Scooby Who?

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Out of nowhere our then almost three year old Everett fell in love with none other than Scooby Doo.  Who? Yup. That same mystery solving pup and his crew from our childhood.  It took one episode haphazardly being put on the television while snuggling EARLY one morning for his love affair to begin and then he was set.

Truthfully, I am pretty cautious about what kind of things they watch since I still have some say in that and at first I wasn’t sure they would take to the “scary” concept.  If you recall, Scooby always ends showing the monsters at hand are some elaborate costume of someone letting the silliness ensue.

Scooby Doo.  The strange thing is I had been asking him about his birthday party and he couldn’t stay on one idea.  He would throw out a theme here or there and then all of the sudden, BAM, he wanted a Scooby Doo party.  I thought it would surely pass but it didn’t and at first I had no idea what it would turn out to be.  All the cards fell into place to make a fun and “spooky” Scooby party since it was right around Halloween!The next dilemma was location. With our house about to be put on the market the following week, hosting a party there just didn’t seem like a good idea.  Thankfully, my in-laws stepped in opening their home and beautiful backyard for the perfect fall fiesta.  I collected supplies, delivered them Thursday and Friday, set up Saturday morning and a few minutes pre-party and ta-daaaaa a party fit for a three year old, his energetic friends and those close to our littlest of men.

With bright colors and snacks Shaggy and Scooby would surely approve of we made sure we had enough to fill up the crew and entertain the little ones. There were lots of creepy toys like witch fingers, spider rings, Dracula teeth and stretchy skeletons to keep their hands busy they were set. A Scooby bean bag toss, Mummy Bowling, Giant Tic Tac Toe, and a Toss the Spider Onto the Web game spread out around the yard on top of the playscape and actual Scooby Doo bounce house (what are the chances?) the kids were equipped to run and play while everyone enjoyed sitting and watching and chatting. My grand plan worked!  I hardly have any pictures of the kids playing because well, they were playing…we saw them here or there but mostly heard their giggles and screams from the patio.

Amazingly enough, the flavored popcorn, nuggets, sandwiches, fruit and snacks did entice most of them for a “fuel break” at some point. There is something about this age and watching them all have their own little conversations, jokes and even secrets…  Big Boy, very important secrets.  Too funny.

It is so nice to be able to sit back and watch them do their thing while seeing their relationships become their own over the years.  It wouldn’t be a party without his usual group of not so little anymore friends so we are very grateful that they all were willing to spend their post Halloween Saturday partying with us.

Everett is also thankful that since his tummy is doing better he got to eat his own cake this year! (after taking the icing off but still, it is progress).  I wish I could bottle up both of my boys reactions and love for having the birthday song being sung to them.  The sheepish yet ecstatic grin, the lip sinking along with the words and the sparkle in the eyes because, “Mommy, this is for ME, this is MY birthday!”  He had talked about singing the birthday song to him and getting to blow out the fire for days weeks and it was finally his time.  Finally, Mommy.  He even practiced.

So after all the pondering, and even considering not doing but a family dinner party this year among the chaos (which quickly got scrapped in my mind as he and Caden would talk about their birthdays every single detail and about every single detail that would be included) it was just the celebration we all desired.  Friends, fun, food and family.  So grateful for the serene patio and home of Nonna and Pa Pa and their willingness to allow fifteen kiddos and their parents take over for the afternoon.

He is still talking about his birthday and planning his next one already which means that he did in fact feel loved, celebrated and have all the fun his little three year old heart could hold. Perfection.



Entering the Threens

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With the house and the holiday and the packing and the prepping it snuck up on me.  Even with planning his birthday party the actual fact of my little man turning a full three years old on November 2nd is just now hitting me. Another year – poof!

So little still, yet so big.  We struggle with that daily, remembering that he is in fact, just two…I mean three.  In some ways, sweet E gets the short end of the stick because by default,  we expect the same behavior out of him most of the time that we do of his almost two years older brother.  On the other hand, he typically lives up to it and when he doesn’t, we remind ourselves. He is little.  Just two…ugh, three.

Everett is full of life and love, energy and excitement, sweetness and sillies.  He still lives true to what we have said about him since he was a baby, whatever he is feeling, he feels it 100% and passionately.  So, if he is in the mood to be imaginative and tolerant of an older brother’s instructions he and Caden will play together in their own little world for hours.  If he isn’t, he will pick and fight he can and shed lots of exaggerated fake tears.  Most of the time it is the first, but on those other days, oh the tears. Our very own Drama Mama.

Speaking of the tears, he has a really impressive fake cry right now complete with puppy eyes slowing batting at you, frown down to his chin and wails.  It is very believable and very pathetic making it almost tempting to always give in to whatever request he is cry-fighting you on.

For the most part though, he is content so long as he is able to be playing, active and silly.  As seen here, if given the choice he would go pant-less at all times.  In fact, shield your eyes because he tends to pants himself when he tires of them and is ready to play.  Probably not so cute when he is ten, but for now, three year old undies are still an adorable sight.  He dances, jumps, wrestles, tackles and races through his days with giggles heard throughoutand some bad guy some where being taken care of by his super powers of unknown category.  As a whole he really embraces his age and stage.  Eager to be like big brother but not so eager to skip the cuteness of the stage.

Thankfully, oh, thankfully, we seem to be making a positive turn in his allergy and food sensitivities.  It wasn’t but six months ago that we tried some things again with obvious results that it wasn’t working well with him.  Feeling very settled into our routine of what he can and can’t have we weren’t that defeated even though “By age 3 months, by age 6 months, by 10 months, for sure by 18 months, just give it until two years…” it should have resolved by statistics say.  We just carried on.  Fortunately since he has aged and can now tell us if something hurts his stomach or we know other ailments we can test here and there.  It is usually only by necessity that we would test something after that last six months and so far, I think he is tolerating more.  Chicken for example, finally seems to be on the okay list so long as it isn’t every meal, or multiple days.

Overall that is still the key, watching how much of and when something new or “on the list” is given to him so that it doesn’t build up.  Do

Stamp of Approval in His New Room

we think we should go cold turkey and give him whatever, no.  But, it is nicer knowing that if in a bind or at a party/friends he can probably have some of something that is there and be okay.

At three years of age he loves Transformers Rescue Bots, all things Spiderman, Superman and superhero like and has a serious monster roar to go with. Scooby Doo was a new and instant love, even resulting in a birthday party theme choice.  Give him a ball to kick or a scooter to ride and he is off.  He sings to himself, or while talking all day every day and is practicing all of Caden’s noise-making abilities regularly.   While he is still very busy and doesn’t like to stay at one activity entirely too long, he has taken to coloring, stamping, painting and gluing for one entire project or paper of his creation before moving on.  Oh and those projects, always blue.  Blue crayons, blue paint, blue paper. Even Caden when picking out something now will say, “Why don’t we leave the blue one for Everett Mommy.”  Yes, why don’t we.

He is my whole heart. My cheer and my challenge.  My salty and my sweet. Every night at bedtime he wants Mommy to take him to bed after reading books in Caden’s room.  He goes back in to Caden’s room for “one last kiss from Daddy and Caden”, back into bed, one last potty, one LAST kiss and then songs.  Every time.  His sing songy voice accompanies “Hush Little Baby”, “Jesus Loves Me”, “Easter Bunny” and “Twinkle” before the sweetest sound of “Mommy will you snuggle me few minutes?” is asked.  Every night.  After a few minutes I always get “just one more minute” with a finger pointed in the air requested.  Every night.  And you know what?  It is one of the most peaceful, purposeful and poignant moments of the day, every.single.night.  The innocence and the necessity of just a little love that we both need.  He is the perfect reminder to what is important in life and always has a way of getting our priorities straight.  Our sweet and strong threenager moving on and up in the world one stage at a time.



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With another half of a year plus behind us, this little man is marching onward towards three, and I am SO not ready!  I told a friend just the other day that I now have “kids” as opposed to babies and toddlers.  Yes, I know two and a half is in toddler range but with a big brother steady in his sights he has really zoned in on Big Boydom and is taking the throne.  I am cherishing the moments that I see the “little” in him and gladly soak in and yes, smell, every ounce of baby left.  Because most of the times it really is mud and bugs and smelly boys.

Mr. Everett, you are SO joyful.  When I think of you I think of smiles, and joy and energy.  Which is a little ironic since your first two years were primarily full of tears, and pain and sleeplessness.  But, my little big boy, you are SO joyful.  Your heart is big, and full, and happy, and passionate and capital S.I.L.L.Y.  Whatever you are feeling, you feel it with 100% passion.  Neediness for snuggles? You win.  Frustration over a toy? Ay yi yi.  Silliness for a pretend scenario? Game on.  Tight two arm squeezes for love? Yes please.  You are giving with your love, and you are strong willed with your decisions.

When others think of you, I am pretty sure they think of your big ol’ puppy dog deep blue eyes. Not a day passes without a run in with someone complimenting and swooning over your sparkly peepers.  They have already gotten you out of a pickle or two as you look up at us batting your eyelashes unknowingly.  (See, you have us fooled, I said ‘unknowingly’.)

For the past few weeks, you have been a complete and total snuggle monster.  For months now you have only wanted me to sing you songs and actually “put you to bed” (after the four of us read books together in Caden’s bed) but a new stage of cling is currently in full swing. (I’m a poet and didn’t know it.)   The truth is, I love it.  You made me carry/hold you all the time as a baby but not because you needed snuggled, because you were miserable.  Now, you just want loved on.  Since I am sitting here in a diaperless and cribless home watching you become independent mini-Daddies with each blink, this one of those “littles” left I mentioned that I am soaking in.  You want to hold my hand up the stairs, my finger on neighborhood walks and you want me to flat out hold you at naps, in the middle of playtime and moments in between. Just because.  Now that is a good reason.

At night, when I sing to you, your current #1 on the lullaby charts is our own rendition of “Hush Little Baby”.  It never fails that we snuggle up, nose to nose and just as a start to sing you reach your arm over and wrap it around me so you can rub and pat my back while we sing. The bottom line is that you are full of so much love you can’t help but let it overflow onto us, your teachers, Nonna & Pa Pa, the dogs and any other willing recipient in the vicinity.

I’m pretty sure it is just one big rehearsal for your lady stealing days.  Future Disclaimer: Watch out brother, teammates and friends alike, this one is snagging your girlfriend.

As a blanket statement, you LOVE your brother.  In day to day honesty, you two have a typical push each other’s buttons, try to get the other in trouble, team up the next minute, snuggle then wrestle then chase then snuggle relationship siblings should have.  You want to do and say everything Caden does unless Caden is being Sensitive Sal in which case you want to point out his faults, correct his crying and inform us all why he is in trouble.  Brothers.  The best of friends, the worst of rivals, the greatest of teammates.

“We’ll take two,” is our household motto not because of sharing but because you really just want to be like, play like and dress like the other.  A few exceptions – you are rougher in your wrestling, you are pesky already and really push his buttons, you are of course 20 months younger and don’t always pick up what he is putting down.  But overall, I find great comfort in knowing that you both have each other.  Not just now as playmates and friends but in the future, as I watch your Dad with your Uncles, still playmates so to speak and friends.  I say a prayer everyday that you remain just as close, loyal and loving to one another for the years to come, through the challenges of life as you are now.

You finally, finally don’t cry and complain about going to school!  You have always loved it once you were there but put on a show at drop off like you didn’t know you had the option to do otherwise. Now, you simply walk in, turn around and say “Mommy may I have a kiss and a hug and then you come back and get me when it is done?”  Yes and yes.  We always drop Caden in his class first where you embarrassingly follow him in saying “Bye Caden! Bye Caden!” while death hug squeezing him in front of all of his friends. (the younger sibling role in myself identifies with this need)  Then off your march to your room.  It is really nice to see you suddenly becoming even more interested in the specifics of learning.  You recall letters more than you let on previously and you are tracing your letters and I expect you to have your name shortly which in the past has been of little interest to you.  Minute by minute you are sitting still longer for projects where as before you were always excited but then in a rush to finish.

Another little learner coming into his own!

If you had it your way you would eat sunrise to sunset, which obviously means that you get your way and that is pretty much what goes on. You have no shyness in regards to food and rarely leave a crumb in sight no matter what is placed in front of you.  Plates, and bowls, and cups and baggies of food…food…food…and more food.

Your zest for life reminds me how we all should feel about the smallest of actions, and the littlest of joys as you stop and point out every.single. Roly Poly you find on a walk and cloud in the sky.

Your energy and strength are admirable as I am pretty sure you just appease us by still napping because you could power through a marathon and be ready for more.  You are SO strong and SO determined to conquer all things alone which is both terrifying and inspiring to watch.

I love your smile, your giggle, your crooked worry looks and the simple sound of your voice saying and more often yelling “Mommy!” through your monitor so you can greet me with an ear to ear grin upon my opening your door.  You are a unique balance of silly and sweet, tough but sympathetic and watching you grow mentally and physically as I have already said is such a joy.  Watching you come into your own is as if we haven’t experienced this age before which continues our learning curve with you.  Full steam ahead to three!


The Biggest Gift

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While I continue delay the longer updated posts, why not go ahead and share our biggest Christmas gift to ourselves.  Colter and I don’t typically exchange gifts but this year, I had my brain set on one thing and I am thrilled to say that it was a hit. What was this mystery gift???

Another potty trained child.
Two kiddos potty trained at two.
Yes, I’m Patting Myself on the Back. Toot Toot!

What a gift in daily time and money back in our wallets.
Not to mention someone being so grown up and proud!


In The Excitement

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We certainly kept ourselves busy this December finding Jingle, seeing Santa, crafting, reading and decorating. After our projects were complete our dry we always found a special place for them, especially the ornaments.

Caden and Everett both loved having Daddy help them put their ornament “UP HIGH!”, I think that Everett’s excitement is obvious and can really do the rest of the storytelling.

Don’t worry Mommy I’m holding on tight!

Amazed? I think so.
Great spot son. You did it!


Two Year Old Dreams

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Caden and Everett had been talking about Everett’s fire truck birthday party every day for at least a month prior to the big day.  “Do we have the decorations? Can we put balloons up?  Mommy, can we make cake in the mixer today?  I think Nonna and Pa Pa are going to bring presents!”  So on and so forth it went day in and day out.

We had extra copies of the invites littering the walls because they just HAD to see them.  I was pleased with how they turned out after an evening working on them and didn’t mind staring at that sweet face though so I didn’t fight them too much.

It didn’t help that with the closeness to Halloween, we celebrated Everett’s birthday (Nov 2nd) a week late, on the 9th.  Mass confusion on the day of his real birthday when we blew out candles in birthday muffins and looked through pictures.

Their excitement peaked when we finally spilled the beans a few days before the party that there was going to be a “bouncy castle” at Everett’s Fire Truck Birthday Party. (no you cannot just call it “the party).  We hadn’t done this before because yes, they are little, but mainly because Caden would never go in them. Recently though, Everett has been loving these when we have the opportunity putting the pressure on Caden to step up his bouncy castle game.  The day of Everett’s actual birthday we were at one of his little friend’s birthdays and both boys spent the entire time bouncing away.  With a referral for a company nearby that lets you pick up the bounce house on Friday and return it by Monday for $75, we signed ourselves up for a weekend of leg workouts.

I personally just loved watching their eyes light up as we worked to set it up which was a bit humorous in itself.  We conquered it and, BAM, bouncy castle.

Given that my boys still take a decent nap, and do so early on, the grand plan was for the party to be early afternoon shortly after they woke up.  That way everyone would be refreshed, already had lunch, but not cranky for dinner yet.  Guess who didn’t nap?  The birthday boy.  Cried and cried and cried in his room (which he never does anymore).  After an hour of us going in and out, singing him more songs and chatting we just brought him down and kept our fingers crossed.  He was quite proud of himself for getting to start the fiesta sooner.

All was well once his friends started to arrive as we assumed would be and party fun kept his “no nap meltdown potential” locked up for the afternoon!

As usual, both boys loved pointing out the various fire trucks throughout the house, décor and balloons.  It is really fun to sit back and watch them see the finished product of what they have ran errands with me more or helped compile as they look around from spot to spot.  These boys just love a good birthday!

I got a random “I can do that,” twitch a couple days before the party for a bean bag toss. I had already sewn some bean bags to just toss in these oversized red buckets I have and then I thought, surely I can assemble a fire truck toss.

Dylan’s Celebratory Dance: Yes! Victory!

Four foam boards and 30 minutes later…fire truck bean bag toss.  The little ones got the hang of it pretty quick and then used it as a peeking photo prop and for their own games which was a humorous treat too.

They took turns, shared bean bags, collected bean bags, pitched them at each other and then when back to in and out of the bouncy castle.  A decent routine was set up of bounce, get out, grab a snack, throw a bean bag, bounce, get out…you get the idea.  Kid life.  Isn’t it dreamy?

Dylan & Carson: No mischief here. Certainly not. “Can you get my face??!!”

The weather was perfect making in and out access to the indoor snacks and outdoor

Playing Hard to Get with Auntie

fun a total breeze.  I spent most of the time outdoors observing the kiddos while Colter spent most of his time indoors entertaining the guests.  He was outside too, but the truth is he is a much better social host than I!

Everett was very lucky to have a good group of friends and family that were able to attend.  Since my Dad and brother both now reside in Florida, the Orr side was lacking but Everett was VERY excited to see his Auntie Meghan and Uncle Asher who drove up from Houston with his cousins.  With them and Nonna & Pa Pa there he was feeling loved and loved on. (Pop & Nana celebrated his birthday with him back in September when they were in town, and Drew & Jess sent him a perfect package that has been a hit.)

Uncle Asher, McKee & Locke

As you know, Everett is an allergy baby, which means we have to get extra creative on birthdays to make sure he feels like he got to experience the party, enjoy the food (or a similar feast) without subjecting all of the guests to his dairy, wheat, soy, oat, corn, nut, meat free restrictions.  We are also lucky that he doesn’t fuss much about his food and seems to already know and understand what he can and can’t eat and doesn’t fight us much on that.  So long as he has something, he is pretty happy.  The cake or treat is always the extra trick.  Last year, I got him a cupcake from Tulu’s Bakery in Dallas, which I love.  They have the best sweet treats for him.  This year, I decided to make him something since I was making the regular cupcakes to save on a trip to go get it and to see how it would taste.  Now that I am used to it, the cake isn’t so hard to get a decent one, and he doesn’t know better, it is the frosting. After going over a million options that ranged from melting my own marshmallows with coconut oil (marshmallow cream has corn syrup in it, and typically you melt it with butter), to whipping coconut milk to trying this jarred kind I found that just looked atrocious, I wisened up.

No frosting.

Truthfully I think he would prefer it like that because he never has frosting and then we save ourselves the time getting something just right and the worry of wondering if it would effect him later.  His vanilla cake was really tasty thanks to a mix I found that I could further substitute with coconut instead of dairy products.  Add a few chocolate mold decorations I made for effect…and then removed before eating and you have yourself a fire truck cake for just the birthday boy.  The real dream, as to be seen shortly, was his most loved treat, marshmallows.Everett grinned and looked up at everyone singing to him, and decided to sing along with us as we serenaded him with a soulful, off-pitch rendition of Happy Birthday and while I could say we got this great shot of him blowing out his candle I would have to repent later because we never got the candle to stay lit thanks to the wind.  He didn’t know, we pretended not to know and he pretended to blow it out. Win.

And then the children swarmed.

We had a full on,  “See who can grab and stuff the most marshmallows in your mouth!”contest going on.  Everett was happy to compete share in this endeavor and we let them all go at it for awhile before handing out the real cupcakes for them. Next year I am just loading muffin cups with marshmallows.

Once everyone was nice and full of marshmallows and then their own cupcakes Everett started really going to town on his as you saw on this post.  Yes, he got the whole cake.  He didn’t get to do that at his first birthday and since he never gets special cakes and such, why not??!!  I also didn’t think he would eat all of it because he usually surrenders easily.  Well, it took a little convincing this time as he would say “No Mommy, my cake, please!” and I let him go to town on a few more bites before finally cutting him off and calling it quits on cake.  He was happy, I was happy all the kids were hopped up on sugar ready to bounce it out again.

My Mommy heart loved Everett getting to have a real, real birthday. Caden’s first two parties were pretty big (the first because it was my first baby’s first birthday and the second because I was having mom guilt about upturning his life with a baby brother).  Everett had a wonderful, family first birthday, but he was sick (croup), I was sick (adult equivalent of croup) and we all were still just plugging along.  Since Everett is my little social butterfly and he has some real “friends” even at two, I was happy to see them all get to play together and do their own thing.  We are lucky to have a good group of kiddos all within the same age that romp around and depend on each other and friends who love on our kids and support them and us.  He was spoiled, focused on and most definitely celebrated. Thank you to all of our friends and family for taking time out to give him such a Happy Birthday that both are still talking about.



Have Your Cake

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While I work on Everett’s party pictures, how about a peek of the real point?

He had his cake,
and he gladly ate it too.


Traditional Two

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When Caden turned two way back in 2012, and was suffering the consequences of Mommy and Daddy giving him a baby brother…who never stopped crying, we geared up and decided he needed a special birthday outing with some family time.  Being that it was February, and a bit drizzly we chose the aquarium and it was a total hit.  I tried to maneuever Everett in a stroller (big mistake) and ended up carrying him the whole time, but Caden loved it.  The weekend before his birthday was a great family success and something we remember doing just for him and for us.

Fast forward to Everett’s second birthday which was on the second.  Again, a week prior we thought it was his turn to get to check out the aquarium. Caden has been a couple times since with Nonna (right after Everett was born, and once when Everett was really sick) but Everett hadn’t yet experienced all of the watery goodness.  We surprised them after their naps and off we went.

I can sum it up like this.  The truth.

Caden was a total whiny teenage mess the whole time.

Everett LOVED it.


I took it as a win when our purpose was to do something just for him and for his experience.  He had a great time checking out the birds and wanted to see each one in all the initial exhibits and rainforest either.  This little fella was following us about and the boys kept not seeing it fly right by their heads and land.  We would have to top and point right next to their face to show them their new friend.


The giant crocodile was sleeping but seeing the “Tick Tock Croc” in person was quite the sight.  We went the weekend before Halloween so Caden was a bit unsure but also a little excited about all of the spooky bats.  I had to reassure him that they were behind their glass but my lifting him he could see them handing upside down and really get a good look at them.  A perfect pre-Halloween sighting!

I enjoyed watching the otters with the boys and we got there just before a feeding so they had prime seats to watch them play for a few minutes, get a snack and then move on to the next exhibit as the rest of the visitors started to crowd for the rest of the feeding.

Everett continue to giggle and point as they swam by and we finally got them to be brave enough to put their hands on the glass which they would really swim up to to say hello.

Watching his little eyes fill up with all he sights he hadn’t seen in person before is too fun, especially as I reflect upon doing the same with Caden.

Family memories in the making.

We checked off practically every tank/cage/exhibit off the list as we weaved around to the anticipated shark tunnel.  On previous visits this area had been packed and we didn’t really get a good look.  This time, mid-afternoon on a Friday it was pretty much just us so they got a full shark experience.  I think the pictures will speak for themselves.

And my personal favorite…
They must be related.

They felt it on their own, the very reason Mommy doesn’t go in the ocean.
Yes I have watched Shark Week?  Know what it taught me?  I’m smart for not swimming in the ocean. I like to be top of the food chain people.

Could Caden have been a better visitor? Yes.  Age and stage and bad mood days aside, it was a great visit and exactly what we were hoping for Everett.  We like this little tradition for them and for being sure to take the time to do some special things with just the four of us.  They LOVE when Daddy gets to go on outings with us, so this was certainly a treat enjoyed by all.

Not to mention it was the weekend before our ten year high school reunion AND our senior prom was at the aquarium so we joked about our prom reunion with kiddos while we were there among the lovely aquarium scent…so romantic.

Until our next visit aquarium, swim on.




Where Did It Go {two}

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Where did the time go?

My little baby, and being the youngest, he is my BABY, is two.


This eight pound nine ounce bundle of joy has turned into an approaching thirty pound bundle of giggles, expressions and passionate tantrums. :)

Dearest Everett,

Happy Second Birthday, to our truly big boy.  You have become incredibly grown up lately and we are watching you lose more and more of the baby in you each day as you become full on boy.

We can sum up a lot about you at two, with just that word, passionate.  Whatever you are feeling, doing or wanting you are 100% into it and 110% passionate about it.  When you are happy (which thankfully is most of the time now) you are SO happy.  When you are annoyed with your brother (which unfortunately is more than I would like) you want nothing to do with him. Very similar to,”He is looking at me!” or “He is breathing my air!” The kind of annoyed that pure existence is a problem.  So the theme goes with sadness, silliness and frustration.  In it to win it.

One of our most favorite things about you is your communication.  Wherever we go, passerbys think you are much older because of how much you talk and how well you expresses yourself and your needs. Not to mention life is A LOT easier when we don’t have to play the guessing game for each need!

Everett, you are so sweet and always say please and thank you, tell everyone you see “Hello!” with a wave.  I love hearing you tell us and Caden “Good Morning”, as soon as your eyes meet ours along with the needed, “I had a good sleep Mommy!”  When we tell you we love you, you immediately say “I Love You” right back and give THE BEST hugs. (sorry Caden).  THE BEST.

Even better?  You just can’t give a hug without a follow up smooch.  Sweet little guy.

With those hugs and kisses has come a lot more snuggling.  I waited two years for you to turn into a snuggler, a just because you want to sit still and be loved on snuggler and it was worth the wait.  In the mornings and after naps you love to nestle right into my shoulder on the couch with all of your “friends” (Mickey, goofy, two hippos, sports blanket and fire truck fleece blanket) for a good long snuggle.  I try to soak you in during this time because I know that as soon as I feel the first wiggle of your behind I have about 45 seconds until you are off and running.

You aren’t sick as much, though when you do get sick you REALLY commit.  It always ends up in a doctor’s trip and right now we have to do steroid breathing treatments every single day with you, all winter long just to keep your lungs from being inflamed and it always going to bronchitis or pneumonia. Wahoo!  Your allergies are still as present as ever (dairy, wheat, oat, soy, corn, red meat, chicken, pears, squash) but you are pretty easy going about knowing what you are and are not allowed to have.  You don’t fuss when you can’t have certain things (cupcakes at friend’s birthday parties) but are content with whatever your version is (marshmallows, coconut macaroons).  So we continue to move forward and stash away new things I can find for you including recipes (just tweaked a fantastic rice flour pancake recipe…not that you can have syrup.)

All boy.  Everett, you are a sturdy, well balanced, wrestling loving, ball throwing, tackling ball of testosterone and we love it.  You, love Texas A&M and your Aggies.  That newborn hat must have really sunk in.  Whenever you see football on you ask for your Aggie shirt and whenever you see maroon or the ATM symbol you say as loud as you can “Gig Em Aggies – WHOOP!” while throwing your arms up into the air.  It looks like we may already have one future attendee, just sign you now.

Overall, you are silly. You go about everything in a bouncy, giggly manner that makes us giggle right along with you and wonder just how you came up with your methods.  It is SO hard to stick to disciplining you because we always want to laugh…and do a lot of times at what you are doing or how you react.  You know that you are cute and most definitely use it to your advantage.  Well done son.

You have also learned, thanks to Caden, how to “talk back”.  Most things we say to you, you respond with “Well….” while cocking your head to the side and deciding a better option that suits your agenda.

Your most favorite activity next to running around outside with a ball, lawn mower or boy toy of any sort is singing.  Yes, singing.  You LOVE to sing Old MacDonald, but you primarily stick to him only having a cow on his farm. “Moo Moo here, Moo Moo here, Moo Moo Moo Moo, Moo Moo here, Old MacDonald…”  Itsy Bitsy Spider is another hit, complete with arm movements but really just because you like the remix version on the song on YouTube that Pop and Nana Jill showed you.  Recently at school you learned “Jesus Loves Me”, also with hand motions and you often ask me to sing that to you and with you. Pretty sweet.

Speaking of school, you have settled in but still get a bit sad when I drop you off.  You have learned a ton and love telling them what you know (colors, shapes, etc) but pretend to not know them if we ask you directly.  You will look at a color you know, look at us, give a big silly grin and say something completely different while laughing.  But if Caden asks you for a specific color crayon or something not so direct you always give and know the right one.  See, silly?

We are incredibly in love with you more and more as your personality shines through and you bring such a carefree, light-hearted energy with you and into our family.  You may test us and your limits all the time but it has really allowed us to all grow as we continue to learn about you and what your little mind holds!

It is hard to believe that another year has gone by since we made it to our first birthday and yet, here we are.  Happy Birthday Little Man.  We love you and your fire truck, tractor, farm, baseball, football, singing, Caden, dog loving soul.



OCD Hero

Posted by casey on September 10, 2013 in Everett, Everett's Edition

Everett has a little bit of my and his brother’s OCD in him.
Primarily when it comes to grass sticking on his feet.

Fortunately for him, when he refuses to wear shoes in the grass even though it is the end of his little toddler world that the grass is all over his toesies, Auntie is his hero.

God Bless Auntie

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