Kids Paint the Darndest Things….

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I usually post to write a statement of some sort and elaborate on it.  I try my best to have pictures to go along with each post because well, who doesn’t love a great picture?  However, I truly have no words to go along with the point of this one, but it was too good to not share.  I believe words would hinder the message because the picture makes a statement enough on its own.  So I bring you the latest artwork in our hallway –

I encourage you to click on it for a close up.  Notice the detail.
Enough said.  Happy Hump Day and welcome to my world.


Roadside Rescue – Reason 8,764 I Love the South

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Yesterday morning I was being punished.  For what I have yet to figure out, but I was most definitely being punished but then I also had my reasoning for loving the South confirmed.  Flashback –

With the sky turning a delicate shade of blue after a beautiful sunrise I was making the morning commute to work to teach Saturday school…again.  My brain was battling itself with “I am exhausted from a hellacious week and do not want to be doing this.” vs. “The kiddos need your help and after all, it is an extra paycheck.” all  while jamming to Sam Thacker .  Singing and driving, singing and driving I felt myself waking up and gearing up for the day when all of the sudden (insert curses here) my car pulls sharply to the left and I heard the somewhat unfamiliar ‘thump…thump…thump’ of a blown tire.  Awesome.  Having to teach Saturday school and blowing my tire on the way?  I mean, what is it exactly that I am being punished for again?

Robot Mode
1. Assess the surrounding traffic 2. Emergency Flashers 3. Aim for the shoulder 4. Assess the damage and 5.Cry – kidding…kind of, okay usually but not today.  I surprisingly remained perfectly calm which is rare because if there is one thing I hate, it is being a helpless female.  I mean…I just like to do my part, so feeling useless is not my cup of tea – especially in a girly car…at least the Tahoe gave me street cred. That being said, I CANchange a tire- if I had to.  It might take me three hours, 40 minutes of which would just be getting all the “supplies” out from its various nooks, and yes a quiet neighborhood vs. the freeway would help, but I could do it – if I had to.  But you see, I wasn’t far from home and Colter was actually in town, hence, call him.  I’m reasonably close to home, roadside assistance will take ages, I do actually need to get to work, so call the hubs.  After a sleepy conversation he is on his way…I think….I hope…I can do this…he’ll be here soon…It’s fine…I’m fine….I’m late…Relax….Stay in the car or out…still singing…

(Enter acoustic guitar background musicfor dramatic effect) Then, in my rearview mirror help has come!  Only in the South would you glance in that mirror to get a glimpse of a Chevy pick up truck off-roading the incline from the on-ramp with his flashers on to rescue you.  Only here would this individual actually re-park his vehicle in a position so that if someone was to run off the road they would most definitely hit his truck before coming close to yours.  Only in this great region would boots appear on the pavement and a gentlemen would appear with work gloves in his hand ready for action.  Only a Southern man would hear,  “Thank you for stopping, my husband is on his way, so you really do not have to stay,” and stay….and get busy…fixing my tire at 7:30 a.m when it is forty degrees. Reason 8,764 I love the South.

Now, you non-Southerners may argue that this has happened for you somewhere else but it just isn’t the same.  I guarantee your help didn’t come in the form of a boot/jean wearing, truck driving, on my way home from the station fireman who changed your tire in 10 minutes flat.  This was not his first time.  (Yes I know I am married, and so was he, so relax) So it was proven again to me yesterday that the South still does have its values and that most people here forget that not everywhere do guys hold open doors, stand up at tables or take their hat off when shaking your hand.  The list of “Southern Manners” could go on and yes some are so unnecessary, but the gesture, no matter how small, is a pleasant surprise every time and I still am genuinely surprised when any of them happen.

Colter arrived at exactly the same time as the first cop pulled in to check things out, which was just in time to see that it was all fixed.  Next was a thanks to  Mr. Fireman and then off to escort me to the gas station to get some air in the spare.  Naturally, as anyone would do I made him take a snapshot of me (morning hair, no makeup and all just for you) and the victim of the day…my front left tire. (Check out the wrinkles I can make on my forehead!)  I mean I knew this was going to have to make a blog post so of course I had to document it without being to intrusive.

The end result of this whole ordeal was checking out the actual damage of the tire which had completely blown out the inside left wall.  This led us to seriously evaluate the wear on all of the tires which no surprise here was awful.  Four new tires, a complete realignment and a huge punch to the wallet now have me safe and secure to master the roads again….that is until the next fiasco occurs and I have to be rescued again.  At least I am in the South!

Next Up: Weekend Wrap-Up Cathryn Marie and A Girls Night (which also ties into other people complimenting Southern kindness)


Cranky Pants vs. Friends

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I have had that line (the title) as well as “You’ve got a friend in me”, stuck in my head since approximately 8:10 this morning.  Why you ask?  Well, someone might say I wore my cranky pants (that’s right, cranky pants) to school this morning.  I quickly corrected them that it wasn’t “cranky pants”, it was “I think I’m getting sick and today I just don’t want to be here” pants day and they were heavy.  So I got an e-mail from a friend (across the hall) and I thought I would share (such a giver I am)…

You don’t hate it today. Aren’t you the optimist? Here are the positives…
- you are a good cook
– you are a good blogger
– you are my sarcastic potty mouthed friend
– you like to work out
– you have a successful, supportive, loving hubs
– we only have three months of school-io left
- it’s hump day…get you some girl!
– tomorrow and Friday we get to wear jeans
– it is a testing day so actually we don’t have to do too much
– I like to end lists on an even number so I had to add one more line

First, I laughed.   Then, I re-read it.  Next, I bolded my favorite line and hit reply.  I mean isn’t that what friends are for…to encourage you by reminding you that you’re halfway through the week and make bold, “I’m just looking out for your best interests” type statements in the same sentence?  After that I pondered the list a bit, and was flattered all at the same time.  So, the things I like about this list are:

1. I now know that enjoying working out is a good quality and not just crazy.
2. My love of cooking is enjoyed by others, and apparently appreciated by them too.
3. Being sarcastic and foul mouthed seems to make most of my friends (girls and guys alike) like me even more.  I find that strange…I guess it is the surprise of it and the honesty part of it all.
4. She threw it back old school and said school-io.
5. Someone enjoys reading this mindless nonsense I post and thinks I actually have a knack for it.
6. She was way more fun and referred to today as hump-day instead of plain-Jane Wednesday.  I then carried this on for the rest of today because I just love watching everyone “go there”.
7. I know someone more OCD than myself because she has to add another line just so it is an even number. (which is why I am ending list list on an odd number – see, sarcastic and mean spirited!)

So, I learned today that some friends are there to make sure you aren’t wearing cranky pants all day and to cheer you up by complimenting your negative personality traits, staying in shape habits and husband all while also telling you to get some.  What would we do without friends?

” You’ve got a friend in me
When the road looks rough ahead
And you’re miles and miles
From your nice warm bed
Just remember what your old pal said
Boy, you’ve got a friend in me
You’ve got troubles, well I’ve got ‘em too
There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you
We stick together and we see it through
You’ve got a friend in me”

Pictures: Both older and newer  (check out all of the hair changes) of some of my lovely friends!


Pick Your Poison

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As everyone is well aware of, it is Monday.  Monday means I spend a good portion of the day thinking about how there are only four more days until Friday and planning out how all of my other passions in life are going to fit into my “life business plan”.  You know, how to turn all of the “what ifs” and riskier dreams into a reality.  Which, that alone in combination with the fact that it is still Monday directs my brain to the above picture and what the poison of choice will be to rid myself of “The Mondays.”

At Houlihans, our happy hour place of choice last week I quickly realized that each of these distinct beverages served a different purpose…and no, those were not all mine – stop judging.  Which poison will it be?  Do you want to mellow out and go home needing a nap, get the job done quick and love everyone or hang for awhile with the off-beat chance someone might challenge you to a chugging contest?  It is as though you can judge how bad your day was or the people around you, by what you choose….was it bad enough for liquor at 4:00 p.m. or just bad enough that a couple of brewskys will quickly allow your mind to leave work at work?  It is probably bad enough that by 10:00 a.m. our minds have already begun thinking of the options and almost always it is the third choice (especially in a frosty mug) but last week, last week I got stuck in the middle and last week I was girly.  I know, you are shocked, but close your mouth, we are all allowed to cave every now and then.  Quick and dirty is what I needed last week to bury the day, (I promise I have other coping mechanisms in place) but today…not as bad. Okay, bad, but not dreadful.  Fine, not stab yourself in the eye bad, just stub your own toe to refrain from saying anything because you can’t bite your tongue any harder bad.  Still not a good thing huh?   Look at it this way, enjoying an “adult bevarage” with some pals after work is the perfect way to unwind…and for those of us who don’t get to talk to anyone over the age of ten all day, we actually get to feel like grown working adults who are gathering somehwere where there are other grown working adults for once.

So even though it is slow, mind-numbing Monday, at least it is just a “beer not liquor” Monday right?  Rose-colored glasses folks, that is me…always looking at the brighter side! Haha. Cheers! What will your poison be today?

(I think the fact that I just wrote an alcohol inspired blog proves that I do in fact need to make some of those dreams a reality…I am working on it!)


Love Poems via the Fourth Grade

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I think subconsciously I sometimes give an assignment just knowing I am going to get some “great material” out of it.  After reading some of my kiddos poems/Valentines statements, they were too good to not share (as is….spelling and all- I put in parentheses what I was unsure you could decipher).  Go figure most of the hilarious ones were from male students and yes, some of them are sad funny…just remember…it is only fourth grade and they will survive.  I should also mention that the men are just now starting to notice the ladies, so we are getting a lot of first timers in the Valentine department.  Poor schmucks!

Number One – The Rationalizer (male)
“Valentines Day stinks because I don’t have a Valentine.  I don’t know why I don’t, but I think it might be because of my glasses.”

Number Two – The Observant Child and Pleaser (male)
” I like Valentine’s Day because I can give everyone I know cards, candy and cokoys (cookies).  We get to draw pictures of harts and coler them.  Valentine’s Day is speshle to everyone.  Its because it can make people fall in LOVE.  It also makes people do crazy things to imprese the wemon.”

Number Three – True Puppy Love
“My puppy is the one I love, He’s better than a turtle dove.  He’s black and white and could kiss you all night.  He plays and fights, but doesn’ t bite.  I love him so and he is not my foe!”

Number Four – Straight to the Point and the Newcomer to Love
” Valentine’s Day.  It’s on Saturday, February 14th.  And so close to my birthday February 17th.  This is the best Valentine’s Day because of a girl named ______.”

Number Five – The Mama’s Boy (self proclaimed rapper as well)

My Mom is the Best
She is Better Than the Rest
On Valentimes Day
She Blows me Away
I Love Her So
She is Not Named Mo

Number Six – Mr. Negativity
“For why do we give Valintines?  They suck like a duck in a tux who is unable to pluck and whose name is Chuck.  For the probability of a duck in a tux unable to pluck, especially if he is in a truck is the same probability that Valintines will stop being mushy.  It sucks.”

Number Seven – Heartbroken
Dear __________, Thanks for being my friend.  I am sad that you left.  I miss you badly. I hope that you are having a nice time in __________. Love, _____

Number Eight – The ETERNAL Mama’s Boy
“Roses are Red. Violets Are Blue. My mom is sooooo pretty.  My mom is a bit witty.  No one loves me as much as her.  She is a boy leur (lure).  I love her so much.  But my Dad has her as a wife.”


Number Nine – The Comedian Charmer
” I hate valintines day.  cupid thinks hes so cool but hes not.  He thinks hes cool shooting love arrows to people.  What you need to do is get some cloes (clothes) on instead of making people fall in love by shooting them.”

Number Ten – The Feminist
“Look at all of you dressed in red.
Especially you Ted….and you Fred.
I’d rather be dead than be in red.
Where are my meds?
Stay away from me Fred!
Or I will stab you with my lead!”

And….last but not least….drumroll please….

There it is, love and Valentine’s Day straight to you from the perspective of a fourth grader.  I hope the humor brightened your day because well some of them had me rolling.  I also hope the labels agreed with how you saw each submission and you get a fast forward glimpse of them ten years from now.  Maybe we should make this a study and in a decade I should have them write another one!  I wonder which poem each of you identify with as an elementary student, or now…or which you find your favorite for whatever reason.  I am stuck betweetn # 6, #9 and of course, # 10. Look at it this way, at least I am not asking you for my meds and threatening to stab you right?


The Lovebug

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Dear Hallmark,
I am feeling as though I should take the stance of the thousands of individuals around me who hate you and your greeting card industry holidays.  You are responsible for turning the stores into a perky blur of red, pink and white and actually have the ability to make the smell of chocolate nauseating.  You make everyone feel as though they have to prove their love with cheesy gifts and stress men out looking for “just the right” way to not be typical but completely original.  For the past few weeks I have watched men circle aisles of teddy bears, heart boxes and plastic flowers so they can give more of their money to you.  Hallmark, you are rich enough, leave us alone.            Thank You for Your Consideration, CKaz & Co.

Okay…the rant is finished but I do have more to say ! (You could at least act surprised)  While I don’t like that this upcoming “holiday” is explioted like everything else I am also embracing its message…Love.  Forget the colors, and the Sweetheart candies (although they have that childhood familiarity that makes them occasionally delicious) and the Hallmark stuff.  Forget those things and take a minute to remember all of those in your life that you love for all the various reasons that you love each of them.  Now tell them.  I know you hear it all the time, but I have lived it.  You need to tell those around you that you love them and maybe even why because you can and they will appreciate it.

I got bit by the lovebug…and in order to spread the message without contributing to to the exploitation  directly, and to also fulfill my creativity craving for the moment I made some notes for not near as many of my loved ones as I could have and mailed them out.  You see…my list was much longer and my time kept getting shorter.  (Sound familiar?) Not enough cards could ever be made, but the point was to help make sure that you all know that I do love you.  Friends…family…and even aquaintances, I love you because each of you add something to my life.  Each of you support me in a different way, many of you keep me in check, some of you just let me cut loose.  I love you because around you I can be serious, or funny, or awful when I am having a bad day.  With you I can laugh, I can share my story, I can escape or I can just be.  I love you because you are in my life, and if it takes teddy bears, roses, candy and cards to make sure you know that then I will cave because I do not for one minute want any of you in my life to think that you are not loved if not for at least it is just me.

I don’t believe that technology isn’t as personal or doesn’t get the point across.  If an e-mail or a text is all you have time for in the next few days then send it.  Anyone in your life would be glad to know they are loved in whatever form they hear it.  It can even be food with humor.  Holidays also give me a reason to bake, so I made cupcakes…and a few of them I personalized for some special single friends.  We’ll make it a scavenger hunt for you to find the mystery “single lady” cupcakes…and to show you that even a sarcastic cupcake can show a friend that you do in fact love them. (shout out Ms. B&D)


Accepted Roles

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I think we often allow our daily and “life” roles to be defined by other people instead of ourselves.  I personally don’t find myself thinking about what my roles are in my current life very often and thanks to Jordy I was able to in a very simple manner.  So, if one was to look at me, this is what I think they would see…
                                         Every day I play the role of…

- a freckle-faced 24 year old “adult”
– a strong Southern woman
– a creative mind
– an open heart
– a people pleaser with an independent spirit
– youngest sibling of two
– only daughter and Daddy’s girl
– dog lover (no matter the breed or size)
– loyal friend
– wife (the dying breed I am told who still cooks)
– a generous heart
– a solid support system for all of those who are important to her
– a nominated family photographer, keeper of secrets and “internalizer”
– a teacher

                                                   But I only get paid for the last one.

What are your roles?  What do you think, or hope people see in you?  I am sure the list for all of us could go on and on forever, but I tried to isolate it to a smaller list…that is what makes it harder.  While I love the above picture from San Francisco you all know I can’t actually keep a serious look like that for very long…

This is what most of them looked like which is one more thing I hope you think of when you think of me…a smiling face…a laughing voice…a joking spirit…and even a sarcastic comment.  I mean come on, when comparing the above picture to this one…I think most of you identify with the smile lines next to the eyes.  Right?  If not….maybe I need to adjust my roles and add “Queen of Serious Looks for Ghiradelli” to the list.  Hopefully you don’t disagree too much with the roles I listed but could add to the list instead.  Here is to positive thinking!  Consider this the latest edition of “Getting to Know Casey…or Case….or Missy…or love…or hey you… whatever it is you personally call me.”


Room With A View

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If there is one phrase we all hear often whether it is when looking at a new house, from a hotel room, out your car window or from your office, it is “Man, look at that view!”  I think we all are programmed that one more status quo in our society is having a spectacular view.  In order for it to be fantastic by society’s standards it should preferably overlook some type of body of water as opposed to a freeway or housing development.  Well, I think that this is one more thing that society didn’t fully think about because our views have different meanings to us like anything and some of us choose our view when we choose our career. 

All of our offices are different.  For some, your office has the desk and bookshelves with all the latest technological goods.  For others, their office is a kitchen with the aromas of fresh baked goods or tonight’s dinner.  Maybe your office is the road as you travel, or the latest hotel you are in that provides you rest.  Regardless, each of these has a different view and mine is no exception.  My office view is of approximately 25 desks, three large tables, a “beach” area, countless books and things hung everywhere.  My office also has my corner…where I sit with the view of children. 

 My corner is not very secluded and all that divides it from being one more thing the kids can claim is the green electrical tape that outlines my desk.  The barrier.  The one thing they have to ask permission before crossing so that if I must I can hide behind the green line even though they can still see me.  (Yes I put it there.) My view is always open…and  some days the view does remind you why you originally chose this.Some days though, just like when out your window you see dark clouds rolling in, the view is dreadful.

It doesn’t fit the status quo and I am sure it is different than yours.   As I type, let me share with you one part of my view that also reminds me, that it could always be worse.

 So, I am asking you…and please feel free to actually answer because I am in fact curious….What is it that you like about your view or what is it?  What is your favorite thing to see when you are at work or what would your ideal view be?  What has been the best view you have had at work? (that might start the jealousy train…)  Don’t let the status quo of what a good view should be keep you from trying to appreciate the one you do have.  I mean, who wants to look at a lake with peacful swans splashing and spring flowers blooming anyway?  Not me…I like nose pickers and chewed pencils!  I hope this helps anyone who is having “a case of the Mondays” instead of making it worse!


When The World Speaks…

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Disclaimer: I have currently been left to my own devices and forms of entertainment during the week for the next six months, hence the excessive blog posting.  I hope that it is at least keeping you interested and not infuriating you that you got another e-mail alerting you of yet another post. Thanks – Mgmt
After speaking to many friends recently it seems that for whatever reason, their is a large dose of ANXIETY being slipped to the public (a mental roofie if you will) and frankly it is making the crazy in everyone come out and making our minds feel like what our closets look like when we start to clean them – cluttered.

Do you ever feel like sometimes when your mind is all cluttered, the world throws trashcans at you to help you throw away the clutter?  (Bad metaphor?  Just go with it because I am going to take it another step further.) Trashcans in the form of friends, conversations, journal entries and most recently quotes that allow you to sort through the mumbo-jumbo and get back to “normal”.
I have never been a huge “look for the signs” person, I do think things happen for a reason and you meet people for a reason, but recently, I think the world has been “speaking” to me and those around me who have felt anxious about anything. (Cue Twilight Zone music now).  Maybe I have just been paying attention more, or maybe it is the world getting in my face and saying “Yeah, I did it. I screwed with your plan, because plans don’t matter.  I toyed with you and I want to see what you are going to do about it.”  Surely I can box the world right?  I mean,  I work out…it can’t be that hard to beat the world’s anxiety ridden energy pushing my direction.  I got this.  Anyway…a dear friend of mine Jordy (on the Blogroll) got a card sent to her with this on the front.
  1. the path is not straight.
    No kidding, my path the past two years has been like climbing Everest and riding the biggest wave at the same time….but doing it all backwards.  Trust me, that is the perfect description.  So I suppose that even though it isn’t straight and throws forks in it that involve decisions we are still to try our best to wander this nonsense path that is our lives.  Continue carrying on folks…the journey has just begun!
  2. mistakes need not be fatal.
    I need to make some more mistakes, especially since I now know they aren’t fatal. (Thank you card) I mean, when you are afraid to fail, you don’t make many mistakes.  No I don’t actually want to screw up, but I think you get it…maybe I should just allow myself the option.
  3. people are more important then achievements or possessions.
    Amen.  You shouldn’t ever close yourself off to meeting new people because you might just miss the exact person(s) your life needs at that moment and then how lonely would that be?  I suppose moving around so much has made making new friends and continuing to meet people a sort of a 2nd job.  What can I say, I love the thrill of getting to know someone and knowing that one more person in this world has my back. Does it really get better than inviting someone else to know you and be in your life?
  4. be gentle with your parents.
    I think everyone has things they wish they would have said or should have kept to themselves but I this is a good call…parents are allowed to screw up too (refer back to #2) and they are dealing with their own lives in addition to yours.  Not to mention they dealt with you and all the dumb things you did… Gentle is a good call. (thank you again card)
  5. never stop doing what you care most about.
    We all make sacrifices in life and we all also have to learn to not sacrifice the things that are truly important.  In my opinion I think this also applies to letting yourself learn new hobbies that you care about and making room for those also.
  6. learn to use a semicolon. (amen!)
    Ummmmm….amen? I tend to use…and yes, I know it is annoying.
  7. you will find love.
    You will.  But you will also find it not just in your spouse or significant other, but in your friends, family (also can be friends), pets and sometimes even food (thank God for dessert).  Learn to appreciate love in all of its forms and then you will be more ready for the love you are looking for. Just a piece of advice from an old married woman. :)

Yes World, we are listening.  So if you could just make the anxiety go away and could stop throwing greeting cards that fit the moment our way, we would appreciate it.  Until then I will continue enjoying my glass of wine and think of yet another topic that I can fill your poor minds with or make you start thinking about one other thing…I am sure that is just what you need! CK – signing out.

(Don’t forget to keep checking the other site (http://thingsiknowforsure.tumblr.com/) for the wise items I have decided that “I Know For Sure” in life.

Pictures: San Francisco – Fall 08.  The 49th mile stop sign was on the way to Fisherman’s Wharf and the heart sat on the corner of Union Square.


Classroom Entomology

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This might help you decide if you are prepared to enter the classroom…or it just will further drive home that I need a different career path for my own personal sanity and health.

Situation 1:A child coughs directly into your mouth. (You can actually feel the spit particles enter…)

Reaction 1: Within two minutes you swear your throat is hurting and “Man, is it hot in here?”

Situation 2: You pick up a child’s paper only to turn around and see a finger entirely up their nose.

Reaction 2: You immediately question every sticky surface in the room, and every stained paper even more.  Surgical gloves may be needed to grade.

This year, I have stared down one situation four times now and I swear to you I will beat it again.  Me vs. Insecta  Anoplura. Gibberish you say?  Nope that would be me vs. head lice and every time it looks like this…

Situation 3: Child has been discovered with these nasty little creatures.
Reaction 3: Immediately start itching and not wanting to scratch my head for fear that this time I have lost the war.

I successfully survived childhood without contracting these blood feeding ectoparasites.(Thank you Dr. Gold for teaching me Entomology 101 for a Science Credit at good old Texas A&M) I practically asked for them as a kid with sleepovers with shared pillows and laying my head on God knows what while gallivanting through the woods with all the boys but still beat the odds.

I swear…if I contract them as an adult I will be enraged.  The first “diagnosis” this year was on a student who had such an awful case of the head louse that you could see them jumping onto his desk!!!!!! Jumping….from his head….onto his desk.  I mean really…NO ONE should have to see that.  You are supposed to have to finely comb their hair to find them at all so can you imagine how bad it was if they were jumping… I think I have painted enough of a bug infested picture for you. 

The best part is that even after the kids are all checked (five more cases confirmed that time in various classrooms – yes it spread) and cleared, the eggs don’t hatch for two weeks so they actually could still have them.  Classrooms are bad enough when it comes to cleanliness no matter how hard you try, so trying to quarantine surfaces that they could migrate to (think all the stuffed animals at home…) is mind numbing.  It is really more of a is today the day outlook once the situation has entered your safe little lice-free world. 

We survived several more rounds of it this year, and then today I get the “Could you please send your students down to the nurse a few at a time for a head check.” message that makes my skin crawl.  As I type, (yes my students are at specials and I actually have 5 minutes to breath and do this) all I want is to either scratch my head continually or load myself down with enough hairspray and product that I could look like Ricki Lake in the original “Hairspray” movie.  We all know that isn’t a good look.  Root for me folks because it is Round 5 of “Please, please spare me again!” I should add that there were two “confirmed cases” of the bigtime flu in my class as well as in 5th grade…the epidemic has started.  I will leave you with one more classroom adventure that will have to be elaborated on at some point.

Situation 4: Student finds baby pigeons out of their nest.  Naturally, they bring them to school in a box because surely their teacher will know what to do, I mean we can save the world.  Principal thinks I am reading a story on pigeons (not for three more weeks) and thus donates a box of PIGEONS to my class.

Reaction 4: Are you freaking kidding me?  Disease ridden pigeons in my elementary classroom and you want the kids to be close to them, touch them, watch them…  Sure, I will try and teach while I have a chirping box of pigeons…no problem.

To be continued…ahhhh the joys of school.

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