The Birthday Suit

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Everyone has to sport their birthday suit on their birthday.


He Went and Did It

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I tried my hardest to turn back time, but Caden went and turned ONE this morning anyway.


After a wonderful weekend of celebrating with many friends and family members all members of the Kazmann family are sleepy peepy.  Happy Birthday to our Baby Boy!


It’s Time!

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Exactly one year ago…right now at 11:10 p.m. I was woken from an “I’m so big I can’t breathe.” slumber with this sinking feeling that something indeed had woken me up.  Two minutes later, there it was again.  Three minutes later, bam.  45 seconds after that, yup…I’m awake.  Five minutes later, did I dream this. One minute later, nope, this is it.  Yes, it.  One year ago, I went into labor with our sweet baby boy Caden.  At the time though he wasn’t Caden to you, he was Baby Kaz.

I know you are thinking that I miscalculated, because at 11 p.m right now it is still the 25th, and Caden was born on the 27th so surely I mean that I went into labor tomorrow night right? HA! Tomorrow night, please.  That would have been a breezey six and a half hours.  Bliss I tell you.  No, I am not mistaken, I went into labor tonight.  Well, not tonight.  One year ago tonight.  You get the idea.  The other idea you should get is that it wasn’t six and a half hours, it was thirty one.  Fine, it was thirty and one half hour but since it was THIRTY and ONE HALF HOURS I think I reserve or should I say deserve the right to round up.  Go ahead and argue with me.

Here is where it gets amusing to some folks.  Colter was sleeping peacefully through the first five hours of my labor.  You see, I didn’t want to go to the hospital until it was absolutely necessary (meaning I was having the child right then and there) and planned on staying home doing my thing, so why wake him?  I crept out of bed, lit the fire in the living room and spent the next five hours walking, rolling, timing, doing laundry and my yoga/meditation to relieve pain all by my lonesome.  Around 4 a.m. my loving hubs realized I wasn’t in bed, poked his head out of the bedroom door, took one look at me and then tilt his head sideways.

“It looks like you won’t have to go to work today after all love.”
” Okay, sounds good.”

That’s about as panicky as things got in the Kazmann household.  It’s the Kazmann calm gene.  I’m telling you it’s better then what I think drugs would be like had I ever used any recreational drugs.  If anyone outs there wants to fess up to a habit for comparisons sake I would be happy to hear you out.

Let’s see, I made myself eat since I knew the hospital wasn’t going to let me (thank goodness I made that choice since I was about to go over a day without a real meal – (no ice chips and the secret sneaking of lifesavers in between contractions do not count).  I put away more of Caden’s, I mean Baby Kaz’s clothes and straightened his room even though he wouldn’t be sleeping in there for a few months.  It is the principle of it all.  You have to have the room ready right?  I dig in my heels and flat out refused to go to the hospital for 11 hours.  The only reason I finally gave in was because I was terrified of having him in the car.  At home? Fine. In the car? Hell no.  This is when we made a few calls.  Dana to get the dogs and Colter’s Dad to come to the hospital.  Why did his Dad need to come you ask?  You may need to sit down for this.  He was in the delivery room.

Gasp!  Go ahead and re-read it.  Yes, I said my father in law was in the delivery room.  Surely an aunt, mother in law, sister in law or someone with the same parts as me was in there too you are wondering.  Nope.  An all male affair.  You should have seen the nurses when they came in at first or switched shifts each time (yes..each time…30.5 hrs people).  I am just going to leave it at, Colter’s Dad delivered Colter and one of his brothers at home and is very knowledgeable.  Mainly though it is because of that Kazmann calm gene I mentioned earlier and the fact that the man can be completely invisible even when he is right next to you holding your hand.  My brother Drew stopped by on his lunch break to check the progress.  My poor brother and sister in law drove up from Austin with my two nephews thinking they were going to get there right after he was born. HA! They camped out into the wee hours, my Dad and mother in law stood vigil in the waiting room.  Oh right, my Dad.  Yup, he managed to get on a flight from Florida and still get here in time to camp out for hours. HOURS!

So it is right now that I am remembering with humor the full experience of my labor and the multiple reasons I couldn’t remember my son’s birthday for his first few months.
1. He was supposed to be a March baby.  Arriving a couple weeks early turned him into a February baby.  It blew my mind.  Coming early was perfectly fine.  Switching months on my brain? Not so much.

2. Since I went into labor on the 25th, I distinctly remember thinking once I knew this was really it that my son’s birthday would be on the 26th. HA! 27th is was.

3. Thirty and one half  hours.  I was exhausted and couldn’t of told you what my name was let alone the year, day or date. 

Don’t worry, I remember now. February 27th.
Happy Labor Day to Me!


An Ode to Snacks

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Oh Snacks….

We Love You.

For the boost you give us.

For the independence you allow us to have.

For the new paint you give our tables.

And even the new paint you give our eyes.

Plus the new moisturizer you give to our hands.

Thank You Snacks.

We’ll even share.


In honor of Caden’s upcoming first birthday in two days and snacks, let’s have another giveaway from CSN Stores!  Leave a comment telling us what your favorite snack is and why or heck just leave a comment about my mess of a son.

You have until Monday (the day after all of the birthday festivities) to make us hungry with your favorite and then you just might win a gift from them to use on anything from lights to maybe a new sofa for me that won’t have cake on it.  I’m just saying.  I wouldn’t turn it down.


I Spy

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I Spy a Cheerio…


Traditional Twisted – A Fresh Take on Spaghetti

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Since Christmas I have been cooking, and cooking and cooking.  New recipes and meals have been pouring out of my kitchen onto the dinner table.  Unfortunately, their pictures have remained in my camera and they haven’t quite made it here.  I’m working on that.  This was a delightful twist on your everyday spaghetti and meatballs.  The only tricky thing is that the recipe itself was  done with a  lot of “to taste” measurements.  That’s Jamie Oliver for you! Cooking like that isn’t a problem for yourself but it is a but more difficult to relay to others. Here it goes…

I recommend reading through it all prior to cooking not because it is difficult but so you  can organize your steps/pans/kitchen in a manner that will work for you as you go.

 Spaghetti with Tomato Basil Sauce & Sausage Meatballs

– Olive Oil
– 8 Good Quality Pork Sausages
– 1 Lb Spaghetti
– 11 oz fresh or frozen peas (not canned people)
– Fresh Rosemary or Thyme

Sauce Ingredients
– 2 cloves garlic peeled and finely sliced
– small bunch of freshly picked basil (leaves & stalks)
– 2 14 oz cans plum tomatoes
– salt and pepper
– good quality balsamic vinegar

1. Begin boiling some salted water for your spaghetti but do not put the pasta in yet or it will be cold and sticky when your sauce is ready.

2.. In a large saucepan heat 2 to 2 1/2 Tablespoons olive oil. Snip your sausage links apart and you will be able to squeeze the meat out of their casings into little clumps. Do not worry about rolling these into perfectly round shapes, just let them me a little different.  You should be able to get at least three balls out of each one for a size reference.  Drop them into your heated oil and continue to turn them until brown and cooked through.

3. Set the meatballs aside and have your pasta ready to cook.

4. In a separate pan (not the meatball pan you will use that one with the meatballs in it again) heat another tablespoon of olive oil.  Add your sliced garlic and chopped basil stalks to the pan and move them around in the oil for a couple minutes. (Save your basil leaves on the side.)

5. Add the canned tomatoes to your basil/garlic pan and here is where the “season to taste” comes into play.  First, do not be worried by the simplicity of the sauce.  I thought it was going to have no flavor, or just taste like canned tomatoes.  It was wonderful and a perfect match to the meatballs. First break up your canned tomatoes into pieces.

* Season to taste with a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar. Yes, you can add more if you like it. It will add an unexpected sweetness to it without using sugar.  Yes, you have to have your clean tasting spoon as you go along.  Then use salt, pepper and as many basil leaves/stalks as you want.  We let it simmer for about 15 minutes.

6. Begin cooking your spaghetti.

6. When the spaghetti is almost cooked, add your thyme or rosemary leaves to your pan of meatballs and cook for 30 seconds to a minute.  (If you are using frozen peas, this is when you should stick those bad boys in the microwave and season with some salt/pepper/olive oil to thaw them till crisp – not mushy.)

6. Pasta goes in spaghetti bowls. Sauce goes on pasta.  Meatballs go on sauce and pasta.  Handful of peas gets sprinkled on top.  Yes I said peas.  Yup, peas in your spaghetti.  I don’t care if you think you don’t like peas, just go ahead and throw a couple on there.  You will be very pleasantly surprised.

Original Recipe from “Jamie at Home” by Jamie Oliver



Have I mentioned that my sweet boy turns one on Sunday? One!  Any volunteers for who wants to catch my tears?


Consider Me Melted

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Melt My Heart

Go Ahead & Take It
A Melted Puddle of Heart


Three Weeks Later

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Three weeks ago Caden became a big 11 month old. Seeing as how Caden hit the 11 month mark at the end of January and his first birthday is now less then two weeks away I owed you an update before he is an official One Year Old!  Where has the time gone?

Our little monster (yes I said monster) while still unbelievably sweet, happy and loving is in full toddler swing which is keeping us on our toes while we try to enjoy seeing what mischief he will find.  His favorites being rolls of paper towels, stacks of new diapers, shoes and of course anything related to the dogs.  Dog toys, dog beds, dog food and his own personal swimming pool – the dog water.

After getting to truly experience several snows for the first time (even thought it snowed after his birth last year) We are anxiously awaiting park weather as he too now enjoys getting out of the house for a change of environment during at least one of his play times.  Since he spends his days toddling around all of the furniture and walking while pushing anything he can we are just waititng for the day he is going to wake up and see that he can do it on his own.  He will let go of things and stand there or take some steps and dive to you but just hasn’t quite noticed he can do it by himself.   Shoot, if someone would balance me all the time I would probably like it too.

Some fun things have happened this month…
- He has figured out how to safely go DOWN the stairs or any step!  He will now crawl over to a step, back up, turn himself around and put his legs down one by one.  If he is on the stairs he will start to back-track legs first (as he should) instead of the turn around and dive he liked to before.  We are thouroughly enjoying this development because it allows him to learn and explore so much more without getting frustrated with us constantly grabbing him and turning him around etc.  We are there to catch if needed but not to always fix, which he loves.

– He roars.  A long time ago I wrote about his “dinosaur roar” that he developed as a baby.  Now, he legitimately “roars: when you ask him “What does the lion say?”  The funniest part is that he has started doing it at the dogs. Sure, it won’t be so funny when he takes to communicating more like his furry best friends than us, but for now it works.  In addition to roaring at the dogs, he finds messing with them in any way pretty funny and they still love it too.  May I present to you Exhibit A.

– He says “Hi” while waving.  This is pretty new, but he is very proud.  He had been making the “iiii” sound for awhile so we have been working on “Hi” and he took to it immediately.  His favorite person to wave to?  Himself…in the mirror.

– The Coffee Table.  It might be the death of me.  Caden though thinks it is the best jungle gym he has ever seen!  At the beginning on the month he started to get on top of it and crawl back and forth to all of the edges as fast as possible as seen below in “Exhibit B”.  Now he will creep his little leg up and when I say “Caden, down!” (yes…like a dog command) he puts his leg back on the floor and frowns at me.  I think he would sit on top of the table all day just to be up high.

– The “helper”.  Anything related to laundry he likes to “help” Mommy.  Pay back will come when he really can help and he is doing all of it.

– Nonna likes to call this Feeding Time at the Zoo.  Guess who discovered he could feed the dogs finally?  Or better yet, he now knows that he can dangle his hands over and if he waits long enough Thrasher will stand on his back legs to lick his hands. Mmmmmm delicious.  In all fairness, he does try to share with us also.  Such a generous little man.

The list of his new tricks so to speak could go on for quite awhile.  I think though that I could sum it up and save us all time by saying that he (and his parents) are very busy.  Hence why I am saving us time.  The birthday plans have been in full swing since after the holidays and then regular projects (such as photo editing and updates) will carry on as they had before.  Until then, let the Countdown to Party Time Begin!


Let Me Introduce You

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Let Me Introduce You to My Valentine

He Is A Little Bit “Gangsta”

He Hogs All of the Room in the Bed

He Likes to Show Off His Bottom

He Thinks “Cheese” Will Get Him Out of Anything (Probably True)

And He High Fives to Show Off His Skills

But All of that is Okay, Because He is Also Pretty Darn Cute. And Mine.


Love, Answered

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This just might be the first Valentine’s Day in my entire life that I truly enjoyed. I normally am not one to like surprises.  Since I am a planner I don’t react well to surprises which then makes me feel guilty because I didn’t have an extraordinary reaction to a surprise.  I know, relax…it’s a surprise!  Well, this year I involved myself in several surprises for a few Valentines in my life which allowed me to realize that I love surprises- when I am on the giving end.  So, I gave to my love, and I gave to my son and I gave to my friend because I love them all and if I am not buying into the “hallmarkiday” of it all, I will buy into the importance of love.  Plus, you know you want to read my answers and see my latest sugar cookie creations.  You just can’t help yourself.

1. Who is one person in your life that you would say you love and why?
There is the obvious, and there will always be the obvious answer.  However, it is my friends.  I am fortunate to have the friends in my life who I can trust and who are there for me through and through.  This past year I have undergone a lot of changes through pregnancy, leaving my job, and started my most important role as a mother.  Naturally, those changes have caused my life , my schedule flexibility and me to change.  Those wonderful friends though have adjusted right with me.  They understand when I have to cancel because Caden desperately needs a nap or when I make a last minute date with them because I desperately need a drink because Caden didn’t nap.  I love my friends. 

2. Why does love “stink”?
Love stinks because it forces you to apologize, forgive or admit your wrongs when you really want to be stubborn and dig your heels in deeper.  Those moments when you so desperately want to just be right and you know you are being irrational and realize you are going to have to say you’re sorry because you love them and well…you want to go to bed, but they are are in the bed so in order for you both to feel comfortable going to sleep you have to dig-out your heels.  Sure, you could say that is the “right thing to do” or that it is actually making you a “better person” but be serious, sometimes that stinks.

3.  What has love done for you?
The love I have in my life has allowed for me to grow, change and become the latest version of me with the safety and comfort of a constant support being behind me.  Having someone to watch your back as you come into your own does wonders for your ability to truly evaluate what your wants and needs in life are.

4.  What is the material item you love the most right now?
I never thought I would say this. NEVER.  I hated them when they came out years ago.  I thought they were hideous, would be around for only one season and that would be it.  Well, I was wrong.  They didn’t go away and this year for Christmas I bought myself a pair.  My Uggs.  They make my feet feel like they are on clouds and since I am on my feet chasing a toddler all day I love them. Love.

5.  Share one creative way you could tell or show someone (friends count too!) that you love them
A mixed tape, I mean CD never gets old.  Maybe not that creative but it can be personal, or just fun and who doesn’t enjoy getting to hear some songs they haven’t listened to in awhile?

6. What is one other blog that you L.O.V.E??!!
I always enjoy seeing what The Pettijohn’s are up to!  Nat and I went to high-school together and stood next to each other on our dance team’s kickline as well.  If only you knew the hours of mumbled chit chat that you try keep at a level that can’t be detected when you are on a drill team and you stand next to each other.  Her and her sweet husband have two precious babies that are 13 months apart.  So, that should tell you why a lot of her blog is entertaining right there.  More than anything though, Natalie keeps it real.  She admits it when she has been in her jammies all day (which is fine because she still looks gorgeous) and that she buys Walmart makeup.  That is true love.

Contest Winner!  I even forgot about our contest until my calendar reminded me I had to answer our L.O.V.E. questions today so you might have too. Luckily, we had a couple entries by comment and a few by e-mail so there is still a lucky winner out there! Random Number Generator surprised me this week picking on #1 as our winner.  That means that my long time friend Jordy is now a first time winner!  You can see her answers to the above questions here!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.  I hope that you are able to think of a few things, people and pets that you love today and tell them.  Yes…I am talking to my Uggs right now. Judge me.

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