Santa, Captions, And the Winners Are…

Posted by casey on December 17, 2010 in Add the Caption, Caden, Caden's Chronicles, Contests & Giveaways |

After admitting to being MIA, I asked you to guess as to whether or not Caden was a cry-face when he met Mr. Claus.  You tell me…

Congrats to Emily for being one of those to correctly guess whether or not Caden boo-hooed his way through his greeting! 
Slightly concerned? Sure. Who wouldn’t be concerned when placed on a stranger’s lap.  Cry-face? No way. Not my boy!  He spent most of the time looking quite chubby and green with envy of Santa’s hair.  One day Caden…one day. Colter’s reaction?  “How did you fly to the North Pole and back in one day to meet the real Santa?”  Ol’ St. Nick at Northpark is the real deal and has been filling kids with excitement there for twenty years!  He is a professor of Educational Psychology at U.T. and a professional storyteller so in addition to his lap-time duties as Santa he hosts a story-time for the kids several times as well.   Caden better hope he continues this long enough for him to experience it and remember it because I don’t know if you could ever find a better Santa who has been featured on as many shows and news programs as him!

In other news, we have an Add the Caption winner as well!  You know when you ask people to pick a number between “___ and ___”  & they always go for the first or last number?  Well, our last entry lucked out this time because #7 was picked! Congratulations to Gloria who so loyally enters Add the Caption and leaves comments on most posts!  Just in time for the holidays you will have a Starbucks gift card heading your way!

Winners, e-mail your addresses to to claim your prizes!

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