Insta-Week {12}

Posted by casey on December 14, 2012 in Insta-Week

It has been awhile since I have given a glimpse of life via my phone, but since I am in the middle of doing the Twelve Days of Christmas Treats & Eats and the Twelve Days of Christmas gifts for the husband at home, and the Twelve Days of Christmas Nightly Books with Caden I figured it just made sense to go ahead and do the 12th Edition of of Insta-Week.  Right?

Remember that time Everett turned ONE and I never told you about his party…

This is our cat. We don’t own it, or feed it, or take care of it, but we do go and visit it every day on a walk at it’s house – and everyday it comes out talking to see us and get pets. We call her white kitty cat, very creative.

Felt Christmas Tree was Successfully Sewn and The Decorating Began

Adorable? I think so. handwashing 101.

Early Mornings with Everett and Holiday Cheer

Savoring the days he needs to snuggle as he grows up fast.

Getting to go on the morning coffee run makes for one pleased pup.


Welcome Winter.

Went a lil’ Griswald on the front porch this year for the kids. Santa will know they live here, no doubt.


Insta-Week {11}

Posted by casey on October 6, 2012 in Insta-Week, Life as I Know It

Morning Kisses for his Breakfast Date with Mickey

My little angel turned into a daredevil.

Helping Nonna make coffee.

Favorite walk activities – wall climbing and lawn mower watching. So exciting!

A quick peek at his rare treat baking for eating a good dinner.

Rainy day bathroom hopscotch and number matching.

Ninja escapee daredevil

Morning ritual going out so Caden can say “Good Morning” to “his” pumpkins.

Perfectly fall filled morning – Park, Duck Feeding, Starbucks

Visiting Their Favorite White Kitty Cat on Our Walk

A peek at daily life via my weekly “phone dump”


Insta-Week { 10}

Posted by casey on September 29, 2012 in Insta-Week

A Little Phone Picture Peek at Our Life
10 Recent Pictures for the 10th Edition

Good Morning! Cuteness is my saving quality.

Two Peas In A….Swing – Park Days!

Sunset Nights

Homemade Playdough Night with Chef Caden

Reading Before School – Got to Study!

Mommy Break – Coffee & Photos = Love

Mickey Mouse Paint Swatches – Color Game

WWF – Brother’s Edition

Snuggly Movie Day in Bed

EARLY Mornings


Insta-Week {9}

Posted by casey on September 5, 2012 in Insta-Week, Life as I Know It

“Brother, I want to be just like you when I grow up.”

Just doing a little roof-work before bed.

Goodnight Moon


Crafting a card for Pa Pa’s birthday.

Anything my brother can do I can do better, I can anything better than him.

Damn you pears.

Kitchen table or cage? Now I’ve got him!

Conspiring to make messes together.

Daddy’s #1 Fantasy Football Draft Assistant

I think this shall be their first Bible lesson.


Insta-Week {8}

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It just doesn’t get more exciting than the Chick-Fil-A cow showing up at storytime. “Mama, a Moooooo!”

Puzzle time.”I did it!”

“Hi Mom! Did you want me to eat this?”

Learning to Superman Swing “Weeeeeeee!”


Favorite Rainy Day Activity – Picasso Practice

Look Mama, I wear a headband just like you.

You have got to be kidding if you think I am going to touch that food.

Why take naps when you can cart lounge?

Making sure our neighbor’s birthday pinata is good and dead.

Just another Instant Glimpse at life from our phones!


Insta-Week {7}

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Lots of early mornings = lots of early morning walks

Mama's Gardeners

A Weekend Treat - Yogurt in a Cup As Big As His Head

I Think We Need a Little More Mickey Going On

"Hi Mama!"


Visiting My Old Teaching Grounds to Play


Deep in the Heart of Texas




Insta-Week {6}

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Caden rarely gets treats.  So sometimes, he needs one the size of his head.
Thankfully his lack of sweet tooth made him satisfied with a couple bites!

With a sick babe and an overworked husband it has been a LONG week.  Afternoon cup of coffee was a must on a couple of occasions.

I spy a puppy all curled up on a matching blanket. I think he was hiding from my terrors children.

Pillow pile!

Isn’t he too young for 7 Minutes in Heaven?

Dear Brother, I want your animal crackers…you better climb higher.

Projects a plenty going on here, projects a plenty!

The rarest of occasions…napping at the same time.

Project pillow ruffle – success!

When you are chasing a 2.5 year old and almost 9 month old sometimes a chip clip is all you can find for your hair.  It is just the way it is.

This boy wanted afternoon snuggles after school this week and I happily obliged.

Everyone loves it when Daddy comes home, everyone!


Insta-Week {4}

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I was hoping to have more for you than just kiddos pics, but alas, they dominate 100% of my time and picture taking.
I have failed you again.  All you get is cute babies.

A little school at bathtime.  Yes the U is currently upside down, but all the others are right! :)

Morning Rituals.

Just chillin’

Two teeth in one week = frozen washcloth to chomp on.

OCD tendencies getting the best of him.

“But where do all these bubbles keep coming from?”

In awe of his Nonna, who got him his very own Dyson vacuum.  Every small child’s dream come true right?

Speaking of dreams…

Producing another masterpiece.

Someone figured out how to pull up and is awfully proud of himself!

Bbaby Wayfarers and a Baby gut. Enough said.


Insta-Week {3}

Posted by casey on June 11, 2012 in Insta-Week

Although I am a few days behind since we are at the start of yet another new week already, here is last week’s camera view!

We kicked off the week celebrating Colter’s birthday last Sunday.  Caden did a great job helping his Daddy blow out his candles and Everett was generous enough to gift his Daddy with a birthday snuggle nap.

I am officially “that mom” who has to drive the Cadillac cart now. It is HUGE and hard to maneuver but the boys love it.

We have acutally been getting some rain/storms which led to power flickering while I cooked dinner – of course it did.

After Caden’s first day of school (more on this to come) I was exhausted and broke down having my first Coke in years.  It was gross.  However it did get me through the evening.

Speaking of school.  Everett tried to go.

Bo discovered the baby gate had been left open during a late night trip upstairs and snuck into his favorite snuggle spot.

Everett has a new favorite high chair companion that is as big as him.

Thrasher is taking full advantage of Everett crawling just as he did with Caden, using him as belly rub machine.  Lucky dog.

Caden has enjoyed several ice cube tray meals recently. A little of this, a little of that. So many choices!

Finishing off the week with my usualy massive chocolate chip cookie recipe (8 dozen) so I can roll up and freeze the dough for later use. Mmmm. Don’t you just want to jump through the picture and have a snack?

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