Well Hello There

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Oh, hello there.  Didn’t expect to see you today.

Let me introduce myself.

I am Casey, wife to Colter, mom to Caden, Everett and Archer, daughter to Cam, daughter in law to Bill and Carolyn, sister to Drew, sister in law to Jordan, Maddie, Asher, Meghan, Laura and Auntie to…get ready, Cathryn, Cameron, Emily, JP, Braiden, Kaylie, Locke, McKee, Tessa, Caroline and Cate and friend to hopefully, many.  You already knew that, okay most of you, but here I am back.  I needed the reminder of all of those things because really, all of those beautiful names have important people behind them and those important people require time and focus and love and attention and the space for this little nook was pushed right on out for awhile.

Okay, a long while.
Sorry about that.

The thing is, I hate saying there has been “no time” for this.  Clearly, we make time for what we need in life, what we want and what we prioritize.  It isn’t like I stopped thinking thoughts, though the clarity and ability to form complete thoughts is always a bit muddied after another babe joins the family.  But that was sixteen months ago itself.  What it boils down to is me.  I did not give myself the time to sit down, think my thoughts, and write.  To vent, to share, to explain, to give, to let out, to exhale.  I have been all tied up living our life and loving it, (and sometimes despising it, let’s be real) that stopping to take a breath and really reflect on where I am and how I got here well, just didn’t make the to-do list, which gosh darn I always lose anyway.

Plenty has happened, birthdays, frustrations, a whole school year, crafting victories, holidays, crafting failures, visits with family, changes, trips, learning curves, parenting triumphs, daily parenting failures and all the spilled cereal, coffee, nose wiping, bottom wiping, hugging and giggling you can fit in between.

But you know what?  This morning.  In the dark of the morning, after a fitful nights sleep I am sitting here alone, I repeat ALONE (hallelujah).  I have a cup of coffee, there is an unexpected rain storm and there is enough in my head that I decided I need to exhale. The best way I know to do that is to write. I miss writing. I miss sharing. I miss getting it all out of my head.  Therefore, here I am.

Hello There.
It is So Nice to See You Again.
I hope you will forgive my absence.
And the absences that are certain to happen again.
Join Me. Listen to Me. Laugh With Me. Shake Your Fists at Me.
There is a lot of love and life and tears and fears just waiting to be shared.



Sunshine and Sillies

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DSC_0017_edited-1Yesterday was the last day of summer.  That’s it. It’s over. Ka-put.

Typically , this means nothing to us, as Texas temperatures stay summer-ish until well, October and our days are dictated by ourselves.  Therefore, over the past five years, we summer-on, well into the months other parts of the country declare to be fall.  But not this year. This year it is school time, for real.  For real, for real.

Our oldest starts Kindergarten.

Yup. The real deal.



Our years of homework free, school function obligation, PTA meetings and day to DSC_0297_edited-1day freeness are officially over, tomorrow. I am in mourning.  In mourning of the simplicity that has been being at home with my littles the past five years. Now sure, this is one of the many milestones we have been waiting to reach right, as they are terrorizing the house and making my brain want to explode, but now that it is over, as with most things in life, maybe, just maybe, I will go back to that.  But that is a whole other post.

This is about the AMAZING summer we have had together.  With summer on the horizon I tried to  say “No.” to much and truly let them play, and run, and love, and romp, and relax, and rest and…well you get it, to their heart’s desire. It was a no holds bar, snuggle until you can’t stand it, swim until you are a prune, run around upstairs with each other until your brain turns to mush love-fest.  (With the usual day to day antics, discipline and routine, lets not kid ourselves completely here.)


What was initially another period of anxiousness, welcoming our third son at the

Sleepover Ready for Nonna's

Sleepover Ready for Nonna’s

same time their pre-school got out for summer, DSC_0483_edited-1(marking the first time they wouldn’t also have pre-school during summer months since we changed schools with the move) turned out to be such a huge blessing. We have SO enjoyed being all together this summer.  Now, does that mean they have been angelic every.single.day and I haven’t been sleep deprived aDSC_0540_edited-1nd ready to pull my hair out over their tattle-taleing at times, absolutely not.

However, our days have been together and in some ways cementing in what a family of five looks like as we adjusted to adding Archer with everyone home together.

All three boys.All together. All summer.


The slower paced mornings, where they still wake up at the crack of dawn but siDSC_0835_edited-1mply enjoy being on the couch eating cereal while I feed Archer and yes, having screen time together next to each other are a seared in memory for me now of our early Archer days and our “before real school” days.

The real memory, and blessing while having Archer at home as a new chicken has been how inseparable Caden and Everett are.  Two peas in a pod isn’t close enough for their bodies DSC_0297_edited-1and minds.  Which in some ways, merges their preferences and personalities and desires for their day.  But, I am so thankful they have had this summer before Caden starts his own journey at his own school for two years before Everett joins him there to really weld their bond together and their love as brothers.

Day after day I got to peek in on little moments like this.  Sneaking in to their imaginations in action, their teachings in motion.  A picture here, a superhero costume there, and a whole lot of toys and Legos everywhere.



DSC_0340_edited-1And so. I look back on this summer with a lot of appreciation for the family we have made and nurtured.  Last summer I loved that I had a glimpse of independence in them.  This summer I loved that simply, we were together.  We summered hard.  We pooled it every afternoon, we walked every morning, we cooked, we played, we napped, we read, we made crayons…and playdough…and sight word books…and hats…and block buildings galore…and so on and so forth.  We loved big and bickered small.  Mostly.


I feel like I got to get to know them again without the interruptions of the outside DSC_0454_edited-1world.  It was one of those things I didn’t realized I was missing out on with them being in preschool just a couple days a week year round before and am loving that I had at this particular stage in life.  Once Caden is off to Kindergarten and real school is a regular part of life it may not seem so distinct in my brain having these days, but for this year, it was just what our fDSC_0569_edited-1amily ordered.



With tennis lessons, parties, friends, swimming, sprinkler runs and slip and slides behind us we are blindly looking forward to the adventure of this next school year as we insert ourselves into family life including school from here on out.


Sweet, sweet, summertime we will miss your simplicity but we are carrying your memories, love and evidence in freckles with us as we forge ahead to a new season of the year and life!


In the Four

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Looking back to 2011, I so clearly remember changing our family dynamic from three to four.  So lately, I feel as though my eyes have been zooming in on and recording every bit of our final moments together as a family of four…

waiting to be five.

Bluebonnets 002

As a family of four, we have very much found our groove.  It has been three and a Bluebonnets 005half years so I suppose that should be a given, but that isn’t always the case. There are the ins and outs of keeping things “normal” while shifting and adjusting to accommodate this new little person and the new roles each person takes on.

With Everett, there was a lot of adjusting and accepting and admitting to what we could and could not do with a challenging newborn, infant and well…toddler due to all of his allergies.

Now, there is the making sure that oldest who whether he consciously remembers it or not was an only child at one point, still gets alone time and to feel like that one Bluebonnets 013and only.  Then there is that baby who is no longer the baby but now a big brother too still gets his snuggles, and bedtime love well, some baby time.  Oh yes, and then there is the prepping for the newest little one…though somehow the third time around you know that no matter what you prep and how you organize life is about to get R.E.A.L real, real quick once he arrives.

We have found our groove and our biggest preparation is preparing to be out of that groove for a little while again as we bond and nurture and love and make room for this third little love, our newest baby brother.

Bluebonnets 010

We have been blessed with two very sweet boys who have settled us into being a fBluebonnets 006amily, being parents and have taught us what the real purpose of our life here is.  I think that they are as patient with us as parents as we try (and fail) to be with them.  They understand we aren’t perfect and so easily accept our apologies to them when maybe we are a little to harsh, or fall short on a promise, no matter how small.  I have been amazed at their sympathy to me as I have grown and waddled and have gotten to be a slower version of their mama.  Everett runs to pick up anything he can for me saying “Mommy, you just can’t do Bluebonnets 017that with that big ol’ belly.”  Caden will ask if I need to rest on the couch and then inform me that “You’re just so pretty when you are sleeping.”  Sweetness.  All for their mama who is not always so sweet and understanding to them.  That is what these children give me, a reflection and a reason to continue to grow and adapt and learn.

And so we get ready to do that again. All of us are so ready to meet him.  I think the boys might think he is never coming at this point, which I don’t blame them, and I wonder the same thing on occasion. But we are just ready to see who he is. What will he be?  How will he teach us to love more?  When will he understand his brothers’ love for him?  How badly they want to know him.

Bluebonnets 027

All of the unknowns that you embrace and welcome as you feel their not so welcome (but contradictory grateful for) jabs to your ribs that you know you will miss even as you watch them run around.  How lucky are we?  But really.  We hope and we try and we love and we get to help shape these little people into what we think the world needs while giving them the room to become what they think the world needs.

The Balance of Parenting
And we are about to start the process all over again.

Bluebonnets 025Which means that just like that Caden and Everett will age at least five years in my eyes over the birth of their newest brother and for that, I am not ready.  I spend a little extra time snuggling Everett at bedtime, breathing in the last days of him being “my baby” and every ounce of Caden that isn’t just a helper, and the biggest brother and the “you are old enough to do…” because as I know all too well now, it just goes too fast.  These years that our sleep deprived brains beg to pass for some independence, predictability or organized chaos are gone just like that.  In the big picture of their lives as children and our roles as parents these years are so short and so small and yet so important.  And so here we are…waiting for the any moment addition to our family while breathing in and loving on every moment of our current four.  The final days of what we know as we excitedly await what is in store.

Bluebonnets 001




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First: An Item of Business. If you have been trying to comment and cannot, due to spammers we had to set up a new system.  Please scroll down on the right tool bar to the “register” link.  This will guide you through so that you are able to comment again and we know that you are you and not a robot.  Because who wants robots?

After what we all thought was our annual Texas ice storm with the bonus of an DSC_0019_edited-1actual snowfall we were all prepped and ready to move on with our seasons because that is about as wintery as winter gets in Texas.

With the news outlets all abuzz with the “drama” of the weather that unfolded it was hard to take much of their predictions and scenarios seriously as we continued to look at the weather report.  With the predicted possibility of snowing we went to bed one night and woke up to this…Colorado. Bright Colorado.


But really, it was blown up against our doors and windows, piled on the patio and in general a white winter wonderland to look at. The real beauty?  No ice.  Just 6-7inches of pure, fresh snow! What?!

DSC_0013_edited-1Colter, unlike most of the working world, made it into work for a scheduled conference that was slightly delayed and he even called saying how strange it was driving in with it being so quiet out and completely and totally covered.  So there you go.

Naturally, the boys didn’t mind much that Mommy had been in Labor & Delivery the day prior and wanted to go play in the snow. Everett in particular.  Caden who remembered that it made him cold initially chose to stay indoors and then quickly changed his mini mind after seeing us “gear up”.  Who was I to tell them we couldn’t go out again to play after the past outings when there wasn’t a spot of ice to be found?

What they discovered in another “first real snow” sort of experience is that they weren’t even cold being bundled up and running around without all of the wind and wetness that accompanies the ice.  They scooped and snow angeled and romped and ran to their heart’s content.  And then one of them turned the snow on Mommy in the drop of a well…shutter.




Naturally I had to waddle his direction and retaliate.

This was about the time the boys were seeing how easy this snowfall was sticking together.  But not before what you can spot in the background as a little monster digging in the small snow drifts pushed up on the garage.  In true little man style, scoop and toss was his favorite game of the morning.

“Watch this big one Mommy!” “See this big one Mommy?” “I’m super strong Mommy.”

Yes dear, yes you are.

It was a fabulous morning in the snow. I took a few pictures as you can see, then promptly put my camera down inside and spent the next forty five minutes simply being present and participating in their fun, which became my fun.  While I originally told them I didn’t think we would be able to make another snow man without Daddy, we soon learned that this snow was the real deal and our snowman redemption from birthday day was about to come to us.


For years I have been talking of how no, you really can just roll it and it sticks like in the movies.  But that never happens here…only in Ohio.  Not this year my friends, not this year.  While Caden was hoarding some snow-balls I saw how easily it was compacting and had him make me one. As soon as I sat down and started to roll, I knew our Snowman was going to happen and both boys got right to work rolling away.  Teamwork at its finest. They rolled and I patted and shaped. The result?  Two perfectly sized Caden and Everett snowmen which made for two thrilled little boys.


I think I should call these their first official snowmen since we haven’t had one of DSC_0023_edited-1substantial size or shape built since I was pregnant with Caden. Ta-Daaaaaaa !!!!

A success indeed.  With all the usual snow activities taken care of, including Caden’s favorite, snow eating we began to wrap it up. It took a long romp before anyone wanted to go inside this day, but when they did, they were satisfied and ready for our now expected after a whopping three/four snow days hot chocolate and bunny grahams.  In we went to de-gear by the door so Thrasher could delight in eating the snow off all of our clothes, de-thaw and revel in our triumph…and then sit on the couch the rest of the day so this baby would stay put.  To which he did.  So it was a win all way around and when you turn around to witness the snowman smooch occurring, you know that you’ve done good and their hearts and memories are full.



Snow in Love

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When you get to build a snowman,


sometimes you turn around and catch someone sneaking a smooch.
I wonder if his first heartbreak will be remembered as that time his snow girlfriend went and got the nerve to go and melt on him.


These Walls

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DSC_1118_edited-1Last week we spent our final days and sleeps in our home of seven years.  While I wanted to sit down and gather my thoughts in the present as it was happening the chaos of the move itself got away from me in timing, but I made sure to lock in a few thoughts in this steel trap pregnant brain of mine…or something.

As the week progressed and the move was finally upon us one week ago, I was not feeling sad to leave the home as this has been a much anticipated and exciting move for us, but a bit nostalgic and grateful to the walls that housed us for the past seven and a half years.

We moved into our first home together fresh out of college.  Technically, purchased before we were even officially out of college with our upcoming wedding on the six month horizon and our future ahead of us. Very fresh, very young, very optimistic.  We are leaving that home as a soon to be family of five which in the simplest of pictures shows how much we all have grown and stretched (sometimes literally) within those walls.  We leave not as fresh with some marriage and parenting experience under our belts, not quite as young but I think still young enough, and thankfully, still very optimistic.

I remember that first night in that home. Typical, movie-esque.   The movers workedDSC05581 their tails off to get everything in and unloaded that night.  Mattress on the floor as our bedroom furniture hadn’t been delivered yet, boxes pushed on each side as temporary nightstands, pizza eaten on the carpet and one ill-attempt at my taking a bath in our Jacuzzi tub which promptly blew out dirt and nastiness from the jets as soon as turned on.  Rookie homeowner.

The key though, was that it was ours.  All ours.  Sure, it was filled primarily with hand me down furniture we had collected over our years in college from our parents’ moves and sure it was much larger than we needed at the time and everyone asked us if our parents were home when we came to the door. But it was ours and we wanted to start and have room to grow to our family there and boy, did we.   Specifically boy.

That house grew us.  It withstood the still new grieving of my mother, the early days of first jobs, the highs and lows of cooking experiments and many a Sundays spent all day in the den watching The Sunday Ticket with a college-style open-door policy to the guys.  Many a Sunday.  That house kept me safe and comfortable while my husband endured his various offshore rotations those first years and it kept us safe and comfortable as we persevered through trying to start our family together.

And then it happened.


We walked through those doors with our first baby boy almost five years ago,
a true family.
That house welcomed us in a real sense on that day, home.

I am grateful to those walls for it all.  We were mostly lucky in home ownership woes over that time and we were overly lucky in growth and strength as individuals and as a family.  Our cup of memories spills over the brim of landscaping mishaps, anniversary dinner at our never used dining room table, and the sounds of feet walking the floors bouncing baby boys to sleep and then little naked bottoms running circles on those same floors trying to evade bath time so they had to go to sleep.  We spent picture perfect fall and spring mornings running in front yards with neighbors who fit the definition of what neighbors should be.  Garage open? Got it.  Cup of sugar? Got it. Dog-sitting? Got it.  Pizza ordered in newborn zombie days? Got it.  That dysfunctional but supportive family of people who really only crossed paths because we were neighbors.

Family 001

Over this time I learned.  I learned my purpose.  I learned my role.  I learned what I wanted and not just knew from my parents. I learned that love comes first and I learned that mama knows best.  I finished up my 20s and I think in a lot of ways, I learned ME within those walls and I left it a family of four, soon to be five.photo 2

Now that is some serious growth.

So we said our goodbyes.  We packed and trashed and organized and donated and wrapped and moved our lives to this new home that in every way we have and are building together.  It has a new sense of future to it, a future with a picture of grown boys not just baby boys and a future of just us, a family.

We left it empty but us full. Full of gratitude for all that those walls provided us.

A Home.
A Chance for Family Togetherness
The Opportunity to Grow.

If you didn’t receive our new address in our holiday card, e-mail me at
casey.kazmann@gmail.com and I will send it your way!



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Sometimes you get a surprise that just might make you BELIEVE.

At the beginning of December, we took our two well rested boys over to a friend’s home for a little pre-holiday gathering to kick off the post-Thanksgiving pre-Christmas season of fun and festivities.  While playing outside I heard a little rumor that a special visitor was on his way to check right on in with our littles.

DSC_0911_edited-1The look on their face alone when they heard he was coming.

And then then the grins and giggles when the man in red himself showed up and bellowed a bug “Ho, Ho, Ho” right at our boys with sleigh bells in hand.

Sometimes all you need is a simple introduction.


Maybe a nice chat.


DSC_0790_edited-1You know, just the basics, your Thanksgiving dinner, the weather, how are those reindeer, what kind of birthday party you had, what kind of birthday party your brother is going to have, your dog’s names and oh yeah…a few brief requests for Christmas surprises.

The basics right?

(Notice Everett’s priceless step -stool, Santa’s boot.)

And if you are really lucky, really, really lucky, maybe you even get a hug.



DSC_0797_edited-1This could not have been any more perfect of a set up for our boys, it was spontaneous for them and just silly enough to believe that he might have actually heard they were there and stopped by to say hello.  Santa was so nice to us all and even told the boys about his kitten back at the North Pole. Kitties name? Snowball of course.

We watched our boys go up to Santa and back up to Santa and back up to Santa as some of the wee little ones were not so delighted with his presence.  They went from elated to confident, as if they were old friends, to shy when it came time to decide what SantaDSC_0826_edited-1c should bring them.  Caden who has been adding to his mental Santa list for some time and was quite chatty froze up and could only manage a shoulder shrug and bashful grin as if asking for something was surely too much at all.

And just like that, the Christmas season was underway and our Santa encounter was done.  We had smiles and stories at bedtime of their experience and memories of magic with the man who really does come to houses so it seems.

With homework to mail our letters just in case he forgets our chats assigned we set off to make this past month another great Christmas of celebration.

Thank you to Justin and Charlotte for having us over, what a shame it would have been to miss such a lucky surprise!


Safe Streets

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With our Jack O’ Lantern lit and our costumes on for hours, waiting for the sun to set to officially start Halloween festivities was the biggest challenge.  This year it seems, the boys had fully grasped the concept of filling their buckets with more sugar than they have ever seen in their little lives. Treats, treats, treats!


The good news is that we were extra safe walking the streets on Halloween.  Double safe to be exact, with double the Spiderman.  One old-school and one new-school, though Everett liked to reference Caden’s new-school costume as “bad Spiderman”. While it was pretty hit or miss until the day of whether or not they were going as Double Spidey or Superman and Batman (thank you Buy One Get One Target) the theme was always there – superhero. Duh. Is there any other option?

Excited was an understatement so we played a little front yard, costume clad tee-ball while we waited for our spooky streets to darken. Equipped with their glow necklaces and buckets they happily led the way starting at our neighbor’s house for a little practice run on the procedure and etiquette of this “when you think about it very bizarre tradition”.

What we found this year was Everett’s unbridled enthusiasm yet again. For someone who never has had and can’t have most of the treats you wouldn’t know it because he ready to fill that bucket baby.  At each and every house the entire time he would say, “Can we go to another house now?….march, ring, trick or treat, fill bucket, march “Can we get to go to another house again?”  Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Our neighborhood is great for their age and this process in general.  One big loop with several cul-de-sac streets.  Straightforward and more treats for your time without having to hike too far.  We let them go an extra street this year from last year and then they were happy to haul their loot home and finish handing out our candy to the local monsters and such.  I enjoyed getting to “let go” a bit while walking with Colter and them getting to go up by themselves with big brother in charge.  A parenting right of passage watching two adorable fierce Spidermen keeping the streets safe and stocking our chocolate stash in one swoop.


Jolly Jack-O

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As kids, I remember carving pumpkins every year.  We each had one and even did all of those crazy elaborate designs as we got older and older.  Crazy elaborate. (Here is where I should show you a childhood picture I dug out of an album and scanned for your viewing pleasure but those are packed somewhere and who has time for that?)

I have avoided carving pumpkins successfully for my four and a half years as a parent. Yes, I take pride in that.  It is a well known fact that we don’t short holidays around here and that the kids get to do crafts, cooking and activities galore, so I am not too concerned about the lack of pumpkin carving in their “up until now” little lives.

Don’t get me wrong, I love pumpkins. We get them every year for everywhere as you have seen in our front yard hay-stack donned pumpkin patch, the front porch etc.  The boys have painted pumpkins every year and this year even fancied one up with anything and everything they could glue to it.  It is the actual carving of a jack-o-lantern that has been left out.

Honest?  Part of it is the smelly rot factor. I am not doing it long before Halloween because it  will start to become that half melted looking pumpkin as it grows strange fuzz and gets taken over by mysterious bugs. Nope. No thank you.  The other part is that they couldn’t really do anything in years past to really experience it so I put it off.  I had intentions each year and then would logic myself right out of it.

Not this year.

Caden, at four and a half, finally figured out that Halloween means jack-o-lanterns.  Thanks to every cartoon and every picture and every storybook perfectly pointing out those perfectly illuminated orange globes on squash it was on.  We have gathered pumpkins off and on since October 1st, but picked out some particular carving pumpkins not long ago to set them aside.  Last week one was adorned with sequins and pipe cleaners as seen in the oh-so-beautiful result above and this week the other was gutted.

In all little boy dreams they went to school with the promise of pumpkin carving with Mommy when they got home.  I don’t know if they were more excited or appalled at their first glimpse of pumpkin insides.  To say this was unexpected would definitely be accurate. “Aaaaaahhhhh, Ewwwwwww, Smelly, Yucko, What is That?”

In keeping true to my mission to make this a team effort so that they would really get the idea of all that pumpkin carving glory I scraped down the sides and began the scooping but made sure they got a good feel too.  Hesitant.  That is what they were. My all boy, bring mommy worms, roll in the dirt sons were quite hesitant when it came to touching pumpkin guts.

One arm in and quickly out. One finger in with a brief touch and back out while running down the driveway. And then, the moment of truth, the full handful.  I almost lost them right there.

A quick disposal into our handy trash bag and they were fine to leave me to finish the scraping while they ran about – as if we didn’t know this is how this endeavor would go.  At carving time though, they were back in it and full of opinions.  “I want triangle eyes!” “I want circle eyes!” “Nice!” “Funny teeth!”  Combining all of their ideas into a simple face was the goal and with stenciled lines, pre-sawing by Mom and supervision they happily contributed to the “sawing”

After hacking away, pulling out pieces and carving a bonus bat on the side for one little man’s dreams their very first jack-o-lantern was carved and ready for a candle two days before Halloween.  Prime no-rot time. Take that bugs and fuzz.

I think they are pleased.
A jolly jack-o-lantern indeed.


There They Go II

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Last week marked the first week of another year of pre-school for our boys which means that it is another time of reflection for us as parents and as a family.

It is funny.  School really isn’t that different for us this year.  Caden is still going three days a week, and Everett upped his game from two days to three days as well. So, the only real difference is one extra day.

Losing one extra day of alone time with Everett.  And yet, watching them go last Tuesday still felt like letting them go for the first time again. The preparation, the excitement, the nerves.

But they were ready to go primarily because of new shoes, new lunchboxes, new…

Back to School.

They love school, so it isn’t the idea of school, it isn’t the days they are away, it is knowing their hearts and praying that their teachers learn and hold their hearts with tenderness too.  Each year as we get closer and closer to Kindergarten, I pray harder that my boys will love school and be loved by their school.  I searched for a pre-school that would help them learn how to “do school” and we have had such a positive experience at their pre-school socially, academically and emotionally.

Meet the Teacher Pre-K

As a former teacher I don’t struggle in letting them “go” to school but as a parent in knowing that the warm, loving, controlled bubble they have been molded in, in the years since their birth is slowly fading. Which is a good thing too, but it comes with its own set of challenges and concerns.   I read in an article recently that the best you can do as they grow, and get more and more input and examples from this full, busy and not always pleasant world we are raising them to be a part of is to make sure that each day when they walk in the door home from school a warm, safe, loving and consistent environment waits for them.  So, as I watch their little friends start to impact their hearts, minds and behaviors more and more I wish for good friends for them like I was fortunate to have, for good mentors and for a safe path.  Yes, I know they are still mini men, but setting the tone for the years to come so that they

Meet the Teacher Night

feel the pull to respect, work hard, be a good friend, and yes…play, be silly, enjoy life.

As a whole, the boys had a fabulous first week.  Caden is a school champ.  He never has any issues adjusting to a new class, new teacher or new friends.  My shy guy turned social bee.  He is loving the new responsibilities and priviliges of his official pre-kindergarten class; a locker, getting to check out books in the library, eating in the gym (instead of in the classroom) and of course, no nap.  He received rave reviews from his teacher about what a great kid he is, so thoughtful, well-mannered, hard-worker, good listener and kind friend.  Talk about some key compliments your parent heart wants to hear!

Everett, my tough, risk-taking child is a puddle when it comes to school. He just does not handle change well.  We were so surprised that he was so sad to go to his new class because they are Caden’s teachers from last year who he loves!  The poor little guy just gets a bit worried.  He is always happyand pick-up and excited to tell me about the great day he had but the first two daysof drop off were sad for him.  He still goes in, and he still gives hugs and kisses goodbye, but while he has crocodile tears pooling on his teacher’s lap as she snuggles him.

The last day of the week though, I told him that he couldn’t be sad because he had to help his friends if they were feeling sad.  If his friends were sad he could give them a hug and tell them “It’s okay, we are going to have a fun day!”  Bless his heart, the sweet child looked at me at drop off, went in his room a little teary, walked back out, (his friends were sad), looked at me square in the eye and took the biggest breath held up his hand for a kiss and marched back in tear free to help his friends.

Bless him and our deep breath calming technique.
All by his big little self.

I love hearing about their days, and they do spill all the details and I love getting to further work with them on the things they are doing at school to match up with our home “school”.  With a real “Farewell to Summer” Labor Day weekend behind us we soaked up family time, the independent stage they are getting to and the tiny moments that they just need us and still seem just that, tiny.

Back to School.

Which means I might actually be back to catching up.

But lets not get hasty. :)

Back to School 2013 Comparison

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