Well Hello There

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Oh, hello there.  Didn’t expect to see you today.

Let me introduce myself.

I am Casey, wife to Colter, mom to Caden, Everett and Archer, daughter to Cam, daughter in law to Bill and Carolyn, sister to Drew, sister in law to Jordan, Maddie, Asher, Meghan, Laura and Auntie to…get ready, Cathryn, Cameron, Emily, JP, Braiden, Kaylie, Locke, McKee, Tessa, Caroline and Cate and friend to hopefully, many.  You already knew that, okay most of you, but here I am back.  I needed the reminder of all of those things because really, all of those beautiful names have important people behind them and those important people require time and focus and love and attention and the space for this little nook was pushed right on out for awhile.

Okay, a long while.
Sorry about that.

The thing is, I hate saying there has been “no time” for this.  Clearly, we make time for what we need in life, what we want and what we prioritize.  It isn’t like I stopped thinking thoughts, though the clarity and ability to form complete thoughts is always a bit muddied after another babe joins the family.  But that was sixteen months ago itself.  What it boils down to is me.  I did not give myself the time to sit down, think my thoughts, and write.  To vent, to share, to explain, to give, to let out, to exhale.  I have been all tied up living our life and loving it, (and sometimes despising it, let’s be real) that stopping to take a breath and really reflect on where I am and how I got here well, just didn’t make the to-do list, which gosh darn I always lose anyway.

Plenty has happened, birthdays, frustrations, a whole school year, crafting victories, holidays, crafting failures, visits with family, changes, trips, learning curves, parenting triumphs, daily parenting failures and all the spilled cereal, coffee, nose wiping, bottom wiping, hugging and giggling you can fit in between.

But you know what?  This morning.  In the dark of the morning, after a fitful nights sleep I am sitting here alone, I repeat ALONE (hallelujah).  I have a cup of coffee, there is an unexpected rain storm and there is enough in my head that I decided I need to exhale. The best way I know to do that is to write. I miss writing. I miss sharing. I miss getting it all out of my head.  Therefore, here I am.

Hello There.
It is So Nice to See You Again.
I hope you will forgive my absence.
And the absences that are certain to happen again.
Join Me. Listen to Me. Laugh With Me. Shake Your Fists at Me.
There is a lot of love and life and tears and fears just waiting to be shared.



Welcome {Playroom}

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A writing prompt that didn’t involve much “time to sit down and gather meaningful thoughts writing” and included a “reveal” that I have been meaning to get around to sharing for a year now.  Yes, I said one whole year.  That was the perfect Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop prompt for me this week – a tour of a room in my home.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our playroom.

First, I should probably show you what we were working with a year ago when I decided I was tired of

A. every single child toy being downstairs
B. my two little ones not being able to separate themselves
C. the “man cave” not being utilized much because of the two aforementioned little ones thus opening up the spot for a second purpose



First night in our “new house” May 2007

If I am being 100% honest those pictures are from like two days after we moved in…six years ago.  So, it had improved slightly by the time I wanted to re-do it but not much.  Frankly, it was the room we didn’t have to do a whole lot with and check out that builder beige paint, green leather couches courtesy of my parents (college house donation) and worn brown table that is literally, 30 years old!

The room was great when we were first married, pre-kids when my husband and his buddies would literally spend all day Sunday watching every single football game on both TVs back and forth while keeping track of their fantasy teams and whatever else goes on in that environment.  I stayed downstairs…and did girly things…by myself…without interruptions…it was awesome.  Alas, we had a kid…and then 20 months later another kid and I needed a room that could still serve the need for video games and football when the opportunity arose but that also brought some life, love and order to the kids’ toys and growing need for space.

And so it began.

The only rule was that I had to leave my husband out of it and not require his help in any of the painting/furniture moving/hanging/usage of tools and I could do whatever I wanted…within budget.  Boo, budget.  Let me show you around.  Actually, let me spin you in a circle. Turn to your right folks.

 First, let me say it before you do. Yes.  There are two TVs.  No, it isn’t a mirror.  Yes, there are two of the same large TV in one room.  It was a give in to my husband when we moved in.  A graduation/signing bonus/congratulations gift to himself for his former man cave.  He really got me when he said this way we could be together but he could play video games while I watched a chick flick.  His real reason was so that he could watch eight football games at one time.  Compromise, the stuff marriage is made of.  Okay, now that we cleared up that whole two TVs thing, how about we move on?

How about I try to help you get your bearings now?  This room is located upstairs (as in go somewhere else and play please) smack dab in the middle of all three upstairs bedrooms.  This is a plus because the doors and stair railing overlook the downstairs entry which makes it very easy to hear what is going on not that they ever, every go up there unsupervised.  It has several areas and “key elements” that were my goal in getting the room which we will take a closer look at.

The most important of those elements is that everywhere you look, you will see evidence of play even in a naked-except for his diaper-curly headed boy.  Play, play, play.  This room needed to be a place where they could “get away” but non-child guests could still feel comfortable.  Colorful but not child-cheap.  Bright but not blinding.  Fun, but not junky.  Hopefully. If that is possible with kid toys.

One of my most favorite areas in this room is the teeny, tiny, cozy reading corner and kid-work art gallery.  It is tucked away to the left just as you walk in the room.

1. Art Gallery. The former teacher in me loves and really believes in displaying your children’s “work/art/creations”.  Refrigerator, their room windows, doors, laundry room.  Wherever you want to stash it, even if that feels out of the way to you, seeing their face light up when they see their work up there is enough to make you keep doing it.  So, the mini art gallery of work by my minis was put to task.  Some of this has been up since last summer because well, I don’t get to switching it and he loves those pieces.  But, every time we go in there he says “Mommy, oh look! Remember that crab?  I made that for you with my hands!” Yes you did.  Just think of it as free art for your playroom wall that you didn’t buy.  Paint some plain unfinished frames in various sizes and ta-daaaa, an art gallery.

2. Ledge shelves.  The cheap kind.  The kind that really are for holding not much of anything.  The kind that regularly go on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  Stock with some favorite reads, switch them out from time to time for surprises and you’re done.

3. Lounger. Who doesn’t love a good oversized bean bag?  I recovered a couple old pillows, busted out the sewing machine for a couple new fun, cheap fabric pillows and the boys added their favorite snuggle buddies.  You may or may not find me sitting here when in the room.

 Moving around the room you can make it to the kiddie work area.  Or puzzle area.  Or climb on things like it is a fire truck and you are rescuing someone from your ladder area.  Whatever.  I know I said the Reading Nook & Art Gallery was my favorite, but I think this is.  Yup, definitely this corner.

1. Ikea Kids Table.  If it looks different to you than what you have seen, that is because I painted in.  Tricky right?  I bought the inexpensive unfinished light wood table and painted in a bright orange BEFORE putting it together.  That is key.  Before using the lovely hexagon key to put the pieces together like lincoln logs paint and seal with polyurethane for durability.  Thanks to Hannah Flora Villio’s advice I used a small foam roller and is was quick and easy!  Then I added a couple of extra blue stools for extra seating that could be moved around easily.  You can thank Target for those. (summer sale, 50% off)

2. Art supplies.  Enter two cheap mini curtain/valance rods.  I mean like they shouldn’t be able to hold a feather but they do.  Attach with wall anchors and now the boys have a paper roll for endless fun that doesn’t require a stack of half used sheets.  The second rod with all of the buckets includes a concept you may have seen in a variety of options on Pinterest.  Bucket homes for markers, crayons, chalk, scissors etc.  They love the buckets and I love the organization.  Summer dollar spot at Target always has cute metal buckets in many color choices! 

3. Over sized Chalkboard.  This is actually a large framed art print. I suppose I should say was a large framed art print.  Since I had been staring at it since college I was tired of it and when I stared at it in that corner all I could see was a chalkboard.  So, the frame got a fresh coat of white paint (was black) and the glass several coats of chalkboard paint.

4. This sign is just a painted, refinished and antiqued 2 X 4. I had made it for Caden’s second birthday which was train themed.  In trying to re-purpose things I already had or worked on it was the perfect size for some added fun.  A coat of tan paint, sand the edges for spots, a coat of white paint, sand the edges and center for spots, carve in and paint the words in desired font, seal with polyurethane.

5.  Don’t you need multiple clocks in any room in case one stops working?  Excessive but in my opinion, adorable and the boys love practicing their numbers with them. A cheap Target find.  Clearance, clearance, clearance.

The beloved and coveted train table.  Since I was putting this room together the summer after Caden’s second birthday when trains were in full swing and he had a 9 month old baby brother quick on his heals I need a place for the trains without the train table investment. Hello play room!  Remember that old worn brown table that was one of my parents first furniture purchases?  It also survived an array of nasty encounters in my now husband’s college home, but after some sanitizing, sanding and are you seeing a theme…paint, here she is.  The train table.  In fact, the boys don’t even call this the play room, they call it the choo-choo room.  I love that it isn’t permanent and we can make elaborate tracks or simple ones like seen above in just a couple of minutes.  I added a couple of Ikea stools that slide underneath the table that can again be used there, or moved around. 

So, that old, worn, thirty year old “they don’t make furniture this sturdy anymore” purchase of my parents that endured a wide array of nasty encounters in my now husband’s then boyfriend’s college home was sanitized, sanded and any guesses? Painted.  Ta-daaa.  A train table.  For now.  I love that we can take the tracks off when we want it for something else or go from simple routes like seen above to elaborate ones in minutes.  I also added a couple of Ikea stools that slide underneath the table that can again be used there or moved easily. Can you tell there is a room theme? Paint and versatility.

On another note, see that mini-fridge in the corner covered in magnet letters in the above picture?  It houses beer.  If I was truly on top of it it would house kiddie snacks so I could say “And when we are famished from choo-chooing our hearts out I just whip up a healthy snack right there without any mess or fuss.” Ha. Alas, it houses beer.  Evidence that it still gets used as a man-cave.  We covered it in adorable letters that were a gift from Jordy though.  Bonus points?  How about a Keurig on top for guest staying upstairs.  Bonus points.  Fine, I hear you.  No drinking in the play room.

1. Melissa & Doug art easel that moves from upstairs to downstairs with ease but also provides another surface for creations in this room if the boys aren’t in a sharing the kids table mood.  Truth be told it isn’t in here much, it is usually smack dab in the middle of our entry.  Kids…how they beautify your home with their junk…that you buy for them.

2. Toy Bins I love, love, LOVE this red & white star woven bucket that I use as one of the many toy collectors in here.  As soon as I spotted this beauty at Home Goods I just knew it had to be in what was still a bare playroom at that time.  I also have a couple of brown wicker baskets stashed here and there.

3. Pillows. Overall, pillows were an easy accent to add a comfy and color factor.  The bicycle  and black & white letter pillows were a Home Goods find, the oversized personalized fleece ball an etsy purchase for Caden’s first birthday and the others stitched out by yours truly.

As you see the blurry heads in the images here and there you can see that the best part of this room is that it gets used.  Every surface serves a purpose and is constantly being reinvented in its purpose.  They run in and out, climb up and down and move everything about.  But, everything has its place so it is simple to pick up and they can do just that.

Don’t mind Caden’s superhero cape hanging from them that was sewn one morning for him when he just HAD to have a superhero cape because Mickey had one. 

The curtains.  Let’s chat. I had a distinct vision of large striped curtains for this room.  I knew I wanted to walls to still be a manly, man-cave neutral with everything in the room serving as the accents.  This large window is the first thing you see as it is directly across from the entry and my heart was set on striped curtains.  Do you know how expensive some extra long striped panels are these days?  It is shocking. Shocking.  Enter in my saving grace, Hannah Flora, now Hannah Villio

Here comes that girl talk – My longtime childhood friend Ivy is college friends with Hannah from Auburn…who also happens to be friends with a pledge sister of mine from A&M. (Delta Love) which is in no way relevant but just shows how small the world is. Anywho,  Hannah is an oh so talented decorator, DIYer, the works.  As Ivy would tip us off that her good friend Hannah had appearances coming up etc. I would try to tune in for Ivy…for Hannah.  Just as I was getting ready to start this project, Hannah was appearing on the Nate Berkus show.  Guess what she was doing?  Painting stripes on fabric for pillows, I think, I can’t remember exactly now, but I remember that she said you could even do it to curtains and showng curtains she had painted stripes on in the background.  Painted! Like with wall paint! On curtains!  Be still my heart.  My striped curtain vision within my husband’s budget (Boo! Budget) was saved.

1. Purchase unfinished white curtains from Ikea. Check.
2. Measure length and sew bottom curtain cuff. Check.
3. Use a laser level to measure and mark off straight horizontal lines with painter’s tape. Check. Though this is tricky.
4. Paint in your stripes with a foam roller. (I used leftover yellow sample paint I had for a room that ended up not being yellow after all.)

Seeing as how I had a very angry 8 month old who never napped or slept and cried every waking moment, this was tricky, but it was accomplished, in my entryway, on plastic drop cloths.  They dried draped over my stair banisters. Classy.

There you have it.  The stocked full of fun room for the kids and my husband if he is lucky.  The motto was buy a little and if so make it cost effective, repurpose lots. Paint, paint and paint.  Almost every piece of furniture is something we had that got a fresh coat of paint and a new spot in there.  Add in some fun, color, organization,  favorites here and there and we got us a kid-centered, kid-accessible, adult-friendly purposeful play room just for our home and I even held up my end of the bargain leaving the hubs out of the whole charade.

Happy One Year Anniversary Playroom, I Sure Am Glad You Are in Our Home!



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Ciao, Arrivederci and Adios – oh wait, that is Spanish.
Pop and Nana Jill are Offically In Charge.


Our Bunnies

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Hopping to School

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As Easter approaches Caden will be hopping to school this week to celebrate with his friends and most importantly teachers.  My former teacher’s heart can’t miss an opportunity to tell his teachers that they are appreciated.

Anyway I can show them that I am grateful for their time being patient with little ones, keeping my son safe and giving him loads of attention is worth it to me.

So, for just a little something to help them know they are thought of, they will be getting a mini Easter basket from Caden at the end of this week, just in time for the Easter Bunny to begin making his rounds.  Nothing extravagant – cute socks, gum, fun patterned tissues, hand sanitizer, sweet treats hidden in the back and chapstick all tucked away in a festive berry basket.  Practical, price sensitive yet purposeful.

A little bit of love can go a long way, especially to a teacher.
Caden is always so excited to take his teachers their surprises and I am sure these along with a batch of Bunny Bait will be another fun delivery for him to make.

Courtesy of Darci from The Good Life’s Easter Basket Blog Hop


Oh Christmas Tree

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Oh Christmas Tree…

Oh Christmas Tree!

In our household growing up, the decorations went up right after Thanksgiving and so did the tree.  My brother and I even fought over who got to put the topper on each year that my parent’s finally had to establish and every other year rule which we documented in permanent marker on the bottom of the angel so no cheating would occur.  Very official.  Since our Thanksgiving was a bit lackluster, we were ready to get going on putting up the holiday cheer around the house.  Last year Caden was excited by the lights so I knew that this year he would really take notice and so would Everett – operation make it known to Santa children live here began.

For years, Colter has wanted to get a real Christmas tree.  We inherited a rather large fake tree from my parents when my Dad decided he didn’t want to hassle with it after Mom passed.  It was her thing after all and cumbersome to boot.

So, for the past five Christmases in this house we have hauled, and I mean hauled it down and set it up and it was a beautiful tree.  So good that I had no real desire to get a real one and have to take care of it and clean up the needles and all of those other things I always heard were negatives of real trees.  As a small child in Ohio we had a real tree.  I remember my Dad watering it, and I have some memories of getting the trees themself but after our move to Texas the fake trees started becoming a popular alternative and made their way into our home.  Colter, as far as he can remember had a real tree but since he didn’t set it up or decorate it in our house each year really, he let me decide and stick with what I was willing to work on.

This year, with the boys approaching the really “magical stage” of the holidays and taking notice of all experiences I got this urge to have a new tradition and a real “Tis the Season” experience to kick it off.  I mean how confusing is it to haul our this fake tree anyway?  I mentioned to Colter that I thought I might like to get a real tree this year, that the concept of a “perfect fake tree” had lost its appeal and I thought the potential quirkiness of a real tree with a too long top or a shabby branch here and there had a seasonal appeal that I wanted to take part in along with the boys.  In trying to simplify my life, I added something else to care for, but something I wanted to put less ornaments on and begin to let them pick out ornaments for and make a family tree, not just a fancy giant display in the entry.

So, bring on the Christmas music, and the festive outfits as we made a few trips to various places over a couple of days to research types, and what we were willing to spend this year on our first experiment.  I do know that in the future when the boys are a but older I would like to take them to one of the actual “farms” like out in Denison when they will truly remember it and make it a tradition.

This year a tent tree worked, and Colter did a great job searching through them without complaining about me being more focused on taking pictures of our tree experience and soaking up Caden’s reactions with my own eyes.

Our successes so far?  We got our wonderful 8 foot Noble Fir home without it falling off the car. Wahoo!  We got it set up in the tree stand without it falling over. Hooray!  We got the tree into the actual month of December without it dying. Three Cheers!  If it actually makes it to Christmas (didn’t anyone warn me Thanksgiving fell early this year) will be a whole other miracle but we have it.  (If you have any tips please do share.)

Caden “helped” Colter set it up and was sure to give his two cents whenever it was appropriate.  He even shared his little pink scissors with Daddy so that he could use the big ones.  So generous.  Exhausted from being sick, the tree stayed nice and undecorated for a few days before I got brave and tackled the task.  I really just had this fear that all the branches were going to break right off because after all, it is a real tree so surely you can’t actually decorate it right? Wrong! It is BEAUTIFUL!  I am LOVING having a real tree.  The smell itself is intoxicating enough, but  the various sized branches, feel of the needles and color is enough to make me sold.  If it is brown at Christmas I will surely be singing a different tune but so far it tops having a fake tree by 100 times.  Go figure that real vs. fake seems that much more holiday filled. :) H



Gobble Gobble

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It is December now, which means Thanksgiving is “well in the past” as Christmas excitement is in full swing.  However, I am behind….technically since Halloween.The turkey day holiday’s biggest success was me actually getting the boys dressed in their turkey shirts I had made them on the holiday itself and sitting on the concrete with my camera to document the day for their yearly albums. Why?  Thanksgiving was spent primarily on the couch for us.  The boys had fevers the weekend prior, but since they had both just finished battling Croup shook those off as a residual fever.  Healthy right? Not. Colter and I both came down with the flu on Monday afternoon of Thanksgiving week and were down and out for the next seven

Sick Snuggle Time

days. Awesome.  (Hence why I am still so behind on life.) Our trip to Houston to spend it with family was canceled as we were bundled up in layers to convince our brains that we were not in fact freezing to death, we went to target solely for Kleenex which we used all 12 boxes of, the coffee machine made an insane amount of hot tea and the boys ran the roost.  We sat on the couches looking at each other saying “What are we going to do?” pretty much all day long.  It was an experience.

Speaking of experience, I still wanted the boys to have a good day and since we hadn’t eaten in several (parents…not the kids…we fed them…I promise) we sucked it up and cooked some Thanksgiving food that we couldn’t taste, but could experience

Is it done yet??!!

with the boys.  Caden loves to help cook, so he helped me make waffles for breakfast as we waited for the parade to start.  The Macy’s parade is a longstanding tradition that my mom ingrained in me.  I don’t care who in the house doesn’t want to watch it {Colter} we are watching it in the background of the morning busyness no matter what.  It is just…well…how it is supposed to be I guess.  Fortunately Caden loved it this year!  It was the first year he was excited to see the different characters and danced along with the performances as he watched them perform and go by.  Pretty cute.

We let everyone get some fresh air as we sat on the porch and watched the boys tackle each other play in the yard to let off some energy.

Caden pushed Everett for a bit, a favorite game for both boys.

“Weeeee brother. Here we go!”

“Really Mom? Really? Swinging is for Kids.”

Naturally, Everett got tired of the swing because it was taking to much of his time so Caden needed to see if he still fit.  He loves to be swung “to the moon” in this swing since he is all strapped in.  He always goes to visit Mickey on Mars he tells us.

“Look Mom, this swing wuvs me!”

Sitting in a chair and watching them run around was pretty much the extent of our Thanksgiving fun.

Caden thoroughly enjoyed playing with his bulldozers in the “mud” I prepared for him that he soon figured out was quite tasty (Oreo crumbs).  He picked up rocks (marshmallows) and scooped the “dirt” with determination and enthusiasm giving us enough time to whip up some nourishment for all of us.  Our little helper insisted on being our little chef that day stirring and mixing anytime the opportunity presented itself.  He is actually quite thorough making his “help” truly helpful a lot of the time!

Glimpses of future Thanksgivings were seen as the boys tossed the football, watched football and gave us their best Thanksgiving “game faces” after their tummies were full.  Everett even gave his best “drunken family member impression” as he wandered around outside hoping no one was going to take him back in.

Ready to tackle.

“Did someone put booze in my bottle?”

The highlight, for me, was watching Caden try his very first taste of pumpkin pie after eating all of his dinner thus earning a treat.  He helped whip up some cream to top it off with and so gingerly savored each bite declaring “Mmmmmm it’s TASTY!”  It was a sweet moment getting to take in him having a new experience and treat to enjoy despite both parents being out of it.

So, the real title to our Thanksgiving is “We Survived”.  After a solid month of continual sickness in this house we have been taking all precautions to stay healthy and stop the cycle before Christmas after getting some healthy days in for everyone this past week.  Fingers crossed, we have paid our dues all year in the sickness department that we will be good to go for 2013!



Trippin’ On Testosterone

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The boys are in bed, Colter is at his softball game and yet here I sit drinking Scotch and watching the baseball game {Go Rangers!}.

I think all the testosterone in this house has gotten to me.
A husband, two sons, and two male dogs.
Trippin’ on Testosterone Over Here Folks


Easy Peasy

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Easter is around the corner which means in between diaper changes, feedings, playtime, bouncing, sshhhiing, etc. I am working to finish Easter baskets.  I had brainstormed for awhile this year to find affordable yet fun things to put in the baskets that Caden would surely get a kick out of without getting a sugar high.

Now, if you go to the store to buy a stuffed bunny right now you will pay entirely too much for a cheap, stiff, cartoon eyed looking imitation unless you shell out the REALLY big bucks for a soft Peter Rabbit look alike.  Besides, Caden did not need one more commercial stuffed animal seeing as how his crib is already filled with a large Mickey Mouse, a Dr. Seuss whale, a Build-A-Bear puppy dog, a sports blanket and two snuggle bears.

So I got to thinking – sock monkeys are adorable…surely someone has made a sock bunny and surely it is cheap. With the help of a little thing called the internet and a little something else called Google – I happened upon Lil’ Blue Boo’s sock bunny tutorial. Two have been made and two more are on the way.

Ta -Daaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Here are our quirky, shabby-chic-esque, super fun (and a little creepy) sock bunnies!  The best part?  They are easy, easy, easy peasy to make.







All you need for one bunny is a pair of knee-high socks ($2.50 at Target right now), polyfill stuffing ($3.00 large bag reg priced at Hobby Lobby) a couple buttons, pink thread or yarn, a bunny tail (pom pom) and some VERY basic sewing skills.  I figure, it is supposed to look shabby anyway so the shottier the sewing the more authentic it looks! :)

1. Cut the foot of sock one in half down the middle for the ears. (not all the way to the heel because the heel will become the face)
2. Cut the open end of your sock #1 down the middle for your legs.
3. Cut the foot off of sock #2 completely and cut in half.  These pieces will become your arms.
4. Turn inside out and stitch the edges all the way around to make the shell of your bunny leaving a hole between the legs (yes…between the legs) to stuff it with.
5. Sew the edges of your arms leaving holes to stuff with.
6. Stuff accordingly moving the stuffing with your fingers to get as many lumps out as possible.
7. Hand stitch your bunny closed. Carefully tuck in the loose ends of your arms and then hand stitch to attach them to your bunny,
8. Embellish with button eyes of your choice, a bunny tail (stitch on) and then make an expression of your choice with pink thread or yarn. (I liked yarn because it showed up better and took less time)

I know that was fast…and lacking in detail and pictures so check out the original tutorial to see individual picture steps (which I will post soon as well).

I passed the tutorial I found on how to do them onto a friend, who passed it on to to a friend and I have a feeling the silly sock bunny craze has begun for Easter.

Happy Sewing!




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In case you find yourself wandering around tomorrow without green on, you can flash this on your technological device as your “green” so you won’t get pinched!

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