Weekly Graces {Week 40}

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Weekly Graces

Week 40

Cheers to Being Another Year Older…and Wiser?

1. Annual Arboretum trip.  Pumpkins plus a playdate. Perfect combo.

2. Officially sending off my brother, sister in law and sweet niece and nephew to be Floridians.  If I make it a grace I can’t be sad right?

3.Hugging my family of four a little tighter.
4. Family time at a local pumpkin patch.

5. Afternoon nap.

6. Ending a great day with a great Aggie Football game.
7. Pumpkin muffins and coffee with Halloween Mickey in the background.
8. Afternoon nap #2 this weekend.
9. Early birthday dinner.

10. Rainy days and the quiet it brings.
11. Writing and reflecting.
12. My husband delivering flowers to my boys to deliver to me once he walked in.
13.  Feeling the birthday love.  Really feeling it.

14. Time to browse, and pick, and try on, and put back and choose.
15. Baking cake with my little chef.

16. Starbucks run on a cold, rainy morning during my Everett only time.

17. Blankets on the ground, movies on TV.
18. Learning. My teacher heart and mommy heart colliding.

19.Watching my child practice his smiles for picture day…initiated by his 3.5 year old self.

20. A holiday find that was surprisingly tasty.

21. Family decisions. Future. Feeling full.

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