Weekly Graces {Week 41 & 42}

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Yes, it is true. I skipped a week.  Even worse? I skipped a week for no good reason other than I just didn’t get to it and I just can’t bring myself to add it to this past week which yes, I am also late to. I did give a brief photo grace recap of 41 down below. October man, it gets me every year. So busy.

Weekly Graces
Week 42

1. A morning at home in PJs.
2. Surprising the boys’ with an aquarium outing.

3. A day full of the four of us.
4. Cinnamon rolls.
5. Dinner with friends and then experiencing our 10 year reunion together.

6. A full night’s sleep with no baby monitors on.
7. Breakfast made for us as we went to pick up the boys.

8. Naps.
9. Everett’s first trophy.

10. Meal prep that makes mornings simpler.
11. Halloween Curious George occupying excited minds.
12. Caden continuing to ask for more letter papers to practice writing.

13.Being able to fall back to sleep.
14. The cutest cowboys for western week. Made me smile all day.

15. A massage.
16. A surprise Pa Pa sighting for Everett.
17. Lazy, rainy afternoon.
18. Roaming Target alone with a capucinno for an hour before bedtime.
19. Everett’s first tear free Dropoff at school. Thank you Halloween and Western wear.

20. Crafting time.
21. My little firefighters and watching them grow.

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Here is what I am grateful for last week, Week 42 based on the pictures I can share which compiles a 14 graces instead of 21.  Eh…it was close.

Daddy who creature hunts with his boys.

SUVs for optimal photo shoot packing.

Fun mugs for memorable afternoon tea pick me ups.

Binoculars. Even the Pretend Kind.

Coffee. For the mornings you find your son downstairs, asleep on the couch, with all the lights on…at 4 a.m.

A garage that finally has a spot for all of our strollers.

Festive Fashion

Tweezers. Thanks kids.


Quinoa Beards

Pantless Gangsta Babies

Craft time and Puppet Shows. “Welcome to Sesame Street Mommy!”

A child who finds himself hilarious. Even on the potty.



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