Letterwork Summer School {ABC – E & F}

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Plugging through the alphabet week by week. If you are just catching on, you can also get schedules and materials for letters A&B, and C&D.

Out outings show pictures from our zoo trip, but you can make it as simple as “searching for elephants” at your local Target – baby clothes, books, on food boxes.  Need it to be simpler?  Search for the letter E!  You will be surprised at how quickly the kids will start seeing and spotting related items and letters as you stroll along…and maybe pick up a candle, shirt, pack of stationary you didn’t need.
Ah Target, you get me every time! Enjoy!

Search for Elephants at the Zoo

Make Something to Eat Together

Letter E Week Schedule

Recognizing Letter E Wks, Tracing Letter E Wks

Visit the Fire station & Fire Trucks!

Letter F Week Schedule

Recognizing Letter F Wks, Tracing Letter F Wks

Intro to Letterwork – A & B

Letters C & D

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Letterwork Summmer School {ABC Continued – C & D}

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Hopefully you enjoyed the initial intro to letterwork I gave a glimpse of two weeks ago.  If nothing else, I think it helps to get our brains thinking to come up with new ideas for ourselves, or different ways to see how our kiddos will respond to and relate to learning.  Continuing on with our alphabet, here are two more weeks!

Go and Visit Some Cows this Week

Letter C Week Schedule

Recognizing Letter C Wks, Tracing Letter C

Recognizing Letter D Wks, Tracing Letter D

Letter D Week Schedule

Find a Way to Go Digging, Even with Shovels In Your Yard

Link to Letter A and B Letterwork Post


Letterwork Summer School {ABC Intro}

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My teacher brain has been busy as of late since several friends and relatives have recently inquired as to what I do with the boys to help teach them at home, introduce letters and/or reinforce some of what they are being exposed to at “school”.  Since this has mostly applied to Caden thus far, though Everett is included as well, I got us organized to share with those friends and family and decided what better time to share it with you all as well in case you find yourself struggling to find some structure for your kiddos that works.

Hopefully with the age of your little ones, the time of year and most of them not getting this in a “school” environment of some sort and the change of pace it will give you something different to do with them at home and about town this summer to either get them going or keep them on track!


My goal overall is to make the learning and activities at their current age quick, engaging, and most importantly something they relate to.

Engaging: Fun, fun, fun.  If that means trying to contort your body into the letter you are teaching while you are jumping up and down repeating the letter like a cheerleader to get them giggling and excited, there you go.  No one is seeing you act like an idiot but you…and them…and maybe your neighbors spying through the window. Games, songs, crafts, treats…get them excited about learning and letters.

Relatable: If you can make what you are teaching important to your child by relating it to something in their life they know, love or are into you will have that much more success with it sticking in these early years.

Quick:  Attention span and time involved are hard for everyone in these early years and with us moms having a million things to do.  If you can concentrate on one thing each day for a brief time it lets them and you not get burnt out with the process but still get it done.  Then you can move on to the next and even if it is another letter activity it will be different and new still.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat:  Keep that letter you are working on each week on the forefront of your noggin’.  Any and everytime you have an opportunity to say, “Hey look, a football field, do you know what letter football and field start with?”  etc.  The more they hear you pointing it out and showing them things in our world that have and use those letters instead of just during “learning time” they will realize letters and learning are everywhere which is the best lesson for them to grasp.  Pretty soon you will see them start to point them out to you.

To help you along, here are some introducing/reviewing/reinforcing letter schedules for you that go by one week for each letter, which is the time frame I prefer so as not to overwhelm them and to allow enough time to do a little here, a little there until it sticks.   I will give you the first two weeks to help you plan ahead and continue to do so as you go along.

Letter A Week Schedule

Recognizing Letter A Wks,  Tracing Letter A

Letter B Week Schedule

Recognizing Letter B Wks, Tracing Letter B

ABC Outlines to Color Each Week

 Feel free to e-mail me anytime if any of the activities or information needs further explaining or if you just have a question of any sort. Happy Teaching!

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