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dsc_1022_edited-1That’s it everyone, there is no going back now…we are in months.  MONTHS!  After passing 8 weeks over last weekend, Caden officially “turned” two months old on Tuesday. TWO MONTHS!!!!  As we started going through his seventh week, the week of milk out the nose, washing my hair in spit up and those damn Baby Dry diapers Caden’s social milestones really picked up and are now in full swing.  Over the past couple weeks he has been smiling more and more and I was positive that he was actually smiling at me and not just getting ready to fart or puke on me. (If he is grinning right after he ate, watch out!)  I tried to not make a big deal of it as I was sure I was being the type of mother who would soon say “My child is a genius…” because here I was saying he’s interacting with me (other than using me as his personal dairy cow and wanting to snuggle) when he really just needed to belch like a man.  Soooooo instead of being overconfident and telling you, I waited.

I’m not crazy now though, the kid smiles and even lets out a few chuckles at me when I play with him and really likes to talk to me while I am giving him his massage after his bath. (By the way, there is still a job opening over here for someone who wants to bathe and then massage me every night.  I’ll pay you in smiles too!)  We’re enjoying watching him transform into a “baby baby” and not just a “newborn baby” although it is bittersweet as all of his changes will be- wanting him to grow yet feeling nostalgic about the time that has already passed. 

My hair on the other hand is not quite sure it is appreciative of his newly learned tricks such as grabbing fistfuls of it and pulling.  The dogs however love that there is now officially one more person in the house who is able to pet them.  Thrasher though, the poor thing desperately wants Caden to play fetch with him now that he sees hidsc_0974_edited-1m grabbing things and reaching out, so every chance he gets he brings his beloved squeaky to Caden.  By brings, I mean comes and sets it either directly on top of his hands or next to his arm.  There the piggy sits and there Thrasher sits just waiting.  He has more patience for Caden though while he waits and usually snuggles him while watching intently.  If Colter or I don’t throw that thing we get this terrible bark in our direction repeatedly.  Caden gets snuggles, Colter and I get hearing loss, but we all are getting the squeaky.

Instead of giving you a group of new pictures for this week I decided it might be fun to do a comparison slideshow with similar shots from his first couple weeks of life, one month old and then now.  I will combine the new pictures from this week, week 8 with next week’s for a new batch.  The most noticeable change is well, the fat.  I mean, ummm, the healthy weight gain.  The truth is, that is exactly what it is, healthy weight gain, but it has given him a double chin, chubby cheeks and well the shape of a bowling ball.  We love our chunkers though and with since his gut spilleth over he is definitely looking quite durable these days.  He is getting more and more hair although it is fine and fair so you probably wouldn’t notice if you didn’t see him everyday.  It is finally dark enough though that is eyebrows are noticeable and not just translucent blonde hair!  Now he can really raise those eyes and scowl at us…great.

dsc_0994_edited-1This past week or so those diapers are still being the nightmare of my day.  Yesterday I managed to get peed on three times, pooped on once and have spit up all over my jeans and managed to still wear them all day.  While he went through four or so onesies everytime he pottied out the sides of those damn diapers I limited the laundry by getting those jeans really nasty before throwing them in the wash.  Oh the sacrifice. Amber set it best with “The called them Baby Dry, not Mommy Dry.” Valid point.  Caden is definitely staying dry, I am not. Don’t worry though I think our economy box of the “doom diapers” will only last one more week and then I will have to find something else to be miserable about for you. 

Two months ago I was waddling around thinking I had to pee at all times and then brought a seven pound baby boy into our lives.  Now at 12 + pounds I am getting my daily arm workout and officially have the hips to prove that he is in fact, mine.  Here is to the next month and the adventures ahead!

Growing Boy


Come on Lucky 7

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After a whirlwind weekend last week and busy family events Caden’s 7th week was spent recovering…sort of.  Lucky week 7 may or may not have been so lucky, but it provided us with a few humorous events.

“If it Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It”

dsc_0847_edited-1bwThis saying so readily applied to this week in the form of diapers.  Yes, I am blogging to you about diapers.  Prior to Caden’s birth we would from time to time buy some boxes of diapers to stock up so that we weren’t having to do it all when he arrived and to spread out some of the costs.  We had always heard wonderful things about Pampers Swaddlers (come on Pampers…see this and pay me for the advertisisng plug)and that was our go-to brand and type to start with.  I tell you what, those Swaddlers swaddled his little bottom so well that we rarely had any “issues”.  Enter Colter, Mr. Science Experiment who decided that we should give another type a chance.  I mean, how do we know we don’t like a different one better he says.  I came from the view that we knew we didn’t like another one better because we were not constantly covered in pee or well, worse.  No, no says my husband.  He wants to try Pampers Baby Dry. (I see the advertising plug going away since it is the same maker now.)After all, it has “Baby Dry” in the name.  You know what? Satan made the Baby Dry diapers as a trick to us all.  Caden likes to pee right out the side of the Baby Dry diapers…every…single…time.  Do you know where that pee goes when he is feeding?  Less on him and more right on my lap and shirt….every…single…time.  But wait, it gets better.  The Pampers Baby Dry introduced us to the “Number Two Code Blue” where his mess goes right up his back instead of the diaper.  What does Colter say? “These diapers suck.”  So eloquent.  Don’t worry though we are even luckier, because Mr. Why Use the Diapers That Work Perfectly bought a box of 252 Baby Dry Diapers to try them out.  Of course he didn’t want to test them on a 40 pack, he wanted the economy size.  With the cost of diapers that means I have another 230 or so time of getting peed on and poop all the way up the back to look forward to.  Thank you Pampers Baby Dry.

Milk Snot

You may be thinking to yourself that this makes no sense, or that you perhaps want to skip this section because it just sounds gross.  It is sort of.  dsc_0905_edited-1You see, Caden the little porker that he has become occasionally likes to really gulp down his meal thus causing him to choke a little because he takes it in wrong like we do sometimes and when he coughs to spit it back up not only does it come out of his mouth, but it also rockets out of his nose.  Say it with me now, AWESOME!!!  The poor kiddo has the saddest, most confused look on his face when it happens and there is my son with a milky, mucusy, snot type mixture all over half of his face.  Once he realizes he is fine is gets mad that I am still suctioning milk out of his nose instead of feeding him again.  The only benefit is that it clears his sinuses and anything else that is up there.  I have a feeling that he is going to be one of those kids at lunch whose beverage comes out their nose when they laugh.  Give me a few years and I’ll let you know if it comes true or not.

Spit Up Shower

While we are on tdsc_0876_edited-1he subject of spit up and bodily fluids, let me introduce you to….The Spit Up Shower.  “But why would you take a shower in spit up Casey, that seems contradictory?”  I know.  No one wants it to happen, no one.  Let’s just say that for reasons unknown, one of Caden’s feedings…more like one and a half of his feedings apparently did not agree with him.  After being a fussy face he fixed the problem.  Yup, he fixed it alright by soaking himself down through his diaper and me through my shirt, bra and shorts with his meal.  If you think a baby can’t have some force and distance behind some vomit, you are wrong.  What makes this okay is that the poor thing felt so much better after he calmed down from the shock of spitting all that up and soaking us.  I mean, maybe the milk had a deep conditioning treatment for my hair and will be my great find that will make me millions?  There is nothing quite like continually telling your husband that you need towels, NOW, and he keeps bringing burpies and blankets…for the baby.  Even after asking him to look at me, and that the towels were for me it took him a minute to take it all in seeing as how I had already stripped Caden and wiped him down.  I was trying to bring “Sexy Back” by smelling like sour milk.  I think it will catch on and soon everyone will be doing it!

A crazy week that provided some memorable moments as usual and laughter over some of the things you thought never possible!

Caden’s Seventh Week


It’s A Bird…It’s A Plane…

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It’s Super Baby!!!!


Assistant for Assistance

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I thought I would do a little post about a job opening around here.  I’m looking for an assistant.  I figure all of these random non-celebrity types who think they are celebrities have assistants so why shouldn’t I right?  Look at it this way, if I was a corporate executive I would have an “Executive Assistant” which we all know used to be called a secretary who would prepare my travel plans, keep my calendar up to date and if I was really mean perhaps they would pick up my dry cleaning from time to time.  So, I am thinking of it like this.  My job title is the CEO of Casa de Kazmann so dammit, where is my secretary? :)

I would like someone who would follow me around the house to pick up any articles of clothing that fall out of the laundry pile I am carrying to the couch to fold.  No no, no need to fold it, just follow me to pick up the fallen items.  You know, the annoying stuff.  If I wanted you to fold it I would get a housekeeper. (Not that it wouldn’t be nice)  Ah, so maybe I’m not looking for an assistant, but a housekeeper.  Hmmmm…something to ponder I suppose.  I’ll continue with the requirements.  I would like someone who will proofread my grocery lists to make sure I have no missing items I will have to go back to the store for.  That totally sounds assistant like.  Oooohhh I know! How about someone who will bring the ingredients needed for dinner, prepare them for the meal, make the meal and put it in the oven???  Oh shoot, that would be a chef.  So now I need a housekeeper and a chef.  Or maybe it is still an assistant.  I got it! I’m looking for an individual who will print out my daily addresses that I need to go to as well as directions to these places and a timeline itinerary of the best way to get to each place.  That is getting close to travel agent.  It seems to me that this assistant position is pretty tricky.  Not that we all couldn’t use some extra help, but an “assistant”. Regardless If you meet the above requirements as well as a million more that we will get to in your second interview then you’re in.  Oh an no, I cannot pay you.

I mean seriously, I keep hearing the most random people saying, “Oh Josh, he is my assistant.”  Really, for what? From the way I see it, Josh used to be your best friend but now you just make him do the most random tasks for you so that you can say you have an “assistant” and I don’t think that one bad reality TV show appearance qualifies you to need someone to assist you.  Maybe I’m wrong.  Let’s see,  you used to be able to do your own hair but suddenly you have a hairstylist and makeup artist for everyday, a PR manager, an intern and an assistant who all follow you around.  I get it, if you are in “show business” at all a PR manager makes sense…someone has to spin your crazy stories to make you look good, duh!  I draw the line at assistant when this is what they are doing –
– preparing a guest bedroom (aka making the bed) in preparation for a friend’s arrival (do it yourself)
– watching you try on outfits while shopping so you can have another opinion (get a friend, you don’t have to pay them)
– staring at your children all day and raising them (This is called a nanny, not an assistant, get it right.)
– using your name so they can have a spinoff series as well (Come on, we all see it coming and yes, I’ll probably DVR it.)

Ahhh society these days, everyone needs an “assistant”…anyone want the job?


Nanner What? – Scrumptious “Nanner” Puddin’

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Maybe it is a Southern thing, but there is something so delicious and comforting about Nanner Pudding.  Am I speaking hick for you?  I am talking about Banana pudding.  There are many ways to make it, some healthier than others.  Pound cake vs. Nilla Wafers, Instant vs. Cook and Serve.  Whatever you choose, this recipe courtesy of Lisa Breeze is scrumptious and makes the perfect ending to a spring and summer meal!

Creamy Banana Pudding

1 (14) oz. can Eagle brand condensed milk
1 1/2 c. cold water
1 (4) oz. pkg. instant vanilla pudding
2 c. whipping cream, whipped
36 vanilla wafers (or as many as you prefer)
3 med. banana, dipped in real lemon juice
In a lge. bowl, combine sweet condensed milk and water. 
Add pudding mix. Beat well and Chill for 5 min.
While chilling, whip the cream, and slice your bananas.
Take out the chilled pudding mixture and Fold in whipped cream.
Spoon 1 c. pudding mixture into 2 1/2 qt. glass serving bowl.
Top with 1/3 each of wafers, banana, and pudding.
Repeat layering twice, ending with the pudding on top.
Chill. Garnish as desired.


Six Weeks and Counting

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dsc_0717_edited-1bwCaden “turning” six weeks last weekend for some reason made me think of all these people with sextuplets, or three sets of twins, etc. etc. etc. Ay, yi, yi.  I’ll take one six week old thank you!  This past week was definitely busy which seems to be the case more and more each week now.  No complaints about that, but after being housebound for so long it is definitely a change for all of us!

We were very lucky to have a family filled week and weekend of fun, which gave us a glimpse into the future when all of the kiddos are going to be able to romp around the yard together and most importantly, on their own!  Caden has almost met all of his immediate family members now and is being indoctrinated as the newest member with smooches, talks and lots of snuggling.  Since it was family week, Caden chose this week to pick up a few new habits.

– He mysteriously gets hungry, starving hungry anytime I sit down to eat, or as soon as my food is brought out.  He also chooses these feedings to be marathon feedings instead of a quick snack.  Somebody doesn’t want to be left out of dinner-time I suppose!

– My child is a genius.  Everyone says that right?  I mean it though.  He learned a sentence this week.  Okay, not a sentence…a statement. “Hold me Mommy! Hold me Mommy! Hold me Mommy!” It may or may not come out more in whimpers and grunts as opposed to syllables, but I assure you that it is a sentence.

For those of you who have had kids, you know that six weeks marks the point where you get the “all clear” from your doctor to be a normal person again.  Well…a normal person who doubles as a milk man. Uhhh milk woman. In honor of the all clear I went for a run.  A long, sweaty, cardio filled run.  The only problem is that my appointment to be cleared isn’t until tomorrow-oops!  I just assumed and sped things along :) Technically, I waited six weeks and one day so see, I followed the rules!dsc_0781_edited-1

Speaking of assumptions, never, ever assume that baby doesn’t have to burp after eating.  If you do, you will get that burp shortly along with the entire feeding and it will not be on a burpcloth (not that it usually is) but on the couch, possibly the carpet and if you are really lucky, your face.  Never assume that since you just fed him you are safe for 2-4 hours because he is going to be hungry in 20 minutes. I’m telling you this kid is eating so he can be six foot five by his first birthday!

My favorite now is my running list of the things I need to get done and want to get done, even if it is relaxing.  If I don’t have this list to refer to by priority when the little guy gives me a chance (no he doesn’t tell me if I am going to get 2 hours or 2 minutes) I spend the entire time wandering trying to decide what I should do…and then alas, ,whimper…whimper…whimper.  So I am even more attached to lists….grocery lists, feedings lists, sanity lists, shopping lists are what keep this wheel running still.

Now, the conclusion of week 6.  Colter and I are vacationing! (Just wait for it) Caden occasionally enjoys the sleep sound machine.  You know, nature sounds, rain sounds, whale sounds pretty much anything you could ask for.  Well, one day we discovered the ocean waves sound.  Whip up a batch of margaritas, put on the sound machine and play name that beach.  The beach we want to be on that is.  From Riveria Maya last summer to a sound machine family vacation in our own home life is still a beach and one day we will make it back to an actual one! 

Caden’s Sixth Week


Swingin’ Weather

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Thank goodness the weather has turned, which naturally means it is park time!








Cathryn is getting too big for words, but that girl could swing for days!


Dive On In

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img_3627_edited-1During my entire life, the whole 25 years of existence, I don’t ever remember liking the ocean.  This is strange (as you may or may not agree) for several reasons.  First, I was a competitive swimmer from the age of 4 through high-school so even now the chances of me drowning due to swimming ability are slim.  Second, I didn’t live by the ocean until junior high in California so it isn’t like I had all of these horrible childhood memories that happened there or something.  Third, I was practically raised on a boat in a lake.  We spent all of our time there and the cloudy, mysterious water never scared me except for when my brother liked to play alligator tricks.  Fourth, okay I’m done with the numbers.  I really think there is one thing to blame for this, well maybe two.  I’ll count again to help you. 

First, in a lake (I am aware this isn’t the ocean) in a Sunfish sailboat my dad flipped it – on accident of course.  There I was flailing about, fully able to swim, with a life jacket on and completely hysterical.  I was drowning, I just knew it…that was going to be the end of my life for sure.  Seriously, until I was 21 anything resembling a sailboat made me terrified and I am still a little unsure.  I used to nassaubaul when we would go canoeing in the summers after that flipping incident when the water barely came up to your shins.  Again, I was going to drown…in 4 inches of water…I just knew it.  Unreasonable maybe but whatever.  The second reason, and what I have concluded must be the true foundation of this dislike is….duh dun….duh dun….duh dun duh dun duh dun duh dun.. JAWS!!!!!!

Stop laughing and accusing me of being insane since my two reasons are the ridiculous “near drowning” incident (I still have no problem with lakes or pools I’ll have you know. I love them actually) and a really poorly made dsc06362_edited-1scary movie about an insane great white that more or less boards boats as a passenger to snatch them off.  No, I don’t think that a shark is going to grab me off of the boat and yes I am aware that they only do things in defense ( BS) but the point is, they are in there.  Yup, crazy ocean creatures who have nothing to do but look for their next meal meandering around your swimming legs.  It makes me quiver thinking about it.  You might think that watching shows like Shark Week, Life, Planet Earth etc. would comfort me into understanding their lives.  Alas, that is a negative.  All those shows do is confirm that I am WAY more intelligent for having a fear of the ocean than you wave surfers.

Now, I have not lived in a climg_3640_edited-1oset to avoid this giant fishbowl for which we serve as the appetizer.  In fact, I have “conquered” this many times.  Snorkeling with the sea turtles in Maui, Hawaii.  Two seconds after leaving the boat ( I was the last to get off and with a few tears. ) where the guide said “Don’t touch or feed them because they are endangered, just swim with them.” a massive turtle swims two inches from my face to check me out.  Once I settled in I was fine.  Body surfing in Kawaii, Hawaii.  It only took my brother’s high-school aged water-polo playing friends to drag me in and stand me back up after being pummeled by the waves.  Snorkeling with the Sting Rays in the Virgin Islands.  This took way more convincing than the sea turtles.  So much that I actually climbed up my brother’s back upon leaving the boat terrified to put my feet down on this odd sandbar in the middle of the ocean.  img_6698_edited-1Why?  Those stingrays bury themselves in the sand and if you step on one, you’re a goner.  Come on, you saw what happened to Steve Irwin – stepping on one could totally result in them stinging you in the heart.  I finally put my feet down and even held one.  Still afraid you bet? ( You could see where the sandbar ended and the depths of the ocean and the giant squids, sharks and crazy fish lurked) Sunset sailboat rides in St. Thomas.  I think the Rum-Runners got me through that excursion.  Snorkeling again off of a sailboat (disaster times two) in St. Thomas.  The fact that my sister in law is WAY more afraid of the ocean and well any water was my saving grace there.  I had to put on a brace face to get her in the water.  I even freaked when flying to Paris and the little map on the plane showed that we were over the ocean and you couldn’t see any land on the map.

You might think I’m nuts, but I am going to show you why I am not and you just might re-evaluate your relationship with the ocean.  Let me introduce you to my little friend.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! But wait, it gets better. Let’s look at that face a little closer.



This my friends, was almost a three foot hitchhiker on a rig in the Gulf of Mexico.  Tell me it doesn’t look like it belongs in the movie Alien vs. Predator.  Not only did this confirm why I don’t go “swimming with the fishies” but it also made the fact that Colter laughed when I asked if anyone ever swims around the rig make sense.  So, while the ocean pictures look quite peaceful, take another gander at this fellow and tell me that I’m still an idiot.

Happy Swimming!
I think I’ll continue tanning on the beach and wading up to my ankles with the seashells thank you very much!


Cinco de Baby-O

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Okay, first of all I know that “Baby-O” isn’t really Spanish for baby.  Second, I also know that Fifth of Baby makes no sense.  Third, give me a break because well I thought it was more fun dsc_0491_edited-1bw-copythan week 5 and it is a little tribute to my brother in law who likes to add “O” to the end of things or a “los” before to get a rise out of his wife who speaks fluent Spanish.  For example….Does anyone want “Los Cheeps (chips)?” 

This past week was actually quite busy which is why I am a couple days late on his fifth week pictures.  I know you all thought that sooner or later I wasn’t going to be able to keep up this weekly post with a slideshow of pictures, but Week 5 isn’t that week folks.  How about a little confidence in me?  While it wasn’t the week that I quit keeping up with his weekly pictures, it was the week that…

– I had enough and had to reclaim my house from baby-land.  Now, instead of our home looking like the entire Babies r Us store, it just looks like an aisle in the store.  While before this week you might have walked in and wondered what the smell was it is now so fresh, and so clean.  Reorganized and ready for a baby who is starting to get to a routine, phew!

dsc_0439_edited-1-copy- Caden got to meet Abbie, the daughter of one of my best friend’s Christine, who was born four days after him.  We even took our first “road trip” in order to do this and I must say we timed feeding him and him sleeping pretty wonderfully.

– While he got to have his feet tickled by his cousin Cathrynlast week, this week he met his cousins Caroline and Cate from Arizona.  Well, I say meet loosely because he pretty much slept but they were quite fascinated by him!  Yes, I am aware that there are a lot of C names so far in the family.  I think it totals at 7…Carolyn (grandparent) Colter and myself, Caden, Caroline, Cathryn and Cate.  Now…say it fast three times. :)

– I hada my first pull over on the side of the freeway to suction spit up out of a choking baby moment and it was just as awesome as I imagined it would be.  No babies, vehicles or mother’s were permanently injured in the making of this event.

– I decided that I am WAY overdue for a blog post entry that is not in relation to Caden, or baby spit up, or anything in that genre and have this in the works.  Give me two days, which I have learned probably means four days but it is all right here (pointing to head as if I am tapping on my brain).  In the meantime, enjoy some more baby pictures because you know you can’t resist!

Caden’s Fifth Week – Cinco de Babyo


And the Basket Holds…

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I bet your Easter basket isn’t as good as mine!










Happy Easter Everyone, I hope you found your hidden baskets. :)


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