Jingle the Elf {Wrapping Up 2014}

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Jingle’s final days with us were full of his usual funny, surprise filled antics that left us more than ready for Santa to arrive and Christmas to be celebrated together.  Here is a look at Jingle’s last few days with our family during the 2014 Christmas season. Jingle14Day22Even the nutcrackers need a little help learning their ABCs for their name. Jingle to the rescue and with some name and letter practice pages for us too! Jingle14Day23 Slope style Jingle might be my personal favorite appearance of his this year.  I guess he was getting bored just sitting/flying/playing around so he set up his slope and got right to it.  Apparently he isn’t worried about his knees like I am. Jingle14Day24 Guess who has his sleigh ready for Santa’s arrival?!  Jingle may have lacked reindeer but he made up for it with an efficient dinosaur pull so he could get his tree home and decorated in time.  A strip of sleighbells to recognize Santa’s sound and we were all ready to open some family gifts to clear room under the tree and begin the fun!  Jingle14Dayxmasmorning Merry Christmas Jingle!  You really helped us ring in the season and continue some family traditions together this year.  We love baking cookies together, doing art projects, reading books and singing songs and thanks to you, you helped guide us through the weeks to lots of family fun and silliness.  We are so glad that you stick around each year on Christmas morning in your very own stocking to watch us celebrate together! DSC_0461_edited-1 Goodbye Jingle.  The time came the day after Christmas to say farewell to our festive friend.  From his final perch this year he waved goodbye to us and reminded us to read his story one last time so we knew he had to go back to the North Pole until next year.  We gave our thanks and took one last peek and then off to bed for us and back to the North Pole for Jingle.  I am sure he needs his rest after this year!


Jingle the Elf 2014 {Week 3}

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It is hard to believe that Jingle’s days with us this year are numbered as we approach the last stretch until Christmas.  I think the boys’ excitement to find him grows each day as early mornings start right away with a hunt and he is a topic of conversation all day long. Where he will be and what will he be doing keep our minds actively working on the various possibilities for Jingle, our elf.Jingle14Day15

 Jingle clearly was flying in to fast from the North Pole and released his parachute to land him safely.  However that parachute happened to be Everett’s underwear.

Jingle14Day17 Both boys had been waiting not so patiently for our tree to get a magic star on the top of it like so many of the Christmas movies, shows, books and songs have. Lucky for them Jingle built himself a plane in the workshop and flew a star right up to the tippy top of our tree for us.  I hope he still had his parachute with him just in case!




Jingle must have been feeling a little crafty while we slept because we woke up to find him completing an ornament of his own with all of the painting, gluing and sequinning materials we would need to do our own too! Nothing like a little breakfast with a side of ornament project to get the day underway!  They were very happy to hang their newly created ornaments on our tree with pride precision.


It is a good thing I still find a good coloring page relaxing because this creative shenanigan had us coloring by twinkle and firelight first thing in the morning.  A cozy and quiet start to the last weekend before Christmas thanks to these holiday coloring books and Jingle’s inspiration.


Oh Jingle, you know the way to our heart.  A Saturday morning Starbucks delivery complete with some bread treats for the boys, perfectly portioned cups which were filled with hot cocoa and Jingle’s very own cappuccino, probably with some peppermint in it.  Everett was OVER THE MOON about this morning surprise, elated that Jingle had granted him the gift of the green circle queen.Jingle14Day21Sometimes he is generous, sometimes he is busy and sometimes, sometimes, he is mischievous.  Like the time he covered our kid tree in the playroom with candy canes and we caught him zip-lining in with one final candy cane. He must have known that our mom used to finish up our kid tree with us with a box of authentic tinsel and candy canes for us to throw about. Hold on tight Jingle, you have a long day to hang that way!

So there you have it, the third installment of Jingle’s time with us this year.  With only a few days with us, knowing he will leave on Christmas after watching us fill with delight over what Santa hopefully delivers our way we are soaking up his contributions to our family fun. Most days the boys hunt (and find) him before we even know they are up letting us know we are entering the age and stage where we were surely be woken up at 4 AM on Christmas Day.  Their glee is contagious and their memories are getting full of traditions and treats as Jingle continues his ways.


Jingle the Elf 2014 {Week Two}

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Another busy week of fun for our family as Jingle made his way around the house each morning. Caden is quite the expert “Jingle-Finder” this year making me wonder if his hiding spots are going to get any trickier!

Poor Jingle must have had a crash landing on his way back from the North Pole!  He seemed to make do with some candy cane crutches, Christmas band-aids and domino splints which were all a big hit with our boys!  We were sure to give him lots of rest this day so he could better and make it back to the North Pole.

Clearly Jingle didn’t want to be left out of the crew.  Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatello and Raphael helped gear Jingle up for some Ninja lessons and boy were we surprised!  Teenage Mutant Ninja Jingle!

It appears that Jingle knows how many giggles his secret sleepovers get out of our boys each year.  What would you think if you woke up to find a little elf taking a snooze in your room with a blanket, pillow and snuggly like yours?!

Jingle most definitely hears Everett’s sweet requests for Jingle to rest in his room too, so after his flight back from Santa he swapped his blanket and snuggly for one just like Everett’s and tip-toed in his room under the tree to feel at home.

Choo-Choo!  Who doesn’t want to go for a ride on the Polar Express is the real questions?!  A Christmas tree train ride to show us one of the season’s favorite movies that we hadn’t watched yet this year.

Poor Jingle took a little spill off of the Polar Express or Everett couldn’t resist and touched him yesterday and had to stay an extra day at the North Pole to get his magic back.  It is a good thing he sent from photos from the North Pole showing that he was there and not only that, but he had delivered our letters to Santa straight from our mailbox to the jolly man himself!

I mean, there are only 11 days left Jingle, I guess you were right and we better get to baking!  Since he was ready to go, and the proper attire was all laid out, cookie making at 7:00 a.m. was the only obvious option to meet this request!

Knowing Jingle always has some tricks up his little red sleeves but that he also has some family favorites like the sleepovers definitely keeps us on our toes as to what the last week and a half will hold!


Jingle the Elf 2014 {Week 1}

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Oh Jingle. How we all missed you. Last week was already a week full of silliness and surprises with you in the house & after your annual Snowflake breakfast the boys were ready to find you each day.

With impeccable timing on December 1st, Jingle managed to locate all of our Christmas books among the packing chaos so we could read them throughout the month and provided an always classic countdown chain to help us get to the 25th!

Caden and Everett went the the “big movie” the afternoon prior and couldn’t believe when they woke up the next day to see Jingle watching Big Hero 6 just like they did. He surely heard all of their chatter about Baymax and his super friends and had to check it out for himself.  Only a movie date with Woody & Jessie, Batman and popcorn are good enough for Jingle.

Help! Jingle is stuck in a snowglobe!  This day was fun because we got to pick up and shake the snowglobe since he was protected by the jar not to mention all the perfect for toddler sized hands snowglobe magic around him.

Not even Jingle could resist Everett’s Batman Robot so he outfitted up for the ride.

Gooooooaaaaalllll ! Or not. Sorry guys, Jingle saved that one.

Who wants to walk with the dinosaurs? We do! After all, with winter upon us we certainly want to keep our feet warm and cozy.

Trying to guess just what Jingle will do and where he will be next seems to be a daily conversation now as the morning hunt for him is on as soon as little peepers open.  Rest up Jingle, you have a couple more weeks to go!


Jingle’s 2014 Debut {Snowflake Breakfast}

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You may or may not recall our little friend Jingle the Elf who visits our home every year during the month of December.  Based on our yearly postings of his shenanigans I am going to guess that the “you may or may not recall” is more of a “you may”.

A little over a week ago Jingle kicked off the holiday season on Sunday, November 30th which was a surprise to us since that is one day earlier than he typically comes! Our guess is that he wanted Daddy to be able to be at the Snowflake Breakfast too since it was a Sunday.

The “night before Jingle” we had a little preparation.  I  told the boys that we were going to watch his movie so we would know his story before the morning {which we do each year}.  Naturally, we needed baths first so that we could be comfy, cozy during the show!

I got a little note from Jingle saying he had dropped off an early surprise to help us get ready and after looking, and looking, and looking I just couldn’t find it.  Wouldn’t you know that two nakey boys straight out of the tub found a box for each of them on our front porch!  They couldn’t believe that Jingle must have snuck right by me.

Of course Jingle would give his own jammies…I think he likes himself!  Two Jingle clad boys ate smores and happily watched “An Elf’s Story” to see how they might treat their elf and what Jingle may do.  Off to bed to get ready and wake up to,

Snowflake Breakfast!  The usual snowflake décor, Christmas plates, cups and elf hats were out and ready. Their favorite? The super special green plastic forks.  Duh.

My favorite surprise was the handcrafted metal Jingle bell you can see sitting at the top of their plates.  A candy cane handle stem and holly leaves make this red Jingle bell extra fun and festive.  If you don’t remember, our elf Jingle gives the boys a Jingle bell of some sort each year on this day to play with since they can’t pick up and play with their actual Jingle elf.  A little trade off.

With faces properly splashed with powdered sugar “snow” from the donut treats and sprinkled snow over their breakfast we read “Jingle’s book” to see him in action and remember the rules.  Caden was the expert this year remembering the rules first hand and Everett kept nodding his head in excited agreement.

Jingle seems to know that this always makes for a great welcome to his month of his mischief where we can enjoy breakfast together and have time to re-introduce him into our home before starting the day and season.

We welcome Jingle not because he “watches our every move” and makes sure we are “angels only this month” but because he is one small way we come together as a family this month in silliness and tradition.  Jingle reminds us to have fun, to be kind to one another and him, and yes, to believe in the good, the magical and the moment.  Welcome Back Jingle we are so pleased to have you!



Jingle the Elf 2013 {Week 3 & 4}

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Jingle Week One 2013

Jingle Week Two 2013

and on to Jingle’s Final Days With Us This Year…

Highlight: Sugar high first thing in the morning. Kidding.  They were so careful with their cups and loved using little spoons to dig out their three marshmallows!

Highlight: “Oh NO Mommy! JIngle is STUCK! How do we rescue him??!!”

Highlight:”J is for Jingle Mommy. I think Jingle wants to go to school with us again.”

Highlight: Playing basketball with Jingle hanging on. “Don’t worry Mommy, he isn’t falling off, he wants to play with us.”

Highlight: Finding him. They had to look for awhile because he was so camouflaged!

Highlight: Seeing Jingle’s cape just like the boys asked Santa for.  Naturally we had to watch The Incredibles that day so we could be up on our superhero powers.

Highlight: Isn’t it obvious?  The cooking attire. Jingle sure made our baking much more festive and fun!

Highlight: Jingle’s lawn equipment. My boys’ obsession with lawn mowers and lawn crews made this ensemble a total hit. They also liked that Jingle was working to spruce up the place for Santa’s arrival.

Highlight: “Oh THANK YOU Jingle,” was heard over and over as they walked back and forth from their kid tree to the chair to get another ornament to hang.  This may have been their favorite appearance from their elf.  Each boy just couldn’t believe Jingle had brought all of these fun ornaments just for them. Clearly Jingle forgot to get them out earlier and thought the tree needed more decoration in order for Santa to come!

Highlight: Seeing the #1 on the “How many more sleeps until Santa?” arrives board.

Caden and Everett are sad to see Jingle go, but understand that he will come back next year.  We all had a lot of fun having him in our home again this holiday season as he brought a lot of giggles, child excitement and wonder to the season.  Jingle really helped to break up the time frame of the holidays and waiting for Christmas Day to come as we had something to look forward to each morning this December.

Thanks for all of the fun Jingle, see you next year!


Jingle the Elf 2013 { Week 2 }

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Jingle has been busy yet again this past week and the boys have been on the hunt every single morning.   Caden particularly likes to come down and turn the Christmas tree lights on to get a head start while we are still waking.  “Where’s Jingle?  I just don’t know. I think he might be lost.  Jingle, where are you?”

Everett is in LOVE with Jingle and talks about him (and to him) throughout each day.  He likes to make sure he is still safe in his spot, or see if he misses his hideouts from the day prior.  Whenever we leave and come home, Jingle is the first family member that gets checked on just in case something changed.  Lets check out what he was up to last week!

Highlight: Watching them search and search and then try all day to see how that balloon was holding Jingle right there! Elf Magic!

Highlight: After Icemageddon and several days stuck inside, they boys liked seeing that Jingle was longing for the outdoors just as much as them.

Highlight: This was back to school in what seemed like awhile after being cooped up from the weather.  The boys were ready to go and just giggly over Jingle wanting to go with them and being ready with his backpack and lunchbox just like them.  They had to keep checking to make sure he hadn’t actually hitched a ride on his bus.

Highlight: (seen below) They both just loved that Jingle had gathered his friends (Jake, Thomas, LEGO fireman and Daisy Duck) for a photo op.  To think that they all were playing about while they were sleeping was just too much.  So, naturally, they each needed cameras so they could take pictures of Jingle taking pictures.  “Say Cheese Jingle” was heard throughout the morning.

Highlight: Once a year, Jingle needs a bath! This took a little longer for them to find, but their laughs and points that Jingle was taking a bubble bath in THEIR bath just like them was pure greatness. “Oh no Mommy! We can’t take a bath in there too, we will get Jingle all wet. Maybe lets use his towel.”

HIghlight: A future post will explain more but this elf magic really hit home.  Jingle surprised the boys with pictures of SANTA reading THEIR letters they wrote and sent this year.  From the proof it seems like Jingle sat with Santa and had a little chat with him while he read their letters just like Mommy and Daddy told them!

  Highlight: With two Aggie parents, Jingle fit right in getting in the spirit of Johnny Manziel’s Heisman nomination this year and got all decked out for the occasion. Everett, who is particularly brainwashed checked on Jingle regularly declaring “Gig ‘Em Aggies, Whoop!”

Another week of fun is surely on the way, and with the first and second week now behind us they are anxiously awaiting his surprises!


Jingle the Elf 2013 {Week 1}

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You might remember that last year, Jingle the Elf made quite the entrance into our family during the month of December.  As Thanksgiving approached, and then ended and with our busy weekend of traveling and tree gathering we wondered just when he might start checking on us this year.  Have no fear, Jingle did come back December 1st with his introductory Snowflake Breakfast and we got to meet him all over again.

The boys and I watched an Elf Story the night prior at bedtime to get us all ready for Jingle’s arrival and we all read up on all of his reasoning and rules at Breakfast the next morning.  The past week has been filled with shenanigans and surprises already, keeping us on our toes and full of giggles.  How about a look at Jingle’s first week with us this year?

Highlight: Counting the bases and informing Mommy how we run them to score.

Highlight: Their faces upon seeing that not only was Jingle a cowboy but he was riding Bullseye, BULLSEYE!

Highlight: “I just love Jingle sleeping in here with me Mommy!” (at bedtime the night after)

Highlight: The boys pulling up chairs to read to Jingle and with him.  Caden read Goodnight Moon to Jingle (by the light of a red bulb) and Everett recited Brown Bear.

Highlight: Since this was the morning of the ice storm and we were without power all day the fact alone that he was there keeping warm with a fire and blankets just like us was enough.

 Highlight: “He is playing with OUR snowmen!”

Happy Elf on the Shelfing! We hope you’re elf is up to as much nonsense in your home spreading Christmas spirit and smiles.


Jingle {Week 3.5}

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Taking us right on home to Christmas, Jingle was hard at work flying back and forth to the North Pole and our house telling Santa we had been extra good.  Jingle did such a good job relaying his daily message that he couldn’t stay at the North Pole on Christmas Eve.  He had to come back Christmas morning to watch the boys open their gifts and see that Santa had in fact come like he told them would happen.

We learned that elves really do paint ornaments and toys.  Jingle was doing such a good job that we all had to join him and paint some of our own!

Caden woke up and Jingle had come into his room to sleep overnight!  The best part?  Jingle had a bulldozer pillow, Mickey blanket and snuggle bear just like Caden’s! Amazing. So amazing that it had to have two picture collages to show just where Jingle was and just what he heard when we got Caden up that day.
“Mama, look! Jingle is RIGHT there!  He is resting over there by my tree!”

We woke up on Christmas Eve to find that Jingle had decorated his own trees and his hat with Jingle Bells in hopes that Santa would soon come.  He also brought the boys a special present to help Santa know to come that night – a Santa ornament to hang!

Jingle happily watched the Christmas morning excitement from his very own stocking hung right between his little friend’s.

Happy Elf on the Shelfing! We hope you had fun with your elf this year just like us.

Jingle Week One    Jingle Week Two    Jingle Week Three 


Jingle the Elf {Week Three}

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With week one and week two of Jingle’s antics being a huge success, the boys were anxious to see what other silly endeavors he was going to take on!

Our poor fish, he never saw it coming.

“Hey look, Jingle is resting in that Santa cup Mama.”  “Got mees (me) a Santa hat?”

Caden has an obsession with lawnmowers.  So much that Santa brought him one of his own for Christmas and Nonna and Pa Pa got him a leafblower.  Jingle did not miss his enthusiasm for his machine love and thought the garland was looking unruly.  Sure was nice to have someone maintain our holiday landscape!

Which day elicited the most giggles?  jingle on the mini potty day. Boys.

Lebron who?  Our elf has some serious hops.

We woke up ready to bake our holiday treats and Jingle had already gotten started and brought the proper cooking wardrobe for the boys.  Such a helper that elf is.

“Mama, please get my undies down please!  Mama! My undies are up high with Jingle.  Please get them down to me.”  Who knew elves preferred whitey tighties?


Only a few more days of Jingle left to share.  He has been gone from our home back to the North Pole until next year for one day and everyone is missing him.

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