Caden 2.5

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Caden version 2.5 as in 2 and a half months is thriving and is quite the social butterfly these days.  Uhhh I mean social spider?  Butterfly isn’t very manly is it…spiders are creepy dsc_1130_edited-1though…social….oh forget it, I’m not comparing him to an insect anymore.  He is social. Social, social, social.  When he wakes up in the morning he is so happy to see everyone.  He smiles and chuckles at you like “Hey, where have you been? I haven’t seen you in awhile. I feel so energized, why do you look so sleepy?”  It does make me remember that I used to be a morning person.  Used to as in, “I used to be a morning person when I was getting a full night’s sleep.”  However, any sleepy cobwebs get cleared out when he grins and chuckles and I wake right up.

Did I mention that I wake right up just in time for him to decide now that he is so happy to be awake, has pooped on me and now has a full stomach again that he is going to go to sleep for another round. Boooooo!!!!  I say that since I have this weird trait that when I wake up, I’m up.  I can’t go back to sleep, I just can’t.  So I stare at him sleeping peacefully and think that it would be nice to be all wrapped up in a swing dreaming away.  Actually, lets take away that swing, I get really motion sick. I have gone off track again haven’t I?

dsc_1052_edited-1The other thing I recently decided is that I am going to coin a new hair conditioner.  It is going to be some concoction of spoiled/curdled milk, drool, and snot.  I haven’t quite worked out the kinks yet, such as the smell and the consistency being well, consistent but every day I get the chance to master a new version and see the results.  Hear me out….my hair is spending more and more time saturated in this for an unpredictable amount of time and I think its in pretty good condition.  That may be because I no longer have the opportunity to over-wash my hair by washing it every single day but I’m going to chalk it up to Baby Chunks.  That’s the name of my product.  On second thought,  I might re-think that.  I guess I should put the trademark application on that name on hold.  You see, Caden used to douse me and it was obvious, however his spit up and his burps are two distinctly different things now.  This is problematic because for the most part, my Baby Chucks product is delivered to me in silence.  Therefore I don’t know I’m receiving a soothing conditioning treatment until its everywhere.  I’m trying to “bottle” that sneaky, soothing part in the ad campaign.

True Story: Colter comes home from work and gives me a hug. Nice right?  He then comes back for another hug, burrowing his head dsc_1197_edited-1a little closer into the back of my neck to tell me that I smell like milk.  Spoiled milk.  Rancid milk if you will.  Turns out Caden had delivered his gift who knows how many hours before that when I was holding him.  How could you not know?  That is what you are thinking right?  This isn’t the runny, liquid stuff.  Think….almost yogurt like.  Thick.  Been processing in him for awhile thick.  Yummy!

It’s okay though because the smiles,and chuckles, and snuggles and does all the things that show he loves us without the words.  He’s lucky he is so darn cute!  Pretty soon my 13 lb chunkster is going to be rolling over as he has made some progress there, and his floppy head just isn’t quite so floppy anymore. Newborn clothes are all boxed up and 0-3 month sizes only have about another week as he is moving on up in the world to 3 month clothes and 3-6 month sizes.  So happy to see him growing and changing, and so amazed that he is already so big and so different.  Maybe by the time he is talking I will have Baby Chunks on the market and be a millionaire!!!

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