Tearfest 2009

Posted by casey on September 8, 2009 in Home

So last year on September 7th, I wrote this post about my Mom’s birthday.  This year I was too stinking occupied with purse snatchings, high speed chases and the police to get to that point. So Happy Day After Your Birthday Mom, you would have been so proud of me this year, I was almost on an episode of COPS during the wee hours of your birthday morning!  I can say this though, what I lacked in a birthday blog post about this I made up for in pointless tears.

You see, both Em and I remained very calm and in control (as did Leah, Mark and Colter) during Sunday night…well Monday morning’s events.  All of the crying and carrying on we should have done during that and immediately after we made up for on Monday.  Let me share  a few with you…

1. After going to bed WAY too late once all of the criminal festivities ceased I woke up to check the time on my phone like I do every day.  I no longer had a phone, because that “enter choice name” stole it.  So I burst into tears.

2. I made the journey to the phone place which will remain nameless so as not to hurt their reputation….AT&T WIRELESS !!!!! They suffficiently screwed me so that I could not replace my phone without giving them one arm, 1/4 of my salary, weekend visits with my dogs and every other Thursday use of my television.  I walked out and burst into tears.

3. I then went to Home Depot to buy blinds for for two small windows on either side of my front door because it freaks me out at night when Colter is gone that the world can see in (I had already gone to do this once a few days earlier but my prego blood sugar tanked and I couldn’t handle it).  They told me I had to special order the blinds.  Then she snapped at me and asked what I was waiting for and said it would be 30 minutes.  Since she was rude, and AT&T WIRELESS had just screwed me, I burst into tears.

4. As I left Home Depot and put my keys in the ignition I realized that I no longer had a keychain.  Not only that, but that the keychain that I used to have that was stolen by you know who was given to me by my mom….on my birthday before she died….and then stolen from me on her birthday. Awesome.  So….I burst into tears.

5. Frustrated and exhausted I went home and attempted to change.  But when I couldn’t zip up my pants, I burst into tears.

6. I burst into tears laughing at my own blog post about the criminal events and then burst into tears again as I again had the epiphany that it did actually happen.

7. I planned a trip to a cute gift shop to buy Emily and I new keychains to make us feel better.  As I got ready to go and checked the address I saw the email that they were closed on Labor Day.  I can’t even try to makeup for this criminal’s mischieft with retail therapy, so….any guesses? I burst into tears.

8. I got a GREAT coupon in the mail for Ann Taylor Loft which has the best work clothes for me that I can usually double and transform into a reasonable non-work outfit.  However, Ann Taylor’s perfectly tailored clothes will no longer button over Baby Kaz. Tears folks…bursting into tears.

9. I remembered that my husband is a long distance husband again starting this week for a few weeks and after the weekend  I could use a smidge more time with him so I burst into tears.

10. I can’t even unlock the classroom I am unsure I even want to go to in the morning because those keys too were stolen.  Then we were told we would have to pay for these keys to be replaced.  Tears.  (The expense of the crime is getting out of hand)

11. The kicker…I didn’t even get to pick up Mom’s favorite birthday cake to eat in self  pity this year because I was too busy bursting into tears…and the thought of coconut cake didn’t agree with Baby Kaz.

Shall I go on?  Only about 30% of this I will attribute to hormones, the rest is exhausted rage at all of this.  Also, Emily cried as much.  She might have even burst into tears more.  There were a few other events at work today and this evening that I could add but I refrained.

So, last year Mom, you got this post .  This year you got a police report and a lot of random tears and a pregnant daughter who is in a really BAD place….a really dark and dreary place all because of some jerk who set of a chain of events that just keeps going.  I will try to do better next year, and yes, I will work on my attitude.

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