Weekly Graces {Week 33 and 34}

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I was gifted a new laptop as an early birthday present and am officially back in business which means I am also officially catching up. Though truthfully, even if I had been able to access a working computer with all of my photos I would probably still be behind.  Life with kids summed up right there.  Behind.

Weekly Graces – Week 33

August 23rd – August 29th

 1. Doctors that work you in.
2. Fashion competitions with my toddler.

3. Wine and pain pills. Super healthy.
4. Caden successfully wanting and eating cereal for breakfast-a break for me.
5. Cool pool water.
6. Surprises.

7. Mornings out front with our coffee and crafts.

8. Everett’s singing.
9. Hugs.
10. My niece and nephew having a successful first day of Kindergarten.
11. All kid laundry organized and put away.
12. Back to school prep for the boys.

13. Sending both sweet boys off safely and happily to school.

14. Five hours alone.
15. Excited chatter.
16. Quality time with just Everett.

17. Rest.
18. The last days of afternoon summer swims.

19. The sight of two schoolboys.

20. Lunch with a friend.
21. Nonna’s love and the boys’ love for her.

Week 34

August 30th – September 5th

1. Back to bed naps for cranky boys.
2. Clean car organized and packed for Houston.
3. Safe arrival in Houston watching the cousins play.

4.Crack of dawn family Starbucks run so as not to wake the rest of a sleeping house.

 5. Johnny Football and all the chatter.
6. Etsy browsing with my sister in law.
7. Backyard races.
8. Stopping at Buc-ees on the way home for jerky and sweet tea.
9. Early bedtimes.

10. Lazy raining morning.
11. Crafting for family.

12. My father in law’s birthday.
13. Migraine medicine that works.
14. An organized, functional laundry room with pops of color.
15. Ending the evening outside with neighbors.

16. Pride in children.
17. Alone time with Everett.

18. My children’s open expression of love for others
19. Learning

20. Taking the day for myself.
21. Dream afternoon for the boys-playing at their gym, ice cream before dinner and then dinner out with Mommy at happy hour.

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