Coming Home

Posted by casey on May 29, 2010 in Home

For the past three years, my husband has had to travel for work A LOT.  This is something we knew would happen as it was part of the position he accepted.  Part of his “duty” so to speak to his career.  The most notable amount was the last 6 months of my pregnancy when he was gone 2 weeks out of each month.  Talk about being surprised to see what your wife looks like when you come home!  Many of my friends have asked how we did it and wasn’t it hard.  Of course.  However, we knew that was how it was going to be and you get used to your routine and well, I knew when he would be back.  I have thought recently about how I didn’t know exactly where he was, couldn’t picture what he was actually doing or what it looked like and wondered if I would hear from him that day.  Well, yes things could go wrong where he was whether it was traveling to and from the job or the job itself I did have the comfort of his safety.  Imagine our soldiers’ spouses.  I just could not bear it.  I just couldn’t.

Sure we all love to make Memorial Day weekend about having an extra day off of work, cooking out with friends and family and sitting back with a brewsky.  But, we should all do the very least and take a moment and reflect this weekend.  Remember that we can sit back and enjoy this weekend because of all of the heroic citizens who have given their lives for you to do so, who have risked their lives to do so, who are still signing up and training to fight for you to be able to relax and enjoy yourself, your life and your family.  Say of prayer of thanks for the lives who are no longer here and for peace to the families who are carrying on without them or worrying for them each day.

I mentioned the “duty” to his career in reference to my husband because that is what these men and women are doing each day on a much larger scale for us.  What we went through in our little family in our tiny bubble can’t even begin to make one comprehend what these families do each day, for years and this little moment for us was hard enough. They are choosing our country over their independent life.  That is powerful.  That is the duty they have signed up for and know is waiting for them.  I remember, I am thankful and I am praying that when your job is done you all will be coming home. Happy Memorial Day Weekend – we remember.

Moments of Coming Home
Take a minute to look through these BEAUTIFUL moments of soldiers coming home.

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