Retirement, It’s Only 40 Years Away…

Posted by casey on August 31, 2008 in Family

I have only been back to school for one week, but it already feels like it should be April. “Oh please, you have a summer break.”, you might say…but you try it.  We have a summer break to stay sane.  If we did not have one I cannot imagine how much worse the first week could have been.  I have gotten of course…go figure.   The first week back will definitely need its own entry.   So, recently Colter and I discovered that while the working world can be fulfilling, wouldn’t it be nice to dream of retirement?  I mean think about it, not the money involved to actually have a decent retirement, but the act of retiring.  Officially saying “I’m through, I am off to live my life the exact way I want all the time.”  I am not nearly as well-spoken about retirement as I am sure I will be when the time comes for us, but for my Dad the time has finally come.  Last week was his final week in the office and he is anxiously awaiting what retirement holds for him.  This was his message to friends and family, and I am passing it on to you, our friends and family.

“After 35+ years in the Aerospace and Defense business, I have decided to retire at the end of September and move on to the next great adventure in my life. I’ll be taking some final vacation days between now and then.
 I was truly blessed over all those years working with so many wonderful people, in so many different places, from coast to coast, from north to south for the US Army and then 3 great corporations. I got to see so many things and had such great experiences, including an aircraft carrier landing and takeoff at the ripe ole age of 57. I started off my career with the US Army teaching satellite communications on Harris Radiation SATCOM terminals. After 20 years at Texas Instruments, another 7 with Raytheon, I found myself back with Harris Corporation. Each of you, in one way or another have been part of that great experience and are special to me … but it is time to move on and follow some of my other unfulfilled dreams.
 I have two wonderful grown children, a beautiful daughter-in-law, a handsome son-in-law and a brand new first grandchild that I plan to spend more time with. Most of you know that I have a passion for the sea and a desire to “sail the islands”. Though I’ve been boating for close to 45 years, I have signed up to go to USCG Captain’s school and get my 6-Pack Charter License. I’ve bought a new set of golf clubs, joined a gym and plan on getting into to a formal weight loss program. So in the near term, I’ve committed on spending the first couple hours of each new day tending to my own well being.
 I have life long friends I plan to see a little more of and friends yet to be made. I have met a wonderful lady that over the past year taught me how to grieve as well as how to heal. I look forward to learning more from her in our days ahead together.
Don’t be dismayed at goodbyes, a farewell is necessary before you can meet again and meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.
I’d love to stay in touch with you. ”

He has already loved receiving hundreds of e-mails and notes from friends and the many people he has worked with over the years.   If you wish to get in contact with him, his e-mail is orrkids@bellsouth.net

Happy Retirement Dad!  We hope you are able to continue looking forward and are able to get everything out of your retirement years that work has kept you from!



A Month Has Almost Come and Gone!!!!

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So baby Cathryn will be one month old this coming Wednesday! Can you believe it?  I can’t at all.  Last Saturday I was able to spend some timerelaxing on the couch in McKinney with Drew, Jess and Cathryn.  I got some much needed cuddle time with my little neice, who is finally starting to fill out a bit.  Here are the lates pics of Baby Cathryn from last weekend.


Hello!!!Sleepy Girl

Baby Face
Baby Face

You can see more pictures of Cathryn from last Saturday and previous visits at:


Ahhhh Practice…

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Early every morning, I am rudely reminded of how wonderful our dogs are for practicing the art of child-rearing.  I did say dogs…but I should really say dog-Bo.  While he may be beautiful, snowy white with a velvety coat and great personality – the animal and yes I said animal because he was rude will not let me sleep in.  It doesn’t matter how tired I am, or what time we went to bed Bo wants me up in the morning.  So when I get up after at least a ten-minute round of rhythmic, mind-infuriating yips….I try to look at things from his perspective and decipher the doggy-code….

I got it! He must want out…of course right?  I mean he has been inside all night, he wants to go out.  You would think that would be the answer every time…NOPE!  Okay moving on, he wants breakfast…impatient and rude manners.  If he was human I think he would be slamming his fists or silverware on the kitchen table while chanting “Dinner!!!! Dinner!!!…”.  While he won’t refuse his breakfast that isn’t the key either.  It seems that after he has had enough of sleeping in the bedroom…he simply wants me up with him.  Whether that is to walk around the house, sit on the couch with him, or you may have guesssed now watch him comfortably sleep on the living room floor.  Nice Bo, wake me up everyday so you can go back to sleep…. if I try to do the same, we start the whole cycle over.  The one time of the day when Thrasher is a sleeping angel who just wants to cuddle, and Bo is the bothersome one….




This One Will Get Me in Trouble!!!

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So Leah, who is my 4th grade teaching team member and friend, can be quite theatrical…

While I know she will kill me when she sees this picture posted on the blog, it was too humorous to not share. (I already expect payback)  We were taking goofy pictures for a hall display outside of our classrooms which is somewhat difficult to explain, but I will try.  Emily (other team member and friend) had the great idea to “construct” a school bus on the wall of our hallway…so what did that leave me to do but create a bus.  It was decided that the bus would have four windows, one for a picture of each of the 4th grade teachers.  When we began taking the pictures Leah wanted to try to take one that would look like she was looking down out of the window, with her hands on the window’s edge.  Here ladies and gentlemen, are the result of that photoshoot…


I get a kick out of it…even though it is sickening that she is still gorgeous making her silly faces after a day of sweating in our rooms.  I figure it is only fair to share the “waving out the window” shot as well as my “two thumbs up”


So after a week of working at school, frantically (okay not all of the time) getting ready for the year….we had a moment of weakness.  Being delirious set in, and we took those awful pictures.  Now, I feel I owe you a picture of the whole school bus, so get excited for things to come.  I’m also pretty positive that this doesn’t help what most people think teachers do all do….”Let’s read a book….how about this one???? Let’s color…no you draw something!!!”  If only we were allowed to sit and color!!!!

8-24-08 Okay…here is the bus! You can check out more pictures of my classroom on the School Page. Just click the School Link at the top of the blog!


The Evidence of Babysitting

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In our last post I told you about our first opporunity to babysit our neice Cathryn who is now 3 weeks old, but was only 2 weeks at the time.  (Yes I am a week behind).  I finally downloaded a few pictures of the eventful evening to share with you.  This was Colter’s  first time to see her, and he was amazed at her tiny frame…



The babysitting begins…

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It is a good thing we are trust-worthy!!! Thanks to our previous practice with JP, and my brother’s upmost confidence in me, Colter and I were able to babysit Cathryn last Thursday.  Some might have been nervous to take care of a 15 day old baby for a few hours, but we were anxious to start our duties and pleased to give them a break.  Since Cathryn arrive 3 weeks early, Drew and Jess had not yet had the opportunity to see Dark Knight in theaters…if you have seen it, then you understand why they were wanting to catch it on the big screen.  If you have not seen it, get off the internet and go buy a ticket.  So worth the $9.25 it cost to see it here!  Okay so I got a little off track…Cathryn was peacefully sleeping as her parents left, with the casual warning that she may be “rotten” when she woke up.  Haha…rotten, if only you knew.  Let’s just leave it at, 15.2 seconds after they scampered out the door, we had a diaper explosion which was sad for both her and us.  Once she had a dry bottom and a full tummy again, everything was just peachy for the remainder of the night while we took turns holding her, fascinated by how tiny she actually is.  We were so happy to have had the opportunity to babysit her, and cannot wait to do it again! (Pictures to come soon from the night @ 2 weeks old)


Cathryn Marie Orr

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Whew!  After getting back into my classroom I am finally having a minute to proudly introduce to you my neice Cathryn Marie!  She was born on July 30, 2008 at 11:59 p.m. weighing 5 lbs 12 1/2 oz, and was 17 1/2 inches long.  She is my brother and sister in-law’s first baby, and the first grandchild for my Dad.  Below is a picture of  me holding Cathryn 30 minutes after she was born, and the next day when she was officially one day old!!! 


I am ecstatic to have her so close in McKinney and have already been fortunate in going over to see her and check up on Drew and Jess several times.  She is a tiny, precious little girl who is already making the sweetest faces.  I believe Drew said it best with the statement, “I know she isn’t connecting her expressions to what we are saying to her yet, but it is a great preview of what to come, and what she will look like when she is excited by what we are telling her.”









The Year At Hand…

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Can you believe that Colter and I are quickly approaching our one year anniversary???  We are amazed ourselves and have realized how quickly each year will go.  To get everyone up to date, here are a few things that have happened to us/ we have been enjoying since the wedding!


The Birth of our Nephew JP Kazmann


JP was born to Colter’s brother Jordan and sister-in-law Maddie four days after our wedding (yes…we thought she might have him during the wedding) and has been such a joy to watch grow.  We have been very fortunate and have been able to see JP at least once a month since he was born.  I took these pictures this past June during our walk in the park in Austin.

Our First Christmas

Our first Christmas was spent at our home in Rowlett.  We were able to get all the decorations up just in time for Dad to come in town for the holiday.  To both my surprise and my brother’s Dad’s big gift was a Wii for each of us.  Needless to say, much of the break was spent in the living room competing in some intense bowling matches, even resulting in pulled muscles.  We will just leave that to your imagination.  We also found our at Christmas that my brother Drew and sister in law Jessica were expecting their first child!

Summer Fun

Tulsa, Ok - Everyone says being a teacher has its perks…so I tried to take advantage of summer as much as possible.  We were able to make several trips up to Tulsa to visit Christine and Eric.  They have settled in to Tulsa and while I wish they were closer it is so nice to visit them there and relax into the slower paced city.

Davilla 2008 - The Kazmann brothers and the wives have worked to make a yearly trip to Davilla (the ranch) each summer.  After successfully going in July for two straight years, we think we have found our time of year to keep it going.  It is so nice go out there and truly escape technology, let the dogs (6 total between us all) be dogs, and live off the land (with a few necessitites such as Dos XX).








New Blog!

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Colter and I have changed our website to include this blog (thanks to my brother) so that we are able to keep you updated on the new things going on in our lives! 

New updates  and pictures will be coming soon,  don’t forget to check back!

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