School on a Saturday???

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That is right, Saturday school.  As a kid I always wondered what it was for, how you went, why you went, who taught it etc.  As a “working adult”, specifically responsible for broadening the feeble minds of today’s youth (Don’t be too scared, I am trying my best.) I now know the ins and outs of this weekend educational extravaganza, because I have to teach it.  Gross, I know.  I mean, everyone needs time to gain their sanity back which is what the weekend is for especially as a teacher.  All week long I am bombarded with

“I seem to not be able to get my sweatshirt off, I can’t remember.” – even though I have watched the kid take it off every morning successfully
” Where do I turn this in?”  – the same stinkin’ bin you turn it in everyday to, that is labeled HOMEWORK.
“Mrs. Kazmann……Mrs. Kazmann….MRS. KAZMANN!!!!”

That being said, on the weekends my goal is to limit the number of questions I am asked and please to not start the question with my name.  It is actually quite a challenging task, but when accomplished leaves me quite refreshed for another week of brainbusting questions.  So, Saturday school obviously throws a kink in that plan and me being the planner that I am I really have to muster up the positive attitude for it.  I must say though, it is always a pleasant surprise.  I always thought that the kids in Saturday school would be grumpy, miserable and ticked off that they were there.  While most do come in sleepy and a little bewildered that they are at school when yesterday was Friday, they are also eager to have some time with you in a smaller setting.  So for the next 3 hours we sit in a small group of seven kiddos reviewing, revamping and I like to throw in as many games and bribes as possible because after all, it is a Saturday. 

My fondest memory of Saturday school last year was during our midpoint break when a particular student asked to surf through my iPod and pick out a jam.  Bless him, the kid picks out Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” which myself and a group of 4th graders belted out at the top of our lungs repeatedly.  You got to love a kid who has great taste in music enough to sing that and then turn around and do the entire Soulja Boy dance. (another story for another time).  So today I was thinking…what could top that and then I remembered this picture that I took last week.  That would be Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers immediately after completing the Dirty Dancing lift during their rendition of “Time of My Life”.  So, by the time Saturday School is done this year I am going to have a “Don’t Stop Believing” vs. “Time of My Life” competition I think to see who can really take the cake…or the song.


So Saturday school is finished, the “dolla dolla bills y’all” are in the bank and I am off to try to do as little as possible for the rest of the day.  That is what you get for being way too productive, entirely too early on a Saturday.  Happy Weekend!

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