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To deplete something according to Webster’s means “to decrease seriously or exhaust the supply of” – as in to reduce, drain, or lessen. 

My job has thoroughly depleted me. 
My heart’s capacity to care and try has been exhausted.
My brain is drained. 
My ability to teach a classroom of children has been lessened.

Sad isn’t it?  I wish I could blame it on hormones, or anything related to pregnancy but alas…it just isn’t so.   That being said, I am depleted.  So depleted in fact that I can’t even write…vent…think.  Nope. No can do, no brain cells left for it.  Don’t even want to think about it. Can’t do it.  Must ramble…

So, instead I think about things like this little sugar…in a ladybug costume…and smile.  dsc_0770_edited-1I mean, wouldn’t the world be better if we all looked this cute in a ladybug costume?  Scratch that, I DO NOT want to see Shaq, Richard Simmons or Oprah in a ladybug costume.  But I think you get the point. I mean, check her out.  She isn’t depleted.  (This is when her mother says…”Ha! Isn’t depleted my foot. How about when she is hungry, or tired, or throwing herself on the floor in full tantrum mode?” I respond with “No, not my niece, look at her…ladybug.”)  I should mention that when Cathryn visits, Bo is always at her side like in this picture, sitting and waiting.  Desperately waiting for her to notice him and play.  Staring lovingly willing her to see how badly he wants to protect her and trot along side her.  Bo loves Cathryn.  He might love her more than he loves me, and that my friends, is a lot of love.

dsc_0574_edited-1Ooooo how about this little wobbler and his grown up football???  I mean, this should be a Nike advertisement. “Nike. It is never too soon, to ‘Just Do It’.”  I can see the campaign now.  I should go into advertising.  Just for Nike and this shot though.  He is going to have to wear something besides UT’s burnt orange though…I’ll put that in the contract.   Like Bo, loves Cathryn.  This child LOVES his Uncle Colter.  For an entire weekend he walked around repeating “Uncle….Uncle….Uncle…Uncle…” while point to the stairs, or the ball, or the door or to anything else his heart desired that he knew he could convince his Uncle to do with him. 

You don’t get to see Auntie’s love very much because Auntie is usually behind the camera, catching the love others are getting.  So after Uncle and the dog etc. I come in there and am loved by these non depleted, living life kiddos.

Did you know that you can be adorable while showing your disdain for what isdsc_0618_edited-1happening to you and throwing up the “unsure eyebrows”.  Braiden is very curious about this black thing pointed in his direction making clicking noises.  Maybe he thinks his Auntie has an abnormal growth when she attaches this to her face.  Or maybe because it is hungry.  A common theme I must say.  But this baby is cute when he is depleted…and he has turkey thighs and rolls.  Precious, baby rolls.

20weeksAs far as our own bundle of joy is concerned, things are squared away and he is partying daily.  I think he likes to remind me that he is in there regularly in case I have forgotton.  Trust me, when you are losing the ability to see your feet you don’t forget that you are pregnant.  When you have a rubber band between the button loop and button of your pants to hold them up you don’t forget. (But you do celebrate that they still fit everwhere else!)  When you continue to get stuck in couches or chairs that lean too far back and don’t have proper arm rests to push off of you do not forget you are prego.  When you end up breathing like a 70 year old asthmatic from putting your shoes on and use to be able to run 5 miles briskly and feel fine you do not forget that you are knocked up.  And I said I couldn’t vent. :)  Really though, I feel great and am gearing up for the next few months.  Baby Kaz is still a boy as confirmed at the doctor today.  We got a good glimpse and then he promptly took his hand to cover himself.  The doctor said the boys do that all the time as if they are embarrassed.  I said it looks more to me like they are already learning the one handed scratch.  Boys…always touching themselves. Boys…seeing boobs in the picture on the left instead of baby belly.  Geesh…what have I gotten myself  into?

There you have it, one of the most random, rambling posts I have made….and I did it just for you!  No need to thank me.  When I am feeling more eloquent again I will try a legit post.  A post with more of a point, topic or explanation. Now though, I am taking my depleted brain to bed. Or to the kitchen. Tough choice.


New Tricks

Posted by casey on November 2, 2009 in Snapshots

Cathryn has a new trick.  That’s right, I said trick.

“Hey Cathryn!”









“Cathryn, where is your belly button?”

















As she proudly shows it off and then jams her finger at it.
Don’t you just want to squeeze her?

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