Weekly Graces {Week 43 & 44}

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While I am still going strong keeping my weely graces, almost a full year later, it appears I am better at posting them every other week in two week groupings.  Seeing as how I am actually keeping track of them for my own benefit, I give myself an “A” for “Effort”…which the teacher in me hates because Effort doesn’t start with or have an A in it.  I digress.

Week 43

November 1st – November 7th

1. Colter needing a sick day making him here when I ended up needing a sick day too.
2. Naps
3. Fireplaces.
4. Making a birthday breakfast for Everett in the quiet dark of the morning.
5. Listening to Everett singing Happy Birthday.

6. An afternoon full of family as we attended two sweet birthday parties for other kiddos.
7. Early family Starbucks breakfast to kick start our anniversary.

8. Impromptu organization frenzy taking care of a messy guest room & closet.
9. Quiet.
10. Toy Story
11. Leftover 70% costumes from last year pulled out and enjoyed.
12. Free apps.
13. Quiet.
14. Spiced latte coffee creamer.
15. New additions to bedroom decor.
16. Snuggles
17. Napping with the dog.
18. Real mail.
19. Neath the Wreath holiday market.
20. Making turkey crafts with the boys.
21. Quality time

Week 44
November 8th – November 14th

1. Clean house.
2. Cooperative and entertained children.
3. Their excitement over the party prep.

4. A normal morning.
5. Birthday success for Everett.

6. Seeing family & friends love on him and enjoy the celebration.
7. Time with my niece and nephew.
8. Nap
9. Photos
10. PJ Day

11. Sales
12. Early to bed.
13. A smidge of rare early Christmas spirit.

14. Kids who love doctors and vice versa.
15. Praying with Caden.
16. Cozy fixes for a freezing morning.

17. Cinnamon candles.
18. Ginger snaps.
19. Holiday sewing.

20. Talking about friendship with Caden.
21. Organizing gifts and gift giving among family.

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