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This just might be the first Valentine’s Day in my entire life that I truly enjoyed. I normally am not one to like surprises.  Since I am a planner I don’t react well to surprises which then makes me feel guilty because I didn’t have an extraordinary reaction to a surprise.  I know, relax…it’s a surprise!  Well, this year I involved myself in several surprises for a few Valentines in my life which allowed me to realize that I love surprises- when I am on the giving end.  So, I gave to my love, and I gave to my son and I gave to my friend because I love them all and if I am not buying into the “hallmarkiday” of it all, I will buy into the importance of love.  Plus, you know you want to read my answers and see my latest sugar cookie creations.  You just can’t help yourself.

1. Who is one person in your life that you would say you love and why?
There is the obvious, and there will always be the obvious answer.  However, it is my friends.  I am fortunate to have the friends in my life who I can trust and who are there for me through and through.  This past year I have undergone a lot of changes through pregnancy, leaving my job, and started my most important role as a mother.  Naturally, those changes have caused my life , my schedule flexibility and me to change.  Those wonderful friends though have adjusted right with me.  They understand when I have to cancel because Caden desperately needs a nap or when I make a last minute date with them because I desperately need a drink because Caden didn’t nap.  I love my friends. 

2. Why does love “stink”?
Love stinks because it forces you to apologize, forgive or admit your wrongs when you really want to be stubborn and dig your heels in deeper.  Those moments when you so desperately want to just be right and you know you are being irrational and realize you are going to have to say you’re sorry because you love them and well…you want to go to bed, but they are are in the bed so in order for you both to feel comfortable going to sleep you have to dig-out your heels.  Sure, you could say that is the “right thing to do” or that it is actually making you a “better person” but be serious, sometimes that stinks.

3.  What has love done for you?
The love I have in my life has allowed for me to grow, change and become the latest version of me with the safety and comfort of a constant support being behind me.  Having someone to watch your back as you come into your own does wonders for your ability to truly evaluate what your wants and needs in life are.

4.  What is the material item you love the most right now?
I never thought I would say this. NEVER.  I hated them when they came out years ago.  I thought they were hideous, would be around for only one season and that would be it.  Well, I was wrong.  They didn’t go away and this year for Christmas I bought myself a pair.  My Uggs.  They make my feet feel like they are on clouds and since I am on my feet chasing a toddler all day I love them. Love.

5.  Share one creative way you could tell or show someone (friends count too!) that you love them
A mixed tape, I mean CD never gets old.  Maybe not that creative but it can be personal, or just fun and who doesn’t enjoy getting to hear some songs they haven’t listened to in awhile?

6. What is one other blog that you L.O.V.E??!!
I always enjoy seeing what The Pettijohn’s are up to!  Nat and I went to high-school together and stood next to each other on our dance team’s kickline as well.  If only you knew the hours of mumbled chit chat that you try keep at a level that can’t be detected when you are on a drill team and you stand next to each other.  Her and her sweet husband have two precious babies that are 13 months apart.  So, that should tell you why a lot of her blog is entertaining right there.  More than anything though, Natalie keeps it real.  She admits it when she has been in her jammies all day (which is fine because she still looks gorgeous) and that she buys Walmart makeup.  That is true love.

Contest Winner!  I even forgot about our contest until my calendar reminded me I had to answer our L.O.V.E. questions today so you might have too. Luckily, we had a couple entries by comment and a few by e-mail so there is still a lucky winner out there! Random Number Generator surprised me this week picking on #1 as our winner.  That means that my long time friend Jordy is now a first time winner!  You can see her answers to the above questions here!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.  I hope that you are able to think of a few things, people and pets that you love today and tell them.  Yes…I am talking to my Uggs right now. Judge me.


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