Puppy Love

Posted by casey on May 15, 2010 in Caden, Puppy Palace

If it hasn’t been obvious in the dsc_0060_edited-1-copymany previous posts I have written about our dogs, and yes, there have been plenty, we LOVE our pups.  Not only do we love them, but they love us and well…everyone.  We have definitely lucked out in the dog department (except for the incessant barking when someone comes to the door – although it does double as a security system) with two canines who want to cuddle, don’t destroy our furniture or house and as it turns out LOVE babies.

dsc_0102_edited-1-copyThis was not news with Bo.  Bo is as loyal as it gets.  Loyal to the core.  Hardcore loyal.  I think its because he is a pleaser. (I am aware I don’t “know” this about them because they are dogs, but I know.  I just do, so leave it alone.)  He is also very intuitive and with each of our nephews and our niece he would always check on them when they were napping, follow around whoever was holding them and just always had an eye out to make sure everything was squared away and the baby was fine.

Then there was Thrasher.  Thrasher was questionable because those of you who have experienced him know that he himself is a baby. Our baby.  No really, he thinks he is and does not appreciate anyone who tries to interfere with his position  in the family.  This is why he barked at our nephews every time they made a sound, or flailed their arms.  This is why he tried to take Cathryn’s toys from her because, duhdsc_1366_edited-1, everything in this world is for him. Duh.  We knew he would eventually get used to a baby, seeing as how he loves Cathryn now that she throws his ball but were a little unsure how it was going to go at first with him. 

A few days before Caden was born though, Colter made this statement. “You know, I think he is just going to know. Yeah, I think Thrasher will know who he is and be fine with it.”  Seeing as how I was all zen at this time and solely focused on my ability to be calm and focused knowing that since it felt like Caden was going to fall out of me at any second (If only that had happened.) I was going to go into labor soon I just went with it and hoped he was right.  I mean, at least we all knew Bo was going to be wonderful with him.dsc_1405_edited-1

Well, as it turns out, Thrasher is in LOVE.  Head over heels, can’t live without him LOVE.  Determined to get him to play fetch LOVE.  Lays by him to snuggle any chance he gets LOVE.  Licks him constantly LOVE.  Watches us give him baths LOVE.  Wakes up when he needs to get up LOVE.

It is crazy.  The dog doesn’t even go for the rattling stuffed animal type toys that are pretty much everywhere. Nutty. Absolutely nutty.  He doesn’t get jealous when we are holding Caden on the couch instead of him, he just joins us as closely as he can.  The fetch thing is getting a little ridiculous…tries for the hands, then puts it on his tummy, next to his face, possibly his feet and starts all over again.  But, he doesn’t get upset with Caden when Caden doesn’t thrown it like he does at us.  Strange I tell you. Strange.  So here it is Colter, in writing, on “the internets” for anyone to see. You were right. He knows. He gets it.  He loves him.

dsc_1308_edited-1Oh and Bo? As predicted he loves him too.
He has just learned to ignore him when he wants and doesn’t concern himself with every little detail.
Thrasher, doesn’t want to miss a moment of his life just like us.
Puppy love I tell you, Puppy Love.

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