Revisiting Chuckles

Posted by casey on May 17, 2010 in For Your Funny Bone, Home

laughSince the majority of our population tends to get a bit gloomy on Mondays, and there have been all these stinking baby posts :) I decided we all need a laugh.  So naturally I took a look back at my old posts to bring a few back.  What else would I do?

There were so many I had forgotten about and as I was giggling when I would see some of the titles and remember the random, rambling posts I have given you, I found “The Series”.  Yup, the series of posts that should really be made into a movie except for the fact that the movie could never be as good and as unreal as the real thing because it just doesn’t happen in real life.  Eight months ago, it happened though…and so I bring back for your laughing pleasure, “The Series”.
Part One, Part Two, Part Three

It is hard to top that event, and I don’t predict that anything like that will ever happen to me again.  I hope not.  I also hope that my husband never does thisto me again either.  Surely he has learned right?  I mean, men can learn….right?  Change? Ay yi yi…I better protect myself if he arms himself with a cleaning product!

Now, in case you are tired of reading since the weekend is over and weekends can wear you out too, a little picture that just sums up one very inappropriate perk to being a teacher.  There aren’t many extrinsic perks people, so this, well, was a classic.

Hopefully that isn’t the only laughter you will have this weekend, but if it is, you’re welcome in advance!

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