Now You’ve Done It

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Today, Caden found out Valentine’s Day is around the corner.

Then he found out that girls have cooties.
It appears that this revelation will take years of therapy to recover from.
Who spilled the beans people?  Whoever you are, you’re footing the bill.


Winter Opposites

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This week, Mama Kat wanted to know what winter looked like here.
Writing through pictures….a photo journal entry to be precise.
Sure she had other prompts that would have involved me actually having the time to sit down, reflect and then write this week but I decided to use that time to shower instead. (You’re welcome)
Lucky for me (and you) I am never short on pictures so a photo journal was right up my alley this week.

Without further adieu, my current outlook on winter in Dallas.

Winter in Dallas looks like a stir crazy soon to be toddler who wants outside in the snow.

With a spoiled, always has been an inside loving puppy dog who just wants inside away from the snow.

Throw in some plants that are now dead because they aren’t used to yearly snowfall, another dog who thinks he is a polar bear and some really bad drivers that think icy conditions = certain death and you have winter here in Dallas.
C’Mon Down!


Defining the Positive

Posted by casey on January 20, 2011 in Home, Life as I Know It

What defines your day?
Better yet, what will you let define your day?

In recent months, I feel as though I have taken more of an observant role in daily interaction with others than ever before.  Listening is something I have desired to be better at for years.  I seem to be that person who wants to show those I am speaking to that I love what they are saying, understand them and am there for them  by interrupting.  Interrupting which is the very opposite of being supportive.  In fact I think it is even worse that I know I am interrupting yet lack the control to stop if before I do it. Through observing and respectfully watching others interact you can learn so much not only about them, but about yourself.

Why?  Well, the more time I have been spending with others the more I see how people tend to define themselves  by the negative and sad moments in and of their life. You have heard the stories –  When my first love broke my heart I learned…my childhood best friend became ill…my parents split up…my significant other was unfaithful….etc.  Obviously big moments have a big impact and tend to linger.  I think that makes perfect sense even though we still at some point have to let them go and just be sad about that time but not sorry for yourself.

Big moments make sense, but why do we let the tiny ones get us? The day to day nonsense such as feeling you hit all the red lights, a employee was rude to you, your button popped off. The silly things that we let impact us enough to call it a bad day.  The tough times are shared instead of the wonderful moments we relish in.

If you think about it, hearing all of those things from others will only make you focus on them as well.  Maybe not make you, but push you in that direction at least.  Do we really want to continue to allow the negative events in our lives be what we identify ourselves with? Do you really want to spout off a dreadful list of woes when a new acquaintance asks you to tell them about yourself or a friend wants to know about your day?

Sure we all need to vent.  Sure we all are going to have a bad day.  Unfortunately we aren’t going to say every day was a great day because we have a roof over our head and food on the table.  That just isn’t how our society thinks.  What if though, we go for the ol’ “Cancel out a negative with a positive” trick to help us change our ways.

What is one thing that happened to you today that you would call a negative and typically let bother you?
Now what is a positive that you will let resonate with you instead?
I swear I’m listening.  I won’t even interrupt you.


The Bossman

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“I will be calling the shots, thank you very much.”

“You call it harassment, but I say I am just using my assets to flirt for a pay increase.”

“Ha! Please! Let’s be serious, a monkey could do your job.”

“Backtalk in my meeting?  Don’t think I won’t come right over this table!”

“Who cares if I got here? Do you see this belly? I need food. I’m taking lunch.”


Behind on 9 and Late on 10

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Let’s see, Caden turned 9 Months on well….ummmm…November 27th.  Oops.  Then, Caden turned 10 months (double digits – ay yi yi) on December 27th.  Eeeeeee, I am behind!

It is a little difficult to no where to begin because SO much has changed in our little man since the end of October.  At the end of October at 8 months he was just discovering the stairs and loving them.  Now he has mastered the stairs and can fly up them in one minute while carrying something with him; boots, remotes, ornaments.  At 8 months he was standing and bouncing while just learning not to bounce over a table because he would hit his chin.  Now, he stands, squats, stands and sits with no problems, stands and cruises around the house, and is almost ready to stand on his own. He likes to do the “look Ma no hands” move and then grab on with one hand again.

Our 8 month old baby boy is now a 10 month old little man.  He doesn’t even fit in the baby clothes at Target anymore. Tear.  Toddler Clothes.  TODDLER!  What happened?  Two months ago our son wouldn’t have anything to do with any food that wasn’t in complete puree form.  He progressed to us feeding him some banana pieces but not even close to anything he would have to actually chew or work on. (Lazy)  Now, he loves pieces of strawberries, banana, cooked pear or apple, steamed carrots and egg.  The best part?  He even loves to feed those to himself.  The worst part?  He is learning he can throw them over the edge to watch them fall and then giggle as the dogs swarm his high chair.  Lucky dogs!

Most of all, Mr. Caden is busy.  A very busy boy indeed.  Busy playing music, busy chasing the dogs, busy finding new rooms, busy learning to climb on top of the coffee table, busy chattering, busy calling for his “Da-Da”, busy opening doors and remembering whether he has to push or pull a particular door to open it, busy throwing all of his toys out of his toy bin and then going for a sock that looks like more fun.

This boy is so busy that he has learned to have an opinion if you try to interrupt his busyness.  Even if that is trying to eat the corner off of a cardboard box he is going to let you know that he was planning on devouring that and doesn’t much appreciate you moving him elsewhere.  You know, the straight body, back arch throw the head back momentary protest that currently makes me laugh because it is so ridiculous to see something so teeny, so mad.  Those tantrums have lead to his understanding of “No” (to which he usually scrunches his face and squeals to see if I mean it) and “Caden come here please.” (to which he will look at me, then crawl towards me grunting the whole time)

Caden’s Favorite Discoveries
(Turn on your speakers for the videos.)

Determined to walk and do it himself he “cruises” everywhere.  Not quite ready to walk all by himself, he finds anything he can to push and walk with him if the isn’t just cruising from piece of furniture to piece of furniture.  See for yourself!

– He has discovered that throwing anything from anywhere allows him to watch it fall.  Hilarious right?  Much to Colter’s wishes, it so far seems like we might have a left handed pitcher on our hands.  He transfers almost everything to his left hand prior to throwing it.  There are only a few tosses here and there from his right hand.

- He LOVES to be chased….especially by his “Da-Da”.  Primarily in the evenings, he will begin crawling then stop, turn around and sit up to see if you are watching.  Then he will flap his arms, squeal and start crawling again.  As soon as he hears you behind him, sees you open and shut your hands in his directions or say “I’m going to get you.” he starts laughing hysterically.  As you begin to catch up to him he will make sure you are still chasing and then try to go faster.  It is an all out laugh fest when you catch him and roll him over. 

We realized awhile ago (back when waving can really start) that neither Colter or I wave very much.  We also don’t point at things or each other often. (Isn’t pointing bad manners?)  So we decided to step up our game so that our son might have a chance at learning this task by having parents that actually show him. Go figure, he started to wave  It is really a full one armed flap, not just a hand wave.  He does do that motion at other times (excitement) but when we wave to him, or he wants us to wave to him, or he is trying to get our attention he will “arm flap” at us. 

This isn’t the wave, but it is a mini versionf of  the excited arms and the all out giddy “there are so many to choose from” attitude as he turns the living room into Chuck-ee Cheese.

Much to my wishes, I get the kisses.  Colter gets a lefty, and “Da-Da” so it is only fair that I am the one Caden chooses tosmooch.  I should also point out that by smooch I mean more of a open mouth licked/suck on your face with  the occasional bite kiss.  Sweet I know.  He also likes to climb up my legs to be clear that he would like me to snuggle and smooch him.

Another mom fail, I realized I never really pulled up the blinds for him to realize there is a window to the outside and he has been so busy he hasn’t noticed either.  Most of our windows are semi blocked by furniture in the sense that he isn’t always crawling right by them.  With the cold weather he has realized that the dogs get to go out, but he doesn’t.  So now, he likes to watch the dogs as they are outside and pound on the window to try to get there himseld.  Here is Caden torturing Thrasher as T wants back in.

The Porcelain Throne
He figured out that it makes a wonderful watery noise when we go in there.  So he makes it a point to not miss out on the opportunity to witness this and tries to make the occasional visit himself. (Gross) So, all bathroom doors and toilet seats get an extra once over each day to make sure they are closed.  If only I could just potty train him now.

Cookie Monster
One of his favorite Christmas presents which is now an esential “take along” toy whereever we go because it is sure to get a giggle was Cookie Monster.  At the store, Elmo got absolutely zero laughs.  I am thinking the high pitch squeal of Elmo wasn’t appealing to him (Phew!).  Cookie Monster though sent him into hysterics…which then had me chuckling as well. Colter now claims it is more for me than him, because everytime cookie monster says “Ha-Cha-Cha!” I laugh.  So anytime his mouth opens (gets thrown, drops or just played with), he talks and Caden laughs.  I speak the truth, check it out.

I am sure you are going to be shocked to hear that he is still, a very happy child.  Yes he has tantrums, and yes he has better days than others, but he is pretty darn patient with us and while we give him the room to explore and discover and bonk his head and make mistakes, he gives us the room to learn on him as well.  We take daily walks, and always enjoy trips to any store where he is in the cart.  He has been loving the backyard so springtime already has promise. You really won’t believe that he has any hair but he does now.  The only problem is that it is so white blonde it just further reflects baldness in any picture. One day, you will see it…one day.  He has four teeth with the fifth one just poking through and #6 & #7 making there way down as well.  He has gone through yet another growth spurt but this time seemed to mainly stretch in a big way. He went to bed not able to reach the bathroom counter and other surfaces and the next day it was no problem.  Another round of removing things from his reach.

I can’t believe that plans for his First Birthday have already begun and we are on the official countdown to having a one year old.  There is so much excitement, adventure and chaos coming our way but we are enjoying all of it – messes and all.  Enjoy catching up on Caden’s pictures!

Month Nine with Caden (Oct 27th – Nov 27th)

Caden’s In the Double Digits – 10 Months (Nov 27th – Dec 27th)


What Is….

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What is White and Fluffy and Cold All Over?

Bo Pup In The Snow of Course!



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Have you ever just felt like you were being punished for something but you didn’t know what?  You know, the days where you get a flat tire when you are already late or when you receive bad news just after looking at a dwindling bank account.  Something to that effect?

Well, a little over a year ago I wrote about quite the adventurous situtation that caught me and some friends a bit off guard to say the least.  Sure it was so ridiculous that it was hilarious to recall but as we were trying to replace phones and keys and our security so to speak we felt a little like someone was knocking us down for no reason.  A reality check perhaps?  But what for?  There were not one, not two, but three parts to that story.

You won’t believe it, but that mysterious “knocker downer” (very creative I know) struck again.  This morning while “doing her body good” and running around White Rock Lake (doesn’t seem like something that deserves punishment to me) my sweet friend who survived our first criminal encounter was chosen again by crime. AGAIN!  Here is the thing.  After our first police chase we thought that this didn’t actually happen to people.  On COPS sure, but not to us. And twice? (Here is where I should mention that her roommate was car jacked this past fall as well.)

She is a church going woman.  She is a loyal friend.  She is a devoted sister, daughter and aunt.  She is giving.  She is hilarious.  She is decent. She is a teacher for crying out loud!

What in that description deserves punishment? ( I promise I didn’t leave out something like “Oh yeah and she sells drugs on Tuesdays.”) Looking forward to 2011 a new year with a new start, she returned to her car from running to find some cops waiting for her.  If that isn’t a bad sign I don’t know what is.  Shattered window.  Among the list of the stolen items to add to the mess of the shattered window…Driver’s License, Credit Cards, Classroom Keys, $140 in Cash, 4 Day Old I-Phone, New TOMS, Jeans, Kindle, All the Gift Cards Given to Her As Gifts from Students, Her Aggie Ring…

See a long distance runner (she completed her 3rd White Rock Marathon this year – Whoop !)can’t run with all that strapped to her back and don’t we all leave bags in our cars from a recent trip sometimes?  I know I know, at least no one was hurt and yes it all can be replaced.  But with what finances?  And who is going to replace the sense of security that has been lost yet again?  The eery thing is that just this weekend she found the police report from our experience last year while going through things.  Just this past weekend!

I mean, we don’t live in the ghetto people, come on!  No I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but surely there is someone else out there more deserving right?  (Maybe the person who really does sell drugs on Tuesdays perhaps?)

So, I ask you this.  What would you do, give or say to a friend who was robbed/vandalized for the second time in two years? Someone who feels as though they are being punished for a mystery sin?

 Surely you have some advice because sometimes my “Positive Polly” phrases just seem to sound even worse. How much can “At least the year has to go up?” can help?  I’m more likely to say…well, that’s shitty.

See…I need your assistance.


I Tried…Well, I wanted to Try

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Every year I explain to my husband that we have to stay up to midnight.  We can do whatever it takes to stay up to midnight but at 11:59 we have to switch to Times Square to see all the insane people sandwiched together in unsanitary and unsafe conditions and to of course watch the ball drop. Duh.  It is New Years for crying out loud.  The whole point is to ring in the “new year” right?  Count your blessings from the past year and confess your hopes for the year to come?  Well, let me confess to you…

I went to bed at 9:30

No, not 9:30 a.m. after a wild and crazy night in a dress entirely too short to be called a dress and also sparkly enough to guide planes on a landing strip with beverages that cost the same as a car payment.  9:30 p.m. after transferring my precious son from his sound sleep in the car into his crib.  I’m sorry, I tried.  Okay…I didn’t try very hard.  We did go out though!  Maybe you don’t think it counts, but we went out – to my in-laws for dinner. Yes, out.  Out – as in – out of the house.  Again…duh.  It is kind of a tradition and I love my in-laws.  We had a wonderful dinner complete with champagne and wine and while last year we did stay there until midnight, this year we gave the kiddo his bedtime bath (a bit later than his normal bedtime, crazy I tell you) and headed home.  Home to where I had completed committed to finally watching Avatar in order to keep my eyes open to midnight.

I had plans for more wine, popcorn sprinkled with M&Ms and ringing in the year with a toast of Scotch.  Yes, I said Scotch not champagne.  Scotch.
(We have never been the spend our month’s salaries on a downtown hotel for a schmancy party with strangers kind of couple.  No judgement to those who do.  Honest.  Good for you.  I’m glad you love it and you do it.  I would be miserable.)

It was that damn car ride home! (Plus the serious head cold I am battling)  I had to ride in the back (which is always risky with the ease in which I get nauseated)so that I could give the bambino his bottle on the way home.  It was dark, the hubby and I weren’t talking to as not to wake the child so I had only the view of a sleeping boy and the sounds of his deep, sleepy breathing (in combination with the snot stuck in my nose…sorry, I had to…it is descriptive) to keep me awake on the ride home. Ha! Awake. Ha!

By the time I gave Caden a squeezer, a smooch and whispered Happy New Year to him hoping that it would seep into his dreams and gently laid him down in his crib my visions of midnight were slowly vanishing into well, dreams as well.  I promptly plopped myself onto our bed where Colter was checking his e-mail (waiting for me so we could start the movie) fully dressed in my “I haven’t worn this since before I was pregnant, and while it looks pretty damn good and the same it doesn’t fit quite the same festive New Year’s top, my favorite Christmas shoes, and jeans and started snoring. (In my defense it was more of a “couldn’t breathe because I’m insanely congested” snore than an actual snore).

Ay yi, stinking yi! 9:34 p.m.
On New Years!
What has become of me?

My sweet husband tucked me in, allowed me my excuses although I continued to mumble “But I do want to stay up. I do.”
I did. I swear I did.  The cold though, it got the best of me.
Maybe had I not had to snuggle the teething child in his dark room with the perfect noises for sleeping prior to coming downstairs I would have stood a chance.  Maybe.

So, for the first time in our dating/engaged/married life I went to bed before midnight on New Years.  The real kicker you ask?  He stayed up.  Yup.  The man who  I always have to convince to stay up for New Years even when any other night isn’t a problem stayed up by his lonesome, woke me at midnight for a “this probably isn’t a good idea spreading germs like this” kiss and then back to bed.

I told you I had a confession.
In the spirit of the New Year I thought that it was only right to start off clean.
I tried. 
Okay, I wanted to try.
In the end I put up very little fight.

2010 was incredibly good to us.
It will be “climbing Mt. Everest” difficult for 2011 to beat it, but I hope that this year gives its best shot.

Happy New Year and to all a Good Night!
(Oh wait, that was for Christmas. Maybe that was my mistake.)


From Us To You

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From Us to You, We Hope You Had a Memorable Christmas and a Relaxing New Years!
We wish you nothing but blessings and happiness in 2011 and can only hope it is as good to us as 2010 was.


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