Rounding Second

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July 11 marked two months of having three littles in our home and it all sure is flying by as expected.  Our token phrase with Archer seems to be “so far, so good” in reference to how he/we is doing thus far.  I could sum him up by saying he is a sweet demeanored, dramatic crier, typical sleeper, great eater, rapidly growing, cuddle loving, happy two month old.

Bam. There Was Your Update.
Okay fine, details, details.
It Was a Busy Month After all.


Dear Archer the Great,

You are such a source of sweet joy in our day to day lives for each and every family member. You have found your place perfectly making it very clear that you were always supposed to be here with us.

DSC_0134_edited-1This past month has been a little hit or miss in the sleeping arena.  Still not terrible, we have done terrible my little love, but you haven’t made great strides of progress either.  You must only be two months old or something!  I blame growth spurts, though they aren’t as obvious as I remember but oh well. It has been as I said, very hit or miss and with a few frustrating up all night acting like you want to eat, but don’t really want to eat, but maybe your tummy hurts in the books, we are ready to move on.  That prompted me to go ahead and curb your cues to a bit of a schedule tuned to your needs and you really, really took to it.  You are eating every three hours, staying awake to play for an hour or so afterwards and then down to nap! It made for a much happier you both during the day and night! Now, we are lucky in that typically you still DSC_0093_edited-1give us an initial 4 hour stretch after your last dream-feed around 9:30/10:00 which leads me to realize I have never really documented your sweet little night time traditions.

We bathe you after your brothers go to sleep, still one of my most favorite times watching you wiggle around in the tub laughing at me and grinning the whole time. Next comes massage and “airing out” time while you chat and work on your muscle tone trying to roll back tDSC_0178_edited-1o belly.  After donning your pajamas we head out to the living room for a snuggle and some TV time where you go to sleep until that 9:30/10:00 dream feed after which we swaddle you up and put you to bed.  Strangely, this is the only sleep that you fall asleep on us, or that we allow that I should say.  For all of your day naps we hold you after your playtime as you are getting sleepy…so very sleepy…and then wrap you up still awake and set you in your crib where you put yourself to the final touches of sleep.  An average four hours at first and then two to three increments after that.  However, you have done a five hour stretch a few times so we know you can do it!

DSC_0705_edited-1 You love napping in your room, in your real crib,  a new change this DSC_0605_edited-1month, as already stated, your  eat, play sleep routine (different from your brothers)  with you that you thrive on.  Being so awake and alert you like being “left alone” to kick, coo and smile to get your energy out and ready for your next nap.  This is something different than we did with your brothers but you have really responded to the order of it and really stick to it with the occasional “I don’t want to wake up, I want to nap like it is night time,” struggle of tickling, kissing, talking you awake.  And I do mean struggle.

Though what we do not struggle with most days is your ability to go with the flow.  You hang out at the pool with us almost every single afternoon, taking a nap in your stroller under the shade content to let yoDSC_0019_edited-1ur brothers play and even give me some time with them in the water.  Once you wake you go back to sleep on me in a chair and there we sit watching and enjoying the summer slowness. So, if it is snoozing at the pool or snuggling in the ergo carrier you are pretty willing to go wherever, except in the car.  We all DSC_0817_edited-1dread the car unless the stars align and you stay asleep which doesn’t happen often.  Pacifier please.

Strength and size are some of your marked abilities as at six weeks you decided to start rolling belly to back!  I mean really son, I was granted more time to just leave you in one place!  You have other plans clearly.  I almost missed the whole thing because it was just so unexpected. While you are loving showing off your new skills DSC_0824_edited-1on your playmat, you are most happy first thing in the morning, post feeding when we plop you in your swing.  Don’t get confused, you don’t actually want the fancy swing turned on, duh, you just like the angle and support of it and by golly, the plush mobile.  Strange. It doesn’t spin on it’s own or do anything fancy like everyone wants to think babies would like.  But I tell you what, they did their research on those three plush ovals DSC_0828_edited-1because you LOVE them.  You look up and giggle and go cross eyed and kick so hard I swear the table will break.  We get a good 30 minutes of you wanting to just stay in there happy as can be!  So we apparently bought this new swing for you just for the three stuffed ovals.

Whatever. Works.

Your brothers are still totally in love with you. Totally.  Everett in particular.  Not that Caden doesn’t adore yDSC_0769_edited-1ou, but he carries on with his day more and most definitely helps when needed (talking to you, pacifiers, etc). Everett though, Everett really wants to check on you at all times, be in your space, rub your head constantly, give you toys…particularly snuggles, and provide play by play commentary on every little thing you do.  It is like he is a first time big brother or something. Oh wait, he is.  They especially love it if you happen to be in a good mood at their bedtime (tricky because it is usually about the time you want to start winding down too) and can lay with all of us while we sing songs and tuck them in.  But I am telling you son, you certainly hit the jackpot in the brother department because they keep talking having three boys now.


With the rolling, and constant working out of your arms and legs you were physically DSC_0810_edited-1very busy this month, but so was your social schedule.  We celebrated Father’s Day and your first official holiday, Fourth of July.  While both were family affairs it wouldn’t be true to your baby book if we didn’t appropriately document the occasion and embarrass you with festive attire.  Okay, your brothers really went all out and you were along for the ride but that’s okay.


Overall, we are just enjoying you. Your cuddles, your constant interaction now and DSC_0148_edited-1response to our noises . (favorites being when Mommy makes a high purring sound, or clicking ourDSC_0109_edited-1 tongue) You are still packing on the chunk, complete with “roll muscles” a double chin and a beer belly to make the best of “Dad-Bods” jealous.  Seriously.  At two months you are rocking 3-6 month clothing, weighing in at 13.3 pounds and are somewhere in the 90 plus percentiles of both height and weight.  Staying true to your big boy status and toning my arms all at the same time.  Such a team player!


We just love everything that you are about and are taking you all in.  Each bath time wiggle, each chubby roll, each snuggle under our neck and each back arched stretch.  All of those little things that we know won’t last but will leave little remnants behind in what will become your bug boy personality one day.  So for now sweet boy, stay not so little little, I am perfectly fine with that.  Get ready, because if you haven’t figured it out yet, you aren’t getting a whole lot of space when there is this much love to share. So many smooches to be had and not a moment to spare.  After all, it is already going too quickly.  On to month three!

(which technically ends next week)



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Let him be announced the friends and family cried.
And so he will be.

Archer the Great.





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Vanity, fighting it since birth.



The First for the Third

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June 11, 2015

DSC_0371_edited-1Today marks the day that Archer the Great will be two months old, so naturally, I am going to get out his first month loves and love nots just in time.  That is the optimistic way to look at it right?  I am going to be perpetually behind but what counts is I am not behind on writing it down…just posting and editing photos!  So, in the spirit of being a bit behind, a little recap of the first month of the third child’s life, which is rapidly approaching the second month.  The real challenge is picking favorite photos since I could fill this post with ones from just the first week!

So, here goes nothing.


DSC_0894_edited-1bwArcher’s birth is one for the books but he was a champ in the hospital.  Archer the Amazing with his big ol’ size and red hair was getting comments from everyone who walked in and I kept staring at your head full of copper fuzz as well.  While I know some of you have littles who have a legitimate head of hair you could style at birth, for us, and our kiddos, Archer had a head of hair.  We were all taken aback by the whole thing. I am so grateful to my mother in law DSC_0865_edited-1Carolyn for gladly embracing her Nonna role and staying behind at the house to care for Caden and Everett for his birth and much of those first couple days.  It is so nice to be able to focus on the task at hand knowing that they were in the best hands!

Mr. Archer: We came home on May 13th, two days after you were born to two VERY excited big brothers eager to see this baby that was no longer in my belly.  DSC_1024_edited-1Archer was and is extremely loved, protected and cared for by his brothers already.  Everett throws away all of your diapers and Caden is keeper of the pacis since he knows where to grab them without getting germs all over them.  They fetch the burp cloths, blankets and work to keep you calm with their practiced “ssssshhhhiiing” and “it’s okaaaaaaayyyyyy”.


DSC_0085_edited-1Focusing on my recovery from your tough delivery was a key element to the day’s attention the first couple of weeks, so we were delighted that you were quite DSC_0949_edited-1content and had mastered nursing moments after being born.   Okay, mastered is probably an exaggeration as there are always bumps in the road the first few weeks of nursing, but knowing those expected bumps are coming makes it as fine as can be! With no real major detours in that area we were on our way and keeping our fingers crossed you weren’t going to be an Everett in that department.  So far, so good.

You gave us decent enough “shifts” with 2-3 hour stretches and then 3-4 hour stretches at night that had us not walking around like zombies.


The firstDSC_0930_edited-1 couple nights you and I slept in the living room switching from sleeping on me, to the bassinet to the swing seeing where you liked it best (on me of course) as you adjusted to life outside the womb.  You weren’t terribly upset just a little unsettled, and the truth is that what we were learning is that you are just a noisy, noisy little sleeper – grunts, snores, giggles, squeals, coos…you name it.

You barely lasted one week in newborn diapers and that was a stretch, literally.  Even in the hospital your little cheeks were sticking out the top of the back!  But see, son, I had already opened a small pack at home and if you knew the cost of diapers these days you DSC_0117_edited-1would understand why you were forced to wear essentially a thong for those five days.  That and your belly button made its debut after five days so we needed to air everything out. Big boy!

This whole month we just continued to say, “so far, so good”.  Decent enough sleeper, good eater, predictable burper and by the end of the month I had decided that out of the three of you, you most definitely had the most distinctive DSC_0120_edited-1cries.  Snorting with crying when you are hungry, literal “waaaaahhhh” crying when you are tired, and if you were giving a strong wiggle with your wail you were most certainly frustrated, overstimulated and wanting to be left alone.

Speaking of left alone, yes, you already like to just lay out look around, preferably at yourself in a mirror and chill.

Leave. Me. Alone.

I get you son, I get you.

Part of it is that you are so stinking strong already that you like to just get to it yourself, unsmothered.  Like a conversation with Dad at two weeks old.  I mean you had been waiting for this for 40 weeks so why wait any longer to hold that head up and chat about life’s important decisions – food, sleep and diapers.


So let’s get to it, your likes and like nots.

DSC_0242_edited-1You love your paci and have since day one since you never, stop working your mouth, ever.  This is new to us, so third time around still leads to first time around.

You hate your car seat with the passion of a thousand crying babies. Like not.

You love being held, duh.  Especially on your belly on us.  Like.

You strongly disliked your bath for the first two weeks.  Strongly. Like not.

You like noise, and seem used to the chaos of older brothers. Like.

You do not like being unswaddled much, trying to get back  in the womb one tight wrap for sleep at a time. Like not.

You like sleeping inclined in your bassinet best, and we say, “Whatever works!” Like.

You are a sweater, just like Everett.  Being a May baby who is a sweater it took us a few days to determine you do not need a footed sleeper or long sleeve anything regardless of how newborn you may be.  You like a plain old onesie except for the one day it was cool and windy and we went to the park – see above.  One day of bundled-ness, forget the rest. Like not.

You love your Mommy. Super like.


DSC_0174_edited-1At one month you are big. And spoiler alert to the month ahead, it isn’t slowing down. Coming from your 9 pound two ounce birth weight and 21 inches in length you are porking up and stretching out quite nicely Eleven pounds 5 ounces (70%), 22.5 inches (85%) abd a 99th% noggin.  (which is now rocking the old man half moon mullet hair-do) Us Kazmanns like big ol’ brains.

Nice and big, just like our hearts for you. We are so DSC_0622_edited-1loving getting to know you and your likes and like nots. Not as “another boy”, or the third Kazmann, but as you.  I am just completely smitten with you and your presence has already brought so much happy, yes happy, not happiness, to our home.  Happiness too.  But happy in every way.  We adore you. Your brothers adore you. You are adored.  Keep it up Archer-Boo there is a lot of love and fun to be had in this home and your brothers can’t wait for you to really join the crew.  I however, am enjoying the snuggles.

One month of thriving down…well, two technically, but one month now blog- recorded. Wahoo!


Comfy, Cozy

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Dearest Baby Boy,

You do not seem to know it, or particularly care as you are quite comfy cozy gaining as much chub as you can, but it is time.  Time to really join our family and as tough Bluebonnets 028as it may be, join the real world.  The first lesson of life with us – the real world.  Okay, maybe the first lesson is love…and snuggles…and attention…see, all nice things…you can come out now.

It is quite amazing that I have had contractions for a solid four months now, for four months they have been watching you and keeping you content so that you wouldn’t come too early and could grow and be strong and now it seems as though you have decided that is the better option.  So, you have tossed those four months of contractions to the side as far as purpose goes, they were just for fun for mommy (thank you so much dear) and are nestled in safe and secure in what you know.

I can relate to that sweet boy. I am not one who easily embraces big changes.  I have

Piggly Wigglies

Piggly Wigglies

to think it over and accept and adjust so that it feels more comfortable to me.  Maybe we should work on this together.  Here I am, excited and accepting that our life is about to flip flip and change forever for the better with your arrival that we have been waiting for.  And here are you…deciding that maybe all that yelling and discipline and shuffling and protecting you hear going on won’t be so bad and that you would rather me hold you in my arms than my belly.  Just keep saying it to yourself son, I promise it will sound better the more you hear it.

While my doctors always watch me very closely, this pregnancy with you has been watched even more.  With the blood thinners we get a peek at you each and every week, which truthfully, feels excessive even to me and I don’t think you like it much.  But, we get to peek and make sure you are growing (and boy are you) and that all of your

38 Weeks

38 Weeks

current nutrition sources are in working order.  Despite my losing a pound each of the past few weeks you are still steadily packing it on, even causing the sonographers to giggle at your “fat pad” around your belly, chubby, chubby cheeks and yes, belly rolls on your ribs.  We are looking forward to getting a real look at you to see if those ultra pouty lips and button nose match up to preview image thus far that have also been true for your brothers.

One difference, is that while your brothers always had hands and arms up by their face or behind their heads as most babies do, you tend to always have one in your mouth.  I predict swaddle challenges.  In your mouth, sucking on one hand, smacking your lips around, sticking out your tongue, something is always working away in that department it seems.


I do officially feel as though you are out of room.  Fresh, out.  I think you agree

39 Weeks

39 Weeks

because your movements have really slowed down and are more rolls and pushing and pressure than sporadic fits of punching and kicking.  My belly is sore…sore from your movements, sore from stretching and sore from all the shifting.  Last night I told Daddy that I kept feeling like my shirt was too tight (and lets be honest, everything is) and that I needed to keep trying to move my belly a little so it didn’t pull so much when laying down.  Turns out, it wasn’t the shirt…it was just the tightness of your baby belly.  So yes, uncomfortable is an accurate adjective which it always is at this point but somehow we still block out the details.

In the meantime, while we wait, we have checked off just about every single task we can tIMG_5900hink of to do before you come.  I keep saying “Okay, NOW I took care of that (dogs groomed, boys haircuts, one millionth laundry, cleaned out car, mailed thank you notes, wrote this very post…) so now you can come.”  Apparently there is some big project you expect to be finished first that we just have not gotten the memo on.  Can I have a clue?

Thanks to generous family we were able to have a few hours to go to a friend’s engagement celebration and some extra generous friends who took your brothers to their first sleepover so we could have a weekend together before you came.  Alas, that wasn’t what you were waiting for.

It’s okay though.  I got to attend both of your brothers’ Mother’s Day Teas at their school and I didn’t think I would make either of them so that was nice…now?  No.  Still Not Coming? Okay. It’s fine. Really.IMG_5934

I am in good spirits. I had a day a week or so ago where I did not think I could make it one minute longer.  Clearly you were in an unfortunate position and I spent the entire night sleeping sitting up on the couch because I couldn’t breathe and had to pant if I laid down and the nerves in my groin were spazzing out locking out my legs and my belly was too full of you to eat anything and it just wasn’t a good day.  But I sucked it up and have now been busying myself with distractions and daily enjoyments.

The rest of the world is not enjoying this stage so much, the waiting, including your furry brother

Bo is On BabyWatch

Bo is On BabyWatch

Bo.  He is on serious baby watch and I think you could “throw him a bone” (yes I did) and ease his worries by going ahead and evicting.  Up to you though.  Obviously, up to you.

He is thirteen years old though…so you might not want to wait too long. I am just saying.

Have I bribed you enough yet?

In true summary of this stage now, from connecting all of these words together for this little ditty (I sure hope I connected words and it isn’t total nonsense) my brain and body are now completely exhausted and need a nap. Like now.  Like my eyes are no longer staying open.  Yes I was sitting the whole time I did this.  Vigorous I know.

So sweetness, you are already very loved and we are in full hibernation as we wait to welcome you because all of that love is also anxiously awaiting you too.  You just let us know when, and we will be ready…anytime dear, anytime…but when you are ready…if that is today that would be okay…but if it isn’t that is fine…anytime.


Heard It All

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With two pregnancies under my belt for my little men already, I had really thought that I had heard and experienced almost all of the shocking and unsolicited commentary that a large protruding belly appears to warrant.  You learn to brush it off or just let them talk and nod your head as if

A. you haven’t heard before
B. you aren’t offended
C. you actually care

This pregnancy has been a little different.  I had to work to set my mental capacityphoto 3 for all of the negative input I felt I would receive, and have, as soon as we knew we were having a third boy.  Notice, I did not say, ANOTHER boy.  You see, as soon as we were pregnant it was “a girl, you’re having a girl, you want a girl, can’t wait for a girl, trying for that girl….etc.”.  Somehow no one believes that we were trying for a third child. Simply that.  I don’t know who that third child is yet, do you?

So, I had to really take note of my reactions and feelings to all of the input not about my weight and appearance which is still shocking at times, but about our joy in having three boys!  It was as if I wasn’t allowed to feel excited to be having a boy again, to be adding one more to our brood and to be experiencing “boy-mom” status fully.  I got a lot of;
“Are you finally getting your girl?”
– so does that mean I didn’t want these two charmers you are staring at
– or that I can’t want a brother for them

33weeksAnd then, when I would reply to any various statement similarly made I almost always got met with sighs, eye rolls, “oh mys” “another one” “oh wells” and my favorite “you need to stop trying” as if we were only trying (and experiencing losses) to add to our family for a female counterpart.  The nerve! You better stop trying.  I mean really.

What is it about this belly that makes people open their mouths to comment on things they would never comment on if I wasn’t an incubator?!?!

With a little practice I have my standard replies I give with a grin to move on from the conversation and still celebrate the joy of adding this mini man and what will certainly be his own personality to the mix.

And then I went to the doctor and had a first…

Enter the stranger, as it always is, and their prying questions and statements.32weekskick
After the usual rigamaroll regarding my hands being full, and am I sure I still have until May, and maybe they got the date wrong and I am probably going to run out of clothes out it came…”you aren’t having another boy are you?”

Actually yes, yes I am.

And as she walked back to her appointment having been called,

“Oh GOD, you have to me someone’s mother in law three times.”

I first mentally applauded her for finding a totally new approach. A combined 109 weeks of being pregnant in my life so far and never have I heard that one.  Then I said a prayer for her daughter in law who clearly she must not get along with. Clearly.

Having a wonderful relationship with my mother in law, and already having the women who steal my boys’ hearts on my prayer regimen as previously mentioned I look forward to being able to be a part of and yes, hopefully accepted by their wives.

Dreading that day is just not an outlook I have or can muster.
Negative much lady? I think yes.

So now, I am convinced, completely convinced that I have heard it all.
But you’re welcome to keep trying if you feel so compelled because soon enough this belly will go away and you will begin to keep most of these sideline comments in your head like normal, well-composed people do.  So until then, get it out. I would hate for you to feel badly and not heard. :)

Housecleaning- An Item of Business. If you have been trying to comment and cannot, due to spammers we had to set up a new system.  Please scroll down on the right tool bar to the “register” link.  This will guide you through so that you are able to comment again and we know that you are you and not a robot.  Because who wants robots?



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Dear Baby Boy,

Yet another month has passed since my last public update on you and thankfully you are still safely growing away because this past month is just one long blur of contractions.  You see, I apparently, or I suppose I should say “we”, are a contraction machine.  Steady and strong and unwavering.

These lovely reminders of what labor really is come and go all day and like to pick IMG_5411[1]up both in intensity and regularity while I sleep.  The middle of the night has been a blur of “Ow, what is that? Why is it still there? Ow I am uncomfortable. Oa, again? Oh…contractions.”  The average is a good two hour session of pit to peak predictable contractions about 2-4 minutes apart. Wahoo!  The nice thing about the middle of the night sessions is they are very easy to keep track of because nothing else is going on and I can quietly get up and work through them on my own uninterrupted.  The bad thing is I spend most of that time just waiting for them to stop not wanting to make a before dawn trip to Labor & Delivery for what I remain confident is you just toying with us.

Son…this is your mother speaking…stop it.

And so we contract.  We wait.  We do it again.  And again.  And again.  And then Mommy finally complies and gets checked.  It is just that I am confident that you are fine and things are fine, but I am also confident that when you really turn on the machine they are identical to when labor started with Caden.  So the mental game goes back and forth and so on.  I am more mentally exhausted from the constant question and am physically getting lots of yoga and mental strength practice.

IMG_5489One day during our 29th week we finally ended up in Labor and Delivery because they wanted to monitor both the contractions and you to see what was going on.  Your brothers and I loaded up with games, snacks and snugglies and headed down to the hospital for an adventure.  First and foremost, your brothers were awesome.  They were VERY excited when we arrived, never having been there before and when we went back to a full Labor and Delivery room and they saw the baby bed decided you were going to come that day. I assured them that we hoped that was not the case.  What I found interesting is that even though I did know I was and had been contracting, when they hooked up that monitor, BAM, contractions all over it.  Sometimes it is just a little surprising to actually SEE what you know you are feeling, especially when that shouldn’t really be the case.  But, as usual, and thankfully, you were fine and these pesky contractions weren’t actually changing anything internally in starting or preparing my body for labor (other than the practice as a whole).  We waited and watched and eventually it was decided to go ahead and give me a shot to stop the contractions to try to slow things down and give me a bit of a break.  That was one of those “So this is what my belly being relaxed and not painful should feel like,” moments.  I of course was aware of the tension and pains, but having grown used to it over the past month, and the weeks before when they came and went sporadically I didn’t actually realize just how much I had been working through the pain and tightness of.


After a nice half day stay we packed up and went home to rest and hunker down before yet another snow came.  Trying to rest but also trying to be normal.  Balancing keeping you in but knowing so far they haven’t changed anything so going about daily business. It is a fine tight-rope act so that I don’t encourage them to be working contractions and land myself on full on bedrest. Super fun.

You my third son though, are growing and growing STRONG.  Your movements are constant and BIG.  You roll, dance, push and kick/punch all the time. So there is no doubt that you are perfectly fine (or highly uncomfortable and squished) each day.  You give me plenty of reassurance in that department.  In fact, you even move so much while I am sleeping that you tend to wake me up with my belly shaking about.

Son…this is your mother speaking…stop it. We are sleeping.


We are nesting, BIG TIME.  Also a fun fact, I tend to have an overwhelming feeling of needing to get some sort of project or baby thing in order/prepared/finished prior

22 years of Friendship at 32 and 34 weeks

22 years of Friendship at 32 and 34 weeks

to the big sessions of contractions.  I fought it for a long time and finally, finally we are getting to work.  Your room is really starting to come together, thought I got myself into projects like sewing your curtains that was probably something I could outsource. But when a fabric speaks to you…and your hormones…it well, speaks to you.  To-do lists of mental nesting have been filled out to help organize the madness, and errands in preparation are being tackled.  Another balancing act.  The “we are having a baby and we have nothing ready vs. meh…we will run to the store when we get home because I am tired” challenge.  It has turned out that it being three and a half years since our last newborn, and really five years (plus pregnancy time) since we have gotten or refreshed much and it is a little surprising how much we don’t have anymore or has simply been just too loved on to survive.   Just typing that makes me want to start running errands right now.  Instead I will sit here IMG_5645[1]battling pre-dawn contractions and keep writing.

Your brothers are getting anxious to meet you as are we.  They love to feel you move and often request to have you kick them.  I think that will change.  Also in the department of what I think will change is their current discussion over who is going to help change more diapers.  Everett who loves to tell us all about “the baby brother” and what you will (sleep, cry, snuggle) and will not (walk, bounce, play superheroes) be able to do when you get here is quite positive that your stinkies will he his job.  Caden is Ready.  Ready to help, ready to love on you and ready to be the biggest brother.  Caden loves to especially feel when you have the hiccups which starting during my 28th week I can feel at least three times a day.

We are soaking up this time of relative peace and preparation, embracing the familIMG_5592y of four we know while anticipating you being here with all of us, not just me.  While this has been a very different pregnancy with the daily injections, still on nausea meds, became anemic this past month and contractions it is always a time I cherish for the wonder that it is.

You keep growing and we will keep preparing, though most of that is more for us and than for what you really “need”.  We did take care of one thing you will need though…a name!  Per tradition though that is our little secret until your birthday but we will dangle it out there to keep everyone at bay a bit.  See you soon son, but not too soon!

With Lots of Love – Your Mama


The Final Turn

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Well, somehow we have turned the bend into the final trimester of Baby Kaz III’s luxury stay in his five star waterbed resort. Trimester numero tres started back at the beginning of February, and yet, some days it seems like he should be here tomorrow.  Let me also set the record straight.

Let the third trimester begin!

Let the third trimester begin!

(in my personal opinion)

I know this because…

A. NONE of my clothes fit. Not my regular clothes, my maternity clothes.  I have resorted to large tent shopping and my husband’s t-shirts already.  With three months to go.
B. I keep getting the “Oh when are you due?”, and giggle inside because the look on their face is expecting “in a few weeks” and when I reply “mid-May” the shocked “Ohhhhh” is deafening.
C. The cupcakes made me do it.


24 Weeks Saying Farewell to the Old House

Okay. Self Deprecating Rant Done.  But the truth is, that has been a difference this pregnancy.  My husband claims that I have said the same thing each time and his non-hormonal brain may remember things clearer but I also say that his non-hormonal body doesn’t remember what I have lived.  He had to actually pull my pants off of me while I laid back on the floor of my closet (which I had sat down on because I couldn’t bed over mind you) because I could not get them off.  Couldn’t do it. Could.Not.Do.It.

Proven because most of these pictures are in the same plaid PJ pants in the same spot…the couch.

But really, in all truthfulness, everyone thinks my due date is off by a month.  Seeing as how I have been riddled with contractions since Christmas Eve, it would be nice to think that I am 32 weeks instead of 28 weeks for the sake of these pesky pains.  Yes, on Christmas Eve, during the middle of the night I was woken to the pleasure of what felt like early labor contractions.  Instead of panicking, or worrying about them per say I laid there thinking about how I was going to convince Colter to let me go to Labor and Delivery in the middle of the night alone seeing as how

A. Santa was coming and we couldn’t all miss Santa.
B. I mean, there was no way anything was actually going on at 22 weeks, it was clearly a farce…
C. Santa was coming, in fact, had already came so if we woke everyone and put them in the car that would be seen and then missed as said with A.

Priorities. Clearly.

Thrasher's favorite activity with all three boys...wrap around the belly.

Thrasher’s favorite activity with all three boys…wrap around the belly.

But…I laid there long enough contemplating my escape route that after about an hour I started drifting back to sleep which meant that they were certainly going away and spreading back out.  So there you have it.

Unfortunately, every.single.day since then has been me experiencing some sort of off and on contractions whether it is just the tightening, really hard belly that won’t relax (More Braxton-Hicks esque) and pinching, cramping take some deep breaths contractions much resembling early labor.  It’s awesome.  Primarily because do I think that anything is going on? No. Power of positivity there.  But you’re only real option is to get checked out.  So I have been getting a lot of bonus exams at my appointments and so far, so good.

I know what you are thinking. I am doing too much.  I swear I am not.  Okay, I don’t think that I am.  I feel very well behaved and it doesn’t seem to effect whether or not they come.  So, we continue to watch and wait and make sure they aren’t “working

Couch Naps: The Current Favorite Hang-Out Spot

Couch Naps: The Current Favorite Hang-Out Spot

contractions” meaning they aren’t actually changing my body in preparation for an early labor but just giving me LOTS of physical and mental practice. Ugh.

This weekend I had two solid hours from one to three AM, woken again with steady contractions that worsened when I laid down and so I walked…and stretched…and yoga’d (yup, I made it a verb) and timed and breathed and about the time I thought, “Well, I guess I have to go in,” I started drifting back to sleep as they spaced out again.  When the boys woke us up a few hours later, my stomach, back and hips were so sore you would have

Valentine Assembly Line

Valentine Assembly Line

thought I hit the gym. Wahoo!  So most of Sunday was spent resting up, fielding more cramping, evaluating and waiting it out.

So that is what we are doing for this little man.  Waiting.  Hoping that he stays cozy and that these contractions stay only nuisances and not purposeful. Thankfully, it took about 26 weeks for me to reach the point where I wake up multiple times a night for various reasons so up until now sleep has been my friend.  Then again, I am also at that stage where I want to go back to taking a nap every 5 minutes but can’t actually fall or get comfy enough to do so…you know, if that was even an option with an almost five and three year old running around!

So, how about I answer some questions that I know you are skimming for.
– Yes. Baby is still a boy.
– No. We do not have a name.

Here's to Looking At You

Here’s to Looking At You

– No, we will not share a name when we do know it until he is born, it’s tradition after all.
– No, we have not set up his room. (or located his clothes, or purchased any diapers, or busted out the baby contraptions or done anything in anyway to act as if we are about to have a baby again)
Yes. The boys are VERY excited and talk about baby brother all the time or directly to him by steering me around by my belly.  I am but a vessel in this game.

And so there it is.  More of the same in pregnancy and many differences this go around too.  This baby boy is rarely still and seems to be extremely strong based on


the level and sensations from his movement.  So much more abrupt and intense than the others. He rolls, wiggles, kicks, punches, slides all the time.  It is most definitely one of the most amazing and mind blowing parts of being pregnant still, but also a little irritating seeing as how this little guy will wake me up from a sound sleep with his partying too. Busy already.

It is a joyful reminder of what we have been waiting and working for though and surely keeps my heart grateful and grinning as I think of him in there.  He calms when Colter talks to him or touches my belly (naturally) and dances when Caden chats him up or drives his dinosaurs over my belly.   And while there are many things we still sit and wonder of course what he will be like, I am convinced that massages are going to be his favorite because he will every so gently push up against a spot you rub wherever you may relocate that spot.  That and he looks to be guaranteed the same big head and button nose as his bros.

28 Weeks

28 Weeks and 3 Pounds

  So, as I wrapped up my latest appointment and was moved from the one a month

 28 weeks at Caden's first 2015 soccer game

28 weeks at Caden’s first 2015 soccer game

appointment category into the every two weeks category it hit me – we are having a baby, and soon!  You would think I would have figured that out but it was always the move we were trying to get through and somehow that part is over and baby time is drawing closer and closer. The fire was lit under my behind and then I realized that we have exactly four non fleece/long sleeve articles of clothing after two winter babies for this summer baby to wear and the thought of his wardrobe not working out like I had checked off my brain extinguished that fire for a nap.

Despite the pains and all things I could just sit and complain about I have been savoring the time that he is still all mine. The time when while yes there are worries,but I really know he is safe and sound and the work is being done for us.  I enjoy that in a very simple manner being pregnant is about sitting back and letting your body take control because you just can’t micromanage what it decides to do when.

So, we carry on with our usual life and day while talking all the time about baby brother and all things he will bring.  As of now, his brothers are set to help in “all the baby things” as Everett says.  Good Lord I hope that it stays that way.  For now though, we chat, we wait, we snuggle and we nap.  The most important ways of preparing obviously.

He Will Be Here Before We Know It!



One Last Gift

Posted by casey on January 4, 2015 in Baby Kaz III

As I try to compile the holiday catch up posts of all the fun we had while wrapping up our home into boxes, I thought you maybe could use one last gift to open to properly send you into the New Year.







Kazmann_Cassandra_418wksWe are ecstatic to be bringing a little man into our family again to get us one step closer to the All Kazmann All the Time family Basketball team you just might see a reality show about one day.

I mean look, the little guy is already flexing his guns to show you he can take on his brothers just fine.

What can I say?  We do boys well around here and while our Saturdays may be committed to some type of sporting even all day for the next eighteen years starting this Spring, we are thrilled to be keeping the Kazmann legacy strong for generations to come. A Boy!


It Must Be Time

Posted by casey on January 3, 2015 in Baby Kaz III

Here I sit.
Halfway there.

“Halfway where?”, you might ask.

Halfway to Baby Kaz III’s birthdate.

20 Weeks with Baby Kaz III on Christmas Day

20 Weeks with Baby Kaz III on Christmas Day

September 2014

September 2014

With the lack of general updates, information and certainly progress reports you might have even forgotten that we are expecting.  You might have even missed this single post to let you know that this sweet babe is on the way.  So, in case you missed it, or skipped over that sentence in the Christmas card, we are in fact expecting again! Baby Kaz III is set to arrive mid-May 2015!

There are a few truths about this pregnancy that have led to the lack of over sharing in the details and ins and outs of how this all has gone, and gone down.

Afirstshotsfter our journey to get pregnant this go around and our losses during that journey throughout 2014 I have enjoyed keeping this to ourselves a little more this time.  Not at all because we are less excited, maybe even moreso.  Not at all because it is more personal than before but a little bit because I think we are more in tune with just what this is for us and our family.  Another sweet little face that we have held a space in our hearts for, waiting for the timing that would bring us number three.  Yes, we were more cautious even longer about sharing and making sure all was well, especially with prying older brothers but then it just became normal that it was in fact our story and not the world’s so to speak.  We do choose that after all.  But then, there are those who do want to celebrate with you and are just as excited and have shared in sending love our way that you so in fact want to shout it from the rooftops.  So finally, we did just that.


Portraits by Caden. Thanks Buddy.

Another truth, that has really allowed me to lag behind in life in general, and doubles up in information sharing by giving you a little more insight into number three for us is that I have been SO sick this time. SO sick.  And that is an understatement.  Starting right out of the gate about 10 days after we found out I lost the ability to function as a human being at all.  Day in and day out.  Night in and night out.  So, seeing as how opening my eyes and crawling to the bathroom was a stretch in the productivity department, blogging every detail and image of my changing body (also right out of the gate) just wasn’t a priority.  Trying to drink water was.  The struggle is real.

Then I could add in the obvious business of day to day life which by 2014 goal had

 11 Weeks

11 Weeks in The New Nursery

been to focus on and treasure. Life with a four year old and three year old boy is definitely not short on activity but is so on hours in the day.  Add in the details of building our new home since May which seems to have somehow dominated our brains and any extra time and selling our current home and that pretty much leaves any remaining sentence-forming part of my brain as well, mush.  Mushy mush.

So I have stayed quiet.  Somewhat blissfully quiet.  Somewhat guilt ridden quiet as there as aspects to number three that I am already embracing as number three.  The “there just isn’t as much time and individual focus which doesn’t mean I love you any less in any way” third child.  Sorry sweet baby.  BUT, I have been journaling.  Privately.  To the baby.  With the words and thoughts I want them to know from my hearts and the notes and nuances of their time growing safely within me that might interest them later or warm my heart to recall.  So there is that.  The important part.


First Trimester Almost Done. Let's celebrate with a nap.

First Trimester Almost Done. Let’s celebrate with a nap.

And then, just like that, poof! Halfway there.  Some days I feel like I am pregnant enough to have this baby any day.  Like any minute.  And in those minutes when my hips are completely locked up because this baby is SO low that I shuffle my feet to bed like I did last night I think “Holy Moly, I’ve got 20 more weeks to go.”  But then sometimes, I kind of forget that I am halfway done and the realization makes me a little sad that I haven’t been able to focus on just that.  But then the thumps and kicks and rolls reassure me that all is well, or all is being smushed and wants me to change positions and life moves on.

As a general rule, I have set my intention to embrace this pregnancy with an even more grateful heart.  Not that I didn’t before but that I wanted to try my hardest to not complain, and to take what came as it came with gratitude.  And so I have tried.  The sickness was not and still is not easy, but I still repeat, even in a puddle of tears, “I am

14 Weeks

14 Weeks

grateful to feel sick, better to feel sick, this is a good thing…”  Even Colter in the first weeks said it to, “I am so sorry, but I am glad that you are feeling sick too.”  So it is what it is.  I am grateful for each good night of sleep I still get as I know at some point that won’t be the case.  While I huff and puff and ask for help sitting up or repositioning at times already I also set my mind that whatever ailment is that day’s demon be it intense heartburn which was different this time, uncomfortable indigestion or yesterday’s early hip lock I tell myself that it is just today’s dealing and tomorrow we will see what comes.  And you know what?  Most days the following day is different and just like that, life moves on and so does my gratitude.

And so, we have made it all the way to 21

15 Weeks

15 Weeks

weeks together and my how excited we are to meet you already.  We have celebrated my thirtieth birthday (though the all day nausea was not a fun party guest) Halloween, brother’s third birthday, Thanksgiving and now Christmas all while progressing and planning.  Though now, as we gear up for our upcoming move into what will be the only home this baby knows in t-minus 7 days, it is all feeling all the more real.  A home. A nursery. A family. A new baby.

Halfway there to meeting this sweet number three!
(which means you have roughly 20 more weeks to un-breech yourself in there, get to it.)


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