorite snack, video or song (the ABCs if you must know) could stop his whimpers and wails.  They also couldn’t make him put weight on his little left leg.  After 45 minutes of trying to see if it would pass and he would calm (sometimes he gets so worked up he can’t work himself down) to the ER armed with his snuggly bear and paci to keep him content we went.

Here is where I should tell you about the CRAZY lady in the ER who made them bring her in in a wheelchair because her asthma was acting up all while she carried a toddler (whom was not hers but who she cared for) by one arm.  The toddler who had some sore on her leg that starting oozing (her words not mine) when she changed her diaper. ( I know I’m not a doctor but I’m thinking the asthma was caused by her 400 lb weight gain and 3 packs a day she smoked on account of the sound of her voice.)  But I won’t tell you about them. :)

I was banned from the x-rays due to Baby Kaz II which meant I had to listen to him howl and scream from outside the room while Colter tried to soothe him inside there. (That was the only time through this whole process I thought about crying. Not one tear shed.) Ta-daaa according to them, no big break. Yet he won’t let you touch it and he definitely won’t put any weight at all on it.  So, into a full leg splint he went for the weekend.  Yup, my toddler who likes to toddle was now in a splint up to his hip. A nightmarish weekend was had by all.  Many a walks were walked around the neighborhood and many a errands were run to push him around in a cart. Anything to distract the little guy from not being able to walk…or crawl…or move.

If only we had known this was just the beginning!

Stay tuned for part two!



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I went missing.
Now I’ve turned up. (Momentarily)
Here is a glimpse into the cause for my absence.

Yes you can laugh at me.

I would say that about sums it up.
Injured baby (who wants to eat his shirt). Dog yearning for playtime & attention (who hates the camera). Exhausted mom & dad (who need a nap and two more hands due to cast leg baby). Toys everywhere.
Now the “I went missing” all makes sense doesn’t it?

Stayed tuned for the Rough & Tough tale of parenting that will put all the pieces together for you.


A Year’s Change

Posted by casey on May 11, 2011 in Caden, Family, Snapshots

My sweet baby boy went and grew up between Mother’s Day last year and this year.
Who told him he could do that?


Yes, It’s True

Posted by casey on May 10, 2011 in Everett's Edition, Family, For Your Funny Bone

In case you missed “the news” or you didn’t pay attention to the picture in the post…or you just didn’t get it yes, we are expecting again.  Expecting?  I’m pregnant people.  In honor of this new bambino, we have a new tab/page for him/her right here on this very blog. Baby Kaz II will be here on or around the time of November 6th.  A little before like Caden perhaps, a little after could even be possible.  I highly doubt this bambino will be here on the exact day of November 6th.  I should win something if it happens though.  What do y’all want to give me as a prize if I deliver on my due date?  Money?  Gift cards? I’m not picky so I’ll let you decide.

What I have noticed in the past 14 + weeks is that when I am pregnant I ramble and get off track even more. (see above paragraph for proof).  I was really writing because in the past 14 + months that Caden has been here with us, I know you have missed posts like this one, or maybe even this one.  You ask-I deliver.

You Know You Are Knocked Up When…

– You have resorted back to a rubberband to “button” any of your pants that you are still trying oh so hard to make yourself think you can wear.

– For lack of a more tasteful description, You look like shit. Why?  This bambino is stealing all the nutrients that used to make your hair shiny and full and your skin full of color.  A glow? HA!

– You burst into tears and have a complete meltdown when you can’t open the salsa jar.  Why again you ask?  Well, you have been thinking about nothing but salsa all day and finally got yourself and your toddler to the store but alas, your weak woman hands can’t open the jar!  You pound it, you use grips to open it and nothing.  So naturally, this is disastrous and highly upsetting.  Mid breakdown you call your husband on his commute home to tell him that he needs to hurry home because you can’t open the salsa.

– You hate the microwave.

– Your bed now has a pillow in the size of another small bed to wrap around your entire body and under your belly.  Lets throw in a couple more pillows in with that just for good measure.  Pillow palace anyone?

– All shirts end up with a stain because now if you miss your mouth it no longer drops to the ground, or napkin on your lap because you have a nice landing spot on your belly.  Pretty soon I’m going to be looking like I think I am always dining at Long John Silvers or something of the like as I tie a plastic bib around me just like Caden for meal time.

– You start crying during the Royal Wedding coverage even though you had minimal interest in the months of press coverage leading up to it because it is just so darn beautiful and they just look so darn happy and isn’t life beautiful and isn’t love grand and… (Can you see the out of control emotional spiral of nonsense that happens here?)

The great news is that you have around five more months to live through the humorous life of a pregnant lady.  The even better news is that I am already huge and look about two more months along then I did with Caden so things are going to get really interesting.  As thrilled as I am to be pregnant again I could really do without NEEDING Chinese Food for breakfast and the ability (not to mention desire) to eat nothing but grapefruits all day long.  The morning sickness was awful this time (not so with Caden) and still likes to plague me with no warning, the cravings are ridiculous and strong (salad, grapefruit, bananas, anything citrusy, cheese & crackers, Chinese & popcorn), the belly is big but the family is very blessed and very happy.


Authentic Celebration

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In honor of good old Cinco de Mayo we are having a festive feast this evening.  Some taquitos for appetizeros, beef fajita salad for dinner-o and a good old portion of seven layer dip-o.  Offended yet?  My sister in law is Mexican.  No, I’m not being offensive.  She is actually genually Mexican.   Has family in Mexico and is Caden’s only hope for learning Spanish other than what we all got in high-school.

I bring this up because if you have seen my husband you know that he is not Mexican. Therefore, by default, neither is my brother in law.  So, the offensive “appetizeros, dinner-o and dip-o” is really for my brother in law who loves to add “o” or “los” to anything to drive his wife bonkers.  His favorite?  Los chips anyone?

You may be thinking that I got my whole feast documented for you. HA!  That would mean that I would of had to have planned what we were having today before well, today.  No such luck.  So, to hold you over I do have for you my sister in law’s recipe for Mexican rice.  It is fresh and delicious and the perfect side to any Mexican inspired meal. Enjoy!

Mexican Rice

2-3 Tablespoons olve oil
1/4 to 1/2 cup chopped onions
1/2 cup chopped green bell pepper
1/2 cup chopped tomatoes (you can use a can of dice if you must but it is the best with fresh tomatoes)
2 cups Chicken broth
1 Cup long grain rice
1/4 teaspoon Cumin
2 garlic cloves minced
salt and pepper to taste

1. Heat your olive oil in a large frying pan.

2. Add the rice and onion to the pan and place over medium heat.

3. Stir until your onions are soft and translucent and the rice has started to brown slightly. (If your rice seems to be getting brown quickly & the onion isn’t ready, your heat is too high)

4. Add your tomatoes and bell pepper.  Stir for one minute.

5. Pour in your chicken broth.  Add in your seasoning (cumin, garlic, S&P) .

6. When it begins to boil, turn your heat to low, cover the pot for approx 20-25 min until the liquid is gone. (I check it and stir from time to time to make sure it isn’t sticking or soaking up the water quicker than my timer)

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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