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Do you see this pup here?


Yes, the one stretched out and lounging comfortably.  Well, he has decided to help with Baby Kaz training as well with a nightly need to go outside somewhere in between two and four a.m.  It always coincides perfectly with me just falling back to sleep after another unnecessary restroom break.  I get it Bo.  When you have to go, you have to go.  What you don’t get though is that once I get up, turn off the alarm, walk to the back door and let you out, I’m up. Not only am I up, but Baby Kaz who you are so anxiously waiting for is also up.  Up and kicking.  So, while I am supposed to be getting “all the rest I can” because I will never sleep again in my entire life and what have you, you are making my days start between two and four a.m. while I get to watch you peacefully go back to sleep next to your Dad so you men can sleep like little angels.  Try to be a little more considerate next time.


Oh Old Ladies…

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This Week in Knitting…

I said I was going to start off a post like that each week so I couldn’t resist actually throwing the line out there.  First of all I think I need to clear up a few misconceptions about this “new hobby” of mine that I mentioned a couple of posts ago.  Yes, I am aware that typically my generation isn’t found in a yarn shop knitting up a storm.  No, Baby Kaz is not the reason for this development as if to make myself look  or seem more “motherly”. (I mean come on, I’m as motherly as it gets right? :) )  Yes, I even laugh at myself as I sit knitting away on occasion.  No, my husband does not think it is necessarily normal.  No, my brother does not think it is normal.  No, my friends don’t even think it is normal.  However, I guarantee that once they see my creations they will all be jealous and wanting me to make something for their families.  Okay, maybe just my friends…not so much my husband and brother.  I am so glad we could clear that up!

There is something about this knitting haven that reminds me a little of the “Joy Luck Club” and a bunch of older Asian women sitting around playing Mah Jong and swapping life stories.  Except they are all white, not Asian and there definitely isn’t Mah Jong, just yards and yards and yards of yarn.  Still, same concept so to speak.  There is one larger round table in particular where they like to gather whether they are waiting for a more experienced employee to assist them, looking at a new project or there to just work in peace and this is the best place to eavesdrop in on “cat talk”.

Cat lady #1: “Georgie, do you want to do this in white or black yarn?”
Cat lady #2:“Ohhhhh white.  Definitely white. You know I don’t like anything black and will never use black.  White is better.”

garterstitchMaaaaayyyyybeeee I read to much into their little conversation, but when you get an elderly lady in Texas speaking about black vs. white I couldn’t help but chuckle.  The shocked tone in her voice when asked if she would consider black yarn was almost enough to make you think she had been asked to give up her seat on the bus.  Hilarious.  Racism in yarn.  Have we not moved past that yet?  Not even a little?  Her poor knitting needles will never know how wonderful a black project could look.

Now, I can say that many people do “travel” to this store, some from greater distances than others, but especially those who live in small Texas towns.  It tends to be a stop on the hit list of places to stop by for others who have moved away or who have friends that live here and talk about it.  Recently our toll roads went all electronic, so there are no more people freezing in booths waiting to see if you drop in your change or not if you do not already have a Toll-Tag. (I did think it was strange that they did away with this in the middle of the job-crisis.)  This poor woman was really shaken up by her “LONG” drive in.

A Very Patient Employee: “Sugar, can I help you with something?”
Small Town Driver : “I’m just overwhelmed after my trip here, I thought I would never make it!”
A Very Patient Employee:  “Oh really? I’m sorry, Well we are so glad you came, where did you have to travel in from?”
Small Town Driver :  “Denton!!! (she says it as if it was Montana and it is about 30 min from the store)
A Very Patient Employee:“Oh, Denton.  Well, I am still glad you came.  How did you drive in? (Mistake #1 on her part, she should have stopped before that.)
Small Town Driver:“I went on those toll-roads.  But I tell you what, there was no one there to take my money!  I could see the booths there but they were all blocked off like they wanted me to just keep driving.” (They do….the signs tell you so.)
A Very Patient Employee: “Right.  It is okay, they don’t have those booths anymore.  They will just bill you for it but it isn’t anymore expensive.”
Small Town Driver : “Well I kept trying to go through the cones to get over to the booths but then no one was there.  Everyone kept honking at me. (Poor thing just wanted some yarn.)  Wait did you say BILL Me? But how will they find me?”
A Very Patient Employee: Oh, yes, you definitely don’t want to try and go through the cones sweetheart, you just keep driving and they will mail you a bill based on your license plates.
Small Town Driver : “I knew they were tracking me! I’ve got to find a different way home so they can’t watch me!”

Yes, the employee did start every sentence with “Oh” as if to give her sweet brain time to think and not laugh.  Yes, that poor woman didn’t have much enewprojectxperience on the “big, city roads” which makes her all the more dangerous.  Yes, the employee continued to try to help her by offering her different solutions.  No, the woman could not go home any other suggested way besides the toll road after all.  God Bless everyone who was driving around her, but at least she got her yarn right? (The employee did try to save us all by convincing her to order her yarn online or to call them and order it so they could mail it to her.  However, oddly enough, this wasn’t going to do because Small Town Driver wasn’t very good with “the technologies” and wasn’t going to be able to do either of those.)

I can’t give away everything from my knitting days but my teacher was just as hard on my fellow classmates this week but since it was all expected now that we knew what we were in for everyone laughed it off.  I continued to keep my head down and work along with a younger black woman (I only mention this because of Cat Lady #2)Three students did not show up this week…they just couldn’t take it I suppose.  I on the other hand am not messing around.  I am almost finished with Baby Kaz’s blanket and have even moved on to another task as well.  You roll your eyes when you think of me sitting in a straight-back chair in front of a crackling fire with a blanket draped over my legs as my fingers knit away into the wee hours of the morning I know it.  Let me tell you what…when your son is kicking you in the ribs, and you are being prepared for no sleep when you are supposed to be “getting all of the rest you can” due to insomnia, you would want something non-electronic to do as well.  Judge not, or you will never receive a hand-made knitted something from me and I know you would be devastated.  Until next week, pray for some crazy old knitting ladies!


Perfect Timing

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A bit of background for you before Baby Kaz makes his arrival in 5-6 weeks!!!  Based on the way I and many other people were raised, I think that you believe as soon as you start trying to have kids you will.  Well, that wasn’t necessarily the case for us and was something I chose to keep to cmemyself because who really needs the pressure of everyone else’s thoughts and wishes as well right?  Well, last June I finally spilled…twice.  First, there was my sister in law, and we happened to be stroller skating with my niece.  I know, you thought no one actually did that but it is true and my legs were sore enough to prove it.  A couple of days later,  one of my dearest friends who has been in my life for a decade now, happened to be in town and while driving around she brought up their plans as well.  For the first time I was relieved to have this “girl talk” so to speak.  We vented, laughed, and then were able to move right on and I for one felt much lighter.  Guess who found out that Baby Kaz was on his way two weeks later?

img_0509I couldn’t believe the timing and thought that if I had known all I needed to do was talk about it with a best friend that I would have done that months ago! Haha.  Colter and I were waiting until school was starting to begin telling people our big news and I was already thinking about how I was going to tell someone who I knew was feeling the same frustrations.  While you are always happy for those around you I was hoping that happiness would overcome any bittersweet feelings for her.  Little did I know that she was going through the exact same thing.  At the end of August, while setting up my classroom, I received a phone call from Christine that went a little like this…(after the usually beginning babble of course)

C: I really wanted to share our big news with you before we told everyone.
Me: Oh really? (Already having a feeling of what it was because of our conversation in June.)
C: We’re pregnant! We have been waiting to tell everyone and are getting ready to make it public.

At this point I knew that our timing had to be pretty close since most people who are waiting to make it public dsc_1263_edited-1wait about the same amount of time (12-14 weeks) and we were getting ready to share the same news.  Did I come right out and say it to her you ask?  Of course not, I had to string her along some…

Me: Ah, that is so wonderful! Congratulations! So how many weeks are you? (She proceeds to say she is in the same week I am…to which I laugh….and I am sure she was wondering why that was funny.)
Me: So when is your actual due date?
C:March 9th
Me: Oh wow, what a great time of year! I don’t know how quickly I will be able to come and see you though, that is going to be a really busy time for me. (Bad friend right?)
C: Oh really, why?
Me: Well, because my due date is March 12th!
C: WHAT???!!!!! WHAT????!!!! No way!!!

Let the commiserating begin!  It was so wonderful to know that there was someone right there going through the same thing even dsc_1278_edited-1with all of the differences individual pregnancies bring.  I was also happy for our husbands who could vent about their hormonal wives if they needed to. :) We keep talking about how who knows if we will ever have timing like this again, and chances are we will not.  That is the real reason I decided to share this with you.  Above is a picture of us during a college visit and then a summer trip two summers ago.  Notice the svelte figures, the tanned skin and the lack of swelling.  Next is us last weekend…okay not us, just our bellies.  We realized that after her visit from Oklahoma last weekend, the next time we see each other we will truly have families since neither of us are allowed to travel anymore.  So far we can both say that two is better than one, a baby boy and a baby girl (if all things go accordingly to our sonos) and thank goodness that our “two is better than one” scenario is a shared time between dear friends and not twins!  Christine’s husband has already promised to give our son a chance and only put blanks in his shotgun when he goes to visit their baby girl.  So generous and trusting don’t you think?


Baby Kaz in a Bubble

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We had no intention of getting a 3-D sonogram since well, they are unnessecary, and the whole seeing part of them but it still being mushed but everyone thinking that is what they are going to look like concept is a bit strange.  That being said, at my last appointment a week and a half ago I was getting my usual sonogram when all of the sudden the screen was switched to 3-D mode.  In the sharing spirit, here are a couple semi blurry and mushed images of  Baby Kaz ‘s sweet face at 31 weeks and 5 days. Enjoy!

bk32wks       bl32


Into the Domesticated Wild

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(Disclaimer – We have been having some Internet issues at the house, hence the lack of new entries for the past month. I know you have been having withdrawals, and I apologize.)

Okay, for those of you who are not aware I am officially a “stay at home mom-to-be” right now.  Yes, I have taken a break from the runny-nosed, germ buckets that filled my classroom to prepare for Baby Kaz’s arrival and to better address my own health needs.  The only thing is, this “stay at home mom-to-be” sure doesn’t get to spend much time at home resting still!  In an effort to brush up my domestic side in these last weeks leading up to “the big day” (Remember when that phrase was assigned to a wedding? Boy how time flies!) I have taken to some things that I am sure you will find absolutely hilarious.

The first is prenatal yoga.  While it isn’t so much the concept that I think is so funny it is more the mental picture of a group of pregnant women doing yoga poses.  That and I’m not really the best personality type for yoga normally, but I think this is quite good and relaxing.  So go ahead and get yourself a good picture in your head of unbalanced women who are proportioned strangely to various degrees doing what they like to call downward facing dog and warrior posture.   Now, take anything that is not PG out of that picture because your mind is on the wrong page and being inappropriate and clean up that mental picture.  Now laugh.  You could probably just read the sentence about the poses without picturing anything and laugh.  Even so, laughing or not, that is the first thing I have done for myself so to speak.

knittwo1You might not find the yoga so shocking possibly, but this next one is going to get you.  First a few clues.  My class is held at a business called The Woolie Ewe.  I am by far the youngest student.  Due to being the youngest student, I also happen to be the fastest…at everything…even being pregnant.  It requires two hands, and my mind but the rest is free to relax.

 Yup, knitting.  Didn’t think I had it in me did you?  Surprisingly enough, this is not my first encounter with a ball of yarn and needles.  Approximately 5 years ago I decided to teach myself to knit over the holiday break and I did so pretty darn successfully.  However, I recently decided that there was no better time to brush up these skills then when I am supposed to be “staying at home” and that a new relaxing hobby stereotypically suited for grandmothers is just what I needed.  Plus, pretty soon I am going to have blankets and booties and hats to make.  Well, last week was my first class and I just knew I would have to share it with you.  I just hope my mush of a memory can accurately recall all of the necessary events for this post.

1. I was attending knitting class, in the middle of the day, on a Wednesday.  That should tell you something right there.

2. Our lovely instructor happens to be a retired school-teacher.  I should mention that she taught troubled high schoolers, not “endearing” young-ins from an elementary level.

3. Let me introduce you to my classmates.  There was a Beatrice, Margaurite, Ellen, Patty and I am pretty sure a Glenda.  How is that mental picture coming?  Not good enough.  Lucky for you I used my handy, dandy phone to document a couple of my new friends for you. photo Forgive the poor quality, I was trying to be as discreet as possible.  Poor things, they would probably have a heart attack if they knew I had a phone that doubled as a camera and that they were being featured on “the internets”.

So, with those things in mind (if you aren’t hysterical yet) our class went a little something like this.  First, our instructor told us stories of her rebel students from back in the day for a good twenty minutes at which point she began teaching. By beginning to teach I mean she showed it once on her needles which looked nothing like what we were using from the other end of the table and then said “Go”. Thank goodness I had already taught myself this and once my brain had a refresher my hands and memory took over because she was not very understanding about people who didn’t catch on the first time.  I thought the lady next to me might burst into tears at any moment as her needles were repeatedly yanked out of her hands as she was scolded with, “Weren’t you watching? You’re doing it all wrong.  Sweetheart, pay attention!”  Her progress (which yes was lacking, but still it was progress) was then yanked off her needles as she was told to start all over.

knitHere is the thing, you know that old phrase about old dogs and new tricks?  Take a look at my classmates again.  Add into this group a mother with major anxiety issues about leaving her kids at school and another really sweet woman who just desperately wants to learn something new and succeed and expect them to get it the first time.  I thought our teacher was going to quit.  Don’t get me wrong, she had unreasonable expectations and was WAY to preoccupied with former students stories and cats but unreasonable nonetheless.  I should take this time to mention that this really is a wonderful store and everyone is very friendly and helpful…our teacher just needed some elementary experience is all.  So they all plugged along, asking her to repeat and I just kept my head down happy to be back in the knitting game.  That’s right, back in it.  Go ahead…say something…I dare you…my mood shifts like a light switch and I’m full of nasty comebacks, so I would tread carefully, but go ahead, make a move.  No? I’ll move on then.

Once I proved I could cast on to my needles and make some rows of a basic knit stitch all on my own like a big girl I was sent into the wild and assigned the task of making a blanket for Baby Kaz.  I know this was my goal and all, to actually make things but now I feel the pressure.  The yarn in the top picture is what will be used and although you can’t see the color really well there, nor can you feel the quality I think it will be quite nice…if I sit down and work on it.  My classmates however may have still been staring at their practice yarn. 

So, I think I may have a new weekly entry titled “Today in knitting class…” and fill you in on the strange event of the day.  For last week, it was definitely this next story which is what I will leave you with until next time.

When I walked past another table I knew I was in trouble when I heard -

“Well Shirley, when I was making all of those cat beds for my babies [her cats] I used this wonderful yard over here.” 

Uh oh….cat talk, in a yarn/knitting store.  It was like I was in a movie.

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