Weekly Graces {Week 45}

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Weekly Graces

Week 45

Can you believe we are in the home stretch to the end of the year?

1. Yardwork
2. Buy one get one @ Starbucks.
3. Movie night.

4. Sweet mothers and daughters.
5. The carefree spirit of an 18 year old.

6. The boys looking up to their Daddy.
7. My husband starting breakfast.

8. Finishing all holiday shopping.
9. Decor productivity.
10. An easy appointment.
11. Everett’s non nap turning into a snuggle nap.

12. Blankets.
13. A new outfit combination.
14. The CUTEST little turkey and his Thanksgiving recital.

15. Quick Mommy and Caden date.

16. The over help you receive at Home Depot when you are female and show up showered and dressed.
17. Homemade (or in this case school made) placemats
18. Dinner with a longtime friend that just gets it and gets you.
19. Chi-O Christmas Market at Fair Park.

20. Lunch to-go.
21. This pair.

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Weekly Graces {Week 43 & 44}

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While I am still going strong keeping my weely graces, almost a full year later, it appears I am better at posting them every other week in two week groupings.  Seeing as how I am actually keeping track of them for my own benefit, I give myself an “A” for “Effort”…which the teacher in me hates because Effort doesn’t start with or have an A in it.  I digress.

Week 43

November 1st – November 7th

1. Colter needing a sick day making him here when I ended up needing a sick day too.
2. Naps
3. Fireplaces.
4. Making a birthday breakfast for Everett in the quiet dark of the morning.
5. Listening to Everett singing Happy Birthday.

6. An afternoon full of family as we attended two sweet birthday parties for other kiddos.
7. Early family Starbucks breakfast to kick start our anniversary.

8. Impromptu organization frenzy taking care of a messy guest room & closet.
9. Quiet.
10. Toy Story
11. Leftover 70% costumes from last year pulled out and enjoyed.
12. Free apps.
13. Quiet.
14. Spiced latte coffee creamer.
15. New additions to bedroom decor.
16. Snuggles
17. Napping with the dog.
18. Real mail.
19. Neath the Wreath holiday market.
20. Making turkey crafts with the boys.
21. Quality time

Week 44
November 8th – November 14th

1. Clean house.
2. Cooperative and entertained children.
3. Their excitement over the party prep.

4. A normal morning.
5. Birthday success for Everett.

6. Seeing family & friends love on him and enjoy the celebration.
7. Time with my niece and nephew.
8. Nap
9. Photos
10. PJ Day

11. Sales
12. Early to bed.
13. A smidge of rare early Christmas spirit.

14. Kids who love doctors and vice versa.
15. Praying with Caden.
16. Cozy fixes for a freezing morning.

17. Cinnamon candles.
18. Ginger snaps.
19. Holiday sewing.

20. Talking about friendship with Caden.
21. Organizing gifts and gift giving among family.

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Weekly Graces {Week 41 & 42}

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Yes, it is true. I skipped a week.  Even worse? I skipped a week for no good reason other than I just didn’t get to it and I just can’t bring myself to add it to this past week which yes, I am also late to. I did give a brief photo grace recap of 41 down below. October man, it gets me every year. So busy.

Weekly Graces
Week 42

1. A morning at home in PJs.
2. Surprising the boys’ with an aquarium outing.

3. A day full of the four of us.
4. Cinnamon rolls.
5. Dinner with friends and then experiencing our 10 year reunion together.

6. A full night’s sleep with no baby monitors on.
7. Breakfast made for us as we went to pick up the boys.

8. Naps.
9. Everett’s first trophy.

10. Meal prep that makes mornings simpler.
11. Halloween Curious George occupying excited minds.
12. Caden continuing to ask for more letter papers to practice writing.

13.Being able to fall back to sleep.
14. The cutest cowboys for western week. Made me smile all day.

15. A massage.
16. A surprise Pa Pa sighting for Everett.
17. Lazy, rainy afternoon.
18. Roaming Target alone with a capucinno for an hour before bedtime.
19. Everett’s first tear free Dropoff at school. Thank you Halloween and Western wear.

20. Crafting time.
21. My little firefighters and watching them grow.

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Here is what I am grateful for last week, Week 42 based on the pictures I can share which compiles a 14 graces instead of 21.  Eh…it was close.

Daddy who creature hunts with his boys.

SUVs for optimal photo shoot packing.

Fun mugs for memorable afternoon tea pick me ups.

Binoculars. Even the Pretend Kind.

Coffee. For the mornings you find your son downstairs, asleep on the couch, with all the lights on…at 4 a.m.

A garage that finally has a spot for all of our strollers.

Festive Fashion

Tweezers. Thanks kids.


Quinoa Beards

Pantless Gangsta Babies

Craft time and Puppet Shows. “Welcome to Sesame Street Mommy!”

A child who finds himself hilarious. Even on the potty.



Weekly Graces {Week 40}

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Weekly Graces

Week 40

Cheers to Being Another Year Older…and Wiser?

1. Annual Arboretum trip.  Pumpkins plus a playdate. Perfect combo.

2. Officially sending off my brother, sister in law and sweet niece and nephew to be Floridians.  If I make it a grace I can’t be sad right?

3.Hugging my family of four a little tighter.
4. Family time at a local pumpkin patch.

5. Afternoon nap.

6. Ending a great day with a great Aggie Football game.
7. Pumpkin muffins and coffee with Halloween Mickey in the background.
8. Afternoon nap #2 this weekend.
9. Early birthday dinner.

10. Rainy days and the quiet it brings.
11. Writing and reflecting.
12. My husband delivering flowers to my boys to deliver to me once he walked in.
13.  Feeling the birthday love.  Really feeling it.

14. Time to browse, and pick, and try on, and put back and choose.
15. Baking cake with my little chef.

16. Starbucks run on a cold, rainy morning during my Everett only time.

17. Blankets on the ground, movies on TV.
18. Learning. My teacher heart and mommy heart colliding.

19.Watching my child practice his smiles for picture day…initiated by his 3.5 year old self.

20. A holiday find that was surprisingly tasty.

21. Family decisions. Future. Feeling full.

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Weekly Graces {Week 39}

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Weekly Graces

October 5th – October 10th

1. Pumpkin patching for the first time this year.

2. Lunch and dinner out at restaurants with both boys.

3. A busy day of happiness.

4. Capturing happy families.
5. Being treated to Starbucks
6. Kids and birthdays and their growing little friendships.

7. Watching the sunrise over country fields.
8. Perfect weather to shop and socialize in Canton.

9. Clean dogs.
10. Morning walks in crisp cool air with the boys.
11. Invitations designed, printed and addressed.
12.  Dinner outside before watching Daddy play softball.
13. The boys’ joy in the sandbox and my joy in their bath after.

14. Thorough doctors and answers.
15. Wine on the back porch
16. Breakfast conversation with the boys at the table.
17.  Holding Everett.
18. Post kid bedtime conversation with my husband sans TV.
19. Pleasant chatter
20. Parks and fall breezes.

21. Caden’s bedtime prayer.

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Weekly Graces {Week 37 and 38}

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Weekly Graces

Week 38

September 27th – October 3rd

1. Wake up-Lounge Chair. Eat – Lounge Chair. Talk – Lounge Chair.

2. Lots of laughter.
3. Knowing my husband is enjoying his beach sports time.
4. Beach, pool, beach, pool.

5. Chips and guac served poolside.
6. Finding a movie on in English, even if it was Rocky VVIIII
7. The perfect pool spot.
8. Screwdrivers. Not the kind that fix things. The kind with orange juice.
9.Illuminated beach waves, constellations and mindless chatter.
10. Time to wake up, eat, walk and pack before departure.

11. The feeling of getting in your own car and knowing your home, bed, food and kids await you.
12. “Mommy!!!!”
13. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.
14. Vets and vet tricks who love my dog probably more than me.
15. A house full of clean laundry, clean sheets, clean towels.
16. Coloring with Everett
17. Lazy afternoon at home.

18. Picking up the first fallen leaves for an art project.
19. Doctor’s that listen.
20. Treating myself to lunch with a book for company.
21. Boutiques

Week 37

September 20th – September 26th

1. Sound, smell & feel of rain.

2. Outside in the rain and compliments.
3. Painting and chatting.

4. The sound sleep of a new babe.
5. Coolness in the air.
6. Johnny Manziel and Charlie.
7. Coffee outside.
8. Being proud of an end result.

9. My husband’s quick response and knowing my health.
10. Medical technology.
11. Encouraging words and support from my husband.
12. Relief.
13. Sleep
14. A friend stepping in.
15. More sleep.
16. The hope Mexico would still happen.
17. Packing quickly.

18. My Dad and Jill’s safe arrival and the boys’ excitement.
19. Seeing Christine at the airport and feeling like it might happen.

20. A safe flight that I felt good on and had a great stranger conversation.
21. This.


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Weekly Graces {Week 36}

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Weekly Graces

Week 36
September 13th – September 19th

Yes, I skipped a week.  No, I have no good reason why.
Moving right on along.

1. Seeing Aggie spirit sprout around town.

2. Pumpkin Apple Spice Candle
3. Clean, soft dogs.
4. Maroon

5. Fall projects
6. Date night- A long relaxing steak dinner complete with cappuccinos and dessert.
7. Morning coffee with my husband.

8. Surprising the boys with a park stop on the way home from Nonna & Pa Pa’s.
9. Friends who love and play with our kids so we can all hang out.

10. Cartoons in bed.
11. A restful, happy day at home.
12. Hot tea.
3. Venti coffee
14. Pediatrician appts first thing.
15. Antibiotics fast work.

16. Quick cardiologist appt.
17. Getting gift lists organized.
18. Knowing Colter will be home from out of town.
19.Coffee and quiet time.
20. A long earned overdue nap Everett finally gave into.

21. Chai tea, a heating pad and Puffs Plus with Lotion.


Weekly Graces {Week 33 and 34}

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I was gifted a new laptop as an early birthday present and am officially back in business which means I am also officially catching up. Though truthfully, even if I had been able to access a working computer with all of my photos I would probably still be behind.  Life with kids summed up right there.  Behind.

Weekly Graces – Week 33

August 23rd – August 29th

 1. Doctors that work you in.
2. Fashion competitions with my toddler.

3. Wine and pain pills. Super healthy.
4. Caden successfully wanting and eating cereal for breakfast-a break for me.
5. Cool pool water.
6. Surprises.

7. Mornings out front with our coffee and crafts.

8. Everett’s singing.
9. Hugs.
10. My niece and nephew having a successful first day of Kindergarten.
11. All kid laundry organized and put away.
12. Back to school prep for the boys.

13. Sending both sweet boys off safely and happily to school.

14. Five hours alone.
15. Excited chatter.
16. Quality time with just Everett.

17. Rest.
18. The last days of afternoon summer swims.

19. The sight of two schoolboys.

20. Lunch with a friend.
21. Nonna’s love and the boys’ love for her.

Week 34

August 30th – September 5th

1. Back to bed naps for cranky boys.
2. Clean car organized and packed for Houston.
3. Safe arrival in Houston watching the cousins play.

4.Crack of dawn family Starbucks run so as not to wake the rest of a sleeping house.

 5. Johnny Football and all the chatter.
6. Etsy browsing with my sister in law.
7. Backyard races.
8. Stopping at Buc-ees on the way home for jerky and sweet tea.
9. Early bedtimes.

10. Lazy raining morning.
11. Crafting for family.

12. My father in law’s birthday.
13. Migraine medicine that works.
14. An organized, functional laundry room with pops of color.
15. Ending the evening outside with neighbors.

16. Pride in children.
17. Alone time with Everett.

18. My children’s open expression of love for others
19. Learning

20. Taking the day for myself.
21. Dream afternoon for the boys-playing at their gym, ice cream before dinner and then dinner out with Mommy at happy hour.

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Weekly Graces {Week 32}

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Week 32

August 16 – August 22

1. Warm water with lemon.
2. Being proactive about an afternoon and evening alone with the boys & changing it up.
3. Burgers.
4. Having a teammate (husband) to start the morning routine with.

5. Feeling the effects of a steady exercise routine.
6. Being content.

7. Sweet babies taking sweet pictures.
8. Early birthday planning.
9. Wine and conversation with my in laws.
10. Everett’s early morning snuggles, a long-awaited treat.

11. Smiles, excitement and success wrapped into our first trip to the movies!

12. Alone time…with a beer…and a book.
13. Art projects.

14. Snail mail.
15. Amazon prime.

16. Coffee with Hayley.
17. Kid joy.

18. Soaking in backyard summer days.

19. Mom talk and girl chatter with Amanda.
20.Boo Boo Buddies for adult boo boos.
21. A chiropractor who stays late to x-ray my foot.
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Weekly Graces {Week 31}

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Week 31

August 9th – August 15th

Cheers to Friendship & Playdates!

1. Working on writing letters with both boys during breakfast.
2. Writing on the plane with nothing but Marina Raye’s music filling my ears.
3. An actual hug from Jordy and meeting Liam.
4. Waking up because I woke up, not because I heard a monitor.
5. Pedicures & shopping.

6. A leisurely dinner with wine and girl talk and friendship. Birthdays.
7. Early morning coffee and conversation with Jordan.

8. Easy airports.
9. Home to snuggle my boys to bed.
10. Feeling tired, but refreshed to get back to the grind.
11. Clean laundry.
12. Games upstairs with the boys.

13.Initiating a new morning work out routine & start to the day.
14. Feeling energized.
15. Happy boys playing on their own and getting to listen in on their conversation.
16. Soreness. A curse and a blessing.
17.Lengthy, enjoyable play date complete with Starbucks.

18.Photo planning during the play date.
19. A cool morning perfect for morning outside play and time together.

20. Celebrating a sweet friend and her second son to be by surprising her with a little shower of our summer play group.

21. An evening with girls and fellowship to support a new endeavor.

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