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The Hat-trick of Boyhood


Daddy’s Shoes, Snuggle Friends and a Pup



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Vanity, fighting it since birth.




Posted by casey on June 23, 2015 in Snapshots

There is something about brothers…

They just get each other.



Sleep Tight

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When the books have been read and the songs have been sung we give our final evening snuggles and say these words each and every night to our littles including whispering it to our newest of baby loves.


Good Night Archer.
Sleep Tight.
and have the
Sweetest of Sweet Dreams.

I. Love. You.


Snow in Love

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When you get to build a snowman,


sometimes you turn around and catch someone sneaking a smooch.
I wonder if his first heartbreak will be remembered as that time his snow girlfriend went and got the nerve to go and melt on him.


Summer Lovin’

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Seasonal Firsts This Year: A good old fashioned jar of lightening bugs.

Summer lovin’ at its childhood finest.


Strength in Numbers

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Today I am humbled.

This group of women has blessed me time and time again over years, and years and years.  In realizing that we are all getting, ahem, older, I am also realizing how truly special it is to have a group that has grown with you.  A solid group in this photo has withstood bad hair choices, awkward costumes, the politics of school from elementary through college and every “first” of growing up.  Now, getting ahem, older is taking note of all the things we have been through together that I still feel too young to have experienced.  I am blessed by these women and our “know you can count on it” support in any time of need be it little or large.  Walking with them through all we have grown through both in grief and joy is a less treacherous path indeed. May our love for each other continue and our prayers still be felt from afar.



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The joys of younger siblings.
Wait for me, wait for me!


Better Be Quick

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It has been boring around here lately, because we have been busy living life.  Taking walks, digging holes, spring sprucing, family outings, park playing galore. Busy boys, busy life, full of fun…and exhaustion.

In life right now, you better be quick to keep up with our boys.
This was evident as always during our recent quicky trip to Houston for our nephew’s 3rd birthday.  We might as well have two sets of twins when you combine their ages and switch them around, and you better be quick to try to get all four Houston cousins in one frame.

One sassy almost two year old girl, one concerned about his Batman face-painting  two and a half year old boy, one donut stuffed mouth filled newly anointed three year old boy, and one worried about the plastic attached to his balloon four year old.



Under Cover

Posted by casey on March 15, 2014 in Caden, Everett, Snapshots

They like the literal meaning of going undercover better during hide and seek at Nonna and Pa Pa’s. Wherever could they be?

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