The Worth of Wonder

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How can this not make you wonder about life?


The glow, the depth. I saw it and I wondered as I do every time.
You have to ask yourself, is it worth it to you?
A question I think this shot speaks to.


Good Morning Creatures

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I think that might be the title of my first kids book.  You could read it as an enthusiastic surprise of “Good, Morning Creatures!”  or the straightforward “Good (as in not bad) Morning (as in not night) Creatures (as in wild lil’ animals).”  Personally as an expert on the beloved “Goodnight Moon” that seems to be every stinking kiddos favorite, maybe I will go with a play on it and leave it at the polite greeting of, “Good Morning Creatures.”  The title is not the point, and no you currently cannot tell me it is a terrible title because in fact, it is not a book…not even in the works.  However, yesterday morning during my 5 a.m. run (yes, my body will move at that time in the morning) my life turned into a children’s book.  So I present to you, the interpret the title as you want, “Good Morning Creatures!”

Settle in folks, you don’t want to miss it, and…..ROLL SCENE

Bo-pup’s eyebrows tickled her face until her eyes cracked open, reaching his goal.  Once seeing his mother, or who he believed to be his mother was awake to start yet another day, they pounced.  You see, Bo-Pup and his eyebrows were not alone.  Right alongside the velvety snow white coat of Bo was Thrasher the cloud. No, no, no, not an actual cloud another pup.  This pup though, looked just like a cloud, all fluffy and creamy with a feather-duster tail,  just asking to be squeezed.  As was their “up to no good” morning routine, they covered their mom’s sleepy face with wet, bubble gum pink tongue – kisses until she gave in.

One swift movement and “Plop!” out of bed and standing, all three of them were trotting to the kitchen.  Okay, mom wasn’t trotting and Dad was still snoring, but the pups were definitely trotting….prancing…frolicking…jingling their collars like jingle bells the entire way.  “She’s up, she’s up again!  You know what this means Thrasher?” said Bo.  “FOOD!!! Food, food, food! I love it when she gives us food!” screamed Thrasher in his morning whimpers while balancing precisely on two legs, like a clown on stilts.

You see, Thrasher’s vocabulary is a little more limited than Bo’s.  Bo will hold full conversations with you but Thrasher keeps to his favorites.  Food.  Snuggle.  Play.  Fetch.  Sleep.  Pet.  Pick me Up. (insert illustrations of each activity here)  Despite sticking to their favorite activities, when they see mom’s sneakers after breakfast they look  like toddlers amped up on sugar. They leap, and twist, and twirl, and fly, and race, and speed across the house with eyes wide open, waiting to here the magic words. “Are you ready to go for a WALK?”  Mom whispers attempting to let her husband pretend like the whole house isn’t alive this early in the morning.  The problem is, once those words come out of her mouth, it is game time.  The leaping and twisting and twirling and flying and racing and speeding across the house gets pushed up from toddlers on sugar to kids at a birthday party level and then starts the frantic barking.

Bark…WE’RE GOING!!!!”  “Woof, WHOO-HOOOO the neighborhood is ours again.”    “Cry….I can’t wait, I can’t wait.”   “Yelp..If I have to wait one more second I am going to pee right here.”

The sudden darkness of the morning makes the trio pause in the drive and adjust.  No birds chirping yet.  Just crickets and secadas.  No time for taking in the peace because Bo-pup and Thrasher are off!  Fortunately mom was hoping for a run as they pulled out their leashes to their limits like a stretched slinky, weaving a path down the sidewalk stopping at each mailbox and hydrant. (I mean…its a kids book people, and kids want dogs to stop at hydrants. Deal with it.)

There they possumwere, free as an uncaged hamster, owning the neighborhood when “BAM!” The dogs jump, Mom jumps, and everyone’s eyes fly open!  “Why hello Mr. Pete, the Possum.” Bo snarled in a scared and frantic bark definitely not welcoming his appearance.  Mr. Possum taunted them with his rope like tail and said,”Don’t you snap at me.  This is my time.  The only time I can come out and enjoy the land. Do you think I am nocturnal because I want to be? Huummppphhh! If I come out in a few hours and rule the day like ypossum-swingou I will either become roadkill or a dog toy.  No one likes a possum, I know it, so leave me alone.”  Possum scurried off and up a tree while the pups decided if they were going to calm down like Mom pleaded, or drag her over.  Seconds later they saw Mr. Possum curl his tail and swing from the tree hoping to be left again to his lonesome self.  Bored by his retreat, the dogs chose to be kind to Mom and loosened their pull.

The pitter patter of paws and sneakers continued on the pavement as everyone’s heart rates steadied into a cardio rhythm again, happy to be on their way and alone.  Thankful that there weren’t any injuries from the possum dispute, Mom was glad to be reaching the halfway point.  The dogs’ rubber band tongues had stretched out of their mouths and were flopping to the sides.  They smiled as the spit flew from their tongues with each step until…..”SMACK!” Right in front of them sleeping along armadillocartoonthe fence, was Mr. Arnold, the armadillo.  Mr. Arnold really creeps Mom out with its silvery, armor like exterior, cable like tail, and nail like claws. 

She couldn’t help it.  After almost tripping over Pete the Possum and then this, she screamed.  Yelped was more like it.  Just once.  Bo on the other hand was thrilled.  Having caught Mr. Arnold’s cousin in the past by the tail (and yes letting it go after Mom intervened with a broom) he was ready for a challenge. “Noooooo, please, please,” begged Arnold the Armadillo.  “I will get out of your way, I am so sorry to bother you, armadilloscaredplease don’t mind me, I can leave, its fine, aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he rambled as he ran.  Funny enough, even though Arnold’s hard shell is protective he didn’t enjoy the visit from his neighborhood “pals”.  In fact, he curled into his ‘fraidy-cat” ball and rolled down the hill along the rickety, wooden fence.  ‘So much for that game,” whined Thrasher drooping his tail to a new low.  “Forget the jog, we are sprinting,” decided Mom and they sped off.

With the last turn in sight Mom increased their speed even more willing them to be at the front door of their home.  They rounded the corner between the last two lamp posts when Mom stopped cold, dropped the leashes and began flailing wildly while shrieking.   Her arms will getting all twisted around her face, and her legs were jumping up like a soldier marching on fast-forward.  Bo and Thrasher being too confused at the sight of their calm, gentle mother being anything but calm and gentle just sat and stared in amazement instead of taking the “free leash” opportunity to run.  “What’s gotten into her?” Bo questioned, tilting his head at Thrasher.  “Play! She wants to play!” replied Thrasher beginning to get excited.  “You nit-wit.  You may be my brother, and I may take care of you, but geeeeeezzzz, does she really look like she wants to play?”  Thrasher pondered this for a second and then decided Bo was right, she probably didn’t want to play.  She must want to snuggle.

While the dogs carried on, Mom still danced so to speak around the cul-de-sac frantically. “Uh-ohhhhhh, I got it, ” Bo thought knowing he couldn’t help much with this, but enjoying the entertainment.  I think Mom ran into Steve, Silvia and their family.  “Steve and Silvia?”  You know brother, “Steve and Silvia, the spiders from Sacramento…they just moved here spiderweband got settled in on that lamppost.”   Poor Mom, she was so tangled in spider web she felt like a trapped fish.  Her hair had gotten longer with the web that was attached to it, and there, decorating the top of her head, was Steve himself.

“How rude!  I had just finished setting up the living room when you came tearing around that corner with no care for anyone else.  You ruined my house!”  In his hate at that moment, the spider spun a little extra web right on top of her for impact and then leapt back onto the post.

Mom, defeated, slowly picked up the leashes and walked the last block home looking as though she had lost a major battle.  The dogs, who were successfully worn out yet happy to have strolled the neighborhood were back to prancing, excited to be home again.  The front door swung open as the dogs ran ahead leaving Mom trailing behind wishing she could return to bed to recover, but there in front of her was Mr. Kazmann, awake. “Nice walk?” he asked somewhat sarcastically, somewhat seriously.  “We ran into a few morning creatures who wanted to tell us ‘Good Morning’,” Mom replied almost in tears.  She made a mental note, that maybe she, Bo and his eyebrows and Thrasher with his feather duster tail should wait until the sun comes up to venture the neighborhood again.

licknose  “Good Morning Creatures” by Casey Kazmann (Copyright 2009) has been brought to you by Botfarmdog (and his eyebrows) as well as Thrasher (with his feather duster tail).  They have helped turn real-life nightmares into this highly entertaining children’s book series.  The moral of this one? Sleep in.  Continue looking on your bookshelf for the upcoming adventures including topics like -

– I have poop on my behind and I can’t get it off.
– I rolled in the mud and mulch after the rain because it looked like fun.
– I played with a wasp and lost. My face is now a balloon

And my personal favorite….
– I ate all of your hair bands and they are now stuck in my stomach.


Breath in the Beauty

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In the spirit of “The Eye Twitch“, something to help us all just take aminute to breath it all in. 










There is a serious amount of breathing going on in this.   I mean nature took some deep breaths and blew them out all over this.  Deep breaths…in…out…breath it in.


Eye Hiccups

Posted by casey on May 20, 2009 in For Your Funny Bone, Home

img_6010_edited-1I present to you….the eye twitch.  That one there on the left, yes your left, yes the one with the crazy eyebrow and clumpy eyelashes.  (What can I say, it was a long day.)  For four weeks and three days now, I have had an eye twitch.  Twitch….twitch….twitch.  It occurs at a quicker pace than the hiccups and is actually more obnoxious than them too.I stinking despise the hiccups so let your mind wonder and pick an adjective that describes how I feel about this eyelid pulling, constant distraction that is taking over my life.  Dramatic? I think not.  You deal with this thing and then tell me how you would explain your feelings about it to people.  Here is the best part.  Did you know that an eye twitch has a “scientific name”?  Blepharospasm.

Let it roll off your tongue as we say it aloud together now, blepharospasm.  Nope, you mispronounced it, try again.  Bleh (like yuck that tastes gross) faro (Spanish for far :) I kid. ) spa (no, not for massages, like spat but without the ‘t’) zim (I got nothing). Perfect, blehpharospasm, an eye twitch.  Okay, there is actually a better part than the best part which might seem impossible to you, but in my life, just this once it is possible.  So, I have had the eye twitch for four weeks and three days but add to that the headache I have had for 6 weeks and 5 days and I am a complete joy to be around. 

The causes are as follows
Stress - Why thank you I had no idea.  Yes I agree that I should handle stress better and of course I would like to not let it build up.
Fatigue- Hmmmmm….I should probably be in bed then. Darn, ruined that one.
Nervous System Disorders – Been there done that, already in the medical file.
Staring at a Computer Screen for Too Long- Hmmmmm…I should probably be reading a book instead of typing a blog. Darn, ruined that one too.

The hubs tells me that I need to learn to manage stress better because obviously this is where it is coming out.  So I have been brainstorming on how to img_6003_edited-1do that.  Here is what I came up with to assist in this cure.  First, I need a beach, a frozen beverage, and a cabana boy.  Second, I need to spend more time  behind the lens.  That being said, I am going to need to add a new toy to my repertoire.  Third…oh crap, I might as well stop, you get the idea.  I’m too busy for meditation, and well I can’t even meditate to begin with.  My jumbled teacher brain wanders to my to-do list not a place of peace.  All the yoga classes are during work and lately I haven’t even had time to write.  Usually writing does it but I haven’t had time and well, the twitch is so mind-numbing that it has given me “writer’s block” which is just an excuse for “I have nothing to say because one of my eyes has lost its marbles and is off the reservation, oh and I can’t rope it back in to make it stop!”  (And then I ramble…and make crazy run-on sentences) Whew!  What, make time did you say?  Thank you for the advice, I hadn’t even thought of that. I CAN”T!!!!!  If I make time, then I lose more sleep from what I am already not getting.  Guess what though?  There is light at the end of the tunnel…in 10 days my daily time allowance is going to double and if this freaking thing doesn’t go away then, I’m going in for a brain scan stat-Izzy Steven’s style.  I know, I just pathetically ended this post with a Grey’s Anatomy reference but well, I blame it on the twitch.

(Update: There may be a twitch, and a headache, but I stood ground on those principles and the results have been quite nice and unexpected. )


Is She Though?

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Lovely that is.  As in, “Isn’t She Lovely?”.  So I am asking you if I am lovely.  Are you with me now?  I think I may have lost myself.

Hold up the trophy folks and please make it prettier than the Dancing With the Stars disco ball, because I have “won” my first “blog award” thanks to the wonderful, charming and lovely Jordan.  What award you ask?

one-lovely-blog-award-150x150The lovely award.  My blog is lovely.  Or I am lovely.  Maybe both.  Possibly neither.  But I still won it…so there.  That wasn’t a very lovely thing to say, now was it? Here is the thing, lately I have been blogpated, as in not able to blog.  Blogpated  due to well…stress, time, exhaustion and oh yeah, the eye twitch (we will get to that later) so this dainty award is just what I needed to kick my lovely rear in gear and get to it.  Plus, it just makes me want to drink tea any buy pink roses which doesn’t happen often.  Regardless, I am going to try and act lovely for a second which forced me to do some research.

Lovely (adj.) 1. gracefully or delicately attractive 2. beautiful in character 3. highly pleasing

Hmmmmm…..how did I get this again?  I mean I know I am gorgeous (duh) and character?  I invented beautiful character – that is what swearing and sarcasm weave themselves into like yarn in a scarf…character.  Oh wait.  Number three – highly pleasing.  That must be it.  At least I hope so.  I’ll let you think about that one for a bit. (I apologize, apparently really short sentences are my thing today.)  Nevermind, I forgot, this award is about the blog not me.  Silly me, always thinking of myself. Me – Me – Me! (there is a little Kidd Kraddick in the Morning reference for ya’ kids.)   Even so, I am glad someone thinks this blog applies to the above definitions, especially the last one.

As with anything good in life, there comes a downside (how was that for pessimism?) and with my fan-freaking-tastic award comes rules.  The newfound rebel in me is not a fan of these…that’s right I said I am a rebel and you can stop laughing, I can hear you.   The rules are that I must post the award (so see, I wasn’t showing off) and let you in on who gave it to me….and then the tough part, I have to re-gift.  I am not a re-gifter.  I am to try and not only let you in on Jordy, but on eight other blogs that I love to thus give you, some lovely reading.  Get it…I got the lovely award, and now will show you others I love, so you can have something lovely to do.  Buuuuuuuutttttttt, I don’t want to pick eight just to pick eight.  So I am only going to show you those I think are in fact lovely for various reasons. (And some I newly stumbled upon that aren’t yet listed on the blog roll) Lovely because every item on the site is lovely, lovely for the artistic value and lovely because well their love and life is just lovely.  I am tired of saying lovely.img_4139_edited-1

1. Oh La Tart – Be warned, you will want to purchase each adorable item she shows you and describes.  A dear friend of mine finds these precious things and then applies them to her life and shows us all why we need them.  Dangerous I tell you.

2. Phillip Glickman – A friend of a friend….you know the drill.  You will get wrapped up in his photos.  Lovely indeed

3. Sixth Seal - So the above friend, who lead me to Phillip’s page is the creator of Sixth Seal and an amazing videographer.  I went to highschool and technically college with Luke and his talent is incredible.  You must check out his video of SXSW on his blog as well as his latest footage from Europe.

4. The Pettijohns – Natalie might be one of the cutest, sweetest girls I have had the pleasure of knowing and getting to dance next to in high school.  As many of us do, she now chronicles her adventures here and I am not going to send you to tons of baby blogs but well, she is preggers and adorable, and buying everything a pregnant woman could dream of. :)  Did I mention they are in the process of a cross-country move and baby is due in August?  Talk about adventure…


The Unexpected Speaker

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img_5938_edited-1bwgDear Mr. Kingsley,
I did not know you but your message leaves a mark.   You see, I have driven by what I would call your home everyday now for two years and never turned in.  (I never have really been one of those finds  a cemetery fascinating kind of person….and actually haven’t ever gone in one without purpose before.)  But, every single time I drive by I have peeked down the one-way dirt road that winds through your humble cemetery and wondered how long it had been there.  So, finally, I decided to make the turn…and I meant no disrespect by carrying my camera.  img_5951_edited-1Honest Mr. Kingsley, I always carry my camera and well I always shoot what my eyes think are beautiful.  While you may disagree, I think that you and your message are beautiful.  So, as I crunched along the gravel slowly walking through this amazingly peaceful place I sort of subconsciously raised my camera.  I really am sorry if you mind, but I hope you do not.  I am also hoping that I am sharing your message with your blessing because I think we could all use a dose of you.  What I found wandering around here was calm.  I needed calm, and well, the complete silence with the soft breeze, and the stones marked with dates from the 1800’s, the soldiers from both World Wars and the familes were subtle reminders at what our legacy is or could be…

Thank You Mr. Kinglsey, You Have Left Me Refreshed & Reminded

Be Good Sweet Maid and Let Who Will, Be Clever
Do Noble Things, Not Dream Them All Day Long
And So Make Life, Death, and That Vast Forever,
One Sweet Song


Love’s Silhouette

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Child’s Play

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img_5920_edited-1Turns out, you CAN teach a new child, new tricks. img_5915_edited-1

Peek – A – Boo anyone?


What You Wait For

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