Weekly Graces {Week 31}

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Week 31

August 23rd – August 29th

1. A happy day at home with happy boys.

2. Margaritas
3. Lengthy chats with good friends.
4. Caramel cappuccino
5. Time with cousins for the kids.
6. Early to bed.
7. Pancakes.
8. Teenage phrases out of toddler mouths. Hilarious & terrifying.
9. Parenting teamwork with my spouse.
10. Reunions & closure.
11. Fellow moms.
12. Sleep
13. Toddler brothers playing with each other more & more on their own.
14. Quality time 100% focused on them.

15. Feeling fulfilled with the day.
16. Another newborn session delivered to happy clients.
17. A college reunion. So sweet. Can’t wait to do it again.

18. News of another college friend’s first pregnancy.
19. Patience given to me and given from me.
20. Healthy, filling dinner cooked and on time to eat all together.
21.  Condensed packing.


Weekly Graces {Week 30}

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Week 30

July 26th – August 1st

Cheers to girl time and little cousins.

1. Being treated to by my mother in law.

2. Frozen drinks.
3. A sound sleep.
4. Quality time and talks Walking hand in hand with my boys.

5. Introducing myself and the boys to a new neighbor and her son.
6. Girls night with Maggie.
7. Auntie time with Cathryn for her 5th birthday.

8. Catching up on one baby album.
9. Planning out my trip to AZ to see Jordy.
10. Getting back to schedules.
11. ABCs
12. Reuniting with my childhood swim team pool with my boys.
13. Hearing that Caden’s teacher’s son is on the mend.
14. Husband home at regular time.
15. Hide and seek.
16. Dentist visit getting simpler & shorter.

17. Long afternoon of sun & swimming at the country club.

18. Pictures
19. Taking care of normal errands.
20. Making time for good naps for both boys.

21. Family, an abundance of wine and watching cousins bond and grow up together.

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Weekly Graces {Week 28 & 29}

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Now that we are back and settled in from our Florida trip, I am getting caught up with the past two weeks of graces among other things!

Cheers to surviving traveling alone with my boys, spending time with family and getting settled back at home!

Week 29

1. A new park overlooking fountains with sea water in the air.
2. Scotch in a champagne glass.
3. Finishing a book.
4. A bunny appearing 45 seconds after I bribed my bored boys on a morning walk because maybe we would see a bunny. Thank you Lord for hearing my bribe.
5. Texts with Jordy
6. The instant giggles and squeals of my boys when a game of chase begins.

7. Sunshine
8. Actually watching your children grow up right before you.
9. Bedtime songs

10. Sunrise over the water with my boys.
11. Humidity lending itself to no fuss, curly hair for me.
12. Humidity lending itself to clown curls for Everett.
13. Seeing four generations with my 92 year old grandmother.

14. Everett napping soundly for the first 1.5 hrs of the plane.

15. Watching my boys run to their Dad upon our arrival.
16. Waking from a 13 hour sleep/coma.
17. Getting life clean and back together after being away.
18. Headphones
19. Caden’s excitement about returning to school.
20. A friend watching out for him by covering his pizza day $ since I didn’t know it was yesterday due to being gone.
21. Wine with my husband

Week 28

1. Sending myself to bed to get better.
2. Early stages of packing.
3. The boys getting extra Daddy time.
4.The promise of Mexico.
5. The promise of girl talk, husband time, sun & sand.
6. Knowing the boys will love their grandparents coming to take care of them.
7. Cool temperatures.
8. A rainy summer day.
9. Calendar organization.
10. Getting upcoming weekends set to see family and the kids’ cousins.
11. Ziplock baggies for optimal packing for 3 people, 1 suitcase.

12. Courage.
13. Helpful passengers carrying a bag or giving a compliment.

14. Children who behave.
15. Grandparent and grandchild Joy.

16. Worn out children who sleep in just a bit

17. Walking to discover new places.
18. Sunshine, swimming and love.
19. Sunrise breakfast outside by the pool.
20. Ocean waves and counting on the next one…and the next one…and the next one.
21. Time for Reading


Weekly Graces {Week 26 & 27}

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Weekly Graces

Week 26

Cheers to family, fun, and holiday celebrations.

1. New outings.
2. Giving my Friday afternoon off to Colter.
3. Lavender Epsom Salt Bath
4. Coffee, shopping, pedicure. Girl time.

5. My “baby” sleeping on me.
6. First non family babysitter date night.

7. A house full of clean sheets.
8. Baking.
9. Sewing.
10. Friendship and our kids’ friendship.

11. Joy in so many little ones.
12. Dinner in bed and lights out at 8:20.
13. Individual play time with my youngest.
14. New snack finds for Everett.
15. My husband.
16. Delicious Gluten free, Dairy Free treats from Tulu’s Bakery.

17. A nice conversation with my Dad and Jill.
18. Vacation plans.
19. Parades

20. A breeze.
21. Cousins building bonds.

Week 27
Cheers to health.
What we don’t appreciate when we have it and desperately wish for when we are ill.

1. Starbucks
2. Afternoon snuggles.
3. Girl talk with my sister in law
4. Husband’s equal help through late night wakings from a sick boy.
5. After hour pediatric care.

6. The joy of a great picture.
7. The sweetness in an engaged couple.
8. A tiny photo assistant behaving and helping while brother was sick at home.

9. Quiet time with Caden and Daddy.
10. A generous man at NTB getting an employee to pick up a tire on his own time and bring it to that store for me after he saw both of my sick boys with me and the nail in the side of my tire as we were on our way to the doctor.
11. New kid movies.
12. A pediatrician who calls in the evenings to check on the boys and makes decisions and appts for the next day.

13. Morning hugs.
14. T-Shirts
15.Homemade coconut milk fruit shakes to soothe the boys.

16. Epsom salt baths.
17.husband coming home early to take care of the kids.
18. Seeing my boys health improving even if mine was worsening.
19. Going back to bed for a few hours.
20. Delivering a successful engagement photo session.

On that note, week 26 marked the halfway point for 2013!


Weekly Graces {Week 25}

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Week 25

June 21st – June 27th

1. Fun with the boys at our now annual farm trip. Nature, learning, outdoor fun!

2. Everett’s ease in the pool.
3. Watching 1/2 a movie, both of us deciding we needed to go to bed and it only being 9pm!
4. Making cinnamon rolls just like the truckers eat in Caden’s current favorite book.
5. Summer fun in the backyard with the whole family.

6. Fresh cupcakes.
7. Breakfast date with just Caden.

8. Lots of yard work that left the boys entertained and us feeling productive.
9. Sewing.
10. A light, breezy, covered by clouds summer morning.
11. Full cart of groceries and produce.
12. My husband’s job. Allowing for #11 and me to be outdoors #10 With my boys.
13. Caden’s excitement over “water day” at school.
14. Girl and mom talk with our neighbor while swimming.
15. Sleepiness from summer fun.
16. Play dates. Friendships with history. Ruffles. Good hearts. Hayley.
17. Naps. Amen.
18. Allowing a 4:00 cup of coffee to assist me to the end of the day.
19. Advil
20. “Doctor’s check ups” given by my boys as I laid down with a headache.
21. Lavender Chamomile Tea

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Weekly Graces: {Week 24}

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Week 24

June 14th – June 20th
Cheers to summertime entertainment and lots of fun in the sun!

1. Me time.
2. Girls’ dinner, a friend with history, easy conversation, margaritas.
3. Sock buns.
4. Impromptu alone time due to a sudden father son park date.
5. Compliments from relatives.
6. Choosing to go to bed early.
7. Using Caden’s early wake-up to prep Father’s Day surprises.
8. Another successful newborn photo session.
9. Happy father’s and sons.
10. Utilizing a canceled adventure due to rain to due fun projects!
11. Catching up on life.
12. Popcorn with M&Ms and sea salt.

13. Coffee. (To make up for pancakes and eggs being served to hungry boys by 6:30am)
14.Fun fabric.
15. New music on album release day.

16. Reorganizing.
17. Headphones.
18. Whiskey
(Any thought to what kind of day it was based on those last three?)

19. Stretching.
20. Wearing the boys out swimming.

21. #2 combined with tiny naps equaling a very early bedtime.

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Weekly Graces {Week 23}

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Week 23

June 7th – June 13th

Cheers for taking a little time to breathe even in the middle of the busy-ness.

1. Entertaining busy boys. 2. Time for writing. 3. Photo planning 4. Getting projects underway. 5. Neighbors who work to get us out of our house. 6. Pool time with the boys. 7. A day full of parties for kids and friends. Feeling loved by being invited. 8. Everett taking an extra afternoon nap. 9. Making time for conversation. 10. Play date with a new friend for the boys and me! 11. Getting to the post office and the grocery before naptime meltdowns. 12. Trampolines 13. Freshly ground coffee beans. 14. A short nap lending itself to an extra afternoon nap from Everett and snuggles from my former only child and he knows it. 15. Post kids bedtime yoga class.  Perfect end to the day. 16. Children who love the dentist. 17. Prepping dinner early. 18. Living it up in the kiddie pool with my boys. 19. Neighborly love in the form of a couple hours of babysitting. 20. Being kid free (thanks to #19 and preschool) to shoot newborn portraits. 21. Changing up after school with a shaved ice treat and bath time with shaving cream paints for a fun end to the night and early bedtimes.

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Weekly Graces {21 and 22}

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Weekly Graces are Still Going Strong, My Ability to Post Them is Not.
That Being Said, Cheers to Working Computers but Boo to Computers that Don’t Let me Upload Anything!

Week 21

May 24th- May 30th

 1. Mall visit with busy, happy, boys.
2. Happening upon a free kids yoga session.

3. Good friends who come to the house to hang out with us and the kids.
4. Early morning walks with the whole fam (and one dog).
5. Cousins and sibling in-laws.
6. Three boys three and under jumping on the couch in their PJs.
7.Tired boys sleeping in.
8. Rainy weather cancelled pictures but allowed for more time with the boys’
9. Neighbors and cookouts and potlucks.

10. Naps
11. Catching up with friends in your “inner circle”.
12. Fresh summer sweet corn.
13. Child amazement.

14. The boys’ naps overlapping for a whole hour!
15. Easing my planner’s mind with lists. Lots of lists.
16. Daily schooling & crafts with Caden during Everett’s nap.

17. The boys’ excitement about their first baseball game…which got rained out…so then friends let us turn them loose in their house without notice to blow off steam before driving back home.

18. Wine and Arby’s. An oh so fancy, it’s late, we are soaked from the rain and just got the kids to bed dinner.
19. Cooperative playroom playing.
20. Hairstylist doing free bang trims.
21. Dinner after the kids are asleep.

Week 22

May 31st – June 6th

1. Massage.
2. Errand productivity:oil change, bank etc.
3. New PJs
4. Peaceful, playful morning fun with the boys.

5. A walk and girl talk via the phone.
6. Changing up the evening routine with kiddie dinner on the floor and a movie.

 7. A cool morning allowing for open doors and windows.
8. A solo jog. Refreshing.
9. Time to gather my thoughts and catch up on emails while waiting for my new tires to be put on.
10. Colter  being home in the morning and making the boys’ breakfast…on his birthday.
11. Flying by the seat of my pants and making an impromptu zoo trip due to fabulous 70 degree weather!

12. Celebrating my husband’s birthday.
13. Caden being excited to see two of his little friends (cute redheaded girl twins naturally) walking into his new class at school too.
14. New coffee place and letting Everett run freely outside.
15. Conversation.
16. Getting organized.

17. Using my teacher brain.
18. Bouncing in the trampoline with the boys.
19. Rainy Mornings adding some peace to the energy level.
20. Free balloons at Central Market.

21. Meeting and snuggling a friend’s twins. Twins!


Weekly Graces {20}

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Week 20

May 17th to May 23rd

1. Much needed treat of a massage.
2. Kid -free errands (always gets listed when it occurs)
3. Impromptu library stop just in time for storytime!

4. Successful garage sale. Junk out, money made, entertained kids, only a few hours spent.
5. Projects.
6. The beautiful wedding if my longtime friend Allison & a reception Colter and I actually got to stay at!

7. Morning yoga.
8. Downtime. Totally relative, but anything slightly less chaotic or busy =downtime. 9. A productive yet restful weekend that refreshed us, made us feel accomplished and let us enjoy too!

10. A happy bride with her photos.
11. Two toddlers enjoying our business & fun errands and getting extra outside time.

12. Reading to the boys both snuggled on my lap.
13. Finishing touches.
14. Caden being such a helper & task oriented kid.
15. Candlelight.

16. The smell of freshly ground coffee.
17. Banana chips from Sprouts, my new, most favorite addiction.
18. Early arrival home from the husband, just in time for my cold to knock me out.
19. A seated snack time.
20. Homemade juice with lots of fresh fruits & veggies (carrots, celery, kale, lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, oranges, apples) Delicious, healthy and the perfect “get over this cold” boost.
21. Choosing rest over exercise.  Sometimes it is the healthier choice.

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Weekly Graces: {18 and 19}

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Week 18

May 3rd – May 9th

I am blaming my computer woes for not posting last week’s graces. 

Even now as I sit at this old desktop the internet could shut down & the whole computer close up shop at any moment.  Hold your breath with me.
(but if this posts incomplete…stop holding it because that means I’m not coming back on this computer.)

So, lucky you, you get a two-fer, you know, a two in one grace post.  Consider it my weekend gift to you – just what you were hoping for – you’re welcome.

1. Clean house thanks to a late cleaning burst.
2. Knowing I have a partner in parenting crime for the next couple days so I don’t have to be the bad guy alone!
3. Time to catch up on our shows.
4. Bouncy castles, balloon animals and face painting-entertainment for children at its finest.

5. New summer chalkboard art inside on our displays.
6. Cinco de Mayo fun and watching six boys in the same age range run around together.
7. Out to eat breakfast.
8. Lengthy Home Depot trip.
9. Choosing a grilled chicken sandwich over a hamburger and it being more delicious anyway!
10. DVD players in my car…one of the many things I said my kids would never have, use, or be privileged to. Ha!
11. Backyard water fun.
12.The very first moment I crawl into bed.
13. Kicking off teacher appreciation week with some sweet treats for Caden’s teachers.
14. Fresh flowers and new mats in the kitchen.
15. The safe arrival of Colter’s mom for her first visit to the states in almost 4 years!16. Breakfast with Grandma Lili, Luis & the boys.
17. Great park outing.
18. Coffee, cross ain’t & computer in silence while Caden painted & E napped.
19. Fun, cheap summer finds at Target.

20. Finishing off Caden’s teacher appreciation week of gifts with a proud delivery.
21. Preschool mother’s day gifts


Week 19
May 10th – May 16th 

1. Laughter.
2. Clean sheets.
3. Growing garage sale pile.
4. Family Sprouts trip.
5. Great park outing.
6. Beautiful weather for shooting a wedding!
7. Waking up to surprises. Well done hubs.
8. Mini creme brûlées
9. Afternoon nap.
10. Snack cups.
11. Caden marking off the grocery list.
12. The park.
13. Yardwork with Everett & the dogs on a beautiful morning.

14. Jury duty stories courtesy of my husband.
15. Pledge sisters who also happen to be dentists answering late night emails about Caden’s knocked loose front teeth even though we haven’t spoken in years. Delta love.

16. Dentist Report: No cracked teeth or roots!!! Just quite loose and bruised.
17. Deep breaths and Prayer. Ultimate survival tool for tantrums, meltdowns and whiny days.
18. Hands on husband and Daddy for the boys.
19. Calm rainy morning.

20. Play date with Amber & Banner giving plenty of mom talk, friend talk and kid play time.
21. Working Internet…kind of.

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